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House Hunters takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de House Hunters

S01E01 Looking For A Larger Home 30/09/1999 Jayne and Mitchell Englander are renting their bedroom home. With the birth of their second child only three months away, these first-time buyers are under the gun to find a perfect home, get financing and move in before the new baby arrives. The house they buy must be within their budget and in move-in condition yet still satisfy the demands of the growing family.
S01E02 Condominium Search 23/12/1999 After owning a home in the suburbs for five years, Judy and Barry Wallace have grown tired of maintaining and repairing a house. For the past eight months, the couple has been renting a downtown apartment, but that has been less than ideal. Now the Wallaces want the best of both worlds--a maintenance-easy condominium with the flexibility that comes with ownership. Can a loft space in the heart of the city fulfill all of their needs?
S01E03 A Home To Call Their Own 14/10/1999
S01E04 First-Time Homeowners 21/10/1999
S01E05 Beachfront Hopes 28/10/1999
S01E06 Home Downsizing 07/10/1999
S01E07 Moving Back To The City 11/11/1999
S01E08 Family Growth Prompts Move 18/11/1999
S01E09 First American Home 02/12/1999
S01E10 Moving Closer To The Children 09/12/1999
S01E11 Securing A Mortgage 16/12/1999
S01E12 In Search of a Suitable House 13/01/2000
S01E13 For Sale By Owner 16/03/2000
S01E14 Settling For A Smaller Home 30/12/1999 Lisa and Bob Wadley recently relocated from Tennessee to Southern California. This was a big move for the couple, and it was made more difficult by the difference in housing prices between their old and new neighborhoods. Facing the prospect of settling for a much smaller home than the one they left, the couple is determined to find the best possible house for their money--one that will have three bedrooms, a good-size kitchen and it they're lucky, even a swimming pool.
S01E15 Simultaneously Buying and Selling 06/01/2000 Linda and Michael Green have lived in 10 homes since they were married 14 years ago. Now they've decided that the time is right to start searching for house No. 11. Their current home is the first residence the couple has owned, so although they are experts at house hunting, they are facing a new challenge this time around--buying a new home and selling their old one at the same time.
S01E16 Affordable Home Search 20/01/2000 Marci and Dan Powers have been saving up for many years, waiting for the right home to come along. They have been doing their looking on their own, without a realtor. After struggling to find an affordable home, the family is becoming discouraged. Finally, an ideal situation presents itself. If things work out, the Powers may be able to buy a home in the middle of a renovation, complete the construction themselves and save a little money in the bargain.
S01E17 Securing A Home Loan 27/01/2000 Shaun Cooley has been renting an apartment on his own since finishing high school at age 16. Now 19, Cooley has been working as a computer programmer for three years now, and he has amassed a sizable savings. He'd like to put his money to good use and buy his first home. Helping him in this endeavor are two of his childhood friends who have recently started a career in real estate. Together, Cooley and his realtors Steve Erdely and Chad Ceretto, are in the market for a perfect first house. Even if they locate that perfect home, his short credit history may prove to be an obstacle to securing a home loan.
S01E18 Seeking Homeownership 04/05/2000 Nikki and Warren Dow moved into a tiny apartment because of its fabulous location by the beach. Now they are tired of having their bed in the living room and having to move everything around when they want to prepare dinner. They want to buy a house. Helping them to do it is Neda Joncich, a realtor who is also Nikki Dow's sister. They miss out on a house because they don't mind up their mind soon enough. When Nikki finds one she thinks is just right for them, but she and her husband must decide whether to make an offer after seeing it only once--in the dark.
S01E19 Smaller Home Search 18/05/2000 Arthur Patterson is a bachelor who is eager to downsize from his 36-year-old fixer-upper house to a more manageable place that requires less maintenance. Because Patterson has grown rather attached to his current neighborhood, he is hoping to find a house or condominium in the near vicinity. With the assistance of his cousin and realtor Linda Dionisio, Patterson will be selling his house and searching for a smaller home that is more in tune with his busy lifestyle.
S01E20 Leaving Behind Apartment Living 24/02/2000 Amie and Mark Bradford are ready to leave apartment living behind. The problem is, most single-family homes in the neighborhood that the couple loves are out of their budget range. With the help of realtor Nick Peters, the Bradfords hope to find the perfect compromise between apartment living and a costly new home.
S01E21 Maintanence-Free Yard 25/05/2000 Jaye and Ken Kopp are renting a small house with a spacious garden, but want to trade it in to buy a larger home with a maintenance-free yard. They start out on their own, but they run into a like-minded realtor Chris Brotman, along the way. Together the Kopps and Brotman find a house that is just the right size, and with a little something unique to fit the Kopps' taste.
S01E22 Growth Adjustment 23/03/2000 Karen and Greg Cowell and their two young children have outgrown their current house. They want a bigger place with enough room for them and all their toys. Unhappy with the previously owned homes they see with realtor and close friend, Debbie Kelly, they decide to have a brand new house built. They sell their house and move into a rental while the other is built. They then discover that they might be able to do even better.
S01E23 Home By The Sea 08/06/2000 Dr. Mimi Greenberg has set about fulfilling lifetime dreams since her early retirement began several years ago. She is a frequent traveler, but when she is at home, she enjoys the apartment's view of the mountains. She said she has always wanted a home by the sea, however, so she has set out to find a full-service condominium with a view of the ocean. Dr. Greenberg is also physically disabled, so she has certain special requirements for her new home. Her realtor, Gloria Hicks, understands her needs, but she also understands that sometimes buying a new house is not the only way to get what one wants.
S01E24 Move-In-Ready House 30/03/2000 Maria and Alex Romero have just moved to a new city with their two young boys. They are living in a cramped two-bedroom apartment and have only a few days to find a house before Alex goes out of town on business. Their realtor Mary Allen has the challenge of finding them a house that is move-in ready in a matter of days... literally.
S01E25 Downsizing Toward The Ocean 02/03/2000 Marilee and Fred Karlsen have spent the last 27 years happily raising their children in the same house. Now that they've retired, they are determined to trade in their days of yard work and home maintenance for leisurely riding their bicycles along the beach. They said they are ready to downsize and want to do so near the ocean. The problem is finding a house that is the right size for the two of them with a big enough kitchen for Marilee. They also want a place that will provide a beautiful backdrop for all the art they have collected over the years.
S01E26 Finding A House With A Yard 20/04/2000 Francisco Pugliese bought his tiny condominium while he was still a bachelor. It was perfect for him, complete with a beautiful open floor plan and interesting architecture. Now that he is married to Maria and they have a 7-month-old named Frankie, things are a little crowded. They are searching for a house with a yard that works for a family and are hoping they won't have to sacrifice their love for good design and beauty to get it.
