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S01E01 Episode 101 00/00/0000 Tonight we get to meet some of the Class 1992 (and let me add...they are quite attractive) *Jeff, the class clown, is going back to hook up and have sex *Holly, the shy girl is going back because everyone thought she was stuck up. (She's done a layout in Playboy) She wants them to know they were all wrong *Chris was the misfit. His objective is to hit on as many of the girls as possible (Sounds like the guys have one objective to share) *Patricia was considered the gossip. She wants to prove she is on her way to success. *Tim was the artist. He's now in a band. *Ben was the nerd. He wants to change that perspective to the others. *Amy was the chubby cheerleader. She wants to meet or re-meet a fabulous guy. *Jason was the pip-squeak. He's now HUGE and a police officer. He wants them to know he's now a man. *Summer was the class flirt. She tells us we can expect pretty much the same and to expect to see a typical 16 year old flirt in her now. *Dan B was t
S01E02 Episode 102 00/00/0000 As the day progresses, the tension seems to ease a little and they seem to be a little more comfortable, until Dan and Natasha hang out together. In the fifties, they would call it making time. New arrival Sarah is the next person to arrive at the house. She's a little nervous about reacquainting herself with the people in high school. Her nickname: the bitchy girl. She says that she hopes that they don't hate her. One by one she introduces herself to the others. Some remember her, some don't. One of the guys remember her as the loud girl, yelling. Amy remembers some yelling, but doesn't remember when or where and what it was about. Hall Passes The new hall passes are delivered and this time, Dan the player and Jason the pip-squeak are the recipients of them. Nicole thinks that Dan will ask her. Meanwhile, Patricia the gossip has the scoop on Natasha. She is dating on and off and says that she will get whatever she wants. (Patricia has some strong opinions of the Natash
S01E03 Episode 103 00/00/0000 Day Five: Rise and shine The kitchen seems to be the place all great ideas are made in the house. During this episode, it is not any different. This time the idea is breakfast in bed for Holly (the shy girl). Well, not just breakfast in bed, but it will be delivered naked. Tim and Summer seem to be enjoying this newest idea. Tim is the designated naked guy. He gets the tray and heads into her room. She is shocked, but seems to get a kick out of it. Holly tells the camera they all thought she was conservative in High School. (Others to the camera commenting on her Playboy pictures describe her as HOT!) Dave is bound and determined to ask Holly out if he gets a Hall Pass. On the beach hanging out. Ben is just being Ben. Ben says he's going with nice. Ben says that nice guys finish last. (awww...) To the camera, Natalie says that when Ben is around her he has a lot of nervous energy. Ben just wants to gain some respect from his former classmates. Boxing Gear Arrives Th
S01E04 Episode 104 00/00/0000 Day Eight: Rumor Mill The host comes to the house and gathers them together. They get to set straight some high school rumors or rumors floating around the house. At a house there is a podium set up for them to ask questions without a name attached to who wrote the question. They can go there anytime (it appears to write and submit a question until they are called back together). Payback Natasha and Patricia discuss the whole Summer pulling down Dan's pants thing that happened the night before. (They were all drinking and getting wild and Summer with Tim and another decided to play a joke on Dan who had fallen asleep ;-) in the living room. They ended the joke when they realized that Dan didn't have underwear on under his pants and didn't remove them) Back to the girls, Patricia thinks that the note Summer received has made her confidence level increase. Natasha does not like it one bit and vows to pay her back. (While they are talking, Nicole, who has a problem with Natas
