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A comprehensive study of conspiracies and espionage at the heart of some of the most significant moments of the 20th Century, HISTORY EXPOSED uncovers stories of cunning deception and sabotage that have changed the course of modern history. From double agents, intelligence gathering, and code-breaking machines to secret weapons, spy planes, and guerrilla campaigns, a wealth of undercover tactics used by some of history's most influential leaders are revealed.


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S01E01 Secrets Weapons of the Third Reich 13/09/2012 They're weapons beyond imagination in World War II. Weapons systems that were far beyond anything the Allies had in World War II. Deployed properly, they could have changed the outcome of the war.
S01E02 D-Day Deceptions 13/09/2012 It was the greatest secret of World War Two, the time and place of the D-Day invasion. As the future of Europe and the world hung in the balance, an intricate web of lies tied up German army divisions across Europe, concealing the truth.
S01E03 Battle of the Atlantic 20/09/2012 A look at World War II British cryptologists' efforts to crack the Enigma, Germany's mechanical encoding device, thus protecting England from marauding U-boats and keeping supply routes open.
S01E04 The Battle of Britain 20/09/2012 A look at the 1940 Battle of Britain, the first major conflict fought in the air during World War II that pitted Germany's Luftwaffe versus England's outnumbered Royal Air Force, which leveled the playing field with the use of radar to detect incoming enemy aircraft.
S01E05 Tools of Deception 27/09/2012 A focus on the trickery used on and off the battlefield by the Allied and Axis powers during World War II, including inflatable tanks, fake radio broadcasts and the spy who helped accelerate the fall of Nazi Germany.
S01E06 Nazi Gold 27/09/2012 A look at the crime wave perpetrated by the Nazis to fund their war machine by looting public treasuries, swiping priceless works of art and stealing from private individuals, who were often the victims of Hitler's Final Solution.
S01E07 Sitzkrieg: The Phoney War 04/10/2012 A look at the time between the fall of 1939 and the spring of 1940, marked by the conspicuous absence of fighting on land between the Allies and Nazi Germany in Western Europe during World War II.
S01E08 The Balkans Tinderbox 04/10/2012 In Europe, the twentieth century ended as it began, with war in the Balkans. Peacekeepers face the nearly impossible task of trying to undo the lasting hatred and violence.This is a look at the secret forces behind the strife throughout the Balkan States.
S01E09 Nazi Spies 11/10/2012 A look at German military intelligence during World War II and the rivalry between its top two agencies, the Abwehr and the SS.
S01E10 The Shadow War 11/10/2012 A look at the tools of the spy trade in 20th-century military and political operations.
S01E11 Inside the CIA 19/10/2012 An exploration of CIA activity during the Cold War examines the covert war waged against communist regimes worldwide and the criticism the CIA received stateside and abroad. Included: revolutionary coups; election rigging; and embassy spying.
S01E12 The Gulf War: Steel Rain 25/10/2012 An examination of the Allied air campaign in the Persian Gulf in 1991 includes a look at laser-guided weapons; covert targeting; and remote-piloted vehicles.
S01E13 Spies in the Skies 25/10/2012 Spies in the Sky chronicles the history of aerial surveillance, from the photo-reconnaissance biplanes of World War I to modern spy satellites. The profound impact spies in the sky have had on modern warfare.
S01E14 Super Guns 09/01/2013 A look at big guns, such Germany's Big Bertha in World War I and Iraq's Project Babylon.
S01E15 Architects of Desert Storm 12/01/2013 A look at how the battlefield strategy for the Persian Gulf War was developed
S01E16 Nazi Propaganda 19/01/2013 A look at Nazi propaganda, including newsreels, newspapers and choreographed public events.
S01E17 British Secret Intelligence 23/01/2013 Documenting the history of British intelligence agencies, such as the Special Operations Executive, MI-5 and MI-6
S01E18 The French Resistance 02/02/2013 The role of French underground forces in World War II is examined.
S01E19 Churchill's Gambles 02/02/2013 A look at the spy games endorsed by Winston Churchill during World War II.
S01E20 Breaking the Japanese Code 08/02/2013 A profile of code breaker William Friedman, and how he and his deciphering machines cracked Japanese codes during World War II.
S01E21 Germany's Secret Gambles 13/02/2013 A look at tactics used by the German military in World War I, including espionage and code breaking.
S01E22 Israeli Intelligence 16/02/2013 An examination of Israeli intelligence agencies highlights the history of the Shin Bet, A'man and the Mossad.
S01E23 Hitler's Secret 19/02/2013 A look at Adolf Hitler's deception of Joseph Stalin and spy operations in the U.S. Also: his chief spymaster's betrayal
S01E25 The Gulf War: Iraq's Secrets 03/03/2013 A chronicle of Saddam Hussein's activities during the Gulf War
S01E26 Secret Submarines 15/03/2013 The secret missions of World War II submarines employed by both the Allied and Axis powers are uncovered.
S01E27 Eisenhower's Operatives 17/03/2013 An examination of how President Eisenhower made use of the CIA during the Cold War.
