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Hosted by Dean Johnson, Hometime's aim is to help homeowners achieve professional-looking results from their home improvement projects. The Hometime crew tackles everything from landscaping, painting, and kitchen facelifts to managing new construction and major additions to older houses.


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S11E01 American Four-Square: Plans 11/01/1997 Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl discuss the plans to update a classic American four-square house. They begin demolition and observe the removal of old stucco and siding. (1 of 11)
S11E02 American Four-Square: Foundation 18/01/1997 Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl finish demolition, show viewers the installation of the insulated concrete foundation, and begin framing the addition. (2 of 11)
S11E03 American Four-Square: Windows 25/01/1997 Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl finish framing the addition and begin interior walls, new windows, and show viewers how the hot-water heating is converted to a ducted HVAC system. (Part 3 of 11).
S11E04 American Four-Square: Insulation and Heating 01/02/1997 Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl insulate and install baffles in the roof. Contractors come to install the new HVAC system, and drywall is delivered for the new addition. (Part 4 of 11).
S11E05 American Four-Square: Drywall 08/02/1997 Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl have contractors hang and mud drywall. They prime walls, install ceiling beams and start on the kitchen cabinets. (Part 5 of 11).
S11E06 American Four-Square: Flooring 15/02/1997 Dean and Robin's challenge is to match new flooring and trim to what already exists in the house. They install pre-finished wood flooring, and finish the windows with custom-milled trim. (Part 6 of 11).
S11E07 American Four-Square: Millwork 22/02/1997 Dean and Robin finish up the trim details around the windows and doors. They also install the back door, get the countertops measured, and put in some cans for the recessed lights. (Part 7 of 11).
S11E08 American Four-Square: Custom Cabinets 01/03/1997 Dean and Robin visit the wood shop where the trim and custom cabinets are made. Meanwhile, the contractors progress work on the trim and cabinets, and the roofing. (Part 8 of 11).
S11E09 American Four-Square: Paint and Wllcovering 08/03/1997 The addition starts to take shape as Dean and Robin install some unique tile for the bathroom floors and walls, and bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. They also install some door hardware and get the solid surface countertops installed. (Part 9 of 11
S11E10 American Four-Square: Trim-Outs 15/03/1997 Dean and Robin wrap up the last details for this addition project. They finish appliances in the kitchen, fixtures and countertops in the bathrooms, and wallpaper and light fixtures throughout the house. (Part 10 of 11).
S11E11 Ceramic Style Bathroom 00/00/0000
S11E12 American Four-Square: Final Walk Through 09/06/1997 Dean and Robin review the design and construction of the Four-Square house. Final walk-through focuses on interior finish materials, including stone, hardware, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and heat registers. (Part 11 of 11).
S13E03 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Log Shell 16/01/1999 Starting a new project literally from the ground up, Dean and Robin help out as a log shell is trucked in and assembled by crane and crew on a lakeside lot.
S13E04 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Roofing 23/01/1999 Dean and Robin help when logs, pine planking, and insulated panels are set in place for the roof of the log home. Stonework begins on the foundation
S13E05 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Exterior Work 30/01/1999 Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl lend a hand with some of the exterior work on the log vacation home. A concrete patio and the roof tiles are installed
S13E06 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Buttoning Up 06/02/1999 Dean and Robin help button up the exterior of the lakeside log home with windows and doors. Inside, work begins on the mechanical systems, partition walls, and chinking.
S13E07 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Starting Interior 13/02/1999 Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl help with the electrical rough-in and heating. and chinking between the logs for the lakeside log vacation home.
S13E08 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Mechanicals 20/02/1999 Dean and Robin talk about sealing the home up tight as a crew covers the trap rod between the logs with acrylic chinking material. They also talk with carpentry sub Dick Biscobing about prepping log walls for cabinets with slip joints to keep log shrinkage and settling from racking the cabinets. They update mechanical rough-ins, start installing drywall and show the initial framing for a complicated set of windows on the home's lakeside gable end
S13E09 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Carpentry 27/02/1999 Dean talks about the new gypsum thermal underlayment as it's poured over all the radiant floor tubes on the first and second floors. Robin talks with Dick Biscobing about the siding treatments for the home's unique bumpouts and dormers and about the pine casing for the windows set right in the logs. Dean works with Dwight Hawkinson on the Norwegian white spruce sauna in the lower level bath
S13E10 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Interior Progress 06/03/1999 Dean talks about the unique, soapstone masonry heater being installed in the lower level as work continues on taping the drywall and siding the bumpouts. In addition, Dick Biscobing shows Robin how the log railings are being assembled on the master bedroom loft, and Dean and Robin talk about spreading crack isolation membrane over the underlayment to help keep tile from cracking.
