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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Home Again with Bob Vila

S01E01 Cape-style Home: Clearing the Lot 03/09/1990 Construction begins on a Cape Cod-style home being built in Marstons Mills, Massachusetts. Included: the lot is cleared and cement is poured for the foundation of the house.
S01E02 Cape-style Home: Ell and Deck 10/09/1990 A recycled "ell" is added,and a first-floor deck is built. Also: tips on ordering lumber.
S01E03 Cape-style Home: Wall Construction 17/09/1990 Bob visits Barbara Gooddale in her authentic antique Cape Cod house to get a feel for the style and practicality of this design; back at our house, the crew frames, raises, and springbraces the walls.
S01E04 Cape-style Home: Staircase and Roof 24/09/1990 A staircase is built and the second floor is toured. Also: Bob Vila visits a shingle plant in Delaware.
S01E05 Cape-style Home: Ceiling, Roof and Plumbing 01/10/1990 Some demolition is done on the old ell to prepare it for renovation; ceiling joists and roof rafters go up in the new section of the house, and we see some rough plumbing work. Bob and Ryley discuss the budget.
S01E06 Cape-style Home: Bulkhead, Trim and Roofing 08/10/1990 A bulkhead is installed; a soffet, facia and drip edge are added to the front of the house. Also: asphalt shingles and a ridge vent.
S01E07 Cape-style Home: Joining the Old Ell 15/10/1990 The old ell is joined to the new construction, with some demolition done to make room for a shed dormer and a slider door. Bob visits the Wes-Pine wooden window factory in Hanover, Massachusetts, and comes back to install a window in our house.
S01E08 Cape-style Home: Front Door, Shingles and Plumbing 22/10/1990 Bob and Ryley install the pre-hung front door and visit Shepley Wood Products to see how it was made. Dean Fraser shows us how to apply cedar shingles, and Tom Higham demonstrates how to join copper plumbing for the bathroom lavatory.
S01E09 Cape-style Home: Wiring, Clapboards and Window Trim 29/10/1990 Bob goes over the electrical wiring with John Hickey, cedar clapboards are put up, and Hand Cassidy explains insulation ratings. Our contractor Ryley puts exterior trim up around the windows.
S01E10 Cape-style Home: Kitchen Design and Septic System 05/11/1990 Bob discusses the kitchen layout with designer Amy O'Haire, then visits her showroom. Claude Daigle demonstrates his drywall techniques, and John Aalto talks us through the installation of the septic system.
S01E11 Cape-style Home: Paneling, Furnace and Tile 13/11/1990 Our contractor Ryley shows us how to put up the pine interior paneling in the living room; Bob checks out the furnace and ducting with installer Scott Glista, and watches John Boardman apply bathroom floor tile.
S01E12 Cape-style Home: Floor Painting and Bathroom Vanity 19/11/1990 Artisan Terry Maiche shows us two inexpensive ways to dress up a floor with paint: spattering and stenciling. Ryley builds a bathroom vanity, and Bob talks about exterior paints and stains with painter Paul Stoliker.
S01E13 Cape-style Home: Landscaping and House Tour 26/11/1990 Bob discusses landscaping with specialist Susan Hofer--sod, a gravel driveway, brickwork, fences, perennials. We tour the smart finished exterior with Ryley, and the gorgeous interior with renowned decorator Ann Hill.
S01E14 Two-family Greystone: House and Neighborhood Tour 03/12/1990 Now in Chicago, Bob takes a driving tour with realtor Catherine Caravette of our new neighborhood, Wicker Park, and of nearby upscale Lincoln Park. We check out our old greystone two-flat and visit a home that's been comparably renovated.
S01E15 Two-family Greystone: Plans Discussed and Demolition Begins 10/12/1990 Bob discusses plans with local architect Bill Bauhs, and takes a tour of downtown Chicago's striking modern buildings with architectural historian Susan Benjamin. Back at our house, we meet our general contractor, Ron Gan, and begin demolition.
S01E16 Two-family Greystone: Engineered Beams and Plumbing 17/12/1990 Bob and Ron discuss the removal and shoring up of bearing walls, to be replaced by special engineered beams. We visit Macmillan-Bloedel's Parallam Plant in British Columbia, and plumber Don McPoland shows us how water service is connected to the house.
S01E17 Two-family Greystone: Parallam and Iron Beam 24/12/1990 The crew installs a Parallam beam in the living room and iron beams in the back masonry wall. Ron Gan and Bill Bauhs talk budget and convince Bob to renovate the basement as well, so we take a visit to the Pella Window factory in Pella, Iowa.
S01E18 Two-family Greystone: Basement Excavation Begins 31/12/1990 Scott Smith's excavation crew digs out the basement to make room for a basement slab. Bob discusses heating systems for the rental units with installer Kirk Rustman, and Ron Gan explains the advantages of using metal wall studs in the kitchen.
S01E19 Two-family Greystone: Electrical Work Begins 07/01/1991 The concrete basement floor is poured, leveled, and screeded; our contractor Ron repairs a broken window pane the old-fashioned way, and Bob discusses the electrical layout for the first floor with electrician Slav Witowski.
S01E20 Two-family Greystone: Plumbing Continues 14/01/1991 Bob goes downtown to the Merchandise Mart to see a selection of bathroom fixtures. Back at our greystone, plumber Dan Macias replaces an old toilet and our contractor talks us through bricking in for, and installation of, a smaller bathroom window.
S01E21 Two-family Greystone: Plaster and Drywall Work 21/01/1991 Drywall and plaster work is discussed. Also: a visit to a drywall plant in Delaware.
S01E22 Two-family Greystone: Budgeting and Tiling 28/01/1991 A review of the project's budget and progress. Also: a trip to an appliance showroom, and the bathroom floor is prepped and tiled.
S01E23 Two-family Greystone: Lighting and Flooring 03/02/1991 Wooden floors are refinished and new windows are installed. Also: a visit to a light-fixtures store.
S01E24 Two-family Greystone: Landscaping Begins 10/02/1991 Kitchen cabinets are installed and the landscaping work begins.
S01E25 Two-family Greystone: Flooring and Stairs 17/02/1991 Installed: a basement staircase. Also: a visit to a flooring plant.
S01E26 Two-family Greystone: House Tour 24/02/1991 Kitchen countertops are mounted. Also: a tour of the home with an interior decorator.
S01E27 Coach House: Coach House Tour 04/03/1991 Bob and contractor Ron Gan look around our next projectan old deserted "coach house." Architectural historian Susan Benjamin gives us a tour of some of Chicago's 19th-century landmark buildings downtown.
S01E28 Coach House: Plans Discussed and Demolition Begins 11/03/1991 Bob discusses plans for the coach house with our architect, Mike Morgan, and with contractor Ron Gan; demolition begins. Brick worker Dan Webb explains how the brick facade is power-washed to remove several layers of ugly paint.
S01E29 Coach House: Excavation Begins 18/03/1991 Bob tours architect Frank Lloyd Wright's studio and sees some houses Wright designed in Greater Chicago. Back at the coach house, the basement is excavated and steel beams are put into the back wall to make room for a garage door.
S01E30 Coach House: Ceiling and Stairs 25/03/1991 General contractor Ron Gan explains how a ledger board is attached to the masonry wall to support ceiling joists. Plus, Ron and carpenter John Pringle demonstrate a simple way to build a set of winding stairs. Bob visits Dave Parker in Vancouver, BC to see how Parallam beams are manufactured.
S01E31 Coach House: Roof Demolition 01/04/1991 The Eagle roofing crew strips several ancient layers of old roofing, and a section of the roof is removed to make room for a new dormer. Bob explains how the dormer will provide more living space, and visits the IKO roofing shingle plant.
S01E32 Coach House: Windows Installed 08/04/1991 Bob helps carpenter John Sheehan install a new vinyl window. Next, Bob takes a tour of the Republic window factory with vice-president Ron Spielman to find out how their windows are made. General contractor Ron Gan shows Bob how to install a floor safe in the master bedroom.
S01E33 Coach House: Fireplace and Staircase 15/04/1991 Bob tours the Hill Arboretum, an apartment project adapted for the physically challenged. Back at the coach house, a fireplace dealer explains the new zero-clearance fireplace and an ironmonger constructs an entryway balcony and staircase.
S01E37 Coach House: Project Status, Cabinets and Whirlpool Tub Installed 13/05/1991 Bob tours the completed living room and dining room of the coach house, then reviews work done on the heating system. We see the base cabinets installed in the kitchen and a whirlpool tub installed in the master bedroom.
S01E38 Coach House: Finishing Touches and Landscaping 20/05/1991 Bob installs the finishing touches in the coach house kitchen, including some galvanized steel features. We go outside to plant a tree and landscape the little entryway garden, and Bob checks out the painting of the brick facade.
S01E39 Coach House: House Tour 27/05/1991 Bob takes the grand tour of the finished coach house exterior with Ron, our contractor. We go inside to see the decorating job that the team of Rita Miller and Bill Waggoner have done, and to watch them add a special touch to the decor.
S02E01 Split-level Ranch: Selecting the House 02/09/1991 A new project is introduced: the renovation of a 17-year-old ranch-style house in Plymouth, Mass. Included: a look at other homes in Plymouth.
