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Construction and renovation expert Mike Holmes visits unlucky families who have been swindled or abandoned during their home improvement projects. Mike uncovers shoddy construction methods, improper techniques and down right rip-offs. You'll see Mike correct the problems, as well as explain how the homeowners could have safeguarded themselves from unscrupulous builders and dishonest contractors.


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S01E01 Additional Grief 00/00/0000 A couple have spent a lot of money on a kitchen addition and back deck, but the job fails to pass inspection, and the stucco begins to crumble. With their contractor not returning their calls, the couple contacts Mike Holmes.
S01E02 Soggy Sorority 00/00/0000 A sorority house has a leaky roof and many contractors have tried to repair the problem, but they have failed. Mike Holmes and his crew fix the problem by installing a new flat roof, and they even build a new roof-top deck for the sorority sisters.
S01E03 Botched Basement 00/00/0000 A couple hired a contractor to lower their basement, but the basement has now developed leaks. With the contractor nowhere to be found, Mike Holmes and his crew fix a bunch of electrical problems and install an interior weeping tile system.
S01E04 Attica! Attica! / Crappy Capping 00/00/0000 In this two part episode a woman discovers that she has no attic insulation in a house that she has just purchased. In part two, a couple's roofing renovator did a quick and sloppy job, leaving the house very drafty. In both cases, Mike Holmes and his crew fix the problems.
S01E05 Cold Comfort 00/00/0000 Due to faulty insulation installation during a recent renovation, a bedroom is unbelievably cold in the winter. Mike Holmes to the rescue!
S01E06 Flimsy Floor 00/00/0000 After a contractor did a beautiful looking job on their new kitchen floor, the floor starts to buckle. Mike Holmes shows up to fix the floor joists and give the new floor a proper base.
S01E07 Kitchen Catastrophe 00/00/0000 After a contractor gutted their kitchen and then left for six months, Mike Holmes helps a couple finish their kitchen renovation.
S01E08 Window Pain 00/00/0000 A total of four contractors over three years could not fix a home's leaky windows. Mike Holmes to the rescue!
S01E09 Faulty Showers 00/00/0000 Only a year after a couple had their kitchen and bathroom renovated, the tiles are starting to crack. Mike Holmes is asked to come in and fix the problem, and he is surprised at what he finds above the shower.
S01E10 Tiles and Tribulations 00/00/0000 After only a week, the new composite wood flooring in a couple's kitchen is starting to crack. After consulting with Mike Holmes, a proper ceramic floor is installed.
S01E11 Site Unseen 00/00/0000 A woman who recently had a second story addition to her house has found a mysterious leak. Mike Holmes is asked to investigate, and he finds that the house is sitting on an unstable dirt foundation rather than concrete. Mike and his team save the house by digging up the dirt and pouring a proper concrete foundation.
S01E12 Sweet Home Abandoned 00/00/0000 A family's dream home sits incomplete because of a dispute with their contractor. With the contractor gone with $200,000 of their money, and with the family living outside in a camper, Mike Holmes and his team arrive and finish their home just in time for Christmas.
S01E13 Whole House Disaster 00/00/0000 A bad renovation, including an shoddy addition to the kitchen, affects a whole house. Mike Holmes to the rescue!
S02E01 Terrible Terrace 08/02/2004 Rainwater from the terrace of a couple's brand new house is leaking into their garage. Despite major damage, and a two year battle with the builder, the problem has not been fixed. Mike Holmes and his crew arrive and they rebuild the terrace with a proper watertight membrane and new decking.
S02E02 Drafty Ducting 18/01/2004 The upstairs of a new town house has bad air flow. Mike Holmes and his crew check out the problem and they discover that there are leaks in the ducting. They reseal all the exposed joints and install a larger main duct line to fix the problem.
S02E03 Ramp Revamp 15/02/2004 A couple hired a contractor to build a new wheel chair ramp, but the ramp that was built is dangerous and not built to code. Mike Holmes is called in and he rebuilds the ramp properly.
S02E04 Flooded Foundation 05/01/2004 Since moving into their new house, a couple have been dealing with a leaky foundation for five years. All the while the builder has been trying to fix the problem but to no avail. Mike Holmes arrives and fixes the problem by excavating around the foundation and installing a new rubber membrane.
S02E05 Garage Grievance 11/01/2004 A women hires a contractor to turn her garage into a painting studio, but the job was done shoddily. Mike Holmes is called in and he builds a brand new studio garage from the ground up.
