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Fifty years after the downfall of Hitler's empire draws "Hitler - A Profile" for the first time a comprehensive portrait of the man who’s behind for the most horrible experiences of the 20th Century. Almost 2,000 reports from witnesses and numerous previously unseen historical filmed documentaries found from Russian and American private archives are now also available on DVD. Internationally recognized experts are behind scientific facts . 1. The Private Man - "These people may not know who I am. You may not know where I come from and what family I was born. Hitler, the Nazi dictator who required everyone to testify the family tree for ancestors, carefully hide his own family history. Guido Knopp and Philip Remy reconstructed the personal history of Adolf Hitler in the actual locations, the moments that shaped his development ... 2. The Seducer - Like no other politician, Hitler dominated the game with the masses. In the role of the populist agitator, he brought his most distinctive traits to bear. His mastery of mass suggestion paved the way for him to power. Millions died from the "leader" myth. Few could resist its spell. Was Hitler a hypnotist who possessed the magical power to turn people into puppets?


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S01E01 The Private Man 15/01/1996 How did Hitler's mother's death and his artistic dreams form his character? Follow his early life, and how his vague political ideas formed themselves into a doctrine of hate.
S01E02 The Seducer 22/01/1996 An investigation into the way Adolf Hitler created a cult of personality around himself in 1930s Germany. His impassioned speeches mesmerised and wooed a people who had suffered in the 1920s after the First World War. This film contains segments of his original speeches, and looks at the Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls movements, plus the orchestration of massive staged events like the Nuremburg Rallies.
S01E03 The Blackmailer 29/01/1996 This episode looks at the slide to war under Hitler, and the way he tried to force his European neighbours into armed conflict. He started by ignoring the Treaty of Versailles and rearming his country, realising at the time that Britain and France would do nothing to penalise him. He moved on to re-occupy the Rhineland, annex Austria to make it part of a bigger Germany, and then lay claim to the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. All of these provocative gestures met with no resistance, so he proceeded to invade Czechoslovakia before turning his focus on Poland - but this time the allies had had time to rearm.
S01E04 The Dictator 05/02/1996 "The Dictator" examines the conditions under which Hitler's seeds were able to bear fruit. This episode includes rare extracts from Hitler's speeches and film footage from German and international archives to draw a richly facetted and penetrating portrait of the dictator. Statements by prominent and competent contemporary witnesses of events, who experienced Hitler's rule for themselves, convey an impression of the "climate of fear" in Hitler's Reich. On the basis of the latest findings, this documentation analyses how a whole nation submitted almost completely to the diktat of a madman.
S01E05 The Commander in Chief 12/02/1996 Newsreel and eyewitness accounts of Hitler's military strategy, revealing that the self-appointed commander-in-chief was so anxious to retain centralised power he created a war council best described as inept. More significantly, he also had an indecisive nature which led to a series of tactical blunders - notably the failure to stop the Allied retreat at Dunkirk, and the invasion of Russia, which left Germany hopelessly overstretched fighting on two fronts.
S01E06 The Criminal 19/02/1996 A look at the horrific policies that Hitler made flesh after his rise to the level of Fuehrer in Germany. His ideas had been formed years before when he was an alienated, penniless youth in Austria reading obscure right-wing philosophers who preached Aryan supremacy. Hitler started his cleansing on the mentally ill in his own country until the Church objected - an objection that was particularly muted when he turned his attention to the Jews. The episode also reveals that, as his power began to slip away in 1945, he issued the infamous 'Nero Order', dictating that everything in Germany was to be destroyed.