Affiche Hoe heurt het eigenlijk?

Jort examines the houses, women and children, vacations, nannies, parties, yachts, jets, and other toys as well as the etiquette and language of the old and new elites. Ibiza or Domburg, Bentley or Bristol, "green hunt or treasure hunt? And how do you say really snooty: go to the bathroom, toilet or loo? The title of the program is based on the book by Amy Groskamp-ten Have, an etiquette Bible for generations that serves as the support for 'decent people' in matters of decency and good taste. Since the first edition of the book "How is it supposed to be?" Amy Groskamp-ten-Have appeared in 1939, much has changed in the Netherlands. Jort Kelder guides the viewer through the often invisible minefield of class society. Here he goes with 'Amy' in hand to investigate and knocks on aristocrats and patricians, first generation entrepreneurs and suppliers of the happy few. Everey week there is a subject or a central mission. Kelder maps countless delicate matters of style, taste and tradition. As Kelder himself says: "In the program we seek out the moss and the mores of the powerful, but also to the unwritten rules of the nouveaux riches."

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