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Hoarding: Buried Alive amène le téléspectateur dans la vie privée de syllogomanes, mettant le focus sur comment la maladie mentale a affectée l’individu et les membres de la famille. Chaque épisode couvre deux cas différents. On examine l’histoire de la victime et on prend le temps de rencontrer des membres de la famille et de discuter avec eux. L’émission inclut un regard extensif sur les items que chaque personne collectionne. Chaque syllogomane reçoit de l’aide provenant d’un thérapeute et d’un organiseur professionnel. Ces professionnels les aident tout au long du processus de débarrasser la maison des objets accumulés. Par la fin de l’épisode, le syllogomane a montré des signes d’amélioration, rendant les téléspectateurs optimistes face à leur succès futur.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hoarding: Buried Alive

S02E01 Homeless Man With a House 08/08/2010 Season 2 opens as two hoarders get help after decades of compulsive behavior that has driven their loved ones away.
S02E02 Robbing the Kids... 15/08/2010 Two moms who are hoarders get help after realizing their obsessions are tearing their families apart.
S02E03 Prison of Garbage 22/08/2010 Two women who started hoarding in the wake of personal tragedies try to put an end to their compulsive behavior.
S02E04 Everything's Junk 29/08/2010 A woman who started hoarding after surviving Sept. 11 seeks help.
S02E05 Battle with Chaos 05/09/2010
S02E06 How Do I Get Out of This 12/09/2010
S02E07 The Scariest Place on Earth 19/09/2010
S02E08 The Mess I've Created 26/09/2010
S02E09 This Is Where You Sleep 03/10/2010
S02E10 Nowhere Near Normal 02/03/2011 Extreme Hoarder Jahn struggles to clear her belongings from not one, but two houses before both are condemned.
S02E11 I Want to Cuss 09/03/2011 Compulsive hoarder Sharon gets caught stealing from her neighbor's home while Len must choose between his hoard and his daughter.
S02E12 Oh My Gosh 13/03/2011 Conditions inside Tammy's home have become so bad, that she's forced to eat her meals in the car and her sick father is unable to return home from the hospital.
S02E13 Better Get a Dumpster 16/03/2011 A woman's out of control obsession with bikinis, sweaters and dresses threatens to destroy her relationship with her only daughter.
S02E14 Overwhelming Pile of Junk 23/03/2011 After decades of hoarding, Debbie has not only lost the comforts of home but the company of her four children as well. Chip's compulsive hoarding has forced his family of six to squeeze into 1600 square feet of living space.
S02E15 My Biggest Embarrassment 30/03/2011 While Patti's extreme hoarding has made it virtually impossible for her daughter to live with her, Jonathan's obsession has kept his three-year-old son from even coming in the door.
S02E16 It's Out of Control 06/04/2011 Decades of extreme hoarding have put Kay's marriage in serious jeopardy while Toni's compulsive shopping has made her own home a danger zone for her two-year-old granddaughter.
S02E17 Like a Dog in a Cage 13/04/2011 A mother desperately tries to protect her children from their father's hoard, while an artist chooses frogs, penguins and banana peels over her live-in boyfriend.
S02E18 It's a Freaking War Zone 20/04/2011 The tumbling piles of Maggie's collections are putting her own son's life at risk while Bob's all consuming passion for swimming pool parts is pushing his family to the brink.
S03E01 Surviving on Trash 10/07/2011 Pregnant with her first child, Traci is desperate to move back into her childhood home. But it's filled floor to ceiling with her mother's stuff. Now the two must work together to clear a decades worth of clutter before it's too late.
S03E02 There Are Mice Everywhere 17/07/2011 Compulsive hoarder Kathleen discovers a hoard of mice living in her kitchen numbering in the thousands. And for extreme hoarder Jaime's future son-in-law, spending the night in a hoard might very well end a marriage before it even begins.
S03E03 Not a Safe Place 24/07/2011 A woman with OCD is unable to throw away anything. A mother and daughter's house is so trashed they must eat dinner in their car every night.
S03E04 A Horrible Sight 31/07/2011 Hoarders whose homes have been condemned must clean up or risk losing them.