S13E11 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Trim-Outs 13/03/1999 Dean and Robin show how to cut out unneeded sections of tie log over the great room, and they talk to Dick Biscobing and his crew about the installation of the log stairway. In addition, the white oak trim and the new cabinets are delivered, and tile contractor Troy Stolpe begins installing the filled and honed limestone floor tiles in the master bath
S13E12 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Finishing 20/03/1999 Dean and Robin install kitchen cabinets and get ready for countertops. Larry Stolpe begins laying the soapstone tile floor in the lower level bathroom. And Dean visits a recreational gaming showroom to browse through various home options.
S13E13 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Features 27/03/1999 Dean and Robin work on the special details to polish off the lakeside log vacation home, including handcrafted tiles in the master bath featuring animal accents, granite and solid surface countertops, white oak interior doors, the lakeside gable end windows and doors, plumbing fixtures, lights and appliances.
S13E14 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Decorative Plaster 25/09/1999 Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl explain the tinted and textured plaster treatment applied to the drywall partition walls. They also highlight the handcrafted wall tile in the lower level bath, the solid surface tub deck and the cast iron whirlpool tub.
S13E15 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Exterior Wrap-Up 02/10/1999 Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl talk about chinking the logs outside, capping the stone foundation, and finishing the soffit details. They also install the workshop cabinets.
S13E16 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Interior Wrap-Up 09/10/1999 Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl add decorative carving to the tie-log ends, finish the slip joints, install shower doors, and put in workshop countertops and flooring
S13E17 Lodge Style Log Cabin: Final Tour 16/10/1999 Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl discuss landscaping, finishing the wood floors, installing a home theater and furnishing a log home as they wrap up the project with final tours of the main living spaces.
S23E01 Digging Out the Yard 07/02/2009 The Hometime crew re-grades a sloping back yard, installs a drainage system, and begins building a series of paver patios.
S23E02 Urban Terraces 14/02/2009 The Hometime crew weaves several retaining walls, steps, and patios into a small, sloped back yard.
S23E03 Caretaker's Home 21/02/2009 The Hometime crew restores the porch of what was once the caretaker’s home on a 40-acre, turn-of-the-century lakeside estate.
S23E04 Entrance Plaza 07/03/2009 The Hometime crew renovates a church courtyard with a textured concrete walkway, custom wood benches, and a raised planting bed.
S23E05 Betsy-Tacy Home: Decoration 04/04/2009 The Hometime crew makes its last visit to this historic home to create a sidewalk outside and to finish painting and wallpapering the interior.
S23E06 Eat-In-Kitchen: Demolition 11/04/2009 The Hometime crew takes a small kitchen and starts work to improve storage and functionality.
S23E07 Eat-In-Kitchen: Cabinets 18/04/2009 The Hometime crew installs new kitchen cabinets, a new sliding door and new floor tile.
S23E08 Eat-In-Kitchen: Wrap Up 25/04/2009 The Hometime crew installs countertops and appliances, as well as a new wood floor for the adjacent living room.
S23E09 Sculpture Studio: Framing 02/05/2009 The Hometime crew converts an unused, tuck-under garage into a metal-working studio with a new heater and a downsized garage door.
S23E10 Sculpture Studio: Finishing 09/05/2009 The Hometime crew wraps up the workshop with doors, windows and welding equipment.
S23E11 Great Room Hardwood Floor 05/09/2009 The Hometime crew installs a super-hard, prefinished wood floor.
S23E12 Travertine Floor 12/09/2009 The Hometime crew installs large-format limestone flooring.