S01E28 Cold War: Nixon's Secrets 17/03/2013 An exploration of Richard Nixon's Cold War-related activities, including his investigation of Alger Hiss in the late 1940s; the missions carried out during his presidency in Vietnam; and his foreign policy regarding China and the Soviet Union.
S01E29 Cold War: Khrushchev's Regime 17/03/2013 A look at the rule of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, including the 1962 Cuban missile crisis; and repressions of anti-Communists in Poland and Hungary.
S01E30 Cold War: The Kennedy Years 17/03/2013 A look at Cold War espionage during John F. Kennedy's presidency, including CIA operations in Cuba and Berlin.
S01E31 The Invasion of Panama 04/04/2013 A look at the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989 includes the mission to take dictator Manuel Noriega into custody; and the rescue of an undercover agent.
S01E32 The Invasion That Never Was 04/04/2013 A look at plans for a possible Allied invasion of Japan in 1945, a mission that was never carried out after the Japanese surrendered following the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
S01E33 The OSS 08/04/2013 A look at the formation of the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the Central Intelligence Agency, includes the recruitment and training of secret agents; and undercover missions.
S01E34 Women Spies in World War II 13/04/2013 Profiling the women who were part of the spy game in World War II for the Office of Strategic Services, whose duties included going undercover for the French resistance, breaking codes and drawing maps.
S01E35 The Wizard War 03/05/2013 A look at cyberattacks on computers, satellites and electronics, and how to protect defense systems, power grids and transportation.
S01E36 Korea: Stalin's Secret Air War 03/05/2013 An examination of the Soviet Union's covert role in the Korean War and the escalation of the Cold War.
S01E37 Stalin's Spies 03/05/2013 A look at the Soviet Union's plan to infiltrate international capitals with spies.
S01E38 Spy Planes 03/05/2013 A look at the secret deployment of U.S. military aircraft designed for espionage during the Cold War.
S01E39 Psy War 13/05/2013 A look at methods used to obtain information and influence enemies during military conflicts.
S01E40 Rommel's Enigma 20/05/2013 An examination of the German intelligence advantage early in World War II, before Allied spies gained the upper hand, helping to secure victory at El Alamein in Egypt in 1942.
S01E41 The Ultra Enigma 20/05/2013 A look at British efforts to crack Germany's secret codes in World War II.
S01E42 POW Pt 1 25/05/2013 Part 1 of 3. The fate of POWs during WWI is examined from the time of capture to the interrogation and internment.
S01E43 POW Pt 2 25/05/2013 Part 2 of 3. Profiling the civilian and military POWs of World War II. Included: the prison conditions; the processes employed by warring nations when gathering information from their captives.
S01E44 POW Pt 3 25/05/2013 Conclusion. Former POWs of the Vietnam War discuss the keys to their survival
S01E45 Alpha Strike 28/05/2013 A look at the covert air war fought by the U.S. during the Vietnam War, including secret bombing sorties in Laos and Cambodia
S01E46 Ho Chi Minh's Revolution 01/06/2013 The rule of Vietnamese Communist leader Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969) is examined.
S01E47 Hidden in Plain Sight 01/06/2013 A look at the methods used by the Viet Cong to undercut American involvement in the war in Southeast Asia.
S01E48 Cold War: Castro's Revolution 12/06/2013 Fidel Castro and communism in Cuba is examined.
S01E49 Hirihito's War 21/06/2013 A profile of Japanese Emperor Hirohito (1901-89) recalls his leadership during World War II.
S01E50 Mao's Secrets 21/06/2013 Examining the bloody civil war fought between Mao Tse-tung's Chinese Communists and Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist China (Taiwan) in the 20th century.
S01E51 The Cambridge Five 14/07/2013 The Cambridge Five, spies who worked for the British government while supplying the Soviets with vital information, are profiled.
S01E52 Behind the Bamboo Curtain 27/07/2013 A look at hidden agendas in the Korean War of the U.S., China and the Soviet Union.
S01E53 Secrets in the Sand 11/10/2013 The operations of the Allied forces during the Persian Gulf War are examined. Included: the exploration of enemy territory by British S.A.S. commandos and U.S. Special Forces; scud-hunters; long-range desert patrols.
S01E54 Battlefield Deception 16/10/2013 Examining ways to fool an enemy, including drone attacks, rubber tanks, camouflage, booby traps and tactical maneuvers of deceit.
S01E55 The Strangelove Factor 23/10/2013 A look at the dangerous games played by the U.S. and the Soviet Union, from the end of World War II to the collapse of Communism.
S01E56 Cold War: Brezhnev's Kremlin 28/10/2013 An examination of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev's foreign policy from 1964 to 1982.
S01E57 Johnson's Battlefield 07/11/2013 .The Johnson Administration during the Vietnam War is examined.
S01E58 Chem/Bio Weapons 21/11/2013 Examining the history and development of chemical and biological weapons.
S01E59 Shadows of the Six Day War 25/11/2013 An examination of the role of Israeli intelligence during the Six Day War in June 1967.
S01E60 The Holocaust Secret 14/03/2013 Dark secrets of the Nazi "Final Solution" still remain.