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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hine

S01E01 Rifles Are Dangerous 07/04/1971 Hine accepts a party invitation from the defence minister of a wealthy Middle Eastern state. The reason for the invite becomes clear when he learns the guests include Pendles arms salesman Astor Harris and Disposal of Arms Overseas official Walpole Gibb...
S01E02 The Abominable No-Men 14/04/1971 Hine demonstrates the advantage of independence when bureaucracy threatens to stall a very profitable deal to supply fifty tanks to a Middle Eastern country. His attempts to get things moving alarm both Harris and chairman Sir Christopher Pendle.
S01E03 What's Wrong If The Price Is Right? 21/04/1971 Hine is doubtful when approached for mortars by a white African mercenary, Du Plooy. But business is business, and he works out a quid pro quo to put the sale through, however much he dislikes this particular deal.
S01E04 The Sterile Weapons 28/04/1971 An African, Mbusa, wants a thousand automatic rifles to start a revolution. Hine, well aware that such a deal would be dangerous, finds there is a market for even the most useless of weapons...and wins a bet with Harris in the process.
S01E05 Caviare And Chips 05/05/1971 An arms deal with a small Eastern country seems a certainty for Hine when the country's defence minister accepts his proposals. But diplomatic double-crossing humiliates Hine and leaves him eating fish and chips instead of caviare...
S01E06 Missiles For Sale, As New - One Owner 12/05/1971 Hine finds his own way of countering a double-cross that Gianni Laclos, a freelance French competitor, is trying to pull on a Middle East buyer.
S01E07 The Old School Noose 19/05/1971 Hine is forced to defend himself when Harris is sent on a mission to discredit him - even though it means scoring a hollow victory over George Dyson, an old school friend who is now an M.P.
S01E08 The Little White Lady 26/05/1971 Selling arms is not only a matter of salesmanship and the quality of the goods. There are many dubious aspects to the business - which explains why Hine is able to sell an anti-tank gun that has exploded during preliminary firing.
S01E09 To Have And To Hold 02/06/1971 Hine calls on his estranged wife, Liz, in Manchester. As they talk, there is a warmth and a promise of reconciliation; but, as ever, business is the third party in the triangle, with Liz once again left behind as Hine is forced to fly back to London.
S01E10 Comrades In Arms 09/06/1971 An arms deal, or Joe Hine's life? Harris is forced to make a grim decision when Hine is kidnapped by an African rebel group. When news of the kidnap reaches London, however, it is ultimately Pendle who holds the power of life and death...
S01E11 Survival Of The Creeps 16/06/1971 Sir Christopher asks Hine to help resolve a dock dispute which is holding up a shipment of parts; if he succeeds, there may be a top executive post for him at Pendles. However, Hine finds the odds are stacked heavily against him.
S01E12 Everything I Am I Owe 22/06/1971 A large tax demand leaves Hine anxious to pull off a prospective deal with the small Eastern country of Sabat. When the deal is jeopardised by political pressure from America, Liz offers her help - a gesture which brings them a little closer.
S01E13 The Big Package 30/06/1971 A little rumour mongering regarding Rashid enables Hine to secure a deal to supply a squadron of English jet fighters in the face of French competition. His professional problem is solved...but not his personal one.

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