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Mike Holmes is back, doing what he does best—making it right. He’s picking up where he left off with his hit series Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection and cranking it up several notches. In this series, Mike plans to expand the meaning of “Make It Right” outside the residential domain and outside his own comfort level. The new stories are not just about typical renovation rip-offs; they’re heart-wrenching people stories too. In this series, Mike doesn’t just want to make a difference in the home, he wants to make people’s lives better. In Holmes Makes it Right, Mike will be taking on disasters that would make other contractors run. The kinds of circumstances where you don't just need a contractor, you need a miracle.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Holmes Makes It Right

S01E01 A Case of Shingles 16/10/2012 Mike Holmes and his team get on top of a bad roof that has plagued a family for 40 years. The damage Mike uncovers proves they have been coping with leaks for nearly half a century. There’s mold in the attic, barely any insulation and as a result, heat loss like Mike has never seen. Mike and his team conquer the scorching heat and accomplish their mission, re-engineering a truss roof into a custom roof. Through the process, Mike demonstrates that building a roof right protects everything underneath it – and that’s what counts.
S01E02 Building Castles 23/10/2012 When an arsonist burns down the beloved castle playground in Toronto’s High Park, Mike Holmes is fuming. He leads a legion of crewmembers, engineers, architects and firefighters into battle against extreme heat and construction challenges, all while the clock is ticking. With help from the community, Mike and his team overcome major setbacks to rebuild a brand new castle that's fit for any King or Queen, teaching kids that they can rise above any obstacle and build their own kingdoms.
S01E03 Ventilation Blues 30/10/2012 Mike tackles a recently renovated home where nothing is leveling out. The problems start with the HVAC, which doesn’t heat or cool and sounds like a jet engine every time it’s on. The floor joists are splitting and the brand new shower is disintegrating. Mike and his crew arrive to put things right.
S01E04 Caught in a Trap (1) 06/11/2012 Peggy and Don need Mike’s help after they paid a contractor to build them a second story addition and then took off to Europe, leaving thier home unfinished and exposed to the elements. Their basement is destroyed from rain, their belongings are ruined and Mike uncovers the biggest nest of carpenter ants he’s ever seen.
S01E05 Caught in a Trap (2) 13/11/2012 Peggy and Don’s unfinished home was only inches away from being a complete demo. But Mike takes on the challenge of transforming an open wound into an open-concept home, doing whatever it takes to make it right.
S01E06 Urea Got Me 20/11/2012 Mike gets called to a house recently retrofitted with a substance that’s been banned in Canada for decades. But what starts as a problem with their insulation grows into a complete demo, and Mike faces a decision he’s reluctant to make.
S01E07 If the Shoe Fits 27/11/2012 A high school teacher is run down by a van after his home is vandalized. Tragically, his recovery means learning how to walk again and the ones responsible have yet to be caught. But Mike rises to the challenge to make this horrible situation right and the long road to recovery a little easier. The crew and sub trades rally behind him and go the distance. They start by building a fully accessible backyard oasis complete with hot tub, his and her matching dens and a display shelf that’s a shoe-in. But Mike doesn’t stop there, even bringing in boxing legend George Chuvalo to deliver this knockout performance.
S01E08 Title Fight 04/12/2012 Rocco and Stephanie thought they bought the house of their dreams. But all the lipstick and mascara was hiding a nightmare and the measures that were supposed to protect them failed. City inspectors approved past renovations made to their home and now , today, the same work is questionable. There’s a baby on the way and no one’s budging so Mike steps in to do what no one else will. Mike is speechless when he discovers the basement was finished over a crumbling foundation – and the problems keep piling up. But Mike settles this title fight by making it right and brings stability to this family’s home.
S01E09 Money for Nothing 11/12/2012 When the police arrest a kitchen contractor responsible for ripping off dozens of homeowners, Mike Holmes narrows in on this large-scale scam and shows what it takes to catch the con in ‘contractor.’ Mike and his team make things right by giving one of the victims the kitchen that was stolen from them.
S01E10 Labour of Love 16/04/2013 Mike Holmes is called in to teach some valuable lessons in construction when a high school student passes away suddenly, and his shop teacher and classmates decide to help the family with some renovations as a school project.
S01E11 Breaking Through 23/04/2013 A DIY project goes very wrong, and Mike Holmes discovers the hearing impaired homeowner has not had a working shower for many months. Mike restores this basic necessity and adds an extra touch by making the home Sign Language friendly.