S02E02 Split-level Ranch: Demolition and Remodeling 09/09/1991 The deck and front entryway are demolished. Also: a look at an architect's computer-generated plans for the house.
S02E03 Split-level Ranch: Framing and Demolition 16/09/1991 Construction begins on the front entryway; the old bathroom fixtures are removed.
S02E04 Split-level Ranch: Septic System, Bathroom Fixtures and Windows 23/09/1991 Work begins on the new bathroom; a window and roof trim are added to the entryway. Also: landscaping plans.
S02E05 Split-level Ranch: Paint Prep, Attic Louver and French Doors 30/09/1991 A broken storm window is replaced; tile work is started in the bathroom; a bathroom vanity is installed. Also: a tour of a tile factory in Florida.
S02E06 Split-level Ranch: Bay Window and Cabinet Doors 07/10/1991 Installed: a bay window in the dining room; cabinet doors in the kitchen. Also: a tour of a country-style kitchen in Nantucket, Massachusetts.
S02E07 Split-level Ranch: Counters, Deck and Vinyl Floor 00/00/0000 Installed a laminated kitchen countertop, and a vinyl floor. Also, the exterior is painted and a backyard deck is started.
S02E08 Split-level Ranch: Fireplace and Deck 21/10/1991 Colonial-style molding and a mantelpiece are installed in the living room; the backyard deck is completed. Also: a visit to the home of John Adams (1735-1826) in Quincy, Massachusetts.
S02E09 Split-level Ranch: Masonry and Floor 28/10/1991 A masonry barbecue is repaired; the basement remodeling begins.
S02E10 Split-level Ranch: Installing Wallpaper, Door and Paneling 04/11/1991 A decorator offers suggestions on choosing wallpaper; a paperhanger demonstrates his craft in the living room. Also: a floor is installed in the family room; a front door is crafted.
S02E11 Split-level Ranch: Light Fixture Wiring and Trellis 11/11/1991 Wiring is installed for a Colonial-style light fixture and a the refrigerator's icemaker is hooked up. Also: a trellis is constructed in the front yard.
S02E12 Split-level Ranch: Plate Rack Construction 18/11/1991 Bob constructs a plate rack for the dining room and shops for carpet for the living room. Outside, shrubs are transplanted, perennials are planted and the lawn is sodded.
S02E13 Split-level Ranch: House Tour 25/11/1991 The finished house is toured, including the basement rec room, and the designer discusses the Colonial decor. Also: a look at the outside elements such as landscaping, gutters and a trellis.
S02E14 Cracker Cottage: Selecting and Touring the House 02/12/1991 Bob goes hunting for a house to remodel in Naples, Florida. He tours the 'Cracker' cottage he plans to renovate, then looks at similar, recently revamped cottage for inspiration.
S02E15 Cracker Cottage: Outdoor Work and Planning 09/12/1991 A landscaper transplants a frangipani tree. Also: termite damage is checked.
S02E16 Cracker Cottage: Demolition and Roof Brackets 16/12/1991 The architect presents her plans; the contractor explains the demolition process.
S02E17 Cracker Cottage: Installing a Door and Removing Paint 23/12/1991 Included: a visit to a salvage yard in search of doors and lavatories. Demonstrated: how to wash peeling paint from exterior siding.
S02E18 Cracker Cottage: Paint Prep, Attic Louver and French Doors 30/12/1991 Demonstrated: smoothing out exterior siding using spackle; replacing an attic louver; and installing French doors in the entryway.
S02E19 Cracker Cottage: Swimming Pool and Drywall Ceiling 27/01/1992 Included: the pool is tiled; drywall is installed in the living room; the carport is made into a garden area. Also: a visit to the development project in New York.
S02E20 Cracker Cottage: Cabinets, Ceiling Fan and Porch Screen 03/02/1992 Installed: kitchen cabinets; screening and a ceiling fan on the porch. Also: an update on the New York tenement project.
S02E21 Cracker Cottage: Installing Windows and Shower 06/02/1992 Included: replacing porch windows and constructing a tongue-and-groove deck. Also: a shower-drain installation begins.
S02E22 Cracker Cottage: Swimming Pool and Drywall Ceiling 07/02/1992
S02E23 Cracker Cottage: Cabinets, Ceiling Fan, and Porch Screen 07/02/1992
S02E24 Cracker Cottage: Landscaping and Countertops 14/02/1992
S02E25 Cracker Cottage: Constructing the Swimming Pool and Shower Stall 20/02/1992 The pool walls are formed and reinforced and wainscoting is installed in the bathroom. Also: a visit to a development project in New York.
S02E26 Cracker Cottage: House Tour 24/02/1992 A look at the landscaped areas and the slat house. Also: refinishing used furniture.
S03E01 Victorian: Selecting the Site 07/09/1992 Bob Vila's first project of the season is introduced: an addition to a small cottage in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.
S03E02 Victorian: Clearing the Lot 14/09/1992 Bob meets with the contractor and architect and clears trees for the new addition, while demonstrating chain-saw safety. Also: a tour of a Newport, R.I., mansion.
S03E03 Victorian: Foundation and Framing 21/09/1992 A cinder-block foundation is laid and the framing begins on a turret of the existing cottage. Also: a tour of Victorian homes in Cape May, N.J., one of America's oldest resort towns.
S03E04 Victorian: Raising the Walls 28/09/1992 Truss joints are installed in the bedroom wing, and, as the walls are raised, Bob describes the advantages of western balloon framing. Also: a tour of Lyndhurst mansion in the Hudson River valley of New York.
S03E05 Victorian: Chimney, and Breezeway Framing Selecting the Site 05/10/1992 A chimney is built and the connections between the old and new structures are installed. Also: a visit to a wood-stove factory in Vermont.
S03E06 Victorian: Verge Board and Plumbing 12/10/1992 A designer specializing in Victorian work adds elements to the exterior, and a verge board is installed on a gable end. Also: a walk through Lucy the Elephant, a tourist exhibit on the New Jersey shore, and a look at how to build PVC wastes and vents.
S03E07 Victorian: Porch, Windows and Shingles 19/10/1992 Work begins on the front-entry porch. Also: tips on installing windows and applying cedar roof shingles.
S03E08 Victorian: Insulation and Wiring 26/10/1992 Installing blown-in and high-density insulation; adding railing detail to the porch. Also: tips on basic wiring and installing a septic tank.
S03E09 Victorian: Wallpapering and Pantry 02/11/1992 Included: installing the kitchen pantry, wallpapering the den, and examining the wallpaper manufacturing process. Also: how Victorian doors are made.
S03E10 Victorian: Installing Shingles and Tin Ceiling 09/11/1992 Shingling is applied and a stamped-tin ceiling gets installed in the kitchen. Also: selecting color schemes for the house during a tour of Martha's Vineyard.
S03E11 Victorian: Courtyard Pavers and Master Bath 16/11/1992 Inside a Victorian mansion with an Arabian decorating scheme. Also: adding Victorian touches to the master bath.
S03E12 Victorian: Plate Rail and Stenciling 23/11/1992 A plate rail is installed in the kitchen, and a designer offers ideas on Victorian interiors. Also: landscapers begin planting in the courtyard.
S03E13 Victorian: House Tour 30/11/1992 A tour of the completed Victorian house includes a look at the new turret and courtyard, as well as the larger addition.
S03E14 Beach House: Selecting the Site 07/12/1992 Work begins on a house in Malibu, California. Also: a tour of Los Angeles by helicopter.
S03E15 Beach House: House Tour 14/12/1992 Bob Vila tours the Malibu, California house, talks with the architects, and observes California-Spanish architecture.
S03E16 Beach House: Pouring the Caissons 21/12/1992
S03E17 Beach House: Demolition and Grade Beam Installation 28/12/1992 The foundation is inspected and a beam is installed in the garage.
S03E18 Beach House: Building the Staircase 04/01/1993 California's building codes regarding earthquake safety are discussed and a winding staircase is constructed. Also: a visit to the home of actor Max Gail.
S03E19 Beach House: Framing and Insulation 11/01/1993 Included: the roof and walls are framed, and cellulose insulation is added.
S03E20 Beach House: Installing Windows and Sprinkler System 18/01/1993 Installed: a custom-made window and a sprinkler system. Also, Bob Vila takes visits Wisconsin to see how custom windows are made.
S03E21 Beach House: Monitoring Network and Waterproofing 25/01/1993 The project's environmentally sound features are discussed. Also: Bob Vila takes a trip to the home of actor Tim Allen ("Home Improvement").
S03E22 Beach House: Tile Roof and Stucco 01/02/1993 Mexican tile is used for the roof. Also: Bob Vila helps comedian Tim Allen pour concrete for a garage floor.
S03E23 Beach House: Distressing and Hanging a Door 08/02/1993 The front door is hung. Also: adding a distressed finish to wood and building a storage wall.
S03E24 Beach House: Tile Layout 15/02/1993 Hand-painted tiles are installed in the master bath and on the staircase. Also: a trip to the Mexican workshop where the tiles are made.
S03E25 Beach House: Stone Columns and Custom Cabinets 22/02/1993 A terracotta tile floor is laid. Also: security cameras, temperature controls and kitchen appliances are installed, and the courtyard is landscaped in California-Spanish villa style.