S23E13 Seven-Year Plan 19/09/2009 The Hometime crew works with a designer to identify and prioritize a house-wide makeover. Then they begin with the first phase: tearing apart the living room and dining room.
S23E14 Kitchen Facelift 26/09/2009 The Hometime crew transforms a kitchen with re-faced cabinets along with new counters, tile, appliances and lighting.
S23E15 Great Room Update 03/10/2009 The Hometime crew uses new trim, wood flooring, lighting, paint and furniture to transform a dated, 1970s living room and dining room.
S23E16 Linoleum Flooring 10/10/2009 The Hometime crew installs sheet and tile linoleum on the Hometime log cabin basement floor.
S23E17 Cabin Kitchen Upgrade 17/10/2009 The Hometime crew modifies and upgrades cabinets, appliances, countertops and plumbing fixtures.
S23E18 Vacation Home Laundry Room 24/10/2009 The Hometime crew adds new cabinets and plumbing fixtures to a log cabin lower level.
S23E19 Historic Summer Home -- Structural Upgrades 31/10/2009 Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew remove cabinets, asbestos flooring and a concrete slab then ingeniously reinforce sagging walls and pour a new concrete kitchen floor.
S23E20 Historic Summer Home -- Kitchen 07/11/2009 Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew rebuild old cabinets and install historically sensitive countertops, flooring, fixtures and appliances remodeling this 100-year-old kitchen.
S23E21 Barrel Vault Basement 14/11/2009 The Hometime crew transforms a bland, unfinished basement by juggling doors and windows, repairing humps and cracks in the floor, and creating an arched ceiling.
S23E22 Party Kitchen 21/11/2009 The Hometime crew puts in doors, tile and cabinets for the basement wet bar and peninsula.
S23E23 Arched Wood Panels 28/11/2009 The Hometime crew puts in granite countertops and a trendy shower door then wrap up the custom wood paneling around a basement fireplace.
S23E24 Attic Trusses 05/12/2009 The Hometime crew shores up the block walls then uses attic trusses to create a room over a flat-roofed, detached garage.
S23E25 Standalone Garage 12/12/2009 The Hometime crew seals up the exterior of the garage and the new studio above it.
S23E26 Yoga Studio 19/12/2009 The upstairs studio gets paint, flooring, and lighting. The downstairs garage gets flooring and cabinets.
S24E00 00/00/0000
S24E01 Sculpture Studio Extension - Floor 06/02/2010 The Hometime crew uses pavers and retaining walls to capture space under a second-story deck.
S24E02 Sculpture Studio Extension - Walls 13/02/2010 The Hometime crew frames and insulates curtain walls to enclose the space under a second-story deck.
S24E03 Sculpture Studio Extension - Wrap Up 20/02/2010 The Hometime crew finishes the space under a second-story deck to expand a workshop used to create metal sculpture.
S24E04 Stone Cottage – Cul-De-Sac Prep 27/02/2010 The Hometime crew works with surveyors, graders and architects to prepare a building site. Episode one of a thirty part series focusing on this well-designed, state-of-the-art home.
S24E05 Stone Cottage – Concrete & Foam 06/03/2010 The Hometime crew works with a contractor to excavate for the new house and use poured-in-place insulating concrete forms for the basement walls.
S24E06 Stone Cottage – Instant House 13/03/2010 The Hometime crew helps out as the floors and walls of the house are pre-built in a nearby factory and then quickly assembled at the job site on top of the foundation.
S24E07 Stone Cottage – Roofscape 20/03/2010 The Hometime crew watches as the intricate roof framing components for the house are pre-built off-site, assembled on the ground, and finally hoisted into place.
S24E08 Stone Cottage – Windows 27/03/2010 The Hometime crew supervises the design, construction and installation of the windows for the home, and explains the natural slate roofing system.
S24E09 Stone Cottage – Concrete Floors 03/04/2010 The Hometime crew prepares for and supervises the installation of the basement, garage and porch floors.
S24E10 Stone Cottage – Inner Workings 10/04/2010 The Hometime crew manages the installation of the ductwork, recessed lighting, and central vacuum while also helping out with the driveway, stonework and siding.