S02E06 Lamin-Ain't 25/01/2004 Just six months after a home owner's new laminate floor has been installed it is lifting. Mike Holmes lays a new sub-floor and brand new slate tile and carpeting to repair the problem.
S02E07 Roof Goof 00/00/0000 A couple hired a roofing contractor to fix their flat roof but after the job was finished, the roof still leaked. With the contractor refusing to correct the problem, Mike Holmes is brought in. He tears apart the old roof and installs a brand new water-tight membrane.
S02E08 Floor Fiasco 00/00/0000 A homeowner finds a new stone concrete floor to be smooth in some areas, while rough in others. In addition the color of the floor seems to be uneven. Mike Holmes arrives and he has to demolish the faulty floor and install a brand new granite tile floor.
S02E09 Doozy Jacuzzi 00/00/0000 A poor contractor does a bad renovation to a basement bathroom. Mike Holmes inspects the work and finds that the electrical work was not done properly.
S02E10 Jacking the Box 25/04/2004 Mike Holmes and his crew fix a foundation that is too small for the house, and give the owner a warm safe basement in the process.
S02E11 Access Denied 00/00/0000 A couple with a disabled son have hired a contractor to build a wheelchair-accessible addition for their son, but the job was done poorly. Mike Holmes and his crew arrive to repair the problems and finish the renovation properly.
S02E12 No Grout About It 11/04/2004 A family that just moved into a brand new house finds that tiles on the main floor are loose and are starting to lift. Mike Holmes and his crew fix the problem by laying a new floor.
S02E13 Nightmare Kitchen 02/05/2004 A kitchen renovation goes over budget, and the job does not get completed. Mike Holmes and his crew come to the rescue, turning an unfinished barren shell into a dream kitchen.
S03E01 Shower Stalled 00/00/0000 After a basement bathroom renovation has gone bad, Mike Holmes and his crew are brought in to gut the entire bathroom and rebuild it properly.
S03E02 Cabinet Chaos 00/00/0000 A kitchen renovation has gone wrong after the contractor used poor workmanship. This leads to a legal battle, that even includes Mike Holmes as an expert witness, and eventually repairs to the kitchen that finally fix the job.
S03E03 Cold Feet 00/00/0000 A new home has several recognized deficiencies, including a cold floor in the room above the garage. Mike and his crew are brought in to investigate and repair the problem.
S03E04 Exit Wound 00/00/0000 A couples new backyard wall is crumbling after one winter. After the original contractor returned and tried to repair the wall with rebar and additional concrete, Mike Holmes arrives and does the job right.
S03E05 All Decked Out 00/00/0000 Just after buying a brand new two-story house, a women discovered that there was an outstanding work permit on the home, including the need to repair a backyard deck that failed a safety inspection. After a lengthy legal battle, Mike Holmes is brought in to repair the deck and bring the home up to code.
S03E06 Smoke and Mirrors 00/00/0000 After a couple buys the house of their dreams they hired a contractor to install a fireplace in their family room. After the job wasn't completed Mike Holmes and his crew were called in to complete the job.
S03E07 Step By Step 00/00/0000 After a contractor builds a cheap staircase in their home, a couple turns to Mike Holmes to demolish the old work and build a new staircase.
S03E08 Wall of Shame 00/00/0000 A women hired a contractor to rebuild a retaining wall in her backyard, however after the first winter the retaining wall had warped significantly. Mike Holmes and his crew were called in to rebuild the wall with proper drainage.
S03E09 Drain Disdain 00/00/0000 When a women wants to surprise her son with a new basement gym and bathroom, she hires a contractor to do the work. After delays and sloppy work she had to call in Mike Holmes and his crew to straighten out the job.
S03E10 Twice Bitten 00/00/0000 After hiring a contractor to build an addition on their home, a couple found that the work had been given to a subcontractor who was now in a money dispute with their original contractor. After making a new deal with the subcontractor to finish the job, they were crestfallen to discover that the subcontractor also took their money and left the job unfinished. Now it is up to Mike Holmes and his crew to straighten out the mess.
S03E11 Honeymoon Ensuite 00/00/0000 A leaky upstairs shower has lead to a crack appearing in a newlywed couple's kitchen ceiling. Mike Holmes and his crew come to the rescue, repairing both the shower and the ceiling, and making some changes to the delight of the home-owners.
S03E12 Wash & Weep 00/00/0000 After a lengthy battle with contractors a couple learns that their second floor renovation has been done poorly. Mike and his crew are brought in to repair various plumbing, ventilation and electrical problems.