S08E01 Making Room for Family 00/00/0000
S08E02 A Place of His Own 00/00/0000
S08E03 Big Apple Bound 00/00/0000
S08E04 Restoration Enthusiasts 00/00/0000
S08E05 Closer Commute 00/00/0000
S08E06 In Search of Old Style 00/00/0000
S08E07 Family-Friendly Neighborhood 00/00/0000
S08E08 More Space, Same Neighborhood 00/00/0000
S08E09 Beach Bound 00/00/0000
S08E10 Following the Sun to Phoenix 00/00/0000
S08E11 Searching for a Dream Home 00/00/0000
S08E12 San Francisco Home 00/00/0000
S08E13 A Home for the Kids 00/00/0000
S08E14 Make Room for Triplets! 00/00/0000
S08E15 Baby Makes Three 00/00/0000
S08E16 Tampa Time 00/00/0000
S08E17 Philadelphia Bound 00/00/0000
S08E18 Boston Bound 00/00/0000
S08E19 Leaving the Bachelor Pad Behind 00/00/0000
S08E20 Time to be a Homeowner Again 00/00/0000
S08E21 South Beach Bound 00/00/0000
S08E22 Seeking a Sense of Community 00/00/0000
S08E23 Heading to the Suburbs 00/00/0000
S08E24 Larger House in Apex 00/00/0000
S08E25 For the Love of Mercer Island 00/00/0000
S08E26 House Hunters Hits the Road! 00/00/0000
S09E01 Inland Bound 00/00/0000
S09E02 Looking for Class & Character 00/00/0000
S09E03 Growing Pains 00/00/0000
S09E04 House With a Yard 00/00/0000
S09E05 House With Room to Grow 00/00/0000
S09E06 A Bigger Piece of Paradise 00/00/0000
S09E07 Travelers Settle Down 00/00/0000
S09E08 Larger House, Same Neighborhood 00/00/0000
S09E09 First Home Together 00/00/0000
S09E10 St. Petersburg Bound 00/00/0000
S09E11 Switching Sides of the Motor City 00/00/0000
S09E12 No More Fixer-Uppers 00/00/0000
S09E13 Larger House for Baby 00/00/0000
S09E14 New Duty Station 00/00/0000
S09E15 Ready to Own 00/00/0000
S09E16 Cramped Living 00/00/0000
S09E17 Planting Southern Roots 00/00/0000
S09E18 Establishing Alaskan Roots 00/00/0000
S09E19 Need More Space, Fast 00/00/0000
S09E20 Seeking Old-Fashioned Style 00/00/0000
S09E21 No More Rent 00/00/0000
S09E22 Ready to Plant Some Roots 00/00/0000
S09E23 Wanted: More Square Footage 00/00/0000
S09E24 Larger Replica 00/00/0000
S09E25 A Place of Her Own 00/00/0000
S10E01 First Home for Four 00/00/0000
S10E02 Goodbye Apartment! 00/00/0000
S10E03 Farewell, Bachelor Pad 00/00/0000
S10E04 Moving to Vegas 00/00/0000
S10E05 Ready to Own 00/00/0000
S10E06 Spanish Style by the Beach 00/00/0000
S10E07 No More Renting 00/00/0000
S10E08 Returning to the City 00/00/0000
S10E09 Moving on to a Mortgage 00/00/0000
S10E10 Outgrowing the Starter Home 00/00/0000
S10E11 Time to Downsize 00/00/0000
S10E12 Branching Out 00/00/0000
S10E13 Baby Makes Three 00/00/0000
S11E01 Wanted: Five Bedrooms 00/00/0000
S11E02 Beachy Sanctuary 00/00/0000
S11E03 From the Beach to the Gables 00/00/0000
S11E04 Closer to the Family 00/00/0000
S11E05 Seeking Storage Space 00/00/0000
S11E06 More Room Required 00/00/0000
S11E07 Dupont Circle Dreams 00/00/0000
S11E08 Leaving Dorm Life Behind 00/00/0000
S11E09 Running Out of Room 00/00/0000
S11E10 Space to Grow 00/00/0000
S11E11 Larger Home in the 'Hood 00/00/0000
S11E12 Time for a Bigger Home 00/00/0000
S11E13 Too Small for Two 00/00/0000
S12E01 Seeking a Shorter Commute 18/11/2004 Nora and Armando Santana moved into their current home just after their wedding, four years ago. This three-bedroom, two-bath 2,000-square-foot home has served them well, but with a second child on the way they are ready to move on to something larger. They also want to find a place that is closer to Armando's work--he's been enduring a one-hour commute each day. Though they won't have the high property value with a new home, the neighborhood they are considering is known for its strong school district--a major plus for the kids as they get older. Real estate agent Melinda Biezonsky has already shown the Santanas more than 100 properties, but no one is ready to give up on the search.
S12E02 Wanted: Small House to Own 02/12/2004 Michelle Schrobilgen is a magazine photographer who travels all over the country shooting pictures of beautiful homes. She's recently moved back home from New York City to be close to her mother, Linda. After renting a tiny walkup in Manhattan, she is ready to spread out and buy her first home. Meanwhile she's camping on her mother's couch. She is looking for a small house with vintage fixtures and Spanish architecture. She needs something with minimal upkeep and a backyard for her two dogs. Family friend and real estate agent Jessica Van Aken steps in to help Schrobilgen with this challenge.
S12E03 Ready to Own 06/01/2005 Banker Shannon Wexler and her husband, David, a cinematographer, are thinking about starting a family. Before they do that, they need to take another big step--from renting to owning. They love the two-bedroom house they rent, but they long for a three-bedroom home with a grassy backyard, home office and two-car garage. They also love to entertain, so they want a formal dining room and a larger kitchen with a dishwasher. Helping them with their search is longtime friend and real estate broker Leslie Lackman.
S12E04 Moving Out of the Nest 30/06/2005 Since finishing college, Cristina Castaneda has been saving money by living with her parents. They own a four-bedroom home with two baths and a pool. Between her parents, her sister, herself, and now her 6-month-old baby, Isabel, this home is filling up pretty quickly. She is ready to move on and buy her own home, preparing for it by working two jobs. She is looking for a three-bedroom, two-bath home with carpet for Isabel to play on inside and a nice yard where she can play outside. She needs to stay near her family because they take care of her daughter when she's at work, and she would consider renting out the third bedroom to help offset her mortgage if a place in the area was too expensive for her tight budget. Real estate agent Amber McClatchey accepts the challenge of finding a suitable home for Castaneda.
S12E05 New House for Baby 23/12/2004 Janine and John Sun have been married for nearly two years, and during that time, they have saved a lot of money by living in John's parents' home. The time has now come for them to take that money and get a place of their own--Janine is seven months pregnant. Owning a home before the baby is born is a top priority. They want three bedrooms in a family friendly community that is closer to Janine's work. Their budget is tight because only she is currently working (John is a graduate student), so they'll be relying heavily on real estate agent Janet Elson to help them find a home in their price range.
S12E06 Stepping Up a Room 05/05/2004 With two dogs, a cat and a home-based business, Frances and Keith Young are running out of space in their two-bedroom, one-bath rental. They are looking to step up to a three-bedroom place with a large fenced-in backyard. They need that extra bedroom as a storage unit for the pet toys they peddle to raise money for animal rescues. Frances also wants to have enough room to house the washer and dryer that has been living in the garage. After two unsuccessful months searching on their own, they hook up with real estate agent Jon Lafferty to try to seal a deal.
S12E07 Time to Buy 30/12/2004 For the past few years, aspiring singer-songwriter Seana Fisher has been living in one apartment after another, while working as an executive assistant to build up her savings. Now, the songbird is ready to change her tune by leaving apartment life behind and buying a house. That means saying goodbye to the 700-square-foot apartment where she lives now — a garage converted into a guesthouse that sits on an alleyway. She wants a house with more convenience, laundry area and a yard for her pets. Helping her on this house hunt is one of her oldest friends, real estate agent Heathermarie Griffin.
S12E08 New Home for Blended Family 20/01/2005 Single parents Lisa Abarta and John Hight are getting married, and that means their two very different families are going to need one big house. Lisa has a 14-year-old, and John has a 7-year-old, each of whom would like to have their own bedroom. Real estate agent Sharon Hays is eager to help this blended family find a place that works for everyone.