S03E26 Beach House: House Tour 01/03/1993
S04E01 Ranch Expansion: House Tour 07/09/1993 Bob introduces the sights and sounds of Boston and, after a taste of the city's rich history, the next destination is suburban Wayland and the shores of Lake Cochituate. There, Bob meets homeowner Paul Paresky and tours his 35 year-old ranch house.
S04E02 Ranch Expansion: Wall Construction and Roof Removal 14/09/1993 Reconstructing the ranch house's walls. Also: a visit to a Colonial-era mansion.
S04E03 Ranch Expansion: Framing and Cutting Rafters 21/09/1993 The first floor of the house is framed. Also: cutting rafters and techniques for hammering nails into wood.
S04E04 Ranch Expansion: House Tour and Dormer Construction 27/09/1993 Bob Vila visits a historic plantation in South Carolina. Also: tips for applying aluminum flashing and roofing shingles.
S04E05 Ranch Expansion: Roofing Shingles and Staircase 04/10/1993 A staircase is constructed. Also: tips for applying asphalt shingles and properly anchoring a porch or deck.
S04E06 Ranch Expansion: Plumbing, Clapboards, and Skylights 11/10/1993 The plumber cuts a hole in the roof for the new vent and joins new PVC pipe with cast-iron plumbing in the basement. Outside, contractor Bob Ryley shares tips on applying cedar clapboards. On the roof meanwhile, contractor Larry Landers is installing one of the new skylights that will admit light through the cathedral ceiling over the new family room.
S04E07 Ranch Expansion: Electrical Wiring and Window Installation 18/10/1993 Installing an electrical system and picture windows.
S04E08 Ranch Expansion: Framing the Porch and Installing a Shower 25/10/1993 Framing a farmer's porch and installing an acrylic shower stall. Also: constructing a birch medicine cabinet.
S04E09 Ranch Expansion: Waterproofing the Deck and Framing a Roof 01/11/1993 Applying exterior trim and waterproofing the deck. Also: framing the porch roof.
S04E10 Ranch Expansion: Modifying a Window and Copper Plumbing 08/11/1993 Installing a double window. Also: touring Miami Beach's art deco district.
S04E11 Ranch Expansion: Wall Framing and Security System 15/11/1993 Projects include the installation of strapping and the application of drywall to the kitchen ceiling.
S04E12 Ranch Expansion: Installing an Insulated Door and Fiberglass 22/11/1993 Installing a cathedral ceiling and a thermal-insulated kitchen door. Also: tips on wiring a security system.
S04E13 Ranch Expansion: Installing the Shower Pan and Recessed Lighting 29/11/1993 Installing a shower pan and recessed lighting.
S04E14 Ranch Expansion: Installing the Boiler and Drywall 06/12/1993 Installing a garage-door opener. Also: working with drywall and plaster.
S04E15 Ranch Expansion: Building and Installing Cabinets 13/12/1993 Constructing and installing cabinets. Also: a visit to a plywood factory.
S04E16 Ranch Expansion: Applying Bathroom Tile and Deck Treatment 20/12/1993 Fan detail is applied to the front facade. Also: cutting bathroom tiles.
S04E17 Ranch Expansion: Installing a Vanity 27/12/1993 Installing a double sink. Also: a visit to an Italian palazzo.
S04E18 Ranch Expansion: Porch Ceiling and Hardwood Flooring 03/01/1994 A pine ceiling is installed over the porch. Also: a project to convert an abandoned building into a homeless shelter.
S04E19 Ranch Expansion: Building a Stair Rail and Bookshelves 11/01/1994 A new custom stair rail is put in, along with new built-in bookshelves. Also: a trip to Columbus, Ohio, where the first of four visits is made to a special sister project.
S04E20 Ranch Expansion: Pouring the Cement Walk and Installing Crown Molding 17/01/1994 Pouring a cement walk. Also: an update on the playground project.
S04E21 Ranch Expansion: Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops 24/01/1994 European kitchen cabinets with granite countertops are installed. Also: working with tight paneling joints.
S04E22 Ranch Expansion: Installing the Lockset and Closet System 31/01/1994 Tips on installing a door lock and a bedroom closet. Also: using an electrician's snake to thread wire behind a wall.
S04E23 Ranch Expansion: Landscaping and Planting 08/02/1994 Landscaping work gets underway at the project site. Also: a discussion of the importance of safety goggles.
S04E24 Ranch Expansion: Painting Faux Finish 15/02/1994 Building a home weather station and installing recessed lighting. Also: tips on painting.
S04E25 Ranch Expansion: Insulating Blinds and Carpet Installation 22/02/1994 Furniture and carpeting are selected. Also: advice for adding a shut-off valve to a sink.
S04E26 Ranch Expansion: Final House Tour 01/03/1994 A final tour of the renovated ranch-style home. Also: planting shrubbery.
S05E01 Federal-style Home: Selecting the Site 05/09/1994 Bob Vila takes a carriage tour of Charleston, South Carolina to bserves the historic architecture and discuss restoration techniques.
S05E02 Federal-style Home: Discussing the New Addition 12/09/1994 Putting an addition onto a house. Also: restoring a plaster cornice.
S05E03 Federal-style Home: Installing Windows and Repairing the Roof 19/09/1994 Repairing a slate roof. Also: a garden tour in historical Charleston, South Carolina.
S05E04 Federal-style Home: Molding Plaster Details 26/09/1994 Applying plaster details to a restored cornice. Also: a tour of a Georgian mansion in Charleston, South Carolina.
S05E05 Federal-style Home: Drywall Joints and Glass Cabinet Doors 03/10/1994 The restoration of an antique plaster cornice is finalized. Also: a tour of a Civil War-era mansion.
S05E06 Federal-style Home: Painting the Siding and Installing Shutters 10/10/1994 Projects include stripping siding, repainting and shutter installation. Also: a look at Georgian architecture.
S05E07 Federal-style Home: Building the Portico and Restoring the Fireplaces 17/10/1994 Restoring a fireplace, installing a mantel, and constructing a portico.
S05E08 Federal-style Home: Building the Portico and Restoring the Fireplaces 24/10/1994 The new portico is under construction on the front of the house. Next door, Bob takes a peek into the elegantly appointed Guillard-Bennett House, one of the jewels in Charleston's crown. Back at the project house, Richard Marks puts the finishing touches on the restoration of the house's fireplaces.
S05E09 Federal-style Home: House Tour and Decorative Painting 31/10/1994 The final touches are put on the restored Federal-style mansion.
S05E10 Greenhouse: House Tour and Demolition 07/11/1994 A tour of the solarium at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston kicks off a greenhouse project. Included: the architect discusses the construction plans.
S05E11 Greenhouse: Pouring the Footings 17/11/1994 Bob surveys the newly excavated foundation layout and sees the concrete poured along a special conveyor belt to make the footings. Bob then travels to New York City to experience a large-scale, world-class greenhouse, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden
S05E12 Greenhouse: Attaching Steel Uprights 21/11/1994 Insulation is installed in the greenhouse. Also: a look at two Boston solariums.
S05E13 Greenhouse: Building Masonry Walls 28/11/1994 Bob Vila visits two greenhouses at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN.
S05E14 Greenhouse: Heating and Ventilating System 05/12/1994 Heating and ventilating systems are installed in the greenhouse. Also: an Indiana limestone factory is toured.
S05E15 Greenhouse: Installing Windows and Glass Walls 12/12/1994 The green house and the entry pavilion structures receive their specially insulated windows and glass walls. Each will be sealed with two techniques: slope glazing and butt glazing. Also, Bob looks at the homeowner's new potting benches, which were specially designed for the space by the architect and made to order in the wood shop.
S05E16 Greenhouse: Adding Stucco and Laying a Stone Floor 19/12/1994 Stucco is added to the walls of the greenhouse, and a blue stone floor is installed. Also: landscaping ideas for the surrounding yard.
S05E17 Greenhouse: Greenhouse Tour 26/12/1994 Guest Martha Stewart tours the completed greenhouse and helps the owner select plants during a visit to a nursery.
S05E18 Cabin in the Woods: Foundation, Framing and Septic System 02/01/1995 The foundation is laid for a small weekend getaway cottage in the woods, and a septic system is installed.
S05E19 Cabin in the Woods: Framing the Cabin 09/01/1995 Bob Vila tours Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater house near Uniontown, PA.
S05E20 Cabin in the Woods: Framing and Chimney 16/01/1995 A chimney is built. Also: a Connecticut brick factory is toured.
S05E21 Cabin in the Woods: Installing Skylights and Framing Staircase 23/01/1995 Windows are installed in the cabin and the staircase is framed.
S05E22 Cabin in the Woods: Installing Windows and Doors 30/01/1995 Skylights and doors are installed in the cottage.
S05E23 Cabin in the Woods: Electrical and Plumbing Work 06/02/1995 Electricity and plumbing are installed in the cottage. Also: a cabin in New York's Adirondack Mountains is toured.
S05E24 Cabin in the Woods: Interior Finishes 13/02/1995 New technology in the building industry.