S03E13 Semi-Dilemma 00/00/0000 Two couples sharing a semi-detached, 100 year old Victorian house have to decide how to share the cost and responsibility for fixing their leaky rook. Mike Holmes and his crew lead them through their dilemma.
S04E01 Bungled Bungalow 00/00/0000 Bill and Marie retired to a bungalow that had originally been a small cottage. Over the years, the bungalow had seen five additions of questionable workmanship, so they decided to completely renovate the home. They hired a contractor who had promised that the job would be completed in three months time, so they moved in with their daughter for the duration of the renovation. As the renovation progressed, issues arose with the historical board, building code standards, and the contractor himself. After many delays and a skyrocketing budget, Bill paid off the contractor and completely severed ties. One full year later, they were left with a half finished job and were still living in their daughter’s home. Having spent a good deal of money, they had no funds to cover hiring a new contractor. Fortunately, Mike Holmes decided to undertake the huge task of finishing this very problematic renovation – and finish it he did. With the help of his hard working crew, Mike battled his way though the age old issues and gave Bill and Marie the beautiful retirement home the should have gotten in the first place.
S04E04 Two Steps Back 00/00/0000 After spending many years living in apartments, Tammy and Jason decided to take the plunge and buy a home to raise their son in. It was a new home, and everything seemed in order except for the staircase leading up to the front door; it was very basic and needed and upgrade. Tammy and Jason hired a contractor to build a proper cement staircase, and that's what they thought they had gotten. But as 2 year warranty approached, large chunks of cement were starting to fall off the stairs and it seemed obvious that they had not been done correctly. The previous contractor delayed any repairs until the warranty was up, and Tammy and Jason were left with dangerous, crumbling staircase. Mike Holmes and his crew tore the original stairs apart and started from scratch. Along the way, Mike found that the previous contractor had made many mistakes - the largest of which was that they neglected to install proper footing support under the stairs. The lack of this footing caused the stairs to move when the ground froze in the winter, and crack the concrete finish. As the crew started the new footing, Mike removed a pair of ugly fake dormers that the builder had installed on their roof, and fixed a leak in their front window. After rebuilding the staircase using rebar and concrete reinforced with microfibers, a beautiful Durok coating was applied to the surface. Also, bran new interlocking stone in the driveway was complimented by a fully re-landscaped front garden. Tammy and Jason were thrilled to finally be able to look at their new home with pride. The new front entryway and garden were stunning and definitely the new focal point of the house.
S04E05 Window Well to Hell 00/00/0000 After moving to a new neighborhood, Olivia decided to turn her basement into a comfortable living space for her daughter and grandchildren. She was going to redesign the layout and have larger windows installed to allow more natural light into the room. She hired a contractor who started out well, but it wasn't long before Olivia started feeling uneasy. As the job went on, the contractor started showing up late, or not at all. One day, Olivia came home early from work to find him sleeping on the couch. After spending almost all of her renovation budget and feeling strongly that she was being taken advantage of, Olivia stopped the job and was left with a poorly finished basement and window wells that were filling with water. Upon inspection, Mike found that there were no proper lintels over the new windows to support the weight over them, and that there was no proper drainage system in place. Inside, he found some small telltale signs that suggested that the whole basement renovation was going to have to be demolished and built again. There was questionable plumbing and electrical that not up to code. Outside, a proper lintel was added over the window, along with the foundation protection under the window and a drainage system tied into the existing weeping tile. Inside, Mike and his crew took down all the drywall, and safely reinstalled all the plumbing and electrical. After installing new drywall and painting, Olivia was reintroduced to her beautiful finished and safe basement. She was very happy to finally be able to provide a comfortable living space for her family.
S04E06 A River Ran Through It 00/00/0000 Ron and Jill hired contractors to undertake a huge renovation that essentially involved adding a second floor to a portion of their home. Sadly, most of the work was done poorly, if at all, and Ron and Jill were left with an unlivable home and some serious money problems. Feeling strongly that they had been scammed, they decided to sue the contractors for fraud. But unfortunately because of some legal loopholes, the case got thrown out of court, and Ron and Jill were left with no choice but to sell their cottage and recoup some of their losses. Upon inspection, Mike finds several problems with structure, plumbing and much, much more. To help Ron and Jill get back into their beloved home, Mike and his crew work incredibly hard to finish a huge job that was incomplete and poorly done. One by one, they correct all the problems, brought everything up to proper code, and finish the enormous addition beautifully.
