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Tamaki Kasuga, une lycéenne de 17 ans doit déménager dans la ville natale de sa mère pour vivre avec sa grand-mère après le départ à l’étranger des ses parents. Le jour même où Tamaki arrive au village, elle se fait attaquer par d’étranges créatures, c’est alors qu’un mystérieux garçon vient à son secours, ce jeune homme n’est autre que Takuma Onizaki le premier des 5 gardiens de Tamayohime, en charge de la protection d'une puissante épée.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hiiro no Kakera

S01E01 Episode 1 06/03/2012 It's the time of year when the trees turn red. Tamaki Ugaya, an ordinary high school student, goes to live with her grandmother in the Ugaya Family home while her parents are overseas for work. Tamaki arrives at Kifumura village, surrounded by nature. Her childhood memories guide her towards her grandmother's house but she is immediately attacked by monsters. The one who saves her is the surly boy, Takuma Onizaki
S01E02 Episode 2 08/04/2012 From her grandmother, Shizuki, Tamaki succeeds as the Tamayori princess to protect the Onikirimaru. Tamaki is puzzled, but surrounded by her guardians, Takuma Onizaki, Mahiro Atori, Yuichi Komura, Surugu Ohmi, who protect the Tamayori princess. Tamaki tries to find out what the Tamayori princess is and what the Onikirimaru is
S01E03 Episode 3 15/04/2012 The one who catches Tamaki as she nearly falls is the fifth member of the Shugogo house, Shinji Inukai. Despite their joyful reunion, Tamaki thinks it strange that Takuma and the others don't welcome him. Meanwhile, the five guardians head off patrol the five items which seal the Onikirimaru. Tamaki begins to worry and experiences a sudden headache..
S01E04 Episode 4 22/04/2012 Tamaki and the guardians discuss about the people they saw earlier which Yuichi comments that their names are the numbers from 1-4 in German, they find out that whenever Tamaki gets a headache it means that someone is trying to break through the seal barrier. The group decides to go to Ohmi-san to ask him about the artifacts and Fiona interrupts them asking why they are there and Takuma stares at her as he seemed suspicious of her and as she leaves she stares back at him. After school, as Tamaki and the four guardians on their way to Ohmi-san's house, Tamaki asks them about their interests. At Ohmi-san's house, he offered them tea and told them about the artifacts and that the artifacts originally belonged to the Tamayori princess. The group came to know that the artifacts are decorative things consist of: ring, mirror, necklace, bracelet and the bells and those five make the barrier and seal the onikirimaru which no one can break but the Tamayori princess and the guardians. Before the group leaves, it seemed that those people came to take one of the artifacts which caused Tamaki to feel pain in her heart and the guardians went to prevent them from breaking the seal. They encounter a little girl with blond hair which appeared to be Aria Rosenberg who claims to be the incarnation of Monado Cephelot accompanied by the people who named themselves the logos. The two groups fight together which ended with the logos defeating the guardians easily and Monado takes the bracelet which causes Tamaki to feel a great pain in her heart and the guardians lying on the ground and couldn't do anything to prevent them from taking the artifact. Takuma on a desperate attempt tries to retrieve the bracelet but it was all in vain. The episode ends with Baba-sama telling Tamaki that it's impossible for her to retrieve the artifact seal as long as she does not realize herself as the Tamayori princess.
S01E05 Episode 5 29/04/2012 As Tamaki and the Guardians return to see Shizuki after failing to defend the Bracelet, Shizuki urges Tamaki to release the Tamayori Princess within her. After they all enjoy a feast cooked by Mitsuru, Tamaki notices that Mitsuru is still in love with Shinji while passing by in the kitchen. The next day after school, it appears that Takuma, Mahiro, Yuuichi and Shinji are all tired from patrolling the seals. Back at the shrine, she runs outside the shrine after having a headache and bumps into Ryou Kutani, who questions her affiliation with Shizuki as being her grandmother. After running towards the second seal ground, she encounters Aria, who declares that the Logos plan to release the Onikirimaru to prevent it from being resealed. When Takuma and Mahiro come, Tamaki tells them to stand down, vowing to Aria that she will not give up on preventing the Logos from succeeding in their plan. Aria leaves after saying that she will bring the Logos back at the second seal ground on the following night. Takuma and Mahiro express their gratitude to Tamaki for how she handled the situation.