S01E05 Episode 105 00/00/0000 Day 11 And the End is Drawing Near Mike Richards (the host) calls the group together. He tells them they have something special in store for some of them. 24 hour hall passes. They just need to sign up for them as a couple and then bids them farewell and leaves. Back at the house They have all dubbed the passes as the Sex Pass Summer invites Jeff who refuses. (Not sure if either of them were for real or not) The Popular Girls discuss the passes Maya says her and Ben have been touch and go since their date. She isn't sure if he's interested. (Of course he is! He's just shy) They are all excited about the passes Elsewhere, Dave gets his nerve up to ask Holly. She accepts and says she would love to spend more time with Dave. They kiss as the others look on and then clap. WOOHOOOO Holly and Dave are signing up! Jeff almost acts like he might ask Amy, but then goes off in a different direction and doesn't. Jason goes to find Patricia who is still with the Pop girls. He g
S01E06 Episode 106 00/00/0000 Day 13 Only One Day to go and the passholders return home Dave and Holly return home from their 24 hour pass first. They are greeted by all the others still at the house. Tim tells Holly that he's asked Summer to the prom. Maya says to the camera that they had a good kiss (she and Ben). Ben says that she seemed interested. Prom will help them make a decision, Maya says. Dan tells the camera that they had a fantastic time while Natasha says she doesn't know what will happen and is again thinking about home (and that boyfriend she has). Everyone is back at the house and Dan asks Natasha to prom (who has been waiting for him to). A King and A Queen Mike calls them all together to tell them they have to nominate a prom King and Queen. Maurice says in high school they nominated the popular people, this time would be different and will be fun. Chris wants to be king. Back in the house Summer tells the others she received another gift, this time it's a bracelet. She thinks i
S02E01 Episode 201 00/00/0000 In the second season's premiere, we meet 17 former classmates from Round Rock High School in Austin, Texas, who are reunited for their 10-year reunion in Oahu, Hawaii. The 17 guests stayin for 2 weeks are: 01. Amanda ""The Sophomore Flirt"" 02. Heather C. ""The Ugly Duckling"" 03. Chris ""The Class Clown"" 04. Daniel ""The Gay Guy"" 05. Denise ""The Ex"" 06. Heather F. ""The Sophomore Vixen"" 07. Gabe ""The Jock"" 08. Jeralyn ""The Wallflower"" 09. Jessica ""The Teen Mom"" 10. Johnny ""The Quarterback"" 11. Laura ""The Drama Queen"" 12. Lenny ""The Geek"" 13. LouAnn ""The Homecoming Queen"" 14. Stacy ""The Sophomore Sweetheart"" 15. TJ ""The Redneck"" 16. Tre ""The Player"" 17. Trevor ""The Pipsqueak"" In this episode, LouAnn ""The Homecoming Queen"" recieves the first Hall Pass, but unable to invite someone else, she is surprised when she is reunited with her ex boyfriend Johnny ""The Quarterback"". Denise ""The Ex"" recieves the second Hall Pass and she invites her ex husband, who she still
S02E02 Episode 202 00/00/0000 In this episode, new guest Trevor ""The Pipsqueak"" arrives and he is hardly recognizable with his good looks. He is first greeted by Amanda ""The Sophomore Flirt"" who later on invites him on her Hall Pass. Stacy ""The Sophomore Sweetheart"" and Heather F. ""The Sophomore Vixen"" had both dated Gabe ""The Jock"" in high school, and are curious to find out what had happened 10 years ago. Late at Night, Gabe ""The Jock"" pays Heather F. ""The Sophomore Vixen"" a visit. Meanwhile, LouAnn ""The Homecoming Queen"" and Johnny ""The Quarterback"" take a romantic trip to a secluded beach. Johnny ""The Quarterback"" then finds out that his first love has a boyfriend waiting at home. -Norrin Radd
S02E03 Episode 203 00/00/0000 In this episode, it is Daniel ""The Gay Guy's"" Birthday. The Classmates decide to throw him a surprise birthday party. During the party, Daniel ""The Gay Guy"" gets a visit from an officer who is not there to arrest him, but to show him a good time. Later on, Daniel ""The Gay Guy"" challenges TJ ""The Redneck"" to a boxing match. After the match they show good sportsmanship. The Hall Passes of today are givin to LouAnn ""The Homecoming Queen"" who invites none other than Johnny ""The Quarterback"". They both have conversations about their feelings. Trevor ""The Pipsqueak"" invites Amanda ""The Sophomore Flirt"". They treat each other with massages and join each other in a rose petal bath. Finally, Heather F. ""The Sophomore Vixen"" gets what she wants when she invites Gabe ""The Jock"" on a day on Waikiki Beach. There is where she confronts him on their past, but she soon starts falling for him all over again. Denise ""The Ex"" is not happy about their Hall Pass. -Norrin Radd