S04E07 Best Laid Plan 00/00/0000 After three different contractors try and fail in fixing a moisture problem in a homeowner’s kitchen, Mike Holmes is called in and discovers that a series of small problems were creating one large one. Mike and his crew fix he moisture problem once and for all.
S04E08 Sunny Side Down 00/00/0000 After a homeowner mistakenly hires an inexperienced contractor to renovate a sunroom, a leak left in the roof results in her grandson slipping and getting hurt badly. Enraged at the accident and how poorly the job was going, she fires the contractor and calls in Mike Holmes to make things right.
S04E10 Hullaba Loo 00/00/0000 After a large bathroom company turns a simple bathroom renovation into a nasty experience for a homeowner, Mike Holmes and his crew hit the scene and provide the beautiful bathroom that should have been built in the first place.
S04E12 House to Home - Part 1 00/00/0000 After re-mortgaging their home to add a wheelchair accessible addition for their disabled son, a couple is confronted with improper work and a crumbling foundation. In part one of this two-part season finale, Mike Holmes comes to the aid of a family in dire straits and begins one of the toughest and biggest jobs of his contracting career.
S04E13 House to Home - Part 2 00/00/0000 In part two of the is two-part season finale, Mike Holmes and his crew finish a wheelchair accessible bathroom for the homeowners’ disabled son, repair a leaking foundation and roof and provide a much deserving family with a safe and proper addition.
S04E14 Tony's Lady 00/00/0000 Tony takes a second job working as a chauffer for a wealthy but friendly woman named Christina. The two of them hit it off while he's driving her around, and Tony develops a crush on her. By the time Tony finally gets up the nerve to ask her out, it's too late-- she has just become engaged.
S04E15 Simka Returns 00/00/0000 Latka is eagerly anticipating a reunion with his ex-girlfriend from the old country, Simka. She arrives at the garage and while Latka is in the bathroom, Alex warns her of Latka's multiple personalities. Sure enough, at Latka's apartment later, Vic Ferrarri makes his appearance and seduces Simka. Much to Latka's dismay, soon his alter-ego, Vic, and Simka seem to be an item. Alex encourages Latka to fight Vic for Simka, which he does in hilarious fashion and Vic never returns.
S05E01 O-Fence-Ive 00/00/0000 When a fencing contractor rips off a new housing development by taking a deposit from 52 families and working just long enough to cash the cheques before disappearing, Mike and the crew take on the challenge of not just helping one homeowner, but the entire neighborhood! Ultimately, Mike builds more than a fence; he also brings this new community together with a common purpose- and makes things right.
S05E02 Falling Flat 00/00/0000 A photographer wants to build a photo studio in his backyard. He does everything by the book - has blueprints drawn up and approved and takes out construction permits and deals with puzzling stop work orders from various city officials. Only after the Mayor intervenes, is the work finally completed. Or so he thinks… Three years later, the studio's flat roof is plagued by constant leaks. Mike Holmes immediately identifies the problem - the waterproof roof membrane was never actually finished. The Holmes On Homes™ team discovers that the water damage to the flat roof is so extensive, they have no choice but to pull it all down!
S05E03 House Arrest 00/00/0000 Living in a construction zone is an unpleasant reality for homeowners undertaking a renovation. The hope is that the mess and discomfort will be as short-lived as possible. For Alex and Marie and their two children, a planned three-month renovation dragged out to a year and a half with no end in sight. Living out of one bedroom with only partial water service, this family was trapped in a never-ending renovation nightmare. They were beginning to feel like prisoners in their own home- until Mike and the team arrive on the scene.
S05E04 Bargain Basement 00/00/0000 Rebecca and Thomas had several contractors bid on their basement renovation project—and when all of them came in with quotes were lower than what they had initially expected, they thought they'd found a deal. Pipes burst in the ceiling of the basement, flooding down the walls and leaking through the new pot lights. Then they discovered electrical outlets in other parts of the home were sparking while others were not working. In this episode, Mike explores the true cost of a basement renovation, and the pitfalls of competitive "underbidding" by contractors.
S05E05 For Annie 00/00/0000 This is story about hope for the future in the face of heartbreaking tragedy, when "Making It Right" takes on a new meaning- completing an unresolved renovation and making it possible for a family to finally begin the healing process after the loss of a loved one. The connection between the emotional health of a family and condition of their home is a strong one. Mike and the team heal a house left in limbo, and make it a home once more.