S12E09 Condo No More 13/01/2005 Jeff Shank, a special effects artist, is about to turn 40. While his work may be a childhood dream come true, his home has some catching up to do. For the past two years he has lived in a two-bedroom, one-bathroom 1,000-square-foot condo. He loves the kitchen because of its mid-century modern style and the living room for its large windows overlooking the street below, but the floor plan leaves a lot to be desired. He is looking for a midcentury modern home, with a large eat-in kitchen, three bedrooms and a yard for gardening. Realtor Keven McConnell intends to help him find just that.
S12E10 Leaving the Apartment Life 16/12/2004 Ron Badener is a successful chiropractor who has enjoyed living in his modest one-bedroom apartment, just two blocks from the ocean. The small space has allowed him to lead a carefree lifestyle, but he is running out of room. With his 40th birthday fast approaching, he has decided it is finally time to buy a home. He loves the beach community and would like to find a three-bedroom home with a large grassy backyard (he wants to adopt a dog), pool and garage for his motorcycle. Realtor Marcus Kassin is determined to help Badener find his dream home before his birthday arrives.
S12E11 Hollywood Hills Hunt 01/01/2005 Allison and Mark Meyerson live in a historic hillside home in the Hollywood Hills community of Laurel Canyon. They love the area, but not the positioning of their house--it stands 50 steps above the street. In addition, their kitchen is smaller than those in more modern homes, and the detached guest bedroom is a constant source of headaches. They know that buying in the hills will be an uphill battle, but they want to give it a shot. Helping them in the hunt is real estate agent Patrick Martin.
S12E12 Searching for Storage Space 28/04/2005 Eula Fritz inherited the only home she's ever lived in when her grandmother passed away four years ago. For many years Eula, her mom, and her grandmother all lived in the house. It's a special place full of memories, but this two-bedroom, one-bathroom home is older and it doesn't have a lot of storage space. She realizes that it's time to move on. It's going to be hard to leave behind the only home she's ever had, but she thinks her grandmother would understand. She will be accompanied on her hunt by her mom and real estate agent Harley Ramsey.
S12E13 Storage Shortage 17/02/2005 Teacher Courtney Lichterman loves everything about her one-bedroom apartment--the building, location and even the neighbors. But she also likes collecting things, and that's where she runs into trouble. Her collections are spilling out of the closets and off the shelves, and her pug, Tennessee, needs a place to play. Real estate agent Brian Bord is determined to help her find just the right home.
S13E01 Ta-Ta Townhome 00/00/0000
S13E02 Upsize Needed 00/00/0000
S13E03 Adios, Apartment! 00/00/0000
S13E04 Wanted: A Home With Good Bones 00/00/0000
S13E05 Artist Needs More Space 00/00/0000
S13E06 Real Estate Newbies 00/00/0000
S13E07 Finding a Fixer-Upper 00/00/0000
S13E08 Tackling Home Ownership 00/00/0000
S13E09 Moving Inland 00/00/0000
S13E10 Single Mom Seeks Small Space 00/00/0000
S13E11 Montreal Home for a Newborn 00/00/0000
S13E12 Balham Bound 00/00/0000
S13E13 Picking a Paris Pad 00/00/0000
S13E14 Seeking Spaciousness 00/00/0000
S13E15 Small Space Escape 00/00/0000
S13E16 Sayonara Small Space 00/00/0000
S13E17 Italian Apartment Search 00/00/0000
S13E18 Dual-Purpose House 00/00/0000
S13E19 Toronto Condo Search 00/00/0000
S13E20 London Loft Wanted 00/00/0000
S13E21 Campaign Costa Rica 00/00/0000
S13E22 Leaving for the City of Lights 00/00/0000
S13E23 Madrid Move 00/00/0000
S14E01 Dual-Purpose House 14/07/2005 Justin Sloggatt runs a growing film and video production company from inside a shrinking one-bedroom apartment. Now he's on a mission to buy a house for both business and pleasure. He'll need room for all of his equipment and a small staff, plus a generous private space to unwind at the end of the day. Not surprisingly, this budding entrepreneur is on a tight budget. Can he find an affordable fixer that's not too hard to fix?
S14E02 Moving Toward Home 21/07/2005 Ellie and Anthony Perico bought a pristine new home in the suburbs when they got married. But now, two years later, they are fed up with the long commute and miss their family and friends back in town. Ellie, a high-school teacher, and Anthony, a probation Officer, really like their spacious two-story, but aside from their two Akitas, there is no one to share it with. They have decided to give up their suburban palace and search for a place closer to home.
S14E03 Sibling Shelter Search 19/05/2005 Marsha Payne is a single mother of 20-something daughters Monique and Melanie, who both still live at home. Mom Marsha believes it is time for them to leave the nest and find a place of their own. Marsha's mother bought her a home when she was starting out, and now she wants to pass along that tradition to her girls. They are looking for a three-bedroom home near their mother's house. Real estate agent Alvin McGilbray signs on to help them find everything on their wish list.
S14E04 Cooking Up a Place of Their Own 25/08/2005 Jill Bigelow and Gabriel Morales own a successful restaurant. They dated for several years before moving into an apartment together four years ago, but now they are ready to sign their final rent check and buy a place to call their own. While they love their current neighborhood, it is pricey, so they will have to move farther out to find a place they can afford. They don't mind having a long commute and they are not opposed to a fixer-upper, as long as they can find a home that is worthy of their hard-earned profits.
S14E05 Beverly Hills Upgrade 04/08/2005 Sixteen years ago Rosana and Edward Chermisqui left Brazil and moved to Beverly Hills, Calif. A few years later they bought what they thought would be a starter home. But after raising their two boys and making lots of upgrades, the Chermisquis are still there. Now the couple is finally ready to trade up, and this time they're searching for a home with a few more amenities--things like an entryway, guest bath and an open floor plan for entertaining. And they definitely want to stay in Beverly Hills! Real estate agent Laurent Bertet will help them with their hunt.
S14E06 Designed to Buy 02/06/2005 Mario Cunha is a successful clothing designer who moved to California from Brazil several years ago. He has outgrown the small one-bedroom apartment that doubles as an office and is ready to find a space of his own. He wants a house with at least two bedrooms and room for an office, preferably one that needs some work. He is eager to use his talents as a designer to create the perfect house. Real estate agent Cliff Wadama is on board to help him in his quest.
S14E07 First Home Hunt 09/06/2005 Kristine Sabella and Allen Yang fell in love two years ago at a local theater group. The free-spirited, young couple quickly got engaged and moved into a one-bedroom apartment while they planned for the wedding. They soon realized that one bedroom wasn't cutting it, so just three months before the big day, Sabella decides they should buy a house before the wedding. To help them sort through all the options, they have enlisted the help of real estate agent Heather Bergdahl.
S14E08 Leaving the Loft Behind 23/06/2005 Megan and Mike Corcoran are ready to let go of their hip, urban loft and move to a more traditional house in the suburbs. They have grown tired of trudging down nine floors and across two city blocks to walk their dog, Dot. Plus, traffic downtown can be so treacherous, the couple has had to do many of their errands on foot. They are looking for a two-bedroom house with lots of closet space, a huge yard and tons of charm to match their style. To help them make the leap they have enlisted real estate agent Rita Navarrete.
S14E09 First-House Dreams 07/07/2005 Like a lot of newlyweds, Dana and Anthony Behar wanted to buy a house as soon as they were married, but because of the red-hot market, they have had to keep that dream on the back burner for the last three years. They currently rent a two-bedroom apartment that they are quickly outgrowing. They are looking for a three-bedroom, two-bath house with a big backyard and large master suite. They love to entertain friends and family, so a nicely sized kitchen and formal dining room rank high on their list. They have spent the last three months searching on their own, with limited success, so they have gone to real estate agent Michelle Silverman for some professional help.