S05E25 Cabin in the Woods: Installing the Kitchen and Patio 20/02/1995 An energy-efficient kitchen is installed in the cabin, while landscaping begins outside.
S05E26 Cabin in the Woods: Cabin Tour 27/02/1995 The weekend getaway cottage is completed.
S06E01 Kitchen Remodel: Project Introduced 04/09/1995 A look at a house that needs enlarging, located in the Miami suburb of Kendall, Florida. Architect Laurinda Spear offers some ideas with a tropical theme.
S06E02 Kitchen Remodel: Inspection of Structure 11/09/1995 Bob Vila inspects the Miami work site to determine the impact of the tropical climate on building methods.
S06E03 Kitchen Remodel: Pouring the Foundation and Constructing the Walls 18/09/1995 The walls are constructed by stacking styrofoam forms and filling them with concrete.
S06E04 Kitchen Remodel: Roofing and Landscaping 25/09/1995 The work on the roof is checked and plans for the garden are reviewed. Also: preparations are made for applying stucco to the wall of the addition.
S06E05 Kitchen Remodel: Choosing a Stucco Finish 02/10/1995 A stucco finish is chosen for the exterior and the old interior walls are demolished. Also: a tour of a Spanish monastery transported stone by stone to Florida by William Randolph Hearst.
S06E06 Kitchen Remodel: Tying Floor Slabs and Building a Partition 09/10/1995 The new floor is integrated with the old and work is begun on a family-room partition. Also: the installation of a new air-conditioning unit and roof insulation.
S06E07 Kitchen Remodel: Adding a Glass Block Window 16/10/1995 After the exterior demolition, host Bob Vila helps install a glass-block window between the lanai and the bathroom. Also: he tours a restaurant kitchen at a local Cuban-American eatery.
S06E08 Kitchen Remodel: Spa Installation and Window Construction 23/10/1995 A spa is installed on the lanai and the partition is given a wood-grain finish. Also: fabricating a stained-glass window shaped like a slice of tropical fruit.
S06E09 Kitchen Remodel: Installing Tile 30/10/1995 Bob Vila helps install tile with a coral look on the lanai deck, while mosaic tile goes indoors. Also: using a finishing sander.
S06E10 Kitchen Remodel: Landscaping and Countertop 06/11/1995 Bob Vila oversees the planting of palm trees, then shows how to protect work surfaces when using adhesives.
S06E11 Kitchen Remodel: Installing a Feature Garden and Grill 13/11/1995 Painting stucco walls and finding the right workbench.
S06E12 Kitchen Remodel: Installing Pantry System 20/11/1995 A shelf system is installed in the pantry and new sod is laid in the yard. Also: special blades for tablesaws.
S06E13 Kitchen Remodel: House Tour 27/11/1995 Work on the home is completed. Host Bob Vila displays the family room, kitchen and outdoor spa. Also: tips on using radial saws for bevels, rip cuts and specialty work.
S06E14 Master Bedroom: House and Neighborhood Tour 04/12/1995 A new project, the remodeling of a Colonial Revival home, begins in Newton, MA. The owners' goal is to increase their living space while keeping to a strict budget.
S06E15 Master Bedroom: Building the Foundation 11/12/1995 Building a foundation including forming, cement pouring, inspection, sill work and backfilling. Also: Bob Vila visits a cement firm to see how the material is made to order for the job.
S06E16 Master Bedroom: Framing Partitions 18/12/1995 A course in framing partitions (including layout, measuring, cutting and assembling) as the second floor takes shape at the project in Newton, MA.
S06E17 Master Bedroom: Applying Roofing Shingles 25/12/1995 A demonstration of the way to install roofing shingles around a skylight to avoid leaks. Also: a new gutter is attached to the roof of the Newton addition.
S06E18 Master Bedroom: Rough Plumbing and Wall Demolition 01/01/1996 Bob Vila discusses the appropriate way to sweat a copper joint. Also: breaking through a wall to create a door as well as correct window installation.
S06E19 Master Bedroom: Application of Blue Board, Plaster and Shingles 08/01/1996 Work continues on the family room ceiling, and host Bob Vila demonstrates how to apply skimcoat plaster. Also: tips on attaching red cedar shingles to exterior walls.
S06E20 Master Bedroom: Adding Molding and Trim 15/01/1996 Making the cuts for interior baseboard molding and window trim, plus constructing the steps and porch for a new entry. Also: a visit to a contractor's workshop to see how specialty molding is milled.
S06E21 Master Bedroom: Deck Work 22/01/1996 To save money, Bob Vila uses sections of an old deck to build a new one.
S06E22 Master Bedroom: Bookshelf Construction and Installation 29/01/1996 Constructing shelves, installing a window seat, and adding a sliding door.
S06E23 Master Bedroom: Vanity and Boiler 05/02/1996 State-of-the-art cabinetmaking is underway at Paul Morse's workshop. Morse and Bob are putting together a custom vanity for the new master bathroom. On site, the vanity is installed and finished with a sink top. Last, Bob looks over the new boiler for the addition, which has been installed in the basement and connected to the new vinyl plumbing.
S06E24 Master Bedroom: Painting and Tiling 12/02/1996 Tips on interior painting and a visit to a paint factory to see how paint is made. Also: installing bathroom tile and pressure-washing a deck.
S06E25 Master Bedroom: Custom Flooring and Landscaping 19/02/1996 Low-cost landscaping, carpet installation, and choosing flooring for a family room. Also: last-minute details on the Newton project.
S06E26 Master Bedroom: House Tour 26/02/1996 A look at the finished family room and master bedroom suite.
S07E01 Shingle Style: Starting the Project 02/09/1996 Bob Vila prepares to restore his own home by inspecting it inside and out. Also: a tour of Harvard Square with architectural historian Brian Pfeiffer provides a look at the influences on area builders.
S07E02 Shingle Style: Demolition Begins 09/09/1996 As work begins on the project, Bob Vila offers tips on demolishing a structure. Also: a look at the architect's renovation plans and a tour of historic houses in the neighborhood.
S07E03 Shingle Style: Adding a New Load-Bearing Beam 16/09/1996 As reconstruction begins, the crew corrects a structural flaw with a new beam and starts overhauling the plumbing. Also: a tour of what remains of the house after the demolition.
S07E04 Shingle Style: Working On the Roof 23/09/1996 As structural changes to the roof are planned, Bob Vila presents a guide to shingles. Also: a look at shingles being made in Vancouver factory.
S07E05 Shingle Style: Finishing the Basement 30/09/1996 Work begins on turning the basement into a combination exercise room and workshop, with Bob Vila sharing tips on concrete slab floors. Also: a trip to a Georgia sawmill to see lumber being prepared.
S07E06 Shingle Style: Framing and Additions 07/10/1996 Bob Vila evaluates progress on the Cambridge, MA, project. Also: a tour of the historic Longfellow House, onetime residence of George Washington and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
S07E07 Shingle Style: Roof Work and Wiring 14/10/1996 Roofers replace the shingles and install copper lining to rebuild the gutters. Meanwhile, an electrician explains the project's extensive rewiring. Also: examples of fine woodwork and stained glass.
S07E08 Shingle Style: Deck Framing and Window Installation 21/10/1996 Framing begins on the backyard deck, chimney repair gets underway, and the Palladian window is installed in the third-floor family room.
S07E09 Shingle Style: Working On the Deck 28/10/1996 Bob Vila explores the various uses of insulation products, including noise reduction. Also: building a deck with proper drainage.
S07E10 Shingle Style: Heating and Cooling Systems 04/11/1996 Bob Vila oversees the installation of a heating, air-conditioning and ventilation unit. In the bathroom, radiant heat is installed, and around the house, the electrical work is inspected.
S07E11 Shingle Style: Blueboard and Plastering 11/11/1996 Bob Vila offers tips on plastering and window installation. Also: a tour of a Stanford White-designed house in Stockbridge, MA.
S07E12 Shingle Style: Trimming the Interior 18/11/1996 Bob Vila discusses ceramic tile, from design choices to installation. Also: tile shopping in New York City; digging the trench for a water main.
S07E13 Shingle Style: Landscaping and Painting 25/11/1996 Work begins on the grounds as a landscape architect helps formulate plans. Meanwhile, the new deck takes shape and a parking pad is laid out near the back door.
S07E14 Shingle Style: Installing a Staircase and Chair Rail 02/12/1996 The crew installs a staircase, then begins repairing plaster and laying in tile. Also: glass is replaced in the doors of the dining-room hutch.
S07E15 Shingle Style: Trim and Paneling 09/12/1996 Workmen start paneling the dining room and entryway. Also: a visit to the Isaac Bell House in Newport, RI.
S07E16 Shingle Style: Installing a Hardwood Floor 16/12/1996 A hardwood floor is installed; work is done on the dressing rooms in the master bedroom; and a water-purification system is installed in the basement.
S07E17 Shingle Style: Prepping for Paint 23/12/1996 The exterior paint color is chosen and the necessary prep work needed for the job is assessed. Windows are restored, and in the kitchen, cabinets are installed. Also: a trip to the Pennsylvania factory where the cabinets were manufactured.