S02E04 Episode 204 00/00/0000 In this episode, after their extended 2 day trip, LouAnn ""The Homecoming Queen"" and Johnny ""The Quarterback"" finally return to the house. Trevor ""The Pipsqueak"" and Amanda ""The Sophomore Flirt"" both have a romantic picnic on the beach. Denise ""The Ex"" confronts Heather F. ""The Sophomore Vixen"" about her attitude in the situation over Gabe ""The Jock"". Meanwhile, Lenny ""The Geek"" recieves a Hall Pass and Jessica ""The Teen Mom"" and Laura ""The Drama Queen"" take him into town for a make-over he would never forget. His new look gives him the confidence to ask Stacy ""The Sophomore Sweetheart"" to go out with him. Later that night, Heather F. ""The Sophomore Vixen"" and Amanda ""The Sophomore Flirt"" decide they gonna go skinny dipping. Trevor ""The Pipsqueak"" and Tre ""The Player"" join them for a wild night. The senior girls have a little fun by taking the guys and the sophmore girls clothes. -Norrin Radd
S02E05 Episode 205 00/00/0000 In this episode, everyone is having fun during a luau, but the sophmore girls play a nasty prank on the cheerleaders' room. When the cheerleaders find out what happened, they get very upset. Emotions run wild when the prank sparks a confrontation between Denise ""The Ex"", Heather F. ""The Sophomore Vixen"" and even Amanda ""The Sophomore Flirt"". LouAnn ""The Homecoming Queen's"" feelings grow stronger for Johnny ""The Quarterback"", but she is holding back because she feels guilty about her boyfriend back home. Later that night, Heather F. ""The Sophomore Vixen"" invites Gabe ""The Jock"" out on her Hall Pass, but he gives her his answer she wasn't hoping for. -Norrin Radd
S02E06 Episode 206 00/00/0000 In this episode, LouAnn ""The Homecoming Queen"" and Johnny ""The Quarterback"" once again go out on a Hall Pass and spend the night at the beautiful W Hotel in Honolulu. Denise ""The Ex"" and Gabe ""The Jock"" both spend a romantic evening at the Turtle Bay Resort on Sunset Beach on their Hall Pass. On their night on the beach they talk about their relationship and Gabe ""The Jock"" is not sure if he's ready to get back together when their divorce hurt him too much. Amanda ""The Sophomore Flirt"" and Trevor ""The Pipsqueak"" travel to a private estate in Waimea Bay. They both grow more closer together and admit that they want to keep seeing each other after the reunion. -Norrin Radd
S02E07 Episode 207 00/00/0000 In this episode, everyone gets ready for the prom. LouAnn ""The Homecoming Queen"" makes a big decision about moving to Austin to be with Johnny ""The Quarterback"". Amanda ""The Sophomore Flirt"" and Trevor ""The Pipsqueak"" have fallen in love and they want to end up together. After Gabe ""The Jock"" has held back his feelings towards Denise ""The Ex"" ever since he got to the reunion, he finally let's down his guard and makes a stunning revelation to Denise ""The Ex"" about their future. The classmates have the night of their life and is visited by the group Tag Team, who is famous for their hit ""Whoop There It Is"". Two lucky classmates get crowned King and Queen of prom. After prom everyone says their farewell as the Class of Round Rock High School Depart. -Norrin Radd
S02E08 Episode 208 00/00/0000 In this episode, all 17 classmates are once again reunited after the reunion and they talk about what happened with their host Ananda Lewis. Questions are answered and never before seen footage is showned. Some of the Questions of tonight's disscussion include: 01. Did Heather F. ""The Sophomore Vixen"" move on from her resentment of Denise ""The Ex""? 02. Did LouAnn ""The Homecoming Queen"" leave her boyfriend back home for her high school sweetheart Johnny ""The Quarterback""? 03. Did Amanda ""The Sophomore Flirt"" and Trevor ""The Pipsqueak"" find love and happiness? Back in Austin, Texas, other Round Rock High School classmates await and get to ask the questions they been wondering about. Also LouAnn ""The Homecoming Queen's"" boyfriend surprise's her and Johnny ""The Quarterback"" when he visits. We find out what were his thoughts about the whole situation. All this and more on High School Reunion The Aftermath. -Norrin Radd
S04E01 Meet the Mustangs 00/00/0000
S04E02 Who Could It Be Now? 00/00/0000
S04E03 Return of the Backstabber 00/00/0000
S04E04 Bros Before Ho's 00/00/0000
S04E05 Happy Birthday Steve 00/00/0000
S04E06 Only the Lonely 00/00/0000
S05E01 Welcome Back Wolves 00/00/0000
S05E02 Reunion Crashers 00/00/0000
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S05E04 A Class Divided 00/00/0000
S05E05 Reunited? 00/00/0000
S05E06 What Happens in Hawaii Stays in Hawaii 00/00/0000
S05E07 Is It True? 00/00/0000
S05E08 Love Will Lead You Back 00/00/0000