Affiche Home Free (2015)
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On Home Free, nine couples are challenged to revive one run-down house every week. During each episode, Mike Holmes will present the couples with tasks designed to test and challenge the skills of these do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Not only must the couples work together to restore the home, they all must live together 24/7 in the same dilapidated home. Each week, the couples with the best work will move forward in the competition, while the couple who didn’t perform up to code will face elimination. The final two couples remaining will fight to the finish to win their ultimate dream home.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Home Free (2015)

S01E01 Welcome Holmes 22/07/2015 Nine couples compete for their dream home by fixing up a rundown house, which they learn they also have to live in.
S01E02 No Place Like Holmes 29/07/2015
S01E03 Holmes Rules 05/08/2015
S01E04 Hammer It Holmes 12/08/2015
S01E05 Holmes Sweet Home 19/08/2015
S01E06 Go Big or Go Holmes 26/08/2015
S01E07 Long Journey Holmes 02/09/2015
S01E08 Dream Holmes 09/09/2015