S05E06 Out of the Ashes - Part 1 00/00/0000 A string of bad luck leads Mike to the front door of a homeowner named Franca. Her home sustained major damage from an electrical fire. Immediately afterward, Franca suffered a series of personal tragedies with the unexpected passing of her mother, and then her husband. The contractor repairing the fire damage took full advantage of Franca's fragile situation. Upon inspecting the reno-in-progress, Mike intervenes to avoid yet another disaster in the making.
S05E07 Out of the Ashes - Part 2 00/00/0000 With Mike and the team in full swing repairing the shoddy fire damage remediation work left behind by the last contractor, Mike discovers an old oil storage tank buried in the backyard. To make matters worse, the container had leaked over the years, making it necessary for Mike to clean up the hazardous mess. It's an episode filled with renovation thrills and toxic spills!
S05E08 Ceiling the Deal 00/00/0000 This story highlights the work of a modern day "Snake Oil Salesman"- a contractor that doesn't fit the stereotypical con-artist profile. His slick computer assisted sales pitch and impressive portfolio eventually gave way to sloppy workmanship and incompetent engineering. The basement façade put up by this contractor finally came crashing down when the newly installed ceiling collapsed, prompting the homeowners to place a distress call to Mike Holmes.
S05E09 Taking a Bath 00/00/0000 Mary Jo and Ron moved into a brand new subdivision two years ago. In that time, each of their two bathtubs has been replaced four times. That's eight tubs in two years! The problem? Tubs that warped and buckled and mould growth. The builder maintained the tubs were installed correctly and that there was no manufacturing or design defect with the tubs. So, each time the tubs were replaced with the same model tub and installed the same way. Yet the problem persisted. Eight tubs later, the homeowners got fed up and called Mike Holmes to get to the bottom of their bathtub problem.
S05E10 Showing the Cracks 00/00/0000 Janet and her elderly mother, Audrey, upgraded their vinyl kitchen floor to ceramic tile. Shortly after the work was completed, they noticed hairline cracks through the centre of the tiles. The flooring contractor explained it wasn't his fault, and that the weak structure of their home was shifting and causing the floor to crack. But the cracks were forming through the ceramic tile, and not along the grout lines- the weakest part of a tile floor. Mike and the team put on their investigative hard hats and get to the bottom of this tile flooring issue.
S05E11 What a Mesh 00/00/0000 A tile supply company had been given a rubber cheque by a contractor for ceramic floor tiles. An effort to locate the contractor brought them to the doorstep of the homeowner, who was having the tile installed in their home. The tile supplier was told that the contractor had abandoned the job weeks earlier and disappeared, also leaving them with a half completed kitchen and badly installed tiles. Disgusted by the poor workmanship and saddened by the emotional state of the homeowners, the tile supplier offered that he would try and figure out a way to help them. They called Mike Holmes and offered to donate all new materials if Holmes On Homes would do the installation. Inspired by this act of generosity, Mike and the team roll up their sleeves to make it all come together- and complete the unfinished kitchen as well.
S05E12 Wall of Sound 00/00/0000 This is a story about proximity. Many newly built homes such as semi-detached, town homes and condo units feature designs that share common walls. In the case of our homeowners, Sylvie and Guy, who had just moved into a brand new semi-detached home, they were in for a shock when they realized that they could clearly hear their next door neighbor through the walls! The sound issue was so disruptive that the homeowners were certain moving away was their only option, until Mike and the team found the solution.
S05E13 Holmes Inspection - Part 1 00/00/0000 Chris and Ihor had recently moved back to Canada after living in Texas for the last 20 years. After looking at 6 homes, they decided on one that was in a good neighborhood and hired a Home Inspector to insure that the home that was in good condition. They received a 25-page report from the home inspector, which concluded that there were only minor items that required addressing - the report also stated that the inspector will only report on surface conditions - for all major home systems such as plumbing and electrical, they defer to hiring "a qualified contractor to conduct the inspection".
S05E14 Holmes Inspection - Part 2 00/00/0000 On moving day, some of the deficiencies in Chris and Ihor's house became obvious as soon as they tried using the shower and fixtures in the basement. The pungent smell of sewage wafted through the home. It was the first in a series of creepy crawly, smelly and dangerous discoveries. For Chris and Ihor, and for the thousands of Canadians who have been caught in the same trap, it will take the frankness of Mike Holmes to uncover the myth that is "the Home inspection", and help this family get what they thought they had already paid for.
S06E01 Shaky Foundation 00/00/0000 When Jeff and Lorrie discover that their newly built house has a crumbling concrete foundation with one third of the minimum strength required by code, he calls Mike Holmes to save their home. Mike and the HOH team build a new custom foundation within walls of the existing foundation and devise a plan to protect the weakened exterior from further damage.