S24E11 Stone Cottage – Insulation 17/04/2010 The Hometime crew installs cables for lighting control, audio, video and security and helps out with several types of insulation.
S24E12 Stone Cottage – Geothermal 24/04/2010 The Hometime crew helps out installing the radiant floor heating system and the geothermal heating and cooling equipment.
S24E13 His and Her Garage 11/09/2010 The Hometime crew wraps up a project with a second floor yoga studio for “her” and a garage-level workshop for "him."
S24E14 Stone Cottage -- Interior Walls 18/09/2010 After some last-minute preparation crews install four different types of wall board for the interior walls and ceilings.
S24E15 Stone Cottage -- Vaulted Ceilings 25/09/2010 The project house gets sheathing for the floors, extra-tough primer on the walls, and a stained-cedar vaulted ceiling in three high-profile rooms.
S24E16 Stone Cottage -- Millwork 02/10/2010 Wooden beams are built outside for the porches. Inside, hardwood trim wainscoting is installed.
S24E17 Stone Cottage -- Exterior Doors 09/10/2010 The Hometime crews scopes out how the custom matching garage and entry doors are made, and helps out leveling the floors for tiling.
S24E18 Stone Cottage -- Tile 16/10/2010 The Hometime crew helps out as craftsmen install ceramic and natural stone tile in the bathrooms, natural stone on the fireplace, and natural stone for the retaining walls.
S24E19 Stone Cottage -- Driveway 23/10/2010 The Hometime crew installs the paver driveway, as well as the master bathroom cabinets.
S24E20 Stone Cottage -- Interior Doors 30/10/2010 The Hometime crew works on the interior doors, kitchen cabinets, wainscoting, and exterior columns.
S24E21 Stone Cottage -- Laundry Room 06/11/2010 The Hometime crew installs custom cabinets for the laundry room and starts the home’s wood flooring.
S24E22 Stone Cottage -- Office 13/11/2010 The home office begins to take shape, as the custom staircase work begins.
S24E23 Stone Cottage -- Countertops 20/11/2010 The stone countertops are fabricated and installed.
S24E24 Stone Cottage -- Fixtures and Appliances 27/11/2010 The Hometime crew installs cabinets, countertops and landscaping.
S24E25 Stone Cottage -- Retractable Screens 22/01/2011 The covered porch gets motorized screens, the garage floor gets an epoxy coating, and the last few cabinets are installed.
S24E26 Stone Cottage -- Sod and Stone 29/01/2011 The custom handrail is built, granite countertops are installed, the drip irrigation is wrapped up, and the yard gets sod.
S25E01 Stone Cottage -- Finishing the Trim 05/02/2011 Varnishing the cherry millwork, applying stone on the basement fireplace and wrapping up the irrigation.
S25E02 Stone Cottage -- Porch Railing 12/02/2011 The metal railing gets built, sandblasted, powder coated and installed while the garage walls and ceiling are paneled.
S25E03 Stone Cottage -- Lighting 19/02/2011 The recessed lights, hanging lights, and surface-mounted fixtures are installed.
S25E04 Stone Cottage -- Kitchen & Baths 26/02/2011 Installation of state-of-the-art lighting controls, undercabinet lights, and mirrors finishes off the kitchen and bathrooms.
S25E05 Recycled Fence 05/03/2011 Taking down a tall cedar privacy fence and re-milling the lumber to create a “new” picket fence.
S25E06 Granite Bar Top 12/03/2011 Expanding a basement entertainment area with a new island and hand-blown lamp shades.
S25E07 Porch and Rail 19/03/2011 A plain vanilla covered porch gets upgraded with hardwood decking and a PVC railing system.
S25E08 Circular Beds 26/03/2011 A front yard is redesigned with a circle theme in the planting beds, the patios and the driveway.
S25E09 Stone Cottage -- Lower Level 02/04/2011 Finishing the gas fireplace, wet bar tile and workshop walls and ceiling.
S25E10 Stone Cottage -- Storage 09/04/2011 Installing cabinets and hanging storage for the garage and the workshop.
S25E11 Stone Cottage -- Carpet 16/04/2011 Preparing and installing area rugs, stair runners and wall-to-wall carpet and testing out the new central vacuum.