S07E18 Shingle Style: Toilet and Vanity Installation 30/12/1996 In conjunction with the installation of the toilet and vanity at the Cambridge, MA, project site, Bob Vila tours the Wisconsin factory where the bath fixtures are made. Also: the master suite gets new closets.
S07E19 Shingle Style: Installing Tile 06/01/1997 Bob Vila demonstrates the right way to install tile. Also: a look at the prep work needed for the yard landscaping.
S07E20 Shingle Style: Landscaping 13/01/1997 The landscaping begins. Retaining-wall materials are used to create an elevated terrace and the backyard patio is paved. Also: a profile of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted.
S07E21 Shingle Style: Kitchen Work and Landscaping 13/01/1997 Landscapers begin planting on the terrace. In the kitchen, new countertops are installed before the sink and a faucet are put in. Also: a vist to the Burpee Seeds gardens.
S07E22 Shingle Style: Installing Built-in Bookshelves 28/01/1997 Built-in bookshelves are added to the library. Also: a period light fixture is refurbished, a dimmer-switch system is installed, and a stairway balustrade is reconstructed.
S07E23 Shingle Style: Windows and Landscaping 13/01/1997 Storm windows are installed, a faux paint finish is applied to walls in the master bedroom, and planting in the yard is completed. Also: landscape architects explain changes that were made to meet city requirements.
S07E24 Shingle Style: Interior Decorating 10/02/1997 Bob Vila meets with the interior designers and discusses the choice of color schemes. Also: a look at the updated basement workshop.
S07E25 Shingle Style: House Tour, Part One 17/02/1997 An armoire is converted into an entertainment unit, while the kitchen and family room are completed.
S07E26 Shingle Style: House Tour, Part Two 24/02/1997 A look at the fabrics, colors, and furnishings inside the completed house. Also: a lockset is installed in the powder-room door and shower doors are added in the master bathroom.
S08E01 Craftsman Bungalow: Project Introduction 01/09/1997 A vintage Sears kit house is restored, but historic and sentimental elements are preserved.
S08E02 Craftsman Bungalow: Wiring, Plumbing and Plastering 08/09/1997 A closet is transformed into a bathroom, while new and old building materials are blended in the living and dining rooms.
S08E03 Craftsman Bungalow: Reconditioning the Windows 15/09/1997 Bob Vila oversees the reconditioning of an original window in the Sears kit house. Also: a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House.
S08E04 Craftsman Bungalow: Interior Trim and Porch Framing 22/09/1997 Interior trim details are custom-milled as per the architect's specifications, and original bathroom fixtures are re-porcelainized. Also: framing continues on the back porch.
S08E05 Craftsman Bungalow: Repairing the Front Facade 29/09/1997 Vintage cabinetry is discovered in a salvage yard and installed in the kitchen; yellow paint is stripped off; and the facade is given a facelift.
S08E06 Craftsman Bungalow: Swimming Pool and Porch 06/10/1997 The pool crew finishes the rebar and sprays gunnite, while French doors are installed in the master bedroom and the porch roof is repaired.
S08E07 Craftsman Bungalow: Working On the Pool 13/10/1997 Green Indian slate is installed on the surround and porch steps. Also: the backyard entry gate is finished.
S08E08 Craftsman Bungalow: Exterior Paint Preparation 20/10/1997 At the Sears kit house, the exterior is stripped for priming and painting. Also: a tour of the CBS studio center.
S08E09 Craftsman Bungalow: Floor Tile and Cabinet Installation 27/10/1997 The bathroom is tiled, new kitchen cabinets are custom-made to match the vintage ones, and decking is installed on the back porch.
S08E10 Craftsman Bungalow: Installing Custom Light Grids 03/11/1997 The electrician installs back lighting in the living room, and six stained-glass panels are cut and assembled. Meanwhile, contractors insulate the roof.
S08E11 Craftsman Bungalow: Installing Cabinets 10/11/1997 A cabinetmaker frames boxes for living-room built-ins to match existing ones in the kitchen, and the pool crew finishes the plaster.
S08E12 Craftsman Bungalow: Hardwood Floor Repair and Refinishing 17/11/1997 Damaged hardwood flooring is repaired and an alder kitchen countertop is installed. Also: a tour of the Japanese Garden at Huntington Library and tips on building a Zen garden.
S08E13 Craftsman Bungalow: House Tour 24/11/1997 Bob Vila leads a final tour of the landscaped front yard and the porch addition, which features a barbecue. Also toured are the Zen garden and swimming pool.
S08E14 Dream Garage: Project Introduction 01/12/1997 Plans for a post-and-beam garage and boat storage project are discussed with an architect. Also: touring a marina with America's Cup champ Bill Koch.
S08E15 Dream Garage: Working On the Foundation 08/12/1997 Foundation work is begun, while Bob Vila tours an antique car museum in a Shaker-style round barn in Sandwich, MA.
S08E16 Dream Garage: More Foundation Work 15/12/1997 As the foundation is prepared, Bob Vila explains termite-proofing and oversees the installation of a hydronic heating system.
S08E17 Dream Garage: Framing the Garage 22/12/1997 A look at framing, and the special techniques and tools that are used for it. Also: a tour of a lumber company examines pre-cut materials for the post-and-beam plan.
S08E18 Dream Garage: Framing and Decking 29/12/1997 New decking is installed in the loft, while Bob Vila and the crew put up the ridge beam and rafters. Also: a joinery specialist demonstrates house framing.
S08E19 Dream Garage: Insulating the Garage 05/01/1998 Insulation panels are installed and Bob Vila visits a factory where all-in-one wall product is made.
S08E20 Dream Garage: Exterior Trim and Siding 12/01/1998 Windows, exterior trim and siding are installed. Also: a tour of the American Plywood Association lab, where quality testing is observed.
S08E21 Dream Garage: Skylights and Metal Roofing 19/01/1998 Metal roofing is installed and drywall is put up around the skylights.
S08E22 Dream Garage: Installing Protective Features 26/01/1998 Bob Vila takes a look at such safety features as motion detectors, a fire-suppression unit and a lightning rod.
S08E23 Dream Garage: Installing a Staircase and Paneling 02/02/1998 A horticulturalist shares general landscaping tips and offers special advice on the use of native plants and trees. Also: building a staircase to the loft.
S08E24 Dream Garage: Heating and Lighting 09/02/1998 A garage-door opener is installed, the heated-floor system is activated, and interior paneling is stained. Also: track lighting goes in.
S08E25 Dream Garage: Setting up the Workshop and Garage 16/02/1998 The interior of the barn is stained and a workshop is assembled. Also: race-car driver Lyn St. James helps Bob Vila set up the automotive garage with new tools.
S08E26 Dream Garage: Barn Tour 23/02/1998 Workbenches are completed and metal shelves are installed in the loft, before Bob Vila leads a tour of the finished barn.
S09E01 Accessible Home: Housing Project Introduced 07/09/1998 In a neighborhood outside of Boston, work begins on an affordable housing unit for a person with disabilities. Included: soil decontamination and foundation excavation.
S09E02 Accessible Home: Framing and Shingling 14/09/1998 Asphalt shingles and flashing are added to the roof, and walls are prepped with special blocking for mounting safety handrails. Also: tips on paneling and working with a culturally diverse crew.
S09E03 Accessible Home: Installing Siding 21/09/1998 A special weather- and fire-resistant siding is installed. Also: finishing the basement work and running electrical wiring.
S09E04 Accessible Home: Insulation and Door Installation 28/09/1998 Insulation work is begun and trenches are dug for the new water service. Also: Boston Mayor Thomas Menino stops by to help install the front door.
S09E05 Accessible Home: Designing for the Disabled 28/09/1998 Bob Vila talks with experts to understand the difference between adaptability and accessibility when designing homes for disabled people.
S09E06 Accessible Home: Building the Railing System 12/10/1998 The railing system is built and integrated with the front porch columns. Also: a tour of Boston's Roxbury community, making a comeback from urban blight.
S09E07 Accessible Home: Building the Railing System Stairs 19/10/1998 Landscaping begins, the modular stair system is anchored, and the front porch ramp is built.
S09E08 Accessible Home: Installing a Tankless Water Heater 26/10/1998 Recessed lighting and a cost-effective tankless water heater are installed. Also: a tour of a lighting manufacturing plant.
S09E09 Accessible Home: Shower Stall and Drywall 02/11/1998 Drywall goes up and plumbing begins on a shower stall designed for wheelchair users. Included: a field trip to learn about new trends in community living.
S09E10 Accessible Home: Accessible Fixtures and Elevator 09/11/1998 The elevator is put in, and bathroom fixtures are installed along with hardware specially designed for people with disabilities.
S09E11 Accessible Home: Energy Efficiency Discussion 16/11/1998 The energy-efficient boiler is installed, and Bob Vila heads to Germany for a tour of the plant where the boiler was made.
S09E12 Accessible Home: Lockset Installation 23/11/1998 A specially designed lock set is installed, along with an energy-efficient, side-by-side washer-dryer.
S09E13 Accessible Home: Accessible Unit Tour 30/11/1998 Bob Vila tours the completed unit, paying special attention to the wheelchair-accessible kitchen with energy-efficient appliances.