S14E10 Seeking Single-Family Home 11/08/2005 Maricela Hurtado and Robert Marinovich are getting married soon. They currently they live in separate rooms in his parents' home, but they are intent on finding their own place before their wedding day. And they aren't willing to settle for just anything. They want to focus their search on specific neighborhoods that are halfway between each of their workplaces. They want plenty of character and charm and will happily move into a home that needs some work as long as it is structurally sound. In fact, they look forward to adding a Spanish flair to it and have friends and families standing by with their tools ready to help. Realtor Beth Vickers intends to help them find the single-family home of their dreams.
S14E11 Leaving Behind Condo Life 18/08/2005 When Lili married Brian Lillie she became Lili Lillie--and that was just the beginning of the fun. They bought a condo, which they updated themselves, and settled into nicely with their dog, Ringo, and their collection of monkey art. The condo's been great, but now they're thinking of starting a family, so it's time to trade up to a larger home with a private yard. Can this offbeat couple tear themselves away from the condo they love and find a new place that suits them?
S14E12 Engaged Couple Needs Home 28/07/2005 Colleen McCurdy and Armen Kaprelian want to buy a home before their wedding day. She lives with her parents, while he lives in a two-bedroom bachelor pad with Colleen's brother, Ryan. With the ceremony just 10 weeks away, the pressure's on. They are looking for a condo or townhouse with at least two bedrooms and enough storage space to accommodate two converging households. They may have to consider a fixer-upper or move farther from their jobs and friends, but they are willing to make that sacrifice in order to start off married life in a home they own together. Family friend and real estate agent Dianne Pawlowski is eager to help them meet that goal.
S14E13 First Home for Newlyweds 01/09/2005 Andrea Peterson and Michael Gonzales want to begin their married life together in a new home. Right now they live in two different places--he rents a town house, and she owns a condo. They are looking for a modern three-bedroom with an open flow that is closer to Peterson's work. Real estate agent Robin Zacha signs on to help the newlyweds.
S14E14 00/00/0000
S15E01 Maui Move 15/09/2005 Marji Knowles and her husband, Michael Tibbott, fell in love with Maui while on vacation and decided to move there from California's Silicon Valley. They are looking for a two-bedroom, two-bath condo with the right layout and furniture, since most homes in Hawaii come furnished. Real estate agent Donna Hansen is eager to help this couple with their search.
S15E02 First-Home Search 29/09/2005 Noelle and Matt Beaver currently rent a home in Ft. Worth, Texas. The 1,400-square-foot home has three bedrooms, one-and-a-half baths and a spacious backyard, and is located in an older neighborhood. They would like the remain in that neighborhood and buy a home with a utility room, large kitchen and both a living room and a floor plan. Real estate agent Terre Zeigler steps in to help with the search.
S15E03 Wanted: Room to Spread Out 08/09/2005 Stephanie and David Jeffers were drawn to the upscale Fort Worth, Texas suburb of Ridglea Hills because of its woodsy beauty and proximity to good schools. They love their traditional 2,800-square-foot ranch-style home, but they are starting to run out of space, fast. It's no wonder, with four kids, who all share one bathroom! They would like to find a larger house--at least four bedrooms and three baths--in the same neighborhood. They also want a kitchen with an eating area that is separate from the family room as well as a downstairs master suite, so they can enjoy a little peace and quiet time away from the kids.
S15E04 Bodega Bay Abode 16/06/2005 Shelli Piva and Mitch Galerkin have always dreamed of having a cozy little vacation cottage on the coast of Northern California, but hectic work schedules and soaring prices have all but dashed their plans for a weekend getaway. But they are determined to find a weekend home near where Piva grew up, Bodega Bay. Although only 100 miles from home, Bodega Bay is a world apart, with just 950 residents. The coveted beachside locale and limited inventory drive the median home price to $675,000! Can this couple find a cozy getaway without completely breaking the bank? Real estate agent Thera Buttaro intends to help them find out.
S15E05 Vegas Vacation Home 17/06/2005 Married five years, Wendy Ito and Bud Hum have settled nicely into their Chicago home. Their South Loop neighborhood is a mere five minutes via elevated train to their jobs downtown. It's also a dog-friendly community with plenty of places to walk their pups, Maggie and Hershey. But once winter rolls around, Chicago becomes less appealing. Fed up with the frigid snowy season, they decide to look for a place to melt away the winter blues. They settle on Las Vegas, where they were married. We tag along as they take a whirlwind weekend house hunt with agent Bart Zimmer.
S15E06 Moving to the 'Burbs 17/11/2005 Brian Cottrell and Forrest Cain thought buying a home in Dallas was a far-off possibility, at best. But once they investigated the market, they realized their big dream was a possibility if they were willing to compromise on location and/or take a fixer-upper to get a price within their budget. So now they are ready to ditch their tiny downtown apartment and head out to the suburbs, where they will have more room for their three feisty pups, Lindy, Ginger and Bailey. Realtor Mel Thoman helps with the search.
S15E07 Permanent Home Wanted 03/11/2005 Angie and Adam Vincze recently moved their family (they have had three kids in the last five years) to Angie's hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. They are now renting a place while they adjust to their new city and look for a permanent home, but it's been three months and they still haven't found anything. With their lease about to run out, it's crunch time! Their search for a four-bedroom house with three baths and a game room for the little ones is now in high gear. Can they find all this in the right school district before their lease is up? Realtor Bill Merrill thinks so.
S15E08 Provincetown Getaway 14/06/2005 Podiatrist Frank Campo loves his top-floor two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in the historic North End neighborhood of Boston. In fact, is in the same 18th-century building as his office, which makes for a very short commute. His rooftop container garden is a relaxing haven from the hustle and bustle of city life, but he longs for a total escape. Fond memories of family vacations spent in Provincetown, a seaside community on the tip of Cape Cod, have spurred him to look for a vacation home there. Realtor Sam Hardee, a local, is eager to help Campo find the perfect place for weekend getaways.
S15E09 Same Place, More Space 10/11/2005 In the last six years, Texas natives Rebecca and Jason Pate have lived in four different homes. Now that the couple is ready to start a family, they want to make one final move--into a larger house in their current Austin neighborhood. They want more space than they have now, but because they're do-it-yourselfers, the couple is flexible when it comes to the style of their new house. Helping them with their search is real estate agent Kevin Scanlan.
S15E10 Sisters Join Forces 13/10/2005 Sisters Aimee and Jennifer Ellison are searching together for their first home in southwest Minneapolis, Minn. They currently live in separate apartments in the Uptown area and have decided to put their heads and their pocketbooks together to buy a house instead of renting. They are looking for a home that has a warm comfortable feeling and some character. A yard and a garage are also important, as well as a kitchen large enough for entertaining. Real estate agent David Wells signs on to help them find a place.
S15E11 Nomad No More 06/10/2005 Curtis Bridgeforth is a Las Vegas entertainer, who for the last 12 years, has been the lead singer of the world famous music group, The Platters. For the last two years he and the band have had a regular gig in Las Vegas, and he has been living in extended-stay hotels. But now he feels that it is time for the curtain to fall on his nomad lifestyle. Real estate agent Susy Martinez signs on to help him search for a place with enough room to accommodate visits from his extended family as well as entertain friends and bandmates.