S06E02 Let's Rejoist 00/00/0000 Jane and Dan had a tiny quarter sized water stain on the bedroom ceiling of their six-year-old townhouse. They had a roofing contractor come and repair the balcony above the leak. The contractor ended up having to rip up the existing balcony membrane only to discover the engineered joists below were completely rotted through. The homeowners could not find a contractor willing to take on fixing this structural mess and asked Mike if he was up for the challenge.
S06E03 Completely Incomplete 00/00/0000 Kristine and Terry needed more living space for their expanding family. They decided to add a second story addition over the garage in order to add a bedroom and bathroom. When the contractor demanded full payment before the job was completed, the homeowners refused to pay. The contractor placed a Lien on their home stating that the renovation was 99 percent complete. Mike and the team finish the job and demonstrate just how incomplete the job really was.
S06E04 Stone Walled 00/00/0000 Lisa and Joe decided to have an existing wooden retaining wall in their backyard rebuilt using concrete blocks. As the new block wall went up, Joe and Lisa began to question some glaring items - the lack of gravel base and the Geo-grid reinforcement material lay unused even though most of the wall was up. The project dragged on and the wall simply wasn't getting finished. Finally, the contractor stopped coming altogether and would not answer his cell phone. Lisa actually phoned the local hospitals to check if he had been admitted. They couldn't believe he would just disappear without finishing the job and leaving behind his tools. The homeowners had paid the contractor for all the materials, and when they received a bill in the mail a month later from the material supplier for the remaining 50% balance, they realized they had been taken for a ride. Mike and his team of landscape professions tear down the wall and build a retaining wall that is rock solid.
S06E05 Gone to Pot 00/00/0000 As her retirement investment, Lisa rented out a second house to a young couple eager to rent a home in a quiet, upscale neighborhood. They seemed to be perfect tenants, until the police contacted Lisa months later and informed her that the house had just been busted as a Marijuana Grow Op. The damage was extensive--every part of the house had been affected and her retirement investment was essentially destroyed. Faced with a massive repair that will cost as much as the house was currently worth, Mike makes this right, and discovers just how extensive the damage can be from an illegal Grow-Operation.
S06E06 Pasadena 911, Part 1 00/00/0000 Jennifer and Abraham, expecting their first child, decided to remodel their bungalow to make room for their growing family. The contractor they hired seemed to have everything in hand, but 4 months later Jennifer and Abraham found they had paid 90% of the contract but only about 30% of the work was complete. Left with a contractor on the run, a huge new mortgage, construction bills piling up, and a worthless empty shell of a house, the sun seemed to have set on their dream home, let alone home ownership of any kind. They needed a miracle… …And they got one when Mike appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and Ellen introduced him to Jennifer and Abraham, asking if he could help. Determined to do just that, Mike and a legion of contractors team up to answer the call…Pasadena 911.
S06E07 Pasadena 911, Part 2 00/00/0000 Jennifer and Abraham, expecting their first child, decided to remodel their bungalow to make room for their growing family. The contractor they hired seemed to have everything in hand, but 4 months later Jennifer and Abraham found they had paid 90% of the contract but only about 30% of the work was complete. Left with a contractor on the run, a huge new mortgage, construction bills piling up, and a worthless empty shell of a house, the sun seemed to have set on their dream home, let alone home ownership of any kind. They needed a miracle… …And they got one when Mike appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and Ellen introduced him to Jennifer and Abraham, asking if he could help. Determined to do just that, Mike and a legion of contractors team up to answer the call…Pasadena 911.
S06E08 Lack of Truss 00/00/0000 Julie and Joe needed another bedroom in anticipation of adopting a second child. The high-pitched roof on their new suburban home seemed to have a large enough attic space to accommodate an extra room. Their contractor advised them that it was an easy retrofit because exterior walls and roof are not touched. The reality is quite different. In order to utilize the volume inside the attic, the contractor removed the crucial structure that supported the roof, and created a dangerous mess. Mike and the team have no choice but to tear the roof completely off and build the attic space properly.
S06E09 Clean Slate 00/00/0000 Living in a century home, Kjirsten and John had their bathroom remodeled with a custom slate tile shower, featuring built-in bench seating. Soon afterwards, they notice a strange substance leaching out of the tile grout and that the shower doesn’t drain properly. When the bathroom ceiling starts to peel away, they realize something is wrong below the surface. Mike confirms their beautiful looking, new slate shower, is only skin deep- and much more lurks beneath the surface.
