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Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 is an American/Canadian 3D CGI animated television series created by Mattel, Nelvana and Nerd Corps Entertainment. A two-episode preview aired on the Cartoon Network in the United States on August 24th, 2009. The series will make its official debut on August 29. The first trailer for the series was released on the official Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 website on June 25, 2009.[2] The first two episodes aired on Monday, August 24th. This is the forth production by Nerd Corps Entertainment, following Storm Hawks, League of Super Evil, and Dragon Booster.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

S01E01 Starting Line 24/08/2009 Vert Wheeler is pulled into another dimension to race in a battle against two fighting groups.
S01E02 Gearing Up 24/08/2009 The newly assembled team practices survival skills and controlling their vehicles.
S01E03 Common Cold War 05/09/2009 Agura becomes frustrated with her teammates' hang ups, especially Spinner's fear of germs.
S01E04 Basic Training 12/09/2009 While training in a BattleZone, the team decides to infiltrate a Sark factory.
S01E05 Missing in Action 19/09/2009 Zoom is captured after feeling neglected by the team.
S01E06 Junkyard Dogged 26/09/2009 In order to obtain the next BattleKey, Spinner and Sherman work together and face off against an evil junkyard dog.
S01E07 Behind Enemy Lines 03/10/2009 Vert goes undercover as a Vandal to uncover their secrets of the BattleZone.
S01E08 My Man Zug 10/10/2009 Stanford becomes friends with a shifty character named Zug. The Battle Force 5 is worried that he might be losing focus.
S01E09 Frenemy 07/11/2009 Stanford discovers that he's the descendant of a famed multiverse explorer and ruler. This inspires him to challenge Battle Force 5's leadership structure and make a peace pact with The Vandals, but can they be trusted?!
S01E10 Man Down 14/11/2009 Zoom is injured while the Battle Force 5 is battling in a Battle Zone. Now the rest of the team must find a plant to get the antidote for Zoom.
S01E11 Artificial Intelligence 21/11/2009 After Zeke's brain is encoded with Battle Force 5 secrets, he joins the team on a mission in a BattleZone.
S01E12 Double Down 05/12/2009 During a strange solar flare, something goes awry in the Multiverse and Battle Force 5 find themselves face-to-face with their evil twins! This anti-Battle Force 5 team is so nasty that our heroes must join together with an unlikely ally if they want to keep their bad-selves away from Earth!
S01E13 The Chosen One 30/01/2010 An individual from Zoom's past arrives in Handler Corners to take Zoom back home so that he can fulfill his destiny as the "Chosen One.
S01E14 Stormshocker 06/02/2010 Battle Force 5 must defend "Zeke's Diner" from the Sarks when the diner has been teleported into a BattleZone.
S01E15 Cage Match 13/02/2010 Vert and Zoom must compete in a "Cage of Doom" against the Vandals while trying to outwit a BattleZone with its fiendish agenda.
S01E16 Glitchin' 20/02/2010 After Spinner takes control of a Zentner, Zemerik captures him and forces him to show him the battle moves. Zemerik then tricks Spinner into using the techniques on the Battle Force 5!
S01E17 Cold as Ice 27/02/2010 A super-cold BattleZone enables the Sark's computerized brains to work faster than ever! As a result, Agura and Stanford must put aside their rivalry to battle the hyper-accelerated Sark, a Sark Tangler and a giant Yeti!
S01E18 Mag Wheels 06/03/2010 A BattleZone that will give the battlekey only if the Battle Force 5 win a game of BattleKey Soccer, and the BattleKey is the ball.
S01E19 Time Out 15/05/2010 Hatch has built a time-stopping device that will not only leave the portal open for a Vandal invasion, but freeze time in Handler's Corners.
S01E20 Artifact Attack 22/05/2010 Sherman and Spinner's obsession over gathering Battlezone artifacts prove to be extremely dangerous when their souvenir collection comes to life.
S01E21 Swarmed 29/05/2010 Vert is trapped inside a giant nest of mechanical wasps. Stanford must lead Battle Force 5 to keep the Vandals from reaching Earth while figuring out a way to get Vert out before it's too late...
S01E22 Gladiators 05/06/2010 The Battle Force 5 and the Vandals are forced to fight against each other, and fellow teammates, in a battlezone run by a deranged, red Sark named Tors-10.
S01E23 Spinning Out 12/06/2010 Stanford gets a hard lesson about self-relience as the Battle Force 5 must stabilize the Cycloid Zone to prevent the multiverse from collapsing. However, a swarm of energy leeches prove to be a considerable obstacle, as they can drain energy from their vehicles and equipment.
S01E24 Mobi 3.0 19/06/2010 When Sage needs to be updated, she is taken to a battlezone in the Mobi. But while downloading new files, the team encounters Zemerik who is trying to take control of both Sage and the Mobi.
S01E25 Axis of Evil - Part 1 26/06/2010 Tired of constantly being defeated by Battle Force 5, the Vandals and the Sark join forces to form an 'Axis of Evil,' and fake their demise in a plan to seize the Battle Keys. Meanwhile, the BF5 try to find a solution to Sage's dependence on the Mobi.
S01E26 Axis of Evil - Part 2 26/06/2010 Trapped on the Blue Sentient Homeworld, the Battle Force 5 is forced to ally themselves with the Sark to save Sage and the multiverse. However, a far greater evil is released.
S02E01 Ascent of the Red Sentients - Part 1 18/09/2010 Picking up from the first season finale, Krytus begins the search for his teammates.