S15E12 Palm Springs Dreamin' 13/06/2005 When Ann and Craig Turkel announced they were going to buy a vacation home in the Palm Springs area, their friends thought they were nuts. That's because this Southern California couple does not even own their primary residence in Santa Monica. They're determined to raise their son, Ben, in the trendy "North of Montana" section of this vibrant beachside city, but they simply cannot afford to buy a home there. So they've decided to hang on to their cozy rental and buy a second home out of town. The Palm Springs area is an ideal location because it's only a couple of hours away by car and it has all the golf, tennis and wide-open spaces this family wants.
S16E01 Home on the Waterfront 27/10/2005 Savannah, Ga., natives Dana Boyd and Tony Griffin have dreamed of buying a waterfront home all their lives, and now they are ready to make that dream come true. They are looking for a house in Richmond Hill, a marshland community just south of Savannah. Boyd would like the home to have good feng shui, while Griffin's main concern is a boat dock and access to deep water. Real estate agent LaTrelle Pevey, who helped this couple buy their current place in the city, has agreed to help them look for their new country home.
S16E02 New Home for Blended Family 20/10/2005 Dicky Mopper and his fiancee, Tania Doubleday, are both realtors living in Savannah, Ga. Before they get married and blend their two families and pets, they want to find a new home. They would like to stay in the Savannah and find a place with at least four bedrooms, a porch or yard for the children and pets, large kitchen and game room. The one thing they disagree on is location--he prefers the historic downtown area, while she wants to stay in the country near the marsh. The search is heating up as they each try to sell the other on their vision.
S16E03 Larger Digs for the Dog Dude 24/11/2005 Newlyweds Veronica and Carl Morgan adore their home in their sleepy hometown of Arbutus, Md., just outside of Baltimore. But with their ever-expanding canine family, it's time to find a house with a lot more room. Carl trains German shepherds, and as his clientele grows, so does the dog-to-human ratio in the Morgan home. Plus, the couple worries about the dogs disturbing their neighbors. Luckily, Veronica is a realtor and so is her father. Can the two work together to find a larger place before their current one becomes a kennel?
S16E04 Ditching Dorm Life 00/00/0000
S16E05 Slice of Hawaiian Paradise 00/00/0000
S16E06 Family Outgrows Home 00/00/0000
S16E07 Selling in Seattle 00/00/0000
S16E08 Space for Five 00/00/0000
S16E09 Sayonara, Starter Home 00/00/0000
S16E10 New Baby Means New Place 00/00/0000
S16E11 Wanted: Windy City Bungalow 00/00/0000
S16E12 Planting San Francisco Roots 00/00/0000
S16E13 Baltimore Bound 00/00/0000
S17E01 Seeking Spacious Condo 00/00/0000
S17E02 Kid-Friendly Home Search 00/00/0000
S17E03 Plunging Into Homeownership 00/00/0000
S17E04 First Home Search 00/00/0000
S17E05 Bursting at the Seams 00/00/0000
S17E06 Larger Wilmington Digs Wanted 00/00/0000
S17E07 More Space Needed 00/00/0000
S17E08 Wanted: Larger Space for Baby 00/00/0000
S17E09 Moving to the City 00/00/0000
S17E10 Duty Calls for a Quick Find 00/00/0000
S17E11 Trading the 'Burbs for the City 00/00/0000
S17E12 Hawaiian Home Hopes 00/00/0000
S17E13 More Space in Manhattan 00/00/0000
S17E14 Couple Seeks City Co-Op 00/00/0000
S17E15 Parting With the Party Pad 00/00/0000
S17E16 Migrating to Midtown 00/00/0000
S18E01 Renters Turn Homeowners 27/04/2006 When Allen Sibley and Corey Benson moved to New Fairfield, Connecticut, the only place they could find was a summer rental. Now, five years later, they are more than ready to buy a home. They have been browsing listings for a year and have set their budget at $500,000. Real estate agent Evelyn Schuster signs on to help with the house hunt.
S18E02 Wanted: Land-Locked Home 08/06/2006 Bernadette Scott, originally from Agoura Hills, California, is a merchant marine in the communications department on board the US Naval Service's Saturn. She not only works aboard the ship, but she also lives there, even when she is not deployed. Her living quarters are tiny, and she shares a shower with three other women. After five years of ship life, she is ready for real estate agent Becky Little to help her find a home on land.
S18E03 Leaving the Starter Home 29/04/2006 When Memphis, Tennessee, natives Allison and Greg Swearingen got married three years ago, she moved into his 1,100-square-foot home. She was able to make over the former bachelor pad, but after three years and a lot of hard work, they both realize that no amount of elbow grease can make the place any bigger. They want a home with a larger kitchen, hardwood floors, more bedrooms, room for a home office and a nice yard for their two dogs. Real estate agent Lee McWaters signs on to help them find a larger place.
S18E04 Picking a Place Near the Potomac 25/05/2006 Newlyweds Allison and Robert DiNardo and their dog, Freckles, share a home in the Rosemont neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia. The DiNardos want to own a more spacious place they can call their own. They hope to stay in Rosemont because of its convenient proximity to the Potomac River, but the high prices may be an obstacle.
S18E05 Beachfront Vacation Home 01/06/2006 Homebuilders Dee and Michael Kirkbride love living and working in the Washington, D.C., suburb of McLean, Virginia. In fact, this hard-working couple builds several large homes there each year. Their current place is a little more than 6,000 square feet, which is plenty of room for the couple and their two Maltese dogs. But one feature they cannot build is a beach, so the Kirkbrides have decided they want a beachfront vacation home. The search is on for a place in the coastal community of Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Real estate agent Teri Trefftzs signs on to help them with their search.
S18E06 Homeowners Once Again 22/06/2006 Judy and Ken Castagna decided to try life in a condo. After living in their attached Ann Arbor, Michigan, condo for only a year, the couple has decided that they are just not condo people. So, now they are looking to move back into a home with the help of real estate agent Vicki Larmee. They would like considerable privacy, a large yard and plenty of space for when their granddaughters come to visit.
S18E07 Post-Katrina Relocation 29/06/2006 Realtor Danette O'Neal relocated to Atlanta after evacuating New Orleans to escape Hurricane Katrina. Though her cousin Ilene has been kind enough to let her stay with her in her Decatur home, Danette is ready to put down her own roots in Georgia. She is confident that her 16 years of real estate experience will help find a home for her and her 17-year-old son.
S18E08 Doctors Relocate 06/07/2006 Amy and Alon Tatsas and are excited about making the move from one musical city to another, as they leave jazzy New Orleans to start their medical careers in the country music capital of the world, Nashville. The doctors currently reside in a tiny one-bedroom condominium with their two dogs. They would really like their first home to have plenty of space for them inside and a large yard so their dogs can play outside. Real estate agent Zach Goodyear sets out to help them find just that.
S18E09 Home in Ski Country 15/06/2006 Aaron and Eleanor Hulett are Southern California natives who love the outdoors. Most days, this active couple can be found relaxing at the beach, roller-blading or bike riding. Now they want to expand their outdoor options and buy a vacation home in Big Bear, a quiet ski town only a few hours from their home in Orange County. The Huletts have up to $300,000 to spend, so they are hoping real estate agent Chuck Hurd will be able to find them a place they can afford.
S18E10 Professors Make The Move 20/07/2006 Although college professors Suzanne Spoor and Steve Canaday have enjoyed renting the quaint Annapolis, Maryland, townhouse that they share with their twins, Zachary and Tyler, they are ready to make the move and become first-time homeowners. The couple is hoping to find a place with plenty of room for the boys to play that is still close to the campus, where they each teach. Realtor Amy Juras signs on to help.