S03E05 I Was Gonna Gag 14/08/2011 A hoarder faces losing his children if he does not clean his home.
S03E06 Is That a Goat? 21/08/2011
S03E07 Stop Touching My Stuff 28/08/2011 Parents of a teenage hoarder hope a visit by an extreme hoarder will change their daughter's ways.
S03E08 Overtaken By Puppets 11/09/2011 A former ventriloquist has let her past career become an obsession. A man is having problems being a good father for his daughter as she isn't allowed in his home due to his excessive hoarding.
S03E09 I Can't Breathe 18/09/2011 A woman is in danger of losing custody of her ten year old daughter unless she can change her hoarding ways.
S03E10 Tiny Monsters 01/01/2012 Sherry's hoard has broken up her marriage. Now, authorities are threatening to take away her children and condemn her home. With only weeks to clean it up, Sherry could lose everything she loves.
S03E11 My House Can Kill Me 08/01/2012 Miranda's hoarding has escalated to the point that her toddlers have no place to play safely. Hsi-Ming's daughter is concerned that her mother's hoarding is threatening her safety and health.
S03E12 Owned By The Roaches 15/01/2012 A psychologist who is accustomed to diagnosing other people's problems can not solve her own hoarding problems and it has escalated to the point where millions of roaches infest her home.
S03E13 I'm Dumbfounded 22/01/2012 A marriage is in trouble after years of hoarding and secrets kept by a woman from her husband.
S03E14 It's Just Sex 29/01/2012 Secret hoarding by a couple is complicated by revelations about their relationship and sex lives, which could threaten their marriage and cost them their home.
S03E15 Worst I've Ever Seen 12/02/2012 A municipality is ready to tear down a home unless a hoarding issue is addressed; a woman's attachment to her things could break up her family.
S03E16 A Bomb Went Off 19/02/2012 A woman with a lung disease fears her hoarding is making her condition worse; a woman's clutter limits her mobility in her house, while her neighbors complain about her garbage bags piling up outside.
S03E17 Unbelievable 04/03/2012 Brad's hoarding has taken over his mobile home; Mary has been evicted and has just weeks to clean out her stuff.
S03E18 Are You Serious? 11/03/2012 A woman's hoarding may have done irreparable damage to her relationship with her daughter; a woman realizes she needs help after years of collecting have rendered her home uninhabitable.
S03E19 Where Are They Now? (Look back Special) 18/03/2012
S04E01 This is Garbage Land 08/07/2012 Cary's paralyzing obsession with Elvis memorabilia has left his New York City apartment virtually uninhabitable.
S04E02 As Bad as It Gets 15/07/2012
S04E03 Sleeping in a Dumpster 22/07/2012
S04E04 This is Unreal 29/07/2012 A man's love for shopping became a compulsion after his mother's death and his home is starting to show the effects. A woman diagnosed with cancer looks to make her home more habitable for herself
S04E05 Just Tear It Down 05/08/2012 A couple's home is packed due to their hoarding and they face the real threat of eviction unless they can clean up and fix all the damage caused by their out of control collecting.
S04E06 Twenty Of Everything 12/08/2012 Thirty years of hoarding have filled a man's home to the point that he sleeps outside in a bed he put together. Faced with eviction, the man must clean his home up or have it condemned and demolished
S04E07 Hoo, That Reeks! 19/08/2012 A woman comes to the realization that she must end her hoarding tendencies if she has any chance of a relationship with her teenage son that has not spoken with her in five years
S04E08 A Humongous Secret 26/08/2012 A man quit drinking in the past and switched to collecting that escalated to hoarding and now faces the possibility of losing everything unless he changes his ways. A woman
S04E09 It's My Junk 02/09/2012
S04E10 You're Not Taking My Kids 13/02/2013 A woman's custody of her children is at stake unless she can clean up her home in two days.
S04E11 Holding Mom Hostage 20/02/2013 An ill-tempered man fills his 93-year-old mother's house with clutter after moving back in with her.
S04E12 This House Killed Her 27/02/2013 Three siblings sift through the clutter in their deceased mother's house with spiritual guidance from a medium.
