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Hope for Wildlife is a unique wildlife rehab center on Canada’s east coast. Hope Swinimer and her team rescue, rehabilitate and release more than one thousand injured and orphaned animals each year. This documentary series captures the devotion of veterinarians, volunteers and staff struggling to save every animal they can.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hope for Wildlife

S01E01 A New Hope 00/00/0000 Wildlife rehab isn’t always pretty and takes an army of volunteers; Hope releases her deer but one little fawn isn’t ready for the wild.
S01E02 Gala 00/00/0000 The spring baby boom arrives early delivering a baby owl, hoards of raccoons and an injured eagle on Hope’s doorstep as she scrambles to prepare for a big fundraiser.
S01E03 Outfoxed 00/00/0000 Hope and her team are on a rescue mission for some orphaned fox pups and she’s forced to make a tough decision about an owl that could be carrying a disease deadly to humans.
S01E04 Chase the Seal 00/00/0000 Everyone adores the newest arrival at Hope for Wildlife but Hope fears her love for this seal will end in heartbreak.
S01E05 Foxes in the Henhouse 00/00/0000 Hope fights to save a dozen tiny chicks trapped in their shells as Kim searches for more fox pups left orphaned and alone.
S01E06 Ester the Moose 00/00/0000 Hope’s first moose arrives under mysterious circumstances but she must cut through the red tape to save it as spring’s first fawns flood the rehab.
S01E07 Copper 00/00/0000 A little fox with big health problems needs multiple surgeries; four raptors leave Hope for Wildlife – but only two return to the wild.
S01E08 Outbreak: Part One 00/00/0000 One longterm patient takes an important step toward recovery but a mysterious illness sweeps the rehab killing dozens of other animals, endangering hundreds more.
S01E09 Outbreak: Part Two 00/00/0000 Hope takes drastic measures and makes heartwrenching decisions to prevent the spread of the outbreak across the rehab.
S01E10 A Bright Spot 00/00/0000 A behind the scenes look at the care of creatures at Hope for Wildlife; one pesky patient refuses to leave the rehab.
S01E11 Saying Goodbye 00/00/0000 Hope says goodbye to two of her most celebrated patients and her volunteers grapple with the grim reality of wildlife rehabilitation.
S01E12 Open House 00/00/0000 Hope releases dozens of rehabilitated patients in preparation for her big event and two volunteers discover just how wild wildlife can get as a violent storm threatens to ruin everything.
S01E13 Deerly Beloved 00/00/0000 Doctor Barry ties the knot, another eagle undergoes lifeordeath surgery and Hope’s year comes full circle as she releases the deer that arrived as tiny spring fawns.

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