S18E11 Moving To A Home Of Their Own 28/09/2006 After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, college sweethearts Valeria Sams and Kerrado Williams returned to the metro D.C. area where they grew up. Valeria, a human resources consultant, moved back in with her mom and sister, and Kerrado, a loan officer, moved back in with his parents. But now, after three years, the couple is ready to take the next step and move into a place of their own.
S18E12 Suburban Relocation 03/08/2006 The starter home that Dorothy and Diarra Weathers bought near downtown Detroit, Michigan, has become much too small for their growing family. The Weathers are ready to move out of the city and find a home in an area with good schools and parks for their three young daughters. Real estate agent Paul Pellerito is targeting the upscale suburb of Grosse Pointe, which he thinks will be perfect for the family.
S19E01 Larger Place, Same Neighborhood 27/07/2006 With a young baby growing fast, Dexter, Michigan, residents Julie and Steven Wineman have decided it's time to move to a larger house. They hope that their real-estate agent Kathy Toth will be able to find them a four-bedroom home that is in their price range and located in the same neighborhood they have grown to love.
S19E02 Same Area, Bigger Place 10/08/2006 Holly and Steve Hartell, their daughter, Nellie, and dog, Grady, live just outside Alexandria, Virginia, in a charming family-friendly area called Del Ray. Their 1,200-square-foot two-story starter home lacks storage space for Steve's nine bikes, and there isn't much room for Nellie to play. They are ready to look for a bigger place, and they would love to stay in the same neighborhood. They have enlisted the help of realtor and fellow Del Ray resident, Jennifer Walker to help them with their search.
S19E03 Relocating To Louisville 17/08/2006 After nearly three years in sunny Naples, Florida, Lavon Portman has decided to return to Louisville, Kentucky to be near her daughter and two grandchildren. Although she loves the spacious and contemporary feel of her Florida home, Lavon knows she can get a larger place for a lower price in the buyer-friendly city Louisville. With only one week to search, she relies on the help of her real estate agent and friend Linda Blue to help her find exactly what she wants.
S19E04 Condo in the City 24/08/2006 When Justin, a systems analyst, got a job in Atlanta, he did not know what to expect. Six months later, he has fallen in love with the city and is ready to buy a condo. He wants to find an updated place that has a balcony and a view of the Atlanta skyline. With the help of real estate agent Anu Sethi, he begins his search in Midtown.
S19E05 More Space to Spread Out 12/10/2006 Newlyweds Katy and Steve Harrington live in an 850-square-foot rental apartment just outside Boulder, Colorado, in an area called Superior. While their place is nice, it's way too small. They can't wait to find a place where they can spread out. Their budget constraints mean that they might have to search a bit further away and focus on the tri-city area of Firestone, Frederick and Dacono, located north of Boulder. They have enlisted the help of realtor Dawn Geerson-Matesi to help with their hunt.
S19E06 Size Upgrade Wanted 07/09/2006 After living in their Dearborn Heights, Michigan, home for 20 years, Sharon and Keith DeGrandchamp are ready for a change and want to buy a new house. Their grown sons, Curt and Gary, still live at home and will be making the move with them. And with son, Gary, as their real estate agent, Sharon and Keith feel confident they’ll be able to find what they want. But will working with family really make their search easier?
S19E07 First-Time Homeowner 14/09/2006 Amy Solano is a 25-year-old career woman who has been living with her parents while saving up to buy a place of her own. She is finally ready to leave the nest, and she is a little nervous but also very excited to become a homeowner. She hopes to find a place with everything on her list without spending more than $215,000. Real estate agent Ryan Zinn signs on to help with the house hunt.
S19E08 Next Move: Nashville 09/11/2006 When Seana Fisher was ready to upgrade to a house, her oldest friend, real estate agent Heathermarie Griffin, took her to the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles and helped her find a 1,500-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath, art-deco style home. The place had as much personality and pizzazz as Fisher herself. Now, two years later, her life has changed dramatically. She has adopted another dog, and her music career has taken a new turn. She is ready to trade torch songs for country music, and is packing her bags and moving to the country music capital of the world, Nashville, Tennessee. She wants to be close to the downtown music studios and clubs, but she wants a more residential feel than her ultra-urban L.A. neighborhood. Real estate agent Audra Thomas tackles the challenge.
S19E09 Bigger Pad Needed 05/10/2006 Kelly McCreary, a 28-year-old account representative and part-time gymnastics teacher, currently lives on the outskirts of Wilmington, Delaware, a city known for its tax-free shopping. She is a self-professed shopaholic and packrat who has collected so much stuff she has outgrown her two-bedroom condo and has decided to buy a townhouse with more space. She wants to keep her search in or near her current neighborhood, and she's staying in familiar territory by re-teaming with Joan Goloskov, the realtor who helped her buy the condo she's in now.
S19E10 Planting Rhode Island Roots 18/03/2007 Stacy Kish, originally from Connecticut, settled in Warwick, R.I., after college and has been living in a cramped one-bedroom rental that has given her a bad case of the blahs. She has been saving her cash and is now ready to strike out and buy her first home. Real estate agent Alayna Berek helps with the search.
S19E11 Wanted: Move-In-Ready Condo 26/10/2006 Michael Kalil, an event planner at a popular Boston bar, is ready to leave his tiny, rundown apartment and buy a condo in his same North End neighborhood. But the commitment-phobic Michael is having trouble finding a condo he can stick with so he's asked pal and real estate agent Toni Gilardi for some help. Together, the duo are hoping to find the perfect move-in ready two-bed, two-bath condo that is within Michael's $500,000 price range.
S19E12 Shortening the Commute 18/01/2007 Debi and John Perry have been living in Taylorsville, Utah, with their three young children. John has started a new job at Hill Air Force Base 30 miles away, and the long commute means he spends more time away from his young family than he likes. The Perrys have decided to sell their house in Taylorsville and move closer to the base. Helping them with their search is real estate agent Jenifer Meller.
S19E13 Family Needs Larger Digs 11/01/2007 Fayetteville, Georgia, residents Kenya and Hason Graham are feeling squeezed in in their three-bedroom home. Though they have plenty of room outdoors, the Grahams want more room inside for their two sons, Riko and Aaron. They are hoping to find a move-in ready house with an open layout, roomy garage and large yard that is in the same great school district as their current place.
S20E01 Searching The Seattle Suburbs 04/01/2007 Paula Antonevich and Patrick Sanders have lived in Seattle for a couple of years, and they’ve enjoyed all the city has to offer. Now they’re ready to buy their first home. When Paula moved into Patrick’s 800-square-foot rental, his place went from cozy to cramped, so they have begun looking for a home in the town of Everett, Wash., 40 miles to the north. Helping them out in their search is realtor Aleta J. Kennedy.
S20E02 Building A Life In Biloxi 08/02/2007 Laurie and Jeff Smith's family is of the many military families currently living at the Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Miss. Their base housing is fine, except that it's so cramped that only two of their four children are able to live with them. The rest are staying nearby with their grandmother. After 13 years of moving from place to place, they want to buy their own home, with enough space to bring their family back together under one roof.
S20E03 Buying in the Big Easy 01/01/2007 After living in New Orleans for a year, Romy Kittrell and her husband Lance Vargas are ecstatic about finally buying a home. Lured by the decadent food, classic architecture and soulful music that seems to lurk around every corner, this eclectic twosome has been renting a two-bedroom shotgun-style home in the upscale neighborhood of Bayou Saint John. With a modest budget of $175,000, they are ready to start looking for a home in the less-expensive Algiers Point, just across the Mississippi.