S25E12 Stone Cottage -- Electronics 23/04/2011 Installing and operating the home theater, the lighting control system, and the whole-house audio.
S25E13 Closet Organizers 01/10/2011 Hometime explores the storage options for closets and installs a discrete fireplace screen.
S25E14 Wine Cellar 08/10/2011 Hometime builds a sophisticated wine cellar racking system and installs a climate control unit.
S25E15 Side Porch 15/10/2011 Hometime builds massive decorative wood brackets and gives a new kitchen a test run with a local celebrity chef.
S25E16 Workshop 22/10/2011 Sophisticated tool storage systems and a custom workbench.
S25E17 Home Theater 29/10/2011 The latest in TV technology and automated controls for entertainment equipment.
S25E18 Outdoor Kitchen Island 05/11/2011 Hometime builds an outdoor cooking island and anchors an outdoor lamp post.
S25E19 Built-in Grill 12/11/2011 Hometime sets an outdoor grill into a stone and granite island.
S25E20 Mailbox & Flower Box 19/11/2011 Thoughtful design and careful carpentry tie mailboxes and a flower box to the architectural style of a home.
S25E21 Cottage Style Expressions 26/11/2011 Building full extension drawers, attaching snow guards and exploring a home’s cottage style.
S25E22 Microscapes 1 03/12/2011 Hometime helps two neighbors design and begin installing coordinated landscaping on smaller adjacent lots.
S25E23 Microscapes 2 10/12/2011 The Hometime team pitches in to help neighbors finish two smaller, coordinated landscapes.
S25E24 Exterior Harmony: Windows 14/01/2012 Hometime explores the blending of exterior elements in new home constructions with a focus on windows as well as the installation of a landscape bridge.
S25E25 Exterior Harmony: Roofing 21/01/2012 Dean and Miriam frame and deck the new landscape bridge as the home’s roof gets covered with copper and synthetic slate.
S25E26 Exterior Harmony: Siding 28/01/2012 The new landscape bridge is ready for railings and a beautiful set of steps as the new home gets a complete system of siding, soffits, fascia and trim.
S26E01 Exterior Harmony: Doors and Stone 04/02/2012 The new home’s architecture is enhanced with continuity of garage doors, entry doors and shutters as the foundation is covered with natural thin veneer stone.
S26E02 Exterior Harmony: Driveway and Walkway 11/02/2012 Dean, Miriam, Dan and Bucky pitch in to install a paver driveway, walkway and step veneer.
S26E03 Kitchen and Mud Room Remodel 1 03/03/2012 Dean, Miriam, and the Hometime crew begin updating the 1970’s remodel of a 1911 kitchen with new windows and a new patio door in the bumpout.
S26E04 Kitchen and Mud Room Remodel 2 10/03/2012 Double hung windows are updated with new inserts as Hometime guts the kitchen and reframes the powder room for a pocket door.
S26E05 Kitchen and Mud Room Remodel 3 17/03/2012 Dean and Miriam finish up rough-ins, insulation, drywall and priming to get ready for new cabinets.
S26E06 Kitchen and Mud Room Remodel 4 24/03/2012 Dean and Miriam show how to blend two different finishes as they install new cabinets.
S26E07 Kitchen and Mud Room Remodel 5 31/03/2012 Dean and Miriam get the kitchen, mud room and powder room areas ready for new flooring and countertops.
S26E08 Kitchen and Mud Room Remodel 6 07/04/2012 It’s time for finishing touches as Dean and Miriam trim out the kitchen, mud room and powder room.
S26E09 Kitchen and Mud Room Remodel 7 14/04/2012 Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew fire up the fixtures and appliances as they wrap up the project.
S26E10 Front Entry Curb Appeal 21/04/2012 Dean and Miriam look at roofing, stone, garage doors and stamped concrete from the curb appeal perspective as a new home is built.
S26E11 Screen Porch Highlights 28/04/2012 Dean and Miriam talk about roofing, railings and a realistic gas fireplace during the construction of a screen porch.
S26E12 Homes for a Home Show 05/05/2012 Dean and Miriam document the construction of two new homes, built inside a home and garden show.
