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Investigating historic events.


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S255E00 Battle for Berlin 00/00/0000
S255E01 Secrets of Soviet Space Disasters 18/04/1999 It was a centerpiece of the Cold War. The space race between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. resulted in some of the most significant scientific and engineering advances in human history. But it was also marred by tragedy. And while the stories of American mishaps--such as the fire that claimed the lives of three Apollo astronauts in 1967--are well documented, the failures of the Soviet space program remained closely guarded secrets until only recently. Filled with rare, never-before-seen footage from Soviet archives and interviews with insiders like Ronald Sagdeev, Mikhail Gorbachev's science advisor, SECRETS OF SOVIET SPACE DISASTERS brings these long-hidden stories to light. See how personal rivalries, shifting political alliances and bureaucratic bungling led to the more than 150 deaths as well as the eventual failure of the Soviet space program itself.
S255E02 Hunting Hitler 00/00/0000 Go inside Hitler's Wolf's Lair, the site of a July 1944 assassination attempt led by high-ranking Nazi officers that nearly killed Germany's leader and changed history forever. Conspirators and other witnesses explain their complex plan -- known as "Operation Valkyrie" -- and discuss what went wrong. This History Channel documentary also unearths previously classified evidence about a London-based plot to kill Hitler.
S255E03 Leonardo's Shroud 25/03/1997 Some say the Shroud of Turin was created by Leonardo da Vinci.
S255E04 Movies and the Mob 19/03/1998 In 1930 organized crime infiltrates the movie industry.
S255E05 Lenin's Secret Files 23/04/1998 Vaults house the Soviet Union's Central Party archives.
S255E06 Battle for Berlin 00/00/0000
S255E07 The True Story of the Bridge on the River Kwai 16/07/1998 During World War II, 16,000 POWs die building the Bangkok-Rangoon Railway.
S255E08 The African Trade 04/10/1998 African participation in the slave trade.
S255E09 The Chair 11/10/1998 Edison and Westinghouse each try to have New York adopt the other's "executioner's current."
S255E10 Cover Up! The Sinking of the SS Leopoldville 25/10/1998 On Christmas Eve, 1944, a German U-boat sinks the SS Leopoldville with 800 Americans aboard.
S255E11 Betrayal: The Story of the USS Pueblo 20/12/1998 The crew of the USS Pueblo are captured and tortured by the North Koreans in 1968.
S255E12 Spying for Love 18/09/1997 In the 1970s, East Germany's secret service penetrates West Germany's government.
S255E13 Evidence of Vikings 09/10/1997 The Viking's navigational system.
S255E14 The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping: The Crime That Won't Go Away 09/10/1997 Bruno Hauptmann's trial for the Lindbergh kidnapping causes a media frenzy.
S255E15 Before Columbus 16/10/1997 New evidence suggests others may have discovered North America before Christopher Columbus.
S255E16 The Last Mass Execution 23/10/1997 Seven German prisoners of war are hanged in August 1945 after a U.S. trial.
S255E17 The Jazz Age 26/10/1997 The "Roaring '20s."
S255E18 The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition 30/10/1997 New information arises about the Spanish Inquisition.
S255E19 Human Torpedoes: The Kamikaze 13/11/1997 With the kamikaze, Japan turns suicide into military strategy.
S255E20 Kovno Ghetto: A Buried History 20/11/1997 The Kovno ghetto in Lithuania.
S255E21 Roswell: An Alien Obsession 04/12/1997 The debate over a possible UFO crash in 1947 Roswell, N.M.

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