S20E04 Planting Roots in Round Rock 15/02/2007 Away from the hustle and bustle of Austin, Texas, is the little suburb of Round Rock, which has grown rapidly in recent years, thanks to the high-tech companies that make their home there. With so much happening, it's no surprise that 20-year-old Nick Cottingham wants to be a part of it. He currently owns a condo on a golf course that he really loves, but it's just not enough. He has decided to buy a home of his own and as a bonus, his parents are giving him the down payment, just like they did for their other two children. He wants his new place to have room for growth, as his priorities change throughout the next several years. Real estate broker J. Rene Ward is a neighbor of Cottingham's parents, and has signed on to help with the house hunt.
S20E05 Wanted: Place For Two in Phoenix 25/01/2007 Cody Sohn and Trent Mitchell have been dating long distance for more than a year. Now they want to buy a place together in the Phoenix area, where Trent lives. They have enlisted the help of the real estate twins, Jennifer Hibbard and Christine Kinchen, to help them find a midcentury-style home in the hot Phoenix market.
S20E06 Searching for a San Diego Starter Home 01/02/2007 Heather, a native of southern California, loves San Diego and its proximity to the mountains, canyons and Mexico. Scott, a Georgia native, is crazy about the unbeatable San Diego climate. They both love surfing, bike riding and beach volleyball. Right now they each have their own apartments, but with plans to marry in the future, they are ready to put apartment dwelling behind them and buy a home of their own. They turn to real estate agent Joby Paradiso-Francis to help them stay within their budget and get off to a solid start.
S20E07 Dolly's New Digs 22/02/2007 Thirty-something Dolly Johnson has had it with the rental lifestyle in suburban Detroit. She is finally ready to make the leap to being a homeowner, but there is just one problem — she's got champagne taste on a beer budget. Can realtor Aileen Potter help find this first-time homeowner something in her price range?
S20E08 Picking the Perfect Place in Portland 08/03/2007 Rick Samuelson, a health-care administrator, and his wife Darla, a graduate student and part-time charity worker, have loved raising their four children in the Portland, Ore., suburb of Tigard. But as the kids have gotten older, the house seems to have gotten smaller. They have decided to move to a more family-friendly place and would like something with a large backyard and open rooms for family gatherings. Though they want to stay in Tigard, they would love to find a place that's not in a "cookie cutter" neighborhood. Real estate expert Tony Kelly thinks he can help them find the perfect place.
S20E09 Making a Home in the Hamptons 15/03/2007 Leslie and Art Solnick are ready to become homeowners in the Hamptons on Long Island, N.Y. They have been renting a home in East Moriches on Long Island, but their lease is almost up. They are ready to fulfill their lifelong dream of living in the Hamptons with their three show dogs Gracie, Paige and Dennis. Hamptons real estate agent Jon Holderer will be guiding them as they search for their beachside townhome.
S20E10 Family Moves to Mobile 22/03/2007 Joe and Brenda Morra love raising their four children in Dublin, Georgia. But their four-bedroom home just isn't big enough for this family of six. So when Joe's company needed a new leader for a paper mill in Alabama, they decided the time was right for a move to Mobile! They are looking for a five-bedroom house so everyone can have their own space. An open floor plan and a swimming pool are also on the wish list. Real estate agent Barbara Reeves tackles the challenge of helping the Morras find just the right place.
S20E11 Moving Out of Mom and Dad's 29/03/2007 Melina Andron and Christopher Dillon are a newly engaged couple with plans to wed in just a few months. Right now, the two are living at home with their respective parents in the suburbs of Minneapolis. They are excited about building a future together, but they also know their cushy lifestyles will change dramatically once they leave their nests. To help with the transition, they have enlisted the help of real estate agent Evangeline (Vangie) Nicklow. They know they may not find a place with everything they want for their target price, but they are eager to give it a shot.
S20E12 Beyond the Barracks 05/04/2007 Diane and Greg Day left Montgomery, Alabama, five years ago for an Air Force posting in California. Now they have two children, Sarah Jo and Jacob, and the family has been transferred back to their sweet home Alabama. They have been staying in temporary housing on base, but they have only 30 days to find, buy and move into their own place! They are looking for a four-bedroom house in the nearby town of Millbrook. They would like to have a huge backyard for the kids and a big kitchen and dining area for entertaining. Helping them on their search is real estate agent Diana Mills who has worked with a lot of military families in the past.
S20E13 Finding a Family-Friendly Franklin Place 12/04/2007 Jenny and Shawn Kohl are living in a cramped temporary apartment in Nashville with their daughters Mattie and Emma and their two dogs. They want to find a home with plenty of space inside and out, in a family-friendly area with good schools and an easy commute for Shawn. The Kohls have asked realtor Mickey Ryan to help them find a home in Franklin, Tennessee, a booming and somewhat pricey suburb just south of Nashville.
S20E14 Newlyweds to Nestle in Naples 26/02/2007 A couple searches for a two-bedroom house or condo.
S20E15 New Spot, Same Subdivision 27/02/2007 A mother of two teenagers searches for a new home in the same neighborhood.
S20E16 Growing Family Branches Out 28/02/2007 A couple with five pets searches for a larger home to accommodate a new baby.
S20E17 Goodbye, High-Rise 01/03/2007 A couple searches for a four-bedroom house with a larger kitchen.
S20E18 Job Offer Warrants Move 02/03/2007 Newlyweds relocate to Naples, Florida.
S21E01 First-Time Home Buy 19/04/2007 In Denver, a young woman searches for the home of her dreams that's also within her budget.
S21E02 Wanted: More Room to Start a Family 17/05/2007 A young couple wants a bigger house. Can they afford to stay in the same part of Portland?
S21E03 Consolidating Two Condos 26/04/2007 For 13 years, Chris Corallo and Brett Streaser have been treating their side-by-side condos like one. Brett keeps a computer at his place, leaving room at Chris' place for a dining table. And Brett has the washer, while Chris houses the dryer. Now they are ready to bring everything together and live under one roof. They would like to find a three-bedroom, two-bath ranch-style house in Toms River, NJ, that's big on yard space and has room for entertaining. Veteran Jersey realtor Lizette Conover thinks she can help them find a home in their target location.
S21E04 Searching for a Starter Home 31/05/2007 After living in Hawaii for three years, a young family wants to move back to Denver.
S21E05 New Couple Needs Space 10/05/2007 Young professionals Lori Guzzard and Kieran Shah are newly engaged and need more space now that Kieran has moved into Lori's two-bedroom condo. There is not enough storage space, and the spare bedroom is serving double duty as Kieran's gym and music studio. The couple wants a home in a newer development in the North Las Vegas area that has three bedrooms, a pool, plenty of storage space and a music studio for Kieran. Real estate agent Nancy Kurtzman signs on to help them buy their perfect first house.
S21E06 Santa Fe Condo Search 07/06/2007 Melissa McCracken is an independent contractor and creative writer who came to Santa Fe 10 years ago and has lived in a mud hut, a wood shack and her current home, part of an old school. The 500-square-foot apartment is cute, but cute isn't cutting it anymore — especially when she could be an owner instead of a renter. Her real estate agent, Dawn Davis, kicks off the search.
S21E07 New House Needed Fast 03/05/2007 Sylvia and Joe Ross moved from Washington, D.C., to Portland, Ore. a year ago, and lovingly restored a gorgeous four-story Victorian near downtown. The couple thought they were going to be transferred, so they put their house up for sale, and it sold in days. Since then, they have decided to stay in town, so they now have just one short month to find a new home. Real estate expert Rob Turrie agreed to help them find the right home fast.
S21E08 Busting at the Seams 28/06/2007 A young family searches for a bigger home in Wisconsin.