S01E06 Episode 6 06/05/2012 Tamaki and the Guardian begins their second fight against Logos to protect the second seal.
S01E07 Episode 7 13/05/2012 After their loss to Logos and the second seal, Tamaki was in depression because she was no help to the Guardians. As Ashiya makes his move to help the Guardians, Aria and Vier starts to question Drei's loyalties to Logos.
S01E08 Episode 8 20/05/2012 Tamaki decides to have Ashiya's assistance, much to the Guardians' disapproval. When looking through the archives, Tamaki hears a voice that may be of help. Mahiro reveals a secret about Logos that he hid from everyone for her grandmother's sake.
S01E09 Episode 9 27/05/2012 While read the books in the storage, Tamaki finds a key information that may help her guardians. Meanwhile Drei finds a way to attack Tamaki while under house arrest, only to be stopped by Fiona who is revealed to be Vier.
S01E10 Episode 10 03/06/2012 After Aria punishing Ein, Zwei and Drei, she plans on imprisoning Drei for disobeying her. Meanwhile, the guardians all decided to live with Tamaki to protect her.
S01E11 Episode 11 10/06/2012 Aria and Vier find out their superiors are acting strange. Meanwhile, Tamaki and the others continue to research the history of the Tamayori princess and came across something important about Mahiro's bloodline and the truth of Takuma's lineage
S01E12 Episode 12 17/06/2012 Tamaki and the guardians prepare for the battle to protect to last two artifacts from Logos.
S01E13 The Power of the Onikirimaru 24/06/2012 Tamaki and the guardians, desperate not to let Logos get the katana that holds Onikirimaru, stand up and fight with the rest of their strength and are prepared for the worst. Tamaki awakens as the Tamayori Princcess and saves Takuma from himself. This in turn helps Takuma to control the power of the katana. Devastated, Aria and the Logos leave.
S02E01 The Tamayori's Fate 00/00/0000 Tamaki enjoy the time of peace after the Onikirimaru incident and recap her memories from first season.
S02E02 Ominous Dark Cloud 00/00/0000 Takuma starts to feel effect of Onikirimaru's presence. As Tamaki's grandmother still going through with the ceremonial sacrifice, Suguru does the unthinkable. Shinji's past unveiled and also his connection to Logos.
S02E03 The Traitor's Vow 00/00/0000 After Suguru defected, Tamaki and the other guardians try to cope with what happened. Shinji goes see Aria again, while Ryou takes things into his own hands. Ashiya starts to become more involved.
S02E04 The Destruction of the Five Houses 00/00/0000 After escaping Logos, the guardians are not in their best mood. The mountain god reveals more light to Onikirimaru... and Takuma's condition. Drei grows impatience and asks Suguru to lead him the next Artifact.
S02E05 The Truth of Tears 00/00/0000 Suguru fights with Mahiro and Yuuichi. Takuma is let go and Tamaki is put on house arrest. Shinji learns a secret from Tamaki's grandmother that changes the way he feels for Mitsuru.
S02E06 The Deceitful Heart 00/00/0000 Aria converses with Suguru about the Artifacts, while Takuma and Tamaki comes to terms with their situation.
S02E07 Memory of a Dream 00/00/0000 Tamaki learns the truth about Onikirimaru and the Tamayori Princess's fate.
S02E08 Their Resolution 00/00/0000 Tamaki and Takuma makes a run from the shine. Eins's past is revealed.
S02E09 The Eternal Promise 00/00/0000 Kiyono and Ryou reveals more truth to Tamaki and Takuma. The Guardians reevalute their situation while Drei decides the move on his own.
S02E10 The Power of the Gods 00/00/0000 Eins reveals the true reasons of why he is protecting Aria.
S02E11 Scarlet Fragments 00/00/0000 Takuma is willing sacrifice his life for Tamaki's. However, a deceit lies around the corner.
S02E12 The Guardians' Awakening 00/00/0000 Takuma is in control of his power. The Guardians retrieved the Artifacts thanks to Aria. With the truth and lies out of the way, there is one thing left to do....fight Logos and take back Onikirimaru!!!
S02E13 The Eternal Pledge 00/00/0000 Drei has Onikirimaru and brings forth hell on Earth. Both guardians and former enemies must prevent the end of the world.
S00E01 Totsugeki! Tonari no Ikemenzu 28/03/2013

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