S26E13 Quartz Kitchen Remodel 12/05/2012 Dean, Miriam and the crew demo some old kitchen countertops and install new quartz surfaces.
S26E14 Exterior Harmony: Landscape Wrap 06/10/2012 Finishing a hilly back yard with landscape steps and tile, a fire ring, plants and sprinklers.
S26E15 North Woods Trees 13/10/2012 Planting site-appropriate trees after a storm and building a crib for firewood cut and split from the damaged timber.
S26E16 Timber Shed Wall Framing 20/10/2012 Pre-building timber frame walls inside and re-building on a new slab near Hometime Log Cabin.
S26E17 Timber Shed Roof Framing 27/10/2012 Pre-building timber frame style roof trusses inside and re-assembling those on site as shed construction continues.
S26E18 Stamped Concrete Patio Demo 03/11/2012 Taking out old concrete to repair, reframe and reseal the patio over a storage area.
S26E19 Stamped Concrete Patio Re-Poured 10/11/2012 Re-pouring and re-stamping the concrete patio while fixing up the storage area below.
S26E20 Built-In Gas Grill 17/11/2012 Resetting an outdoor natural stone island, covering it with granite and setting a new built-in gas grill.
S26E21 Island Kitchen 2.0: Cabinets 24/11/2012 Updating an island kitchen with new cabinets includes visits with the designer and the manufacturer.
S26E22 Island Kitchen 2.0: Countertops 01/12/2012 Finishing up the new cabinets for the island kitchen and covering those with new countertops.
S26E23 Island Kitchen 2.0: Appliances 08/12/2012 Installing lights, plumbing fixtures and appliances.
S26E24 Timber Shed Doors 15/12/2012 Installing custom carriage house doors and laying a system of tailored pavers.
S26E25 Timber Shed Roof and Stone 22/12/2012 Installing clay tile roofing and natural stone cladding for the walls.
S26E26 Timber Shed Finishing Touches 29/12/2012 Finishing up the exterior and getting the new shed ready for winter.
S27E01 Log Cabin Systems 1 02/02/2013 Updating critical vacation home systems with state of the art filtration and microbe inoculation.
S27E02 Log Cabin Systems 2 09/02/2013 Wireless home security components, anti-scald, thermostatic bath valves and lead-safe remodeling practices.
S27E03 Creekside Home Preview 16/02/2013 Getting ready for new home construction with coverage of plans, foundation materials and proper silt fence techniques ...
S27E04 Creekside Home Foundation 23/02/2013 Placing and filling energy-saving insulated concrete forms for the new home foundation
S27E05 Creekside Home Framing 06/04/2013 The new home’s foundation forms are filled with concrete as the framed walls are pre-built at a factory
S27E06 Creekside Home Dormers 13/04/2013 Setting pre-cast hollow core panels, laying drainage pipe around the foundation and framing the basement.
S27E07 Creekside Home Roofing 20/04/2013 Setting first floor trusses and walls on site while previewing the reclaimed lumber to be used for the home's decorative timber frame trusses.
S27E08 Creekside Home Stone 27/04/2013 Setting the second floor trusses and walls as plans for the roof framing are finalized.
S27E09 Creekside Home Trusses 08/06/2013 Installing trusses and sheathing; timber framers.
S27E10 Creekside Home Timbers 15/06/2013 Hanging timber frame trusses over the great room.
S27E11 Creekside Home Windows 22/06/2013 Drying in the home; installing windows properly.
S27E12 Creekside Home Siding 29/06/2013 Staining and applying shingle siding.
S27E13 Creekside Home Drainage 05/10/2013 Learn about PVC fittings, plastic plumbing supplies and solving big drainage issues in new home construction.
S27E14 Creekside Home Concrete 12/10/2013 Find out what it takes to make a basement floor water-tight and warm to the toes.
S27E15 Creekside Home Dried In 19/10/2013 See the last few steps needed to get things dried in, including a lot of glass from top to bottom.
S27E16 Creekside Home Garage 26/10/2013 Discover the secrets to keeping a new garage well-drained and warm.