S06E10 Due Date 00/00/0000 Lisa and Simon were preparing to have their first baby and needed to build a nursery and a bathroom. They found a reputable contractor at a home show with impressive credentials and long list of references. A contract was drafted, a substantial down payment was paid, and the 6-week job would be starting almost immediately. Over the next four months, every excuse was given why they could not start the job. With the baby due in less than three months and the realization that they may not have a properly functioning full bathroom with a new born- Lisa and Simon fired their contractor- and called Mike Holmes. Time is ticking, with a baby on the way, and the bathroom and nursery that will need to be built again. Mike and the team race to beat the Stork!
S06E11 Frozen Assets 00/00/0000 Jane, a single mom, lives in a typical new home development with her two kids. Since the day they moved into the brand new home, they have been plagued with repeated plumbing and heating issues. During a recent winter cold spell, the porch ceiling caved in, exposing questionable minimum building code practices and building materials- luckily, Mike and his team have the right answers
S06E12 Nashville Kitchen 00/00/0000 Nancie and Woody moved into a 25-year-old townhouse that required some updating- particularly the floors and the “tiny” kitchen space. As renovations got underway, Woody was unexpectedly hospitalized. The contractors were left virtually unsupervised while Nancie tried to manage her job, visit Woody and take care of their daughter. All of the contractors were very sympathetic to her stating, “don’t worry about the renovations- you are in good hands.” What they left behind was simply one big mistake- one that Mike and the team will correct, with the help of a Country singing guest star.
S06E13 Third Time Lucky 00/00/0000 Kathleen, an elderly lady who lives alone in a high rise building needed to renovate her bathroom to make it handicap accessible. A degenerative illness had necessitated the use of a wheelchair. After a year of renovations and two different companies, Mike arrives to find that the bathroom is nothing but a concrete shell- the last contractor tore out all their work before leaving. Mike makes it right, and then transforms the rest of the apartment into a wheelchair friendly space.
S07E01 Hit The Deck 00/00/0000 Mike travels to Saint John, New Brunswick, to meet Marlene after her second story deck falls, seriously injuring herself and three friends. He discovers that this tragic accident was caused by incompetent workmanship. A year later, the ladies are still traumatized, both physically and emotionally. But they get a boost on their road to recovery as Mike rebuilds a rock solid deck and gives the historic home a fresh look.
S07E02 Rocky Reno 00/00/0000 In the shadow the Rocky Mountains is the home of Yvonne and Tadashi. They had an addition added that included a covered front porch and entranceway. During construction, they began to get worried when the renovation in progress didn’t exactly match the building plans. When the contractor began asking for the substantial completion payment before the job was finished, they refused and offered to have a lawyer hold the payment in trust until the work was done. The contractor walked off the job, and they called Mike Holmes to come to Canmore Alberta, and ‘Make it Right™’.
S07E03 Paradise Island 00/00/0000 Holmes On Homes heads to the back woods to fix a cottage on an island! Mike and the team find the water obstacle a challenge as they renovate a bathroom and repair deck railings for the retired cottage owner, Anne. She had difficulty trying to finding contractors that would venture to her cottage, and the one that finally did had spent more time fishing than working, or so it seemed. Mike and the team encounter renovation challenges unique to three-season cottages and working in remote locations.
S07E04 Brick A Brack 00/00/0000 When Mike arrives at the home of Val and Dave, he thought it was an exterior renovation repair only- until he went inside. Originally, the scope of the project involved repairing a home that suffered from defective brick- the face of the brick was falling off, causing it to quickly erode. This weakened masonry was causing the chimney to lean dangerously and the bottom rows of brick were so compromised that replacement was needed to prevent the brick walls from collapsing. When Mike went inside the home, he discovered that the homeowners were literally drowning in their own possessions. There were mounds of stuff piled to the ceiling in almost every room in the house. There was so much junk crammed in the basement that it wasn’t even possible for Mike and the team to do a basic electrical and HVAC inspection. Mike decides that a clean-up intervention is needed, to save the homeowners from themselves.
S07E05 Re-Inventing 00/00/0000 The Holmes Crew inspects a house that has had intermittent heating issues in the six years since it was built, yet had gone unaddressed by the builder or Ontario's New Home Warranty Program (due to a series of bureaucratic issues and "band-aid" remedies). The problem was discovered to have been caused in part by alterations to the design of the house having been done without necessary matching alterations to the HVAC system, thus forcing Holmes and his crew to completely replace the HVAC, hot water, and electrical systems.