S09E14 Loft Conversion: Loft Conversion Initial Tour 07/12/1998 Conversion of an old fur storage building into a residential loft begins in Boston's Leather District. Included: a walking tour of other well-preserved antique commercial buildings in the neighborhood.
S09E15 Loft Conversion: Plumbing, Heating and the 'Big Dig' 14/12/1998 Installation of plumbing and heating begins. Included: a look at the progress of Boston's famous highway project, the 'Big Dig'.
S09E16 Loft Conversion: Plastering the Loft 21/12/1998 Plastering is begun on the project, while Bob Vila takes a trip to Cambridge to meet a landscape architect who converted an industrial building into a spacious home and office.
S09E17 Loft Conversion: Elevating the Kitchen and Bedroom 28/12/1998 A platform is built to raise the kitchen and bedroom above floor level. Included: a visit to a nearby finished loft.
S09E18 Loft Conversion: Paint and Plate Glass Windows 04/01/1999 The entryway and foyer are painted, and the plate glass windows are replaced throughout. Work on the bathroom begins with shower tile installation and lavatory plumbing.
S09E19 Loft Conversion: Framing a Wall With Built-in Cabinets 11/01/1999 Bob Vila addresses the challenge of framing and plastering a 48-foot wall with an almost imperceptible curve. Plus, built-in cabinets are constructed.
S09E20 Loft Conversion: Installing Plumbing Fixtures 18/01/1999 The bathroom progresses with the installation of an electrically powered full-body shower tower, a dual-speed pressurized toilet, and a glass lavatory.
S09E21 Loft Conversion: Installing Stainless Steel Countertops 25/01/1999 Installation of the restaurant-style kitchen is begun, and Bob Vila tours the fabrication shop where the steel materials being used were custom-made.
S09E22 Loft Conversion: Drywall and Plastering Tips 01/02/1999 Bob Vila offers tips on installing precision drywall and plastering in tricky places. Plus, a bookshelf nook is built and stainless steel appliances are installed.
S09E23 Loft Conversion: Installing Track Lighting 08/02/1999 Finishes are installed in the bathroom and elsewhere in the loft, track lighting is put in. Included: a tour of Lightolier's Tech Center to learn about the power of light to change the mood of a space.
S09E24 Loft Conversion: Building a Closet System 15/02/1999 Architect Greg Rochlin is on-site to oversee the fabrication of the hallway closet system-- a multicolored design pieced together in Formica laminate. Lighting designer Markus Earley returns with some snazzy fixtures and controls, and the stackable Maytag washer/dryer unit is installed in the closet.
S09E25 Loft Conversion: Kitchen Work and Shutters 22/02/1999 Work on the restaurant-style kitchen continues, as the wire shelving system is built and the stainless steel range hood is installed.
S09E26 Loft Conversion: Loft Conversion Final Tour 01/03/1999 A tour of the completed conversion project begins with the building's restored facade and ends with the sixth-floor residential loft.
S10E01 Habitat for Humanity: Habitat for Humanity Project Begins 06/09/1999 Plans are under way to build a house in one week with a team of Habitat for Humanity volunteers in Yonkers, NY. Included: a tour of Yonkers and of a Habitat community in Phoenix.
S10E02 Habitat for Humanity: Framing the Walls 13/09/1999 The walls go up at the Roxbury project, and Bob Vila tours a manufacturing facility where special structural insulated panels (SIPs) are made. Also: a look at a money-saving system for recapturing heat from drain water.
S10E03 Habitat for Humanity: Working On the Roof 20/09/1999 Roof framing begins and the giant ridge beam is raised. Also: a tour of the Oregon plant where I-joists are made.
S10E04 Habitat for Humanity: Exterior Trim and Porch Ceiling 27/09/1999 Exterior trim work continues, while overlaid plywood is installed on the porch ceiling by a team of volunteers and celebrities. Included: tour of a plywood mill in Washington.
S10E05 Habitat for Humanity: Sheathing and Shingling the Roof 04/10/1999 Roofing work continues with the installation of photovoltaic shingles that convert solar energy into electricity. Also: a tour of the Global Solar Plant in Arizona.
S10E06 Habitat for Humanity: Siding and Drywall 11/10/1999 A special siding goes up, and drywall with pre-finished corners is installed in record time.
S10E07 Habitat for Humanity: Building the Back Porch 18/10/1999 The back porch is built with help from some high school tech students, and the trim gets finishing touches.
S10E08 Habitat for Humanity: Painting and Door Installation 25/10/1999 Bob Vila explains door installation, while indoor and outdoor painting gets underway at the project house.
S10E09 Habitat for Humanity: Floor Installation 01/11/1999 An entertainment center, flooring, and loft shelves are installed.
S10E10 Habitat for Humanity: Working On the Kitchen 08/11/1999 Cabinets and counter tops are installed in the kitchen, and money saving energy efficient appliances are discussed.
S10E11 Habitat for Humanity: Carpet and Bathroom Fixtures 15/11/1999 Carpet is laid in a bedroom and high efficiency fixtures are installed in the bathroom.
S10E12 Habitat for Humanity: Interior Design 22/11/1999 Guest B. Smith applies a colorful wainscot pattern along the wall of the children's bedroom.
S10E13 Habitat for Humanity: House Tour 00/00/0000
S10E14 Executive Mansion: Governor's Mansion Tour 06/12/1999 Bob Vila and crew take on restoring the Virginia governor's Federal style mansion, built in 1813.
S10E15 Executive Mansion: Restoring the Floor 13/12/1999 Floor restoration is underway with an acrylic injection technique.
S10E16 Executive Mansion: Preparing to Pour a Concrete Floor 20/12/1999 Preparations are made to pour a concrete floor in the basement, utilizing an elaborate concrete pump system.
S10E17 Executive Mansion: Removing Windows for Restoration 27/12/1999 Paint is removed from the masonry garden walls and windows are taken down for restoration.
S10E18 Executive Mansion: Framing New Walls 03/01/2000 Framing and trim work are underway in the basement, which is being transformed to include a state-of-the-art kitchen, wine cellar, and laundry.
S10E19 Executive Mansion: Installing a Dumbwaiter 10/01/2000 A dumbwaiter is installed to connect the basement kitchen with the first-floor dining room.
S10E20 Executive Mansion: Installing Baseboards 17/01/2000 Baseboard is installed on the second floor to accommodate updated HVAC and electrical systems.
S10E21 Executive Mansion: Basement Kitchen 24/01/2000 Preparations are made in the basement kitchen for state-of-the-art foodservice equipment and appliances.
S10E22 Executive Mansion: Mantelpiece Restoration 31/01/2000 The mantelpieces are preserved in order to restore historic features to the mansion.
S10E23 Executive Mansion: Technology Systems Tested 07/02/2000 Landscaping, masonry work, and painting are done on the mansion's exterior.
S10E24 Executive Mansion: Finishing the Kitchen 14/02/2000 A small kitchen in the governor's private quarters is finished and carpet is put down in the bedrooms.
S10E25 Executive Mansion: Interior Decorating 21/02/2000 The mansion gets elaborate interior decor.
S10E26 Executive Mansion: Mansion Final Tour 00/00/0000
S11E01 Lifespan House: New Project Begins 04/09/2000 Bob Vila begins a brand new project in the heart of South Carolina's low country where the focus is on community living.
S11E02 Lifespan House: Working On the First Floor 11/09/2000 Work continues on the first floor, as the walls are framed throughout. Also: a tour of the Clemson University high-wind test house, built to demonstrate new building techniques for hurricane safety.
S11E03 Lifespan House: Framing the Roof 18/09/2000 Bob tours the neighborhood of I'On, built around a myriad of architectural styles and designs. Meanwhile, construction on the roof of the project house continues.
S11E04 Lifespan House: Fireplace and Porch Columns 25/09/2000 Masons go to work constructing the fireplace, while columns are put into place on the porch.
S11E05 Lifespan House: Metal Roofing and Windows 02/10/2000 With new windows and French doors being installed, Bob Vila helps apply exterior siding and cedar trim.
S11E06 Lifespan House: Skylight and Garage Doors 09/10/2000 Custom-made garage doors are installed along with a skylight above the family room.
S11E07 Lifespan House: Installing a Stairway 16/10/2000 The framing inspector visits the project site, and contractors put in a pre-built stairway.
S11E08 Lifespan House: Front Porch and Bathroom 23/10/2000 Traditional shutters go up on the front porch, and tile work begins in the bathroom.
S11E09 Lifespan House: Plaster and Trim Work 30/10/2000 The plasterer is hard at work and in the dining room, the carpenter is doing the trim. In the garage, insulation is put in.
S11E10 Lifespan House: Landscaping Begins 06/11/2000 Landscaping begins and a granite vanity top is installed in the first-floor bathroom. Also: a tour Middleton Place, home to exquisite gardens.
S11E11 Lifespan House: Working On the Kitchen 13/11/2000 In the the kitchen, cabinets and appliances are installed, while painters work using historically accurate colors upstairs.
S11E12 Lifespan House: Completing the Living Room 20/11/2000 Workers install the reclaimed lumber living room floor, hang handmade lanterns on the porch, and install new Energy Star appliances.