S27E17 Energy-Smart Sunroom 02/11/2013 See how new doors, finished millwork and a ceiling fan freshen up an aging sunroom while increasing energy efficiency (with former Hometime co-host Joanne Liebeler).
S27E18 Creekside Home Mechanicals 09/11/2013 Learn about the critical steps in saving energy with a new home's mechanical systems.
S27E19 Creekside Home Exteriors 16/11/2013 Find out how multiple elements are blended together to create harmonious exteriors.
S27E20 Creekside Home Surfaces 23/11/2013 Discover ways to cover floors, walls and ceilings as the new home project continues.
S27E21 Creekside Home Yardscapes 30/11/2013 See how stone, pavers and plants complement the new home exterior.
S27E22 Creekside Home Interiors 07/12/2013 Explore new ways to complement a home's architecture with interior finishes.
S27E23 Creekside Home Cabinets 04/01/2014 Work continues on the Creekside Home exterior as the team starts planning for cabinets throughout the house.
S27E24 Creekside Home Fixtures 11/01/2014 The back deck is finished, the driveway begins and the manufacture of plumbing fixtures is highlighted as the Creekside Home project continues.
S27E25 Creekside Home Kitchen and Baths 18/01/2014 Finishing the driveway at the Creekside Home, exploring bathroom options and visiting a kitchen transformation.
S27E26 Creekside Home Furnishings 25/01/2014 The siding gets as far as possible before roofing, the garages doors are under construction and it's a good time to re-visit some past projects for inspiration on furnishing the Creekside Home.
S28E01 Creekside Home Heat 01/02/2014 Learn about different ways to run radiant floor heat and streamline heating as the boiler gets hooked.
S28E02 Creekside Home Garage Doors 08/02/2014 See how the custom garage doors blend in with the rest of the new home's architecture as the installers overcome a challenging roof line.
S28E03 Creekside Home Light and Glass 15/02/2014 Discover new ways to use light ang glass in new homes and remodeling.
S28E04 Ranch Addition Framing 05/04/2014 An architect's design ideas for his home are implemented while he and his family continue to live in it.
S28E05 Ranch Addition Roof and Siding 12/04/2014 How to blend salvaged materials into new construction. Also: pouring a great-room floor.
S28E06 Ranch Addition Floors 19/04/2014 Reclaimed marble and polished concrete are used as two floors are completed in an addition.
S28E07 Ranch Addition Kitchen 26/04/2014 How a sheet of stainless steel is turned into a kitchen countertop.
S28E08 Ranch Addition Landscape 03/05/2014 How to use concrete slabs to negotiate a steep yard; and float cork planks over concrete for a meditation room.
S28E13 Creekside Home Bracket Install 18/10/2014 Decorative cedar brackets are installed.
S28E14 Creekside Home Stone Floor 25/10/2014 Natural stone tile is set in the new home's front entry, mud room and kitchen.
S28E15 Creekside Home Millwork 01/11/2014 Pre-hanging doors. Also: low-profile LED lights for suspended ceilings.
S28E16 Creekside Home Garage Floor Coating 08/11/2014 Learn how to coat a garage floor with a protective finish and a high-gloss surface.
S28E17 Creekside Home Bathroom Tile 15/11/2014 The uses of porcelain tile in modern bathrooms.
S28E18 Creekside Home Central Vac 22/11/2014 Central vacuum systems are discussed.
S28E19 Creekside Home Landscape 29/11/2014 A yard is designed, irrigated and planted.
S28E20 Creekside Home Porches 06/12/2014 See how the decorative trim and other features on the porches blend with the rest of the home's architecture.
S28E21 Creekside Home Great Room 13/12/2014 How to improve a great room's functionality through cabinet design.
S28E22 Creekside Home Lower Level 03/01/2015 Work on the downstairs turns it into more than just a basement.
S28E23 Creekside Home Mud Room 10/01/2015 The mud room is worked on.
S28E24 Creekside Home Organizing 17/01/2015 Explore ways to deal effectively with the accumulation of stuff.
S28E25 Creekside Home Kitchen 24/01/2015 The progress in the kitchen is spotlighted. Included: what's new in kitchens.
S28E26 Creekside Home Design 31/01/2015 The transitional home decor is discussed.