S02E02 Ascent of the Red Sentients Part 2 18/09/2010 Krytus frees the rest of his team and the Battle Force 5 must master the fusion process in order to defeat the Red Sentient 5. The combination SkyKnife debuts.
S02E03 Battleship 5 25/09/2010 The Battle Force 5 search a Mobi wreck for important Sentient Data Logs. The problem is that the wreck is at the bottom of the Vandal Ocean. The combination Tangler Command Center debuts.
S02E04 Uprising 02/10/2010 A new Vandal shows up and challenges Kalus for the title of Vandal Warlord: Grimian! The combination SmashClaw debuts.
S02E05 The Power of Resistance 09/10/2010 Battle Force 5 learn from Zemerik that there is a rebellion against the Red Sentients on one of the Red Sentient moons. Tezz Volitov joins the Battle Force 5! The Splitwire debuts.
S02E06 The Crimson One 16/10/2010 The team have to search for and destroy the Double-Helix Crystal. Stanford must overcome his insecurity whenever he fails, and Vert learns that he plays an important role in a Sentient legend called the "Crimson One". The combination SonicSlash debuts.
S02E07 Spawn Hunters 20/11/2010 The Battle Force 5 decide to hunt down the Red Sentients' re-spawn chambers. Tezz must overcome his arrogance as Sage deals with Stanford's superstition. The combination ShockBlade debuts.
S02E08 Found!...And Lost 27/11/2010 When the team escapes into a desolate zone, they discover a Diad collecting Blue Sentient shells. But when the Diad is captured by a pursuing Kyburi, they must rescue him from the Red Sentient homeworld before the Reds learn of his mission.
S02E09 Deep Freeze 04/12/2010 The team must locate a terraforming device which could restore Blue Sentient civilization, and the Ice Zone it's in prompts Vert to bring in a new recruit. A.J. Dalton joins the Battle Force 5! The GearSlammer and the combination RigSaw debut.
S02E10 Lord of the Kharamanos 11/12/2010 The Battle Force 5 search for a way into the Red Sentient Homeworld, only to end up on the Vandal homeworld. Tezz learns compassion and to be more of a team player, as he and Vert discover the Vandals' most important secret: their vehicles are being built by an enslaved race of super-engineers.
S02E11 Fusion Confusion 29/01/2011 When a freak accident causes Sherman and Grimian to switch minds, the Battle Force 5 must rescue Sherman from the Vandals and pull himself together before Grimian relays Earth's coordinates to Krytus.
S02E12 Mouth of The Dragon 05/02/2011 Battle Force 5 must enlist the aid of the Order of the Flying Fists to drive the Red Sentients away from Earth. Zoom's former master is more than what he seems.
S02E13 Full Throttle 12/02/2011 To prevent Krytus from locating Sage, Battle Force 5 enlist the aid of pro racer and Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon in order to destroy the scanner that's being used to search the Multiverse.
S02E14 Stone Cold Warrior 19/02/2011 Battle Force 5 meet Rawkus, a golem responsible for maintaining the balance of the Multiverse. Can Zoom gain his trust when the Red Sentients steal his Power Core Stone?
S02E15 Shadow Zone 26/02/2011 Rawkus brings Vert and Zoom to the Shadow Zone to find the lost minds of the Blue Sentients. The key, however, lies within Sage.
S02E16 Hunt for the Magmatrox 05/03/2011 The Battle Force 5 must find and rescue the legendary and nearly extinct Magmatrox before the Red Sentients hunt it down!
S02E17 Sol Survivor 16/04/2011 The Battle Force 5 race against time to save Sage's mentor, Sol.
S02E18 The Blue Tide 23/04/2011 Under the pretense of stopping Krytus from upgrading the Red Sark, the Battle Force 5 ally with Zemerik on a mission to an ancient Sark Factory. However, Zemerik has other plans for the factory. Meanwhile, a lightning strike permanently fuses the Buster and Tangler.
S02E19 Legacy 30/04/2011 Vert is reunited with his long lost father! After catching up on their relationship, he leads the Battle Force 5 to a Red Sentient Mobi that Tors-10 was constructing.
S02E20 Shadow Runners 07/05/2011 Vert gets trapped in the Shadow Zone with Krytus and are forced to work together to get out! If not, the entire Multiverse will be destroyed!
S02E21 Blast from the Past 14/05/2011 The Battle Force 5 are transported 1,000,000 years back to the Sentients' distant past! Not only must they battle their way back home in an ancient gladitorial game, but they must make certain history unfolds the way it was originally supposed to.
S02E22 Grimian's Secret 18/06/2011 The Battle Force 5 learn of Grimian's alliance with Krytus! Meanwhile, Tezz's scientific curiosity gets him captured by the Vandals!
S02E23 Better Off Red 25/06/2011 Vert must work with Krytus to prevent Sage from creating a doomsday device that will end the Multiverse! But is this really the truth? The secret to the Red Sentients' Re-Spawn technology is revealed.
S02E24 Get Zemerik 02/07/2011 Pursued by the Red Sentients, Zemerik and Zug flee to the Torborian Badlands. While Krytus pursues him, the Battle Force 5 seek vital information from Zemerik's hard-drive that would mean the end of the Sark!
S02E25 Rumble in the Jungle 09/07/2011 When the Vandals attack the Kharamanos homeworld, the Battle Force 5 must help the Kharamanos stop the Vandals once and for all!
S02E26 Unite and Strike 16/07/2011