S11E13 Lifespan House: Final House Tour 27/11/2000 Bob Vila tours the completed home, evaluating the landscaping, exterior, and decorated interior, which local designer Carolyn Griffith is on hand to explain.
S12E04 Vermont Farmhouse: Framing and Wiring for the Future 24/09/2001 Framing continues, while in the basement installers put in special wiring to make this farmhouse a "connected home". Also: a tour of NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
S12E05 Vermont Farmhouse: Exterior Update 01/10/2001 Metal roofing installation is underway, and the redwood deck is constructed. Included: trimwork on the porch and lessons in farming.
S12E07 Vermont Farmhouse: Exterior Painting and Kitchen Cabinet Installation 15/10/2001 Painting has begun on the exterior, while custom cabinets are installed in the kitchen. Also: a tour of Crown Point factory in Claremont, NH.
S12E08 Vermont Farmhouse: Finish Trim and Cabinet Installation 22/10/2001 Trim work is completed in the living room and the fireplace is installed. A window and vanity are added to the master bath.
S12E09 Vermont Farmhouse: Stone Wall Construction and Covered Bridges 29/10/2001 Exterior work continues with construction of a new stone wall. Inside the farmhouse, a staircase is built. Also: a look at the heritage of covered bridges in VT.
S12E10 Vermont Farmhouse: Connected Home Update and Garage Doors 05/11/2001 Work continues in the garage, while home automation solutions are explored inside the residence.
S12E11 Vermont Farmhouse: Kitchen Update and Bathroom Tile Installation 12/11/2001 Bob Vila catches up on progress in the home's kitchen, where new appliances have been installed. In the bathroom, tile is applied.
S12E12 Vermont Farmhouse: Home Entertainment and Carpet Installation 19/11/2001 Landscape work begins; inside, carpet is laid down and a new entertainment center is installed. Special appearance: model and designer Kathy Ireland.
S12E13 Vermont Farmhouse: Project Completion 26/11/2001 Bob Vila takes a final tour of the completed farmhouse project, paying special attention to the landscaping, home automation features, and interior design.
S12E14 Victorian Restoration: Initial Tour 03/12/2001 This ambitious restoration project involves renovating a Victorian home as well as a former dairy barn also on the property.
S12E15 Victorian Restoration: Exploring the Barn and Demolition 10/12/2001 Bob Vila focuses on the barn, a former dairy storage building that will be converted into an artist's studio and office space.
S12E16 Victorian Restoration: Moving the Entrance and Kitchen Layout 10/12/2001 The front door is relocated to accommodate a new larger entranceway, while the design for the kitchen is determined. Also: a tour of Isaac Royall House.
S12E17 Victorian Restoration: Electrical Systems and Wiring and Upstairs Framing 24/12/2001 Rough electrical work is in progress, framing is underway on a new addition, and a new tub and new windows are installed.
S12E18 Victorian Restoration: Roof Work and Lighting 31/12/2001 The barn's roof system gets a makeover, while the interior gets air conditioning. Shingles are added to the exterior, along with a new gutter system.
S12E19 Victorian Restoration: Skylight Installation, Roofing, and Painting 07/01/2002 A tubular skylight is installed, along with new triangular peak windows. Also, exterior painting gets underway.
S12E20 Victorian Restoration: Barn Insulation, Video Wiring, and a New Balcony 14/01/2002 Cellulose insulation is installed, and construction of the second-floor balcony begins.
S12E21 Victorian Restoration: Blue Board Installation, Landscaping, and a New Garage Door 21/01/2002 The differences between blue board and drywall are discussed, and special fencing is put in. Also: a tour of the factory where the fencing is made.
S12E22 Victorian Restoration: Work On the Driveway and Finishing the Deck 21/01/2002 Stone pavers are installed in the driveway and deck construction begins. Plaster is applied in the bedrooms, and new barn-style doors are installed in the converted dairy storage building.
S12E23 Victorian Restoration: Flooring, Glass-Block Walls and Floors, and Water Filtration 28/01/2002 An interlocking laminate floor system being installed, along with a glass-block wall in the master bath and glass-block flooring elsewhere. The water filtration system is also established.
S12E24 Victorian Restoration: Landscaping Begins, Flooring Continues, and Water Heater Installed 04/02/2002 Landscaping gets underway on the Victorian restoration project house property.
S12E25 Victorian Restoration: Cabinets, Countertops, and Closets 18/02/2002 Cabinets and countertops are installed in the kitchen. In the master bedroom, a custom closet system is designed.
S12E26 Victorian Restoration: Final House Tour 25/02/2002 The Victorian house in Medford, MA is complete, and Bob Vila guides a tour of the finished restoration, from the pergolas in the yard to the electronics in the home office.
S13E03 Modern Colonial: Shingles and Windows 16/09/2002 On the roof, asphalt shingles are installed; back on the ground, windows are put in. Included: home designs of the firm of noted 20th-century architect Royal Barry Wills.
S13E04 Modern Colonial: Radiant Heating System and Ductwork 24/03/2002 Bob Vila surveys the HVAC ductwork and the crew installs a new radiant heating system. Also: a tour of a the Julia Wood House in Falmouth, Massachusetts.
S13E05 Modern Colonial: Gas Fireplaces and Cedar Shingles 30/09/2002 Cedar shingles are applied to the roof and a gas fireplace unit is installed on the ground floor. Also: a trip to Canada to see how wood shingles are milled.
S13E08 Modern Colonial: Garage Door and Generator Installation 21/10/2002 A generator system is installed, while new carriage-style doors make their way onto the garage. Also: a tour of the Jackson homestead in Newton, MA.
S13E09 Modern Colonial: Wood Floor Installation 28/10/2002 Bob takes a look at some hardscape work being done, specifically a new cobblestone driveway apron, but the real story is flooring.
S13E11 Modern Colonial: Interior Door Installation and Plan Modifications 11/11/2002 Work continues in the master suite. Master carpenter Bob Ryley installs a new door and applies interior trim.
S13E12 Modern Colonial: Interior Woodwork 18/11/2002 Crown moldings are added in the dining room. Bob Vila visits the North Bennet Street School to learn about its preservation carpentry program.
S13E13 Modern Colonial: Exterior Landscaping 25/11/2002 Bob Vila turns his attention to exterior work on the house, starting with a tour of Mahoney's Nursery led by landscape designer Ruth Foster.
S13E14 Modern Colonial: Mechanical Systems and Basement Refinishing 02/12/2002 Mechanical systems are being installed throughout the house.
S13E15 Modern Colonial: Mechanical Systems and Interior Finishing 09/12/2002 Bob Vila tours the finished landscape at the project house before visiting the historic gardens at Glen Magna farm in Danvers, MA.
S13E16 Modern Colonial: Kitchen Cabinetry and Countertops 16/12/2002 Bob Vila focuses on the work being done in the kitchen of the modern, colonial-style home.
S13E17 Modern Colonial: Bedroom Amenities 23/12/2002 The crew works to install the perimeter fence, while inside a custom closet system is added.
S13E18 Modern Colonial: Interior Decorating Tour 30/12/2002 Windows are installed, paint prep is performed, and decorating is done in the bedroom. Also: a tour of the Lyman Estate.
S13E19 Modern Colonial: Workshops and Woodworking 05/01/2003 A planter box is constructed for the sunroom. Also, Bob Vila tours Winterthur, a historic estate in Delaware, and The North Bennet Street School, an arts instruction institution in Boston.
S13E20 Modern Colonial: Classic Interiors and Cabinet Install 12/01/2003 Shelving and cabinet installation are underway. Bob Vila tours Winterthur and The North Bennet Street School.
S13E21 Modern Colonial: Wood Floor Finishing 19/01/2003 Techniques for achieving a smooth, even finish with hardwood flooring are demonstrated. Also: a tour of the Hancock Land Company's sustainable forestry operation in Casco, ME.
S13E22 Modern Colonial: Interior Craftwork 26/01/2003 Bob Vila focuses on the decorative interior finish work. Also: touring a selection of famous parlors featuring American decorative arts.
S13E24 Modern Colonial: More Interior Design Projects 10/02/2003 Interior design work continues. Also: Bob Vila takes another trip to Winterthur, this time to tour the Chinese Parlor.
S13E25 Modern Colonial: Appliance Installation and Furniture Making 17/02/2003 The washer and dryer and shower hardware go in and a medicine cabinet is installed. Bob Vila returns to the North Bennet School.
S14E01 Waterfront Warehouse Rehab: Welcome to Brooklyn! 08/09/2003 A new project begins in Brooklyn, NY. Bob Vila tours the abandoned warehouse slated to become a three-unit residential building with ground-floor commerical space.
S14E02 Waterfront Warehouse Rehab: Demolition and Preservation in Brooklyn 15/09/2003 Bob Vila tours the Sweeney Building, which boasts stunning views. Back at the warehouse, demolition is underway. Included: a consult with a preservation expert.
S14E03 Waterfront Warehouse Rehab: Interior Demolition, Framing With Metal Studs, and Water Taxi Tour 22/09/2003 Interior work and demolition are progressing simultaneously. A new tongue-and-groove plywood subfloor is being installed and basic wall framing has begun. Also: Bob Vila takes a water taxi tour of New York harbor.
