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UK comedy, made and set in Wales, featuring the misadventures of an aspiring entrepreneur who suffers with agoraphobia, his elderly and eccentric mother, and their two lodgers.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de High Hopes

S06E01 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle 11/11/2008 With Mam confined to bed, the boys must look after her and themselves.
S06E02 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden 18/11/2008 Fagin is being tormented by his old adversary, the baboon Loping Ted. Meanwhile, Mam cannot sleep, and decides to call in to a late night radio programme in the hope that the host, Chris Desire, can cheer her up.
S06E03 Nine to Five 25/11/2008 A discontented Hoffman and Charlie decide to take up an offer of work from Mr Shepherd, only to be caught by Sgt Ball and Claude. The work is not exactly what the boys expected, however, especially when they find out that they have to work on the day of the local rock festival.
S06E04 A Passage to India 02/12/2008 The Immigration Department, in the guise of Adam Mosley, plan to deport Muktar Rahman, the elderly patriarch of the local Indian restaurant, back to the Punjab. The community rallies around to save him, led by Mam.
S06E05 Internal Affairs 09/12/2008 Newly-seconded WPC Holly Nash provides unexpected romance for Claude, as Sgt Ball is set up by arch-enemy DI Frank Blunt of Internal Affairs. Fagin and Mam warn Ball, but is he being dangerously blase? Hoffman and Charlie get tooled up, but disaster seems inevitable.
S06E06 Saturday Night and Sunday Morning 16/12/2008 Mam and Fagin are concerned when Sgt Ball asks the boys to go to Cardiff for him and pick up an envelope from a Mr Hunter. They warn the boys to keep a low profile, as the city is a dangerous place. Will the pair be able to heed Mam and Fagin's advice and return home safely?
S00E01 Pilot - Saving Private Ryan 01/04/1999 Two homeless teenagers find a dead body. Note: In the pilot, the boys knew Fagin already, but in the series, Fagin met them and their knowledge of each other developed very quickly, although he knew them it was not as if he had known them for long.
S00E02 2006 Specials - Planet of the Apes - Part One 30/03/2006 The Hepplewhites are back in a two part special of the comedy drama series. Fagin looks for a cure for his agoraphobia. Mam and the boys are worried about Fagin. His mental state is deteriorating - if it can deteriorate any further. His agoraphobia is to blame and to cap it all a certain baboon is lurking in the wings. Hoffman, Charlie, Sgt Ball and Claude become involved. Mam pulls out all the stops to bring the nightmare to an end.
S00E03 2006 Specials - Planet of the Apes - Part Two 05/04/2006 The Hepplewhites are back with the second part of a special of the comedy drama series. Fagin is still at the clinic and is being experimented on by the evil Professor Blunt.
S00E04 2006 Christmas Special: A Christmas Story 19/12/2006 It's Christmas. Broke and desperate, the Hepplewhites become entangled in an audacious robbery.
S00E05 Best Bits - Part 1 20/09/2009 Revisit the classic cult valleys comedy series High Hopes, with exclusive interviews with the creator, director and stars of the show.
S00E06 Best Bits - Part 2 27/09/2009 The cast reveal previously unbroadcast intimate behind the scenes moments.
S00E07 Best Bits - Part 3 04/10/2009 Exclusive interviews from the creator, director and stars of the show: Margaret John, Robert Blythe, Steve Meo, Oliver Wood, Ben Evans, Keiron Self and Boyd Clack.
S00E08 2015 Specials - Do Not Go Gentle 23/03/2015 Fagin is devastated after Mam passes away so Sgt Ball, Claude and the Boys all rally round him.
S00E09 2015 Specials - Backstage 23/03/2015 Showing as part of the BBC Wales Real Valleys season. A behind-the-scenes look at the return of High Hopes. Presented by Alex Hawkes.

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