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What happens if you ask a normal family to boldly go where no-one has gone before - to live in the future? A new Channel 4 series, co-funded by one of the UK's leading energy companies E.ON, and produced by Twofour, transforms the lives of a family, filling their home from top-to-bottom with futuristic technology and gadgets.


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S01E01 Sleep Gadgets 00/00/0000 In the first episode, the family discover what rest and relaxation will be like, as they road test some of the latest sleep-enabling gadgets, designed to help them fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, stop snoring, and monitor the quality of their kip. There are even brainwave-controlled meditation games.
S01E02 Home Office 00/00/0000 It's all change for junior exec Joel as he's given a home office packed with the cutting-edge technology that will be coming to our workplaces (and growing number of home offices) in the future.
S01E03 Home Surveillance 00/00/0000 The family discover the fun of the future as they get to grips with brainwave-controlled video games (including archery and tug of war) and discover how our minds might soon be altering movie endings.They also try exercise bikes which combine the best of the gym with gaming technology to encourage us to train harder, and the show reveals how similar ideas could be used to save lives in hospitals.On a day trip to London to explore the world of future fashion, the family try on designer dresses that feature in-built light shows, and instant T-shirts that come out of a spray can - not to mention pants to protect you from passing wind. Teenager Miah gets to design her own little black dress online - but has to suffer mum Michele monitoring her with home-surveillance technology.There's also a look at how holidays will continue to change, from augmented reality travel guides on smart phones to super-small hotel rooms and the planes of tomorrow - which are built like cruise ships and promise to take passengers to Tokyo in a little over two hours.There's even some cool tech for four-year-old grandson Lucas to play with.
S01E04 Future Gourmet 00/00/0000 The family face up to the reality of the food in the future.Mum Michele tackles the latest hi-tech gadgets making the move from restaurants to home kitchens, including slow-cook water baths that take an hour to cook the perfect steak, and liquid nitrogen machines that flash-freeze food - perfect for making ice cream in ten seconds.There are also super-fast soup makers and hot composters that turn a year-long job into one that takes two weeks.The family are also kitted out with the latest home-grow gadgets, including an aquaponics system that provides a self-sustaining fish farm in their greenhouse, a vertical veg patch for their garden wall (perfect for people with no growing space), and a soil-free growing machine invented by NASA They also discover how farming could become a high-rise urban industry.The family get to play with the weird and the wacky, from breathable chocolate to see-through toasters and temperamental touch-free kitchen-roll dispensers.But the Pereras are in for a shock when they discover that meat will be off the menu in 2050 because of rising food prices...And they're not too impressed with the alternatives, as 'food futurologist' Dr Morgaine Gaye gets the family to try out future gourmet delights and cook up an insect meal, and we find out about a future that promises everything from lab-grown steaks to Japanese 'crap' burgers.
S01E05 Health and Fitness 00/00/0000 The family are put through their paces, to get fit to face the future using some of the latest gadgets and gizmos, including electric bikes to get them out of their cars.

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