S01E12 A Lift Up 30/04/2013 A family runs into trouble after installing a one-of-a-kind wheelchair lift for their daughter who has Cerebral Palsy, only to discover it doesn’t work at all. Mike Holmes shows what can happen when custom invention becomes a great, big...
S01E13 Over Their Heads 07/05/2013 Mike Holmes intervenes in a renovation when a contractor, who doesn't have the depth of skills for such a complicated project, gets in over his head in an open concept bungalow renovation with a Mansard ceiling.
S01E14 Mystery Staircase 14/05/2013 Mike is called to a house when the new owners of a century home find out they have a third floor they didn’t know about. Mike and his crew tackle the restoration project and discover why the finished attic was sealed up and forgotten...
S01E15 Building Hope 03/09/2013 Ingrid was in the process of converting a small cottage into the modern home of her dreams when she suffered an aneurysm, followed by two strokes. Her daughter Natalie took over but she needs Mike’s help to support her mom’s recovery and secure her future.
S01E16 Starting Again 03/09/2013 Manuel and his wife were like two peas in a pod, but now it's just one and the pod is in desperate need of some TLC. After his wife passed away, Manuel couldn't sleep in their bedroom, which was part of an old addition previous homeowners built. So he closed off the space, which opened it up to critters for the last 4 years. There's no foundation, no permits, and no way Mike is leaving without giving Manuel a warm space to fill with new memories. Mike takes it all down, and for the first time in Holmes history, let's the homeowner’s son play a big role in the rebuild. Before the job's done they'll need to redo a retaining wall, deal with asbestos and Manuel's son, Ben will feel the real pain of a bathroom demo.
S01E17 Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 10/09/2013 Lali put her trust in the wrong hands. She paid $11,000 for $200 worth of work and has been living in chaos for the last 13 months. She hired her neighbour to renovate her kitchen but he's been serving-up nothing but excuses for over a year. Mike retraces the contractor's steps as he tears down the work and discovers that this guy is one of the 'ugly' contractors he warns homeowners about. Not only is the work unfinished, it's dangerous, which means the contractor has robbed Lali threefold: First of her money, then her trust and finally her safety. But Mike restores her trust as he restores her home, and helps mend a relationship that should have never been broken.
S01E18 Log Jam 17/09/2013 After serving the Canadian military for over 20 years, Mark hires a family friend to build a custom log house to retire in. The budget has been maxed out and the home isn’t done, so he sends out an S.O.S. that Mike Holmes answers.
S02E00 08/10/2013
S02E01 House Sandwich 24/09/2013 A house begins flooding after two homes are built on either side.
S02E02 Below Board 01/10/2013 Mike Holmes discovers that a house that looks good on the outside is hiding a rotting secret just below the surface, and now it’s a problem that threatens an entire neighbourhood. He arrives onsite and tries to stop it from spreading.
S02E03 5 Years Old 08/10/2013 A 5-year old house needs major repairs and the builder won’t do anything to help. Mike Holmes and his team of pros step in to give the family the safe home they need and make up for the shortcomings of minimum code.
S02E04 Broken Record 15/10/2013 Mike Holmes follows the trail of devastated homeowners left by a con man and comes to the rescue of his latest victims. But despite numerous jail terms and a current arrest warrant, this predatory contractor seems unstoppable.
S02E05 Hoofed Roof 22/10/2013 When a contractor botches the roof of a barn that is home to a group of rescued horses, their winter feed is threatened along with their lives. The recently shingled roof starts to fall apart and into the surrounding pastures, leaving dangerous nails on the ground the horses could step on. In typical Holmes fashion, Mike arrives onsite with his team ready to install a new roof but discovers that every part of the barn needs work, and without the needed repairs the horses would be sent to pasture. Mike and his Crew renovate the stable from top to bottom, adding improvements like a water supply that doesn't freeze in the winter and a flooring treatment that is hoof friendly, making it right with a bit of horsing around.
S02E06 High Water 29/10/2013 In the aftermath of the biggest natural disaster in Canadian history, Mike Holmes travels to High River, Alberta to help one family pick up the pieces of their flood-damaged home, and discovers the true meaning of reliance in the process.
