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    30 minutes
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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hip Hop Harry

S01E01 Fancy Footwork 26/09/2006 Two sisters compete against each other in a dance competition.
S01E02 When I Grow Up 27/09/2006 Megan has trouble deciding what she wants to be when she grows up, Harry and the gang learn about different jobs.
S01E03 Words Have Power 28/09/2006 Sophina uses bad words towards Davide and learns a lesson in carefully choosing your words when you speak.
S01E04 Making New Friends 29/09/2006 Jake, Veronica, and Davide try to make Katie, a new girl, feel comfortable by involving her in their activities.
S01E05 Do Your Part 02/10/2006 Kelli throws a surprise birthday party for Pinky.
S01E06 Never Give Up 03/10/2006 Scott is discouraged at not making any shots during basketball practice; Harry gives Scott a few tips; the kids learn about what happens underwater.
S01E07 Be Creative 04/10/2006 Harry and the gang have a costume party at Hip Hop Central. The theme for it, is a Marching Band costume party. Scott learns how to be creative about the fact that you can use other things for costumes.
S01E08 We Have Five Senses 05/10/2006 After Davide says he thought it was going to rain because the air smells different, Hip Hop Harry challenges the kids by having them perform an activity that uses all five of their senses.
S01E09 Wildlife Wendy 30/10/2006 Wildlife Wendy visits the Hip Hop Center and teaches the kids about birds.
S01E10 Air Air Everywhere 31/10/2006 William has a homework assignment to prove that air surrounds everyone.
S01E11 Pajama Party 01/11/2006 Harry and the gang throw a pajama party; Wildlife Wendy teaches the gang about nocturnal animals.
S01E12 Rain Makes Rainbows 02/11/2006 The kids learn about rainbows and invent a musical way to put them all in order.
S01E13 Dream It, Achieve It 03/11/2006 Hip Hop Central wins a reading contest.
S02E01 My Favorite Things 23/04/2007 William and Kendra share their favorite possessions; William learns how wrong it is to lie.
S02E02 A-B See 24/04/2007 The kids find things that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Hip Hop Harry teaches Elizabeth that when you have a problem, let your friends help solve it.
S02E03 Peas in a Pod 25/04/2007 Farmer Fran Teaches the kids about farm life.
S02E04 Make Your Dreams Come True 26/04/2007 A Professional Gymnast, a veterinarian and a children's band visit and explain the concepts of hard work.
S02E05 Finding Your Talent 27/04/2007 Ryan tells jokes for his talent while Veronica has trouble deciding what her talent is.
S02E06 Get Involved 10/09/2007 Kianna feels left out.
S02E07 I Like to Move 11/09/2007 The kids learn about exercise.
S02E08 Just Give It a Try 12/09/2007 The kids make hand puppets for a puppet show, but Jay-Jay worries if his will be any good.
S02E09 Grandma Brooks 13/09/2007 The kids create a Hip-Hop Center Carnival.
S02E10 My Music is Your Music 14/09/2007 Hip Hop Harry helps the kids appreciate different styles of music; Elizabeth and Pinky have a short-term savings plan that inspires long term goals.
S02E11 You Can Dance 23/02/2008 Katie can dance ballet, but she needs to take classes with the other kids to learn hip-hop.
S02E12 Hip Hop Big Top 09/06/2008 The gang has a circus at Hip Hop Central; William thinks he can't help because he accidentally wore a boot on one of his feet.
S02E13 Fun Memories 14/07/2008 The kids are worried that they'll never see each other again. So Hip Hop Harry encourages them not to be sad just because school is out and just use their memories to reminisce on so that they'll always remember their friends, wherever they may be.