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Big profits! Quick turnovers! Everyone’s getting into the act! Live the dream of working for yourself, making all the big decisions and in the end raking in the cash. How hard can it be to successfully flip a house? Peter Fallico host of HGTV’s Home to Go and Home to Stay is putting his money where his mouth is with his new show Home to Flip. Home to Flip is a new, half-hour, 13-episode real estate-meets-design reality series that gives viewers the inside scoop on how to find, buy, renovate and flip a house for profit. Putting his own money on the line, host Peter Fallico takes us with him as he finds and renovates a house that he will try to flip. In each episode he'll share his tips and tricks for success: how to find the right property; which renovations make the most sense; how to source materials off-the-beaten-track; and how to best present the house in order to make a profit. Each episode will also feature one of Peter's signature design projects, a carpentry/contracting project, a beautiful reveal of one room and, of course, tons of money-saving tips and design and decorating advice. Facing real-life obstacles and making real-time decisions, Peter takes us along for the adventure that is creating and selling a successful Home to Flip.


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S01E01 Buying the House 00/00/0000 When Peter set out to buy his home to flip he had a very detailed wish list and dreamed of finding that diamond in the rough.
S01E02 Curb Appeal 00/00/0000 Peter knows that Curb Appeal is everything in today's competitive real estate market.
S01E03 Master Bedroom/Ensuite 00/00/0000 In order to get top dollar for his home Peters knows that buyers will expect the master bedroom to have an ensuite bathroom.
S01E04 Basement Main Space 00/00/0000 Since Peter's house is only two stories he must convert his unusable basement into living space.
S01E05 Backyard 00/00/0000 Outdoor living space is an important features for today's' buyer and for Peter this area must be low maintenance, inviting and very chic.
S01E06 Office/Bathroom 00/00/0000 Peter struggles to create a bathroom layout that will appeal to market savvy buyers and design an office space that is both practical and inviting
S01E07 Garage 00/00/0000 Peter Fallico creates a multi-purpose garage complete with work and storage space
S01E08 Mudroom 00/00/0000 Peter‘s mudroom must be completely insulated before he can contemplate decorating
S01E09 Basement Bathroom/Laundry 00/00/0000 Peter creates spectacular basement bathroom and laundry spaces that are both functional and beautiful.
S01E10 Second Bedroom/Hallway 00/00/0000 With a few cans of paint and some interesting fabric Peter has to create a fun and fabulous bedroom on a very limited budget
S01E11 Living Room/Foyer 00/00/0000 Peter needs to find a way to infuse the living room and foyer with charm and elegance without breaking his limited budget.
S01E12 Kitchen/Dining 00/00/0000 As his budget quickly gets eaten up Peter must find a way to design a top-notch kitchen that will attract high-end buyers.
S01E13 Selling the House 00/00/0000 After eight long months of construction, design meetings and sleepless nights Peter is ready to put his home on the market.
S02E01 Buying the House 00/00/0000 After a successful first flip Peter has decided to try his luck again. With his wish list in mind and the help of his real estate agent Cindy Newton, he’s ready to navigate the ever changing real estate market. After selecting his ideal flip property and negotiating the purchase the real work begins and walls start coming down.
S02E02 Front Entrance/Living Room 00/00/0000 Now that Peter has purchased his next home to flip it’s time to dive in and get started with the renovations. The front entrance and living room are crucial spaces when upgrading a home. These two spaces have great character so Peter has good bones to work with. Peter plans to splurge on an exquisite marble mosaic floor to wow visitors right as they enter but he’ll offset the cost in the living room with his DIY built-in storage project.
S02E03 Dining Room 00/00/0000 Peter wants to preserve the original wall panelling and ceiling mouldings in the dining room. Unfortunately the upstairs reno causes the ceiling to collapse and dashes Peter’s hopes of salvaging the architecture. He now needs to fix the ceiling and come up with a way to bring back the character that was lost. Sounds like a chance for a DIY project!
S02E04 Main Floor Bedroom 00/00/0000 After having to fill in the doorway between the bedroom and the entranceway Peter is hoping to spend minimally in this space. With fresh paint and an injection of colour from fun fabrics he’s well on his way to achieving his goal. The bonus to this bedroom will be the DIY custom storage unit Peter will create with big box kitchen cupboards. A surprise hit of colour in the closet finishes off the project, a feature that buyers are sure to remember.
S02E05 Office/Guest Room 00/00/0000 Peter’s main focus with this room is to show its versatility. He wants potential buyers to be able to see the value in this room be it an office or a guest room. Peter’s challenge is to combine these functions and find a middle ground for the decor.
S02E06 Main Floor Bathroom 00/00/0000 The main floor bathroom will be used by guests and homeowner alike. Peter needs to create a functional and beautiful space while staying on budget. Maintaining the current footprint will save on construction costs allowing Peter to spend the rest of his budget on the high end finishes buyers will be expecting
S02E07 Kitchen 00/00/0000 Peter has decided to preserve the traditional character of the house by maintaining the galley kitchen. Many buyers expect an open concept space so he’ll need to defend his decision by wowing them with exceptional space planning and fabulous décor. The use of high end appliances, a custom counter top and a sleek glass tile backsplash combined with ample storage is a good start. A modern colour palette and a DIY kitchen art project finish off the space.
S02E08 Master Bedroom 00/00/0000 One of the key selling features of this house was the huge undeveloped attic space. With the help of a Residential Designer, Peter plans on creating a master bedroom retreat that will add major square footage and bring the house from a two bedroom to a three bedroom dwelling. A new bamboo floor and luxe linens bring the space to another level and Peter’s bench recovering DIY pulls the space together.
S02E09 Master Bathroom 00/00/0000 An ensuite bathroom is a must for Peter’s new loft style master bedroom. With enough space for a separate shower and bathtub Peter chooses an island style tub — but has he gotten in over his head? Potential buyers will be wowed by the expansive space and the high end marble countertop and floor tiles. Peter’s money saving trick is a sleek DIY floating mirror secured with a French cleat that reflects light and brightens the space.
S02E10 Basement Family Room 00/00/0000 Peter is completely transforming this massive unfinished basement. He’s taking it from one open area and creating many functional spaces. Once the in-floor heating and the walls have gone up Peter is ready to create the ultimate family room. Warmth and cosiness are essential and Peter plans on accomplishing these elements with a warm wall colour, wool carpeting and electric fireplace, not to mention the stunning stone wall surrounding the fireplace.
S02E11 Basement Bathroom, Laundry Room and Spare Room 00/00/0000 The second half of Peter’s basement will be an unexpected bonus for buyers. A bathroom and bedroom easily make up a guest suite while the spacious laundry room makes doing the laundry less of a chore. The blue and white nautical theme coordinates the spaces and the striped DIY shower curtain with silver grommets acts as a focal point.
S02E12 Exterior 00/00/0000 The green space that came with the house isn’t very big so Peter needs to create a low-maintenance backyard entertaining area that any homeowner will be happy to use.
S02E13 Open House 00/00/0000 Now that Peter has invested months of hard work in his house it’s time to see if it will pay off. His real estate agent Cindy Newton is back to hold an agent open house and create some buzz around the property.

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