S14E04 Waterfront Warehouse Rehab: Brick Facade Restoration and Period Windows Installed 29/09/2003 Power washing is underway on the façade and new windows are installed. Included: Bob Vila tours the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.
S14E05 Waterfront Warehouse Rehab: Electrical Work, Navy Yard Tour, and Insulation Install 06/10/2003 Rough electrical work is underway and Bob discusses the challenges of wiring an old building, particularly in New York City where there are strict code requirements. The electrician, Eddie Fisher, uses metal-shielded cable to reduce the possibility of damaging power lines, both during installation and over the building's lifespan. Insulation is also going on. Bob joins George Saylor from Owens Corning to learn more about the type of insulation being used in the apartments. Taking a break from the action at the project building, Bob tours the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the country's oldest dry dock. Now converted for a variety of functions, the Navy Yard houses everything from television and film production studios to commuter boat docks.
S14E07 Waterfront Warehouse Rehab: Rooftop Work and Wood Floor Installation 20/10/2003 Work on the roof deck continues, while Bob and Chris Vila confer with HVAC and plumbing contractors and hardwood flooring is installed indoors.
S14E08 Waterfront Warehouse Rehab: Marble Tile, Cherry Cabinets, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music 27/10/2003 Marble tile work is started in the bathroom. In the kitchen, new cabinets are installed, along with a center island. Also: a tour of the historic Brooklyn Academy of Music.
S14E11 Waterfront Warehouse Rehab: Roof Deck and High-Tech Bathroom Features 17/11/2003 The roof, deck, and bathroom remodeling near completion. Included: a tour of famed Coney Island.
S14E14 Modular Mountain Retreat: Modular Home Construction and Site Preparation 08/12/2003 Bob Vila and crew travel to the Berkshires, located in western Massachusetts, for the prefab construction and on-site assembly of a modular home.
S14E15 Modular Mountain Retreat: Modular Construction Details and Foundation Work 15/12/2003 Bob Vila talks on-site with contractors—and in Scranton, with Simplex Industries—about the manufacture and assembly of pre-cast foundation panels.
S14E16 Modular Mountain Retreat: Modular Construction, Wiring, and Drywall 22/12/2003 The work underway includes roof assembly, subfloor installation, wall framing, and drywall application in the main living areas of the home.
S14E17 Modular Mountain Retreat: Interior and Exterior Finishes On a Modular Home 29/12/2003 Work continues at the Simplex Industries plant in Scranton, PA. The interior finishes are being installed (hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets and counters, etc.), along with the windows and exterior siding.
S14E18 Modular Mountain Retreat: Assembling a Modular Home 05/01/2004 The main sections of the modular house arrive from the Simplex factory, and the building lot quickly transforms into a home site.
S14E19 Modular Mountain Retreat: Shake Roof and Stone Facade for Modular Home 12/01/2004 The project site is buzzing with activity. As the assembly of the home's main sections nears completion, shingles are installed and stone veneer is applied to the foundation.
S14E20 Modular Mountain Retreat: Panelized Cedar Shingles, a Metal Roof, and the Mount 19/01/2004 The metal roof system is fabricated and set into place. Included: a tour of The Mount, a lavish retreat formerly owned by Edith Wharton.
S14E21 Modular Mountain Retreat: Direct Vent Heat and Composite Deck Materials 26/01/2004 Easy-to-install crown molding is installed, along with a gas fireplace. Meanwhile, decking gets underway outside.
S14E22 Modular Mountain Retreat: Energy Efficient Heat, Column Deck Supports, and the Mount 02/02/2004 Progress continues to be made on the exterior of the modular mountain retreat.
S14E23 Modular Mountain Retreat: Berkshires Architecture, Shakespeare & Co., and Structured Wiring 09/02/2004 Bob Vila takes a final tour of the interior. Also: a visit to one of the Berkshires' artistic centers, Shakespeare and Company.
S14E24 Modular Mountain Retreat: Introducing Elm Court 16/02/2004 Bob Vila makes his first visit to Elm Court, a historic home in Lenox, MA, abandoned for 50 years before restoration.
S14E25 Modular Mountain Retreat: Sound Insulation and Restored Rooms at Elm Court 23/02/2004 Bob Vila continues his tour of the fully-restored rooms at Elm Court in Lenox, MA.
S14E26 Modular Mountain Retreat: Elm Court Decor and Ongoing Restoration 01/03/2004 Bob Vila takes his final tour through Elm Court, paying special attention to the fully restored sections of the exquisite historic mansion.
S15E01 Miami Beach Condo: Miami Real Estate Search 13/09/2004 Bob Vila zeroes in on the Miami condominium market and, with help from architect Michael Pierce, lays out plans to achieve a fresher, airier look and feel in this one-bedroom unit.
S15E02 Miami Beach Condo: Demolition & Designer House Tour 20/09/2004 The crew proceeds to remove carpets and cabinets, while Bob Vila tours a recently remodeled condo in the same complex to gather ideas about small-space design.
S15E03 Miami Beach Condo: Feature Installations and Touring Lincoln Road 27/09/2004 Bob Vila surveys the condo in its post-demolition state. Plumbing work is underway, and pocket doors are installed. Also: a tour of Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.
S15E04 Miami Beach Condo: Installing Kitchen Cabinets and Using Glass Shower Tile 03/10/2004 Semi-custom cabinets are installed in the condo's kitchen, and contractors complete the shower stall with vitreous glass tile.
S15E05 Miami Beach Condo: Cork Floors and Custom Countertops 11/10/2004 Bob Vila confronts the remodeling challenge of choosing a flooring material that attenuates sound while retaining a sleek, clean look. In the kitchen, counter tops are installed.
S15E06 Miami Beach Condo: Installing Bath Fixtures and a Water Cooled HVAC System 18/10/2004 The bathroom gets a contemporary update, as contractors install a suite of new. Also: the HVAC unit is set up in a closet, and Bob Vila tours a Pierce Allen designed Miami apartment.
S15E07 Miami Beach Condo: Inset Bar, Art-Glass Pocket Doors, and Refurbished Aluminum Sliders 25/10/2004 The inset bar is completed; art glass is selected for the pocket doors; and the original aluminum sliders to the balcony are completely refurbished to work, and look like new.
S15E08 Miami Beach Condo: Finishes Make the Remodel Complete 01/11/2004 Bob Vila tours the completely remodeled Miami Beach condo, which has been transformed into a light filled and stylish vacation getaway.
S15E09 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: A New Lift for a Manhattan Brownstone 08/11/2004 Bob Vila reviews the history of Manhattan Brownstones and tours the project space Also: a tour of Central Park in New York City.
S15E10 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Demolition in the Manhattan Brownstone 15/11/2004 Cornice molding is discovered intact, and brickwork is removed to accommodate the installation of a new fireplace in the Manhattan Brownstone.
S15E11 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Building Affordable Homes On Cape Cod 22/11/2004 Bob Vila heads to Mashpee, MA, where a state law is helping to put higher-density, affordable housing in place for families in the community.
S15E12 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Falmouth's Model for Quality Affordable Housing 29/11/2004 Bob Vila tours an affordable housing development in nearby Falmouth, MA.
S15E13 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Foundations and Framing 06/12/2004 At the Mashpee, MA, project site, foundation and framing work is underway. Included: how nail guns revolutionized the building industry.
S15E14 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Hardwood Floors, Traditional Plaster, and Fiberglass Drywall 13/12/2004 Bob Vila returns to New York City's Upper West Side, where trades of all kinds are continuing work on the Brownstone floor-through apartment.
S15E15 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Affordable Framing, Roofing, and Windows in Mashpee 20/12/2004 At the Cape Cod affordable home, contractors are at work on interior framing, window installation, and roof building.
S15E16 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Installing Drop Ceilings, Custom Windows, and Mechanicals 27/12/2004 It's time for doors, windows, ceilings, and mechanicals to be added at the Manhattan Brownstone; Bob Vila looks on.
S15E18 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Cladding, Insulating, and Zoning for an Affordable Home 10/01/2005 Bob Vila returns to the affordable housing project in Mashpee, MA, where he learns more about the town's creative zoning relief strategies.
S15E20 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Installing a Composite Deck and Fiberglass Drywall 24/01/2005 A new deck goes in at the Mashpee, MA, project house, while contractors drywall the interior.
S15E21 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Installing Pre-Hung Doors, Hardwood Floors, and Gutters 31/01/2005 Workers lay down sod, install hardwood flooring, and hang interior and exterior doors at the Mashpee, MA, project house.
S15E22 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Affordable HVAC, Painting, Kitchen Cabinets and Counters 07/02/2005 The affordable housing development is nearly complete; Bob Vila tours.
S15E23 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Installing Glazed Wall Tile and a Pedestal Sink 14/02/2005 At the Manhattan Brownstone, tiles are set in the bathroom, and a pedestal sink is installed.
S15E24 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Refurbishing Wrought Iron, Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Profile Molding 21/02/2005 The exterior of the Manhattan Brownstone gets a facelift, while custom cabinetry is installed in the kitchen.
S15E25 Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable: Kitchens, Feng Shui, and Energy Star Homes 28/02/2005 The finishing touches are added at the affordable housing development in Mashpee, MA. Included: energy-saving products for any home.

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