S04E13 She Wants It, She Takes It 06/03/2013 A woman must live in a camper in her backyard because her house is so cluttered with things she's found in dumpsters, but her neighbors are threatening to sue unless she cleans it up in a hurry.
S04E14 What A Pig 13/03/2013 Compulsive hoarder Valerie risks eviction when her next-door neighbor reports her to the health department. Meanwhile, Ann's house is so filled with clutter that she has been reduced to a 3 sq. ft space in her living room.
S04E15 They're Crawling 20/03/2013
S04E16 One Is Good Two Is Better 27/03/2013
S04E17 She's Going to Jail 03/04/2013 A woman's past hoarding has resulted in her going to jail and she faces the same possibility again unless she changes her ways. Home owners come to the startling revelation that the home they have purchased is full of junk left by the previous occupant.
S04E18 I'm a Rockstar, Baby! 10/04/2013 A Canadian rock singer faces the possibility of losing his family unless he can declutter the large amount of memorabilia and other items he has accumulated over the years.
S04E19 Losing Half Myself 00/00/0000 Season 5 Episode 1
S04E20 Leading a Double Life 00/00/0000 Season 5 Episode 2
S04E21 Somewhere in My Pile 00/00/0000 Season 5 Episode 3
S04E22 Where Are They Now? 00/00/0000 Season 5 Episode 4
S04E23 Waste Not, Want Not 00/00/0000 Season 5 Episode 5
S05E01 Losing Half Myself 17/04/2013 Phyllis and Patty aren't just identical twins, they are identical hoarders as well.
S05E02 Leading a Double Life 24/04/2013 A landlord's secret hoard is a threat to a woman and her children, who lives downstairs. The hoarding is to blame for mold, mice and flea infestations.
S05E03 Somewhere in My Pile 01/05/2013 Beverly's clutter has filled up her entire home and her three beloved dogs have helped make the space completely unlivable.
S05E04 Where Are They Now? 08/05/2013 Updates on three previously profiled hoarders to see if their lives have changed for the better.
S05E05 Waste Not, Want Not 15/05/2013 A woman began hoarding after the murder of her daughter, but her habit could jeopardize her marriage; a couple's relationship is in danger because of hoarding.
S05E06 The Last Clear Spot 30/10/2013 A little person is in danger when her mother's home has piles of furniture, clothes and food that rise to the ceiling.
S05E07 Full of Rats 06/11/2013 A house's rat infestation has compromised the building's foundation and is due to the current occupant's hoarding.
S05E08 You're Gonna Die in Here 13/11/2013 A former principal who suffered from PTSD after a school shooting became a compulsive hoarder, but now refuses to leave his home and abandons his family.
S05E09 My Teeth Are Lost in the Pile 27/11/2013 A couple's relationship sours over the years due to a woman's hoarding, which now has them on the verge of losing their home unless they can clean up the mess.
S05E10 It's A Horror Story 04/12/2013 A man's girlfriend's clutter fills up his house after she moves in with him, leaving behind her home that's already been condemned due to 48 years of hoarding.
S05E11 Running Out of Time 05/02/2014 A man who's lost his home has 30 days to remove the clutter from it or he'll lose everything inside—including his two children.
S05E12 A VCR for Every Day of the Week 12/02/2014 John and Joe are a father and son duo who both hoard. John faces jail time for his compulsions, while Joe could lose his newborn son to child protective services if they don’t clean up their mess.
S05E13 Three Apartments, Three Hoarders 19/02/2014 An apartment complex with three extreme hoarders; the building is now under strict management.
S05E14 The Donald Trump of Hoarding 26/02/2014 A man about to have surgery may find his recovery at risk due to the filthy condition of his home.
S05E15 We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat 05/03/2014 A mother may lose her kids if she can't get rid of her clutter; a man's girlfriend threatens to leave him when she's had it with his years of hoarding.
S05E16 Worse Than a Haunted House 12/03/2014
S05E17 A Graveyard of Junk 19/03/2014
S05E18 The Stench is Amazing 26/03/2014
S05E19 It's a Rat's Nest 02/04/2015 A man could lose his house and his girlfriend, who broke her leg because of his hoarding, if he doesn't clean up his act.

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