S02E07 Here in Spirit 26/08/2014 A homeowner tragically dies due to mold in her lungs just weeks after working in her attic. Fearing the culprit could still be hiding in the attic, her partner contacts Mike Holmes to investigate and make the home safe for her grieving family.
S02E09 5 Alarm Chili (1) 02/09/2014 After her home is set on fire, Chili is pressured to hire a contractor who doesn’t understand how to make it right. With nowhere else to turn she contacts the one person who does: Mike Holmes, and he’s determined to make her home safe.
S02E10 5 Alarm Chili (2) 09/09/2014 Chili’s home was completely damaged at the hands of an arsonist. In order to understand what Chili faced that fateful night and what her home needs to make it safe, Mike puts on his firefighter boots and steps into the fire himself.
S02E11 Lawn and Order 16/09/2014 Dan and Sarah bought their home 2 years ago with dreams of backyard bliss. They planned to extend the existing deck to create a more safe and usable space for their children to play. Needing to find the right person to do it, and liking what they saw next door, they contacted the same person who built their neighbours’ deck. Dan and Sarah received a quote that seemed too good to be true, and as the saying goes … it was. By the time they realized the project was much bigger than anticipated, vastly under quoted, and beyond the skills of their contractor, it was too late to turn back. In a moment of desperation, Dan and Sarah contact Mike who arrives just in time to make it right and avoid a major catastrophe.
S02E12 Great Wall of Crap 23/09/2014 The retaining wall on Elaine and Bert's property was starting to fail when a contractor working next door offered to help. As the job gets underway, the contractor is never there to supervise and it quickly becomes clear that the work being done isn't up to par. Elaine and Bert contact an engineer who confirms what the couple already suspect: it’s all wrong. Instead of making it right, their contractor completely gives up and literally picks up his tools and goes home. Mike Holmes takes on the challenge of finishing the job the contractor started and shows exactly what can go wrong when you don't do the homework that leads to the right pro.
S02E13 Flood Suckers 30/09/2014 The City of Toronto faces a historic downpour causing Gina's basement to flood with water from the City's sewage system backing into her home. When things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse, the remediation company hired by her insurance provider fails to follow the right protocols, putting Gina's son, Joey, at risk when he tries to clean up the mess himself. Mike arrives on site to tackle the flood-ruined basement with his team. When Mike learns that Joey's grandfather was a self-taught carpenter, and had a workshop in the basement, he does double-duty to not only restore this family's home, but the fond memories of a grandfather's love and true craftsmanship.
S02E14 Another Storey (1) 07/10/2014 Jill and Mel hired a contractor who promised a second storey addition in 10 weeks for $125,000 dollars. A year and a half later and $170,000 down the drain, the addition is nowhere near complete and the contractor has disappeared. In order to save this family, Mike decides to take drastic measures and makes them a once in a lifetime offer.
S02E15 Another Storey (2) 14/10/2014 Jill and Mel wanted a second storey addition on their bungalow but they hired the wrong person to do it. What started out as a 10-week $125,000 job turns into a renovation nightmare, and one of the worst jobs Mike has ever been called in to fix.
S02E16 Investment Gate 21/10/2014 Janice and George are offered a percentage of their contractor-friend’s business for $300,000, with $100,000 going towards renovations on their home. They take the opportunity but realize something is seriously wrong after weeks of shoddy work and a few red flags. Eventually, they discover they are one of over 40 families that have fallen victim to an elaborate $15 million fraud. Their basement is destroyed, their savings are gone and their family’s future hangs in the balance. Mike and his team are called in to make it right and help restore their trust and self-esteem.
S02E17 To Mike, From Aggie 28/10/2014 Pam is a nurse who works countless hours at a brain injury centre. When her family breaks apart she quickly finds a small home for herself and her kids. But as soon as they move in the problems start piling up. Everything from the sump pump and the venting to the kitchen and the yard needs fixing, but she’s too busy supporting her family to do it herself. Her mother-in-law Aggie is so desperate to help, so tracks down Mike Holmes, writes him a letter and delivers it straight to his mailbox. Mike agrees to do whatever he can to help and puts his son, Mike Holmes Jr. in charge of making it right for Pam.
S02E18 Walk the Planks 04/11/2014 When a couple decides to paint the second-storey deck on their 9-year-old home it starts falling apart. Mike and his team discover that it’s completely rotted through and an accident waiting to happen.
S00E01 10th Anniversary Special Behind The Overalls 00/00/0000