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AcceleRacers is a brand new chapter in the Hot Wheels saga! Vert Wheeler, Kurt Wylde, Taro Kitano and Mark Wylde are back with brand new cars, new teams and new drivers at their sides. Two new teams are formed, Teku and Metal Maniacs, and their mission is to stop the Racing Drones, a sinister team driven by an ancient evil that has destroyed Highway 35 and put Tezla's life in danger. Also back for the adventure are former World Race drivers Lani Tam and Kadeem who are now working behind-the-scenes for Tezla along with his sidekick Gig. It's been two years since the World Race so expect some changes in Vert and Mark who are now older and more experienced. AcceleRacers will air in four parts. Each part will air seperately throughout the year: Cartoon Network Schedule January 8, 2005: Part One (Ignition) March 19, 2005: Part Two (Speed of Silence) June 25, 2005: Part Three (Breaking Point) October 1, 2005: Part Four (Ultimate Race) AcceleRacer Teams Teku„¢ Th


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hot Wheels Highway 35

S01E01 World Race: Ring of Fire 00/00/0000 The five leaders for the World Race teams, Wave Rippers, Scorchers, Street Breed, Dune Ratz and Road Beasts, are chosen and are quickly sent into Highway 35 where their first challenge includes the lava-filled Volcano Track. But things heat up when Wave Ripper Lani Tam gets caught in the uncontrolable lava of the volcano.
S01E02 World Race: The Greatest Challenge 00/00/0000 Just as the teams get ready for the Greatest Challenge, a giant and deadly road blocking device, Kurt's younger brother Mark joins in on the adventure. But, as enthusiastic as Mark is, Kurt doesn't want his kid brother around. Fortunately, Vert is impressed by the driving ability of his rival's brother so he asks Mark to join the Wave Rippers.
S01E03 World Race: Desert Heat 00/00/0000 Dune Ratz leader Kadeem nearly does the impossible and comes close to grabbing the Wheel of Power, which he hopes will let him win World Race and the prize that could help his people back home.
S01E04 World Race: Frozen Fire 00/00/0000 Mark Wylde faces off against his older brother Kurt Wylde through the very dangerous ice-covered mountains of Highway 35. It'll be a Wylde ride but which brother will come out on top?
S01E05 World Race: Wheel of Power 00/00/0000 Tezla finally gets his hands on the Wheel of Power but an invasion at the complex proves that someone else won't give it up with out a fight. Fortunately the World Race team leaders join forces to keep the Wheel of Power from falling into the wrong hands. A final showdown on Highway 35 ensues.
S02E01 AcceleRacers: Ignition 00/00/0000 Vert and Kurt have teamed up and are now part of the street racers known as Teku. Meanwhile, Kurt's younger brother Mark and former Scorchers leader Taro are now part of the Metal Maniacs, who happen to be the main rivals of the Teku. A heated race between the two teams is cut short when Tezla calls on the help of his old World Race allies. It appears that Gelorum has returned. She has stolen the Wheel of Power and destroyed Highway 35 in the process. Tezla sends the racers, along with some of their new teammates, into the Racing Realms in hopes of retrieving the Wheel from Gelorum's clutches. They soon discover that the Racing Realms are unknown dimensions that are not only much more difficult than Highway 35, they're also very deadly. The situation isn't made any easier when Gelorum sends out her Racing Drones to destroy the Teku and Metal Maniacs.
S02E02 AcceleRacers: The Speed of Silence 00/00/0000 Lani learns that Tezla has been purposely pitting the drivers who hate each other the most against one another in hopes of getting a stronger and more dedicated performance out of them. Meanwhile, Karma studies one of the Racing Drones and discovers their secret to dominating the Racing Realms.
S02E03 AcceleRacers: Breaking Point 00/00/0000 The drivers enter the Neon Pipeline Realm where they have to master not only drafting, but also driving on the inside and outside of an elaborate network of pipes. The drivers discover the presence of the mysterious Silencerz team.
S02E04 AcceleRacers: The Ultimate Race 00/00/0000
S00E01 World Race:The Movie 12/07/2003 Combines the first five episodes into a feature film.
S00E02 AcceleRacers: Cavern and Lava Realms 00/00/0000
S00E03 AcceleRacers: Cliffside and Ice Realms 00/00/0000
S00E04 AcceleRacers: Ruins and Cosmic Realms 00/00/0000