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A US version of an amazing Japanese game show in which contestants must become pawns in a human game of Tetris by quickly maneuvering their bodies through strangely-shaped holes in a moving wall.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hole in the Wall

S01E01 The Beer Bellies vs The Six Packs 07/09/2008
S01E02 The Brooklyn Wrecking Balls vs The Hollywood Hair Raisers 09/09/2008
S01E03 The Sweet Georgia Peaches vs The Spicy New York Meatballs 11/09/2008
S01E04 Sumo Wrestlers vs. the Jockeys 11/09/2008
S01E05 Burger Boys vs Chicken Wing Chicks 18/09/2008
S01E06 Small But Mighty vs Flex Appeal 18/09/2008
S01E07 Freedom Rappers vs. Guitar Heroes 02/10/2008
S01E08 Rock Lovers vs. Flavors of the Month 02/10/2008
S01E09 Redneck Bama Boys vs New York Yanks 16/10/2008
S01E10 Greek Goddesses vs Pencil Pushers 16/10/2008
S01E11 Derby Dolls vs Volleyballs 18/01/2008
S01E12 Gyrating Gents vs Hometown Hotties 18/01/2008
S01E13 Trapeze Artists vs Circus Performers 08/02/2008
S01E14 Pro Fighters vs Backyard Wrestlers 08/02/2008
S01E15 Soccer Moms vs. Hip Hop Moms 15/03/2008
S01E16 Pretzel Makers vs. Tortilla Makers 15/03/2008
S02E01 The Good, the Bad and the Stepdad vs. Mama Trucker and the Mudflaps 06/10/2010
S02E02 Hot Lava vs. Born to Be Wild 13/10/2010
S02E03 The Shape Shifters vs. Team Giddyup! 20/10/2010
S02E04 Flipped Out vs. Bug Lady & The Fly Boys 27/10/2010
S02E05 The Booty Kickers vs. The Schmerlsters 03/11/2010
S02E06 Musical Mayhem vs. Big Bro and the Disco Sistas 10/11/2010
S02E07 Bust-A-Move vs. Party Posse 17/11/2010
S02E08 The Super Supers vs. Buff and Bronze 01/12/2010
S02E09 Abracadabra vs. Steer Clear 08/12/2010
S02E10 Beauty and the Beasts vs. The Hairdresser, the Geek and the Jock 15/12/2010
S03E01 Girls Rule, Boys Drool vs. Tidal Wave 18/04/2011
S03E02 Awesome & We Know It vs. Nerd Herd 19/04/2011
S03E03 Wall Pass vs. School You 20/04/2011
S03E04 Sly Foxes vs. Wall Nutz 21/04/2011
S03E05 NFL's DeSean Jackson vs. NBA's Chris Webber 27/04/2011
S03E06 Sugar and Spice & Everything Nice vs. Twin It to Win It 04/05/2011
S03E07 Hog Wild vs. XL 11/05/2011
S03E08 Team Dougie vs. Kickin' Cousins 18/05/2011
S03E09 Heavy Metal vs. Medieval Melee 25/05/2011
S03E10 Lucky From Kentucky vs. Sumo Slammers 01/06/2011
S03E11 Quad Squad vs. Alarm Fire 08/06/2011
S03E12 Release the Crackin'? vs. A Hole Lot of Sparkle 15/06/2011
S03E13 Flexin' Pecs vs. Sweethearts of the South 22/06/2011
S03E14 Sky High vs. Awaken the Breakin' 29/06/2011
S03E15 We Are the Grampions vs. Punchline 20/07/2011
S03E16 Family Feudz vs. Grapes of Wrath 27/07/2011
S03E17 Lights, Camera, Action vs. Broadway Babies 03/08/2011
S03E18 Wall Stars vs. Hole Lotta Diva 10/08/2011
S03E19 Bestco From Esco vs. Animuhls 17/08/2011
S03E20 Tap and Destroy vs. Game On! 24/08/2011
S03E21 Mini Ninjas vs. Go for the Gold 31/08/2011
S03E22 Shred the Gnar vs. Karate Kickin' Cubanos 07/09/2011
S03E23 Ice Ice Ladies vs. First & Goal 28/09/2011

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