S07E06 Behind the Scenes 00/00/0000 In this special episode, the Holmes crew (both construction and production) reveal the behind the scenes work during the filming from the seventh season, including the process from viewer submission to filming, how three or four episodes are produced at the same time, and the logistical issues with having a camera crew and a construction crew trying to work over each other. The episode includes behind-the-scenes footage from Additional Grief, Country Kitchen, Paradise Island, Lien on Me, and an upcoming episode titled Blind Faith, as well as a Maxwell House commercial and Mike's interview on 20/20. It also explores the origins of the series and how the Holmes Foundation was founded, as well as providing some insight into the Holmes family (all three of Mike's children work on the show in some capacity).
S07E07 Blind Faith 00/00/0000 After winning a $15,000 bathroom renovation from a church auction, the homeowners discover that the contractor behind the renovation prize had spent another $15,000 with only a rough-in to show for the $30,000 worth of work. The Holmes Crew arrives to fix the bathroom.
S07E08 Pane in the Glass 00/00/0000 The homeowners call in the Holmes Crew to fix a bay window. The original contractor's work, involving replacing a regular window with a bay window without supporting structure, were captured on tape by a neighbor's home security system cameras.
S07E09 Kitchen Knockout 00/00/0000 George "Boom Boom" Chuvalo, former heavyweight boxer who fought Muhammad Ali twice and went the distance both times, finds himself the victim of a disreputable contractor. When the situation was brought to Mike Holmes' attention, he felt honored to help out his boyhood hero.
S07E10 Gut Ache 00/00/0000 The Holmes Crew arrive to help a homeowner with a kitchen renovation — the previous renovators had specialized in finishing work (such as cabinets), but had not addressed any of the underlying problems at all.
S07E11 A Different Slant 00/00/0000 The Holmes Crew address a couple who every year has snow accumulating in their attic — so much that they are forced to shovel it all into plastic bags.
S07E12 Rock Bottom 00/00/0000 The Holmes Crew address a custom-built home, whose brand-new components are beginning to show signs of deterioration. Footage from this episode was also featured on CBC Marketplace in 2009, where two other homes built by the same builder were investigated.
S07E13 Capital Offence 00/00/0000 The Holmes Crew travel to Ottawa, Ontario to help two of the show's biggest fans, who, despite having heeded Mike's advice and researched meticulously, nevertheless find that their bathroom renovation has gone awry.
S07E97 00/00/0000
S07E98 00/00/0000
S07E99 00/00/0000
S07E100 00/00/0000
S00E01 Holmes for the Holidays 00/00/0000 A young couple have purchased their first house and have asked a contractor to help with renovations. However, the contractor has left them with an unfinished house and very little money. With only eight weeks left until Christmas, and the family living in the basement, Mike Holmes and his crew race to complete the repairs and give the family a home for the holidays.
S00E02 Season 5: A Look Back 00/00/0000
S00E03 Lien on Me 00/00/0000 In this two-hour special episode, Mike deals with a couple who had a "friend" do an addition. Although the work was originally estimated to cost just over $200,000, the "friend" later put a lien on the house for more than $500,000 and took the owners of the house to court. Mike and the crew take the house down brick by brick and stud by stud to save the family from shoddy work done under the previous contract. This episode is notable for employing over 100 companies and 30 months of construction work (the construction having started sometime in season 5) - to date the most extensive work on the show, in terms of materials, manpower, and time.
S00E04 Season 5: Outtakes 00/00/0000
S00E05 Season 3: Outtakes 00/00/0000
S00E10 Spray Foam Insulation 00/00/0000
S00E11 Concrete Mixtures 00/00/0000
S00E12 Windows & Doors 00/00/0000
S00E13 Hardwood Flooring 00/00/0000
S00E14 Throne Speech - Web Capsule 00/00/0000
S00E15 Compact Savings - Web Capsule 00/00/0000
S00E16 Circuit Test - Web Capsule 00/00/0000
S00E17 Ice Damn! - Web Capsule 00/00/0000
S00E18 Looking into Windows - Web Capsule 00/00/0000
S00E19 Go with the Flow - Web Capsule 00/00/0000
S00E20 Fireside Chat - Web Capsule 00/00/0000
S00E21 Duct Season - Web Capsule 00/00/0000
S00E22 Custom Kitchens - Web Capsule 00/00/0000
S00E23 Faulty Foundation - Web Capsule 00/00/0000
S00E24 Holmes 10th Anniversary Special: Behind The Overalls 00/00/0000

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