S21E09 Looking for a House in Chicago 09/08/2007 Tired of paying rent, a Chicago couple searches for a house with plenty of parking and a yard.
S21E10 Engaged Couple Needs Home 07/08/2007 With a budget of $200,000 an engaged couple want to find a home near downtown Nashville.
S21E11 Taking on the Big City 21/06/2007 Farrah and Jon Lamoreaux are an urban couple living in the quaint town of Longmont, CO. They agree that the charming small-town feel and that the scenery is beautiful, but they find it too small for them. They can cover the entire downtown area in about 10 minutes and there isn't any place in town that they haven't gone. Plus, their rental condo is spacious and modern, but it lacks the charm that can be found in older homes. They are ready to take on big-city life while they are still young enough to enjoy it, so they have set their sights on Denver. There is a drawback though — older and charming translates to small houses and low ceiling and with Jon's height of 6 feet, 8 inches, these two have a big challenge ahead of them. Signing on to help tackle that challenge is real estate agent Pie Konchar.
S21E12 New Digs Near Denver Needed 14/06/2007 Bonnie Andrews has been living in her Lakewood, CO, townhouse for 19 years, and she's ready to find more space for herself, her dog, her two cats and three fish. Although she will be working with the same agent she used nearly two decades ago, Dennis Greco, she has a longer list of requirements this time. She needs more closet space, a bigger kitchen, a separate laundry area, a yard for the dog, a guest room and an extra room for her new hobby of making stained glass. She would also love a cozy fireplace, a nice view of the Rocky Mountain Foothills, and a place that isn't too far from her friends. With a budget of $225,000 Greco definitely has a challenge ahead of him.
S21E13 Moving to Downtown Atlanta 23/08/2007 Thirty-one-year-old software engineer, Tara Duncan, is single and ready to mingle in downtown Atlanta. But her current home is located in Duluth, nearly an hour away. So she and her dog, Whoopie, are leaving her three-bedroom, 2-1/2-bath home for a new place in Midtown or Buckhead. The only problem is those areas can be costly. She is hoping to find property that's similar in size to her current home, but without an open floor plan and more land. Real estate agent Kathryn Flowers thinks she can help.
S21E14 Trading in the City Life 21/05/2007
S21E15 From the Woods to the City 22/05/2007 Newlyweds tired of living in a summer cabin in Lake Geneva, Wis., search for a modern home in Chicago.
S21E16 Downtown Chicago Bound 23/05/2007 A couple with a dog wants a place that fits their lifestyle and is close to downtown Chicago.
S21E17 More Space for Baby 24/05/2007 A couple is in a hurry to buy a home with a backyard in Chicago before their second child arrives.
S21E18 Seeking a Spot of Her Own 25/05/2007 A woman is under pressure to find a new place after her current home was sold in six days.
S25E02 Triple the Space 11/05/2008 Having triplets has tripled the need for more room. Can this family find a home in their budget?
S25E03 Moving Back to Minnesota 08/06/2008 Tired of Chicago, these Minnesota natives want to move back home and find a house on the lake.
S25E04 Renting in Rhode Island 18/05/2008 In Rhode Island, a busy mom is tired of renting and wants to find a place of her own.
S25E05 Tired of Moving 25/05/2008 A military family wants to put down roots in Philadelphia.
S25E06 No or Low Maintenance 16/03/2008 The search is on for a house that requires little or no maintenance and is in an adult community.
S25E07 Wanting More in the Windy City 21/03/2008 In Chicago, an engaged couple searches for a bigger place that doesn't need a lot of work.
S25E08 More Room in Orlando 03/04/2008 In Orlando, a young Swedish couple wants to find a bigger place with three bedrooms and two baths.
S25E09 Peace and Quiet 22/06/2008 In Myrtle Beach, a professional couple wants a home that offers more peace and quiet.
S25E10 More Room in Austin 10/04/2008 A young family in an Austin suburb needs more space. Can they find a bigger house close by?
S25E11 Bigger Vacation Home 15/06/2008 A family is outgrowing their vacation home on Shelter Island. What can they find in their budget?
S25E12 Wanting More in Myrtle Beach 01/06/2008 They moved from Cape Cod to Myrtle Beach. Now they want a bigger house closer to the water.
S25E13 Settling in Seattle 04/05/2008 An engaged couple can't decide if they want their first house to be in the city or the suburbs.
S29E01 Going Mobile 18/09/2008 After Hurricane Katrina destroyed a family's New Orleans home, they're moving to Mobile.
S29E02 The Call of the City 02/10/2008 Jim works and lives Battle Creek, Michigan, but he's looking for a second home in Chicago. He loves the theater, restaurants, and night-life that Chicago has to offer, and hopes to find a one bedroom apartment that's move-in ready.
S29E03 More Room in Mobile 12/10/2008 The Smithermans have two dogs, two cats and a baby on the way, so they've decided they need more space. With a larger family in mind, they'd like to find a place with four bedrooms, but they'd settle for three. They'd like the idea of an older home in need of some TLC, since Tony loves a project. But with a baby on the way, is this the right time for a renovation?
S29E04 A Find in Philly 16/10/2008 Allison and John recently moved in together into John's condo. As they plan their wedding, they've also decided to search for a bigger place. With their wedding date creeping up on them, they feel added pressure to find their ideal two-bedroom, two-bath home with an office and a nice outdoor space.
S29E05 A Capitol Challenge 23/10/2008 Michigan native Adrianne moved to Washington, DC three years ago and instantly fell in love with the city. She currently rents a two-bedroom apartment on Capitol Hill, but is ready to buy. While she loves the neighborhood, she might not be able to find something that's the right size and the right price there, so she's now exploring other neighborhoods as well.
S29E06 On a Mission in Orlando 30/10/2008 Paul Stevenson and Marcie Rathbun live in Orlando and are engaged to be married. To save money for their wedding, they've moved in with Paul's parents. Along with their two pets, they're crammed into Paul's childhood bedroom. They want to buy a place for themselves, preferably one with three bedrooms, a garage and a nice yard for their dog.
S29E07 Searching in St. Paul 27/11/2008 Newlyweds Melanie Ulrich and Nicholas Henke have relocated from Montana to Minnesota where they've been renting a 1900 square foot home. Since they are both fans of theater and sports, they've decided to settle down in the St. Paul area. They hope to find a three-bedroom home with a large, fenced-in backyard for their dogs and a space for Nicholas's beer brewing.
S29E08 Beckoned by the Beach 13/11/2008 Sarah and Kelly Geyer fell in love with South Carolina when they moved here five years ago. Although they love their current home, they would like to move closer to the beach and into another school system for their daughter. To fulfill their dreams, they have enlisted the help of a realtor who hopes to find a house within their budget that will fit their needs.
S29E09 Making the Most of Madison 09/11/2008 Nick and Melodie Winscher are eager to stop renting and are starting to look for their first home in Madison, Wisconsin. They hope to find a two-bedroom house with a two-car garage. Since Nick works from home, he would like an office that is separate from the rest of the house.
S29E10 Settling in Savannah 20/11/2008 Heather Burke is an aerospace engineer who has spent the last 16 years moving from home to home, mostly in rentals. She has decided that Savannah is where she wants to plant her roots and is looking for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home.
S29E11 More Space in Music City 04/12/2008 Joel and Kimee Shideler have enjoyed two years of being married and living in their one-bedroom, one-bath apartment with their two cats. Now, they're ready to start a family, so they've begun a search for a three-bedroom, two-bath home in Nashville.
S29E13 New Digs in Nashville 23/11/2008 Mary Lothamer has always been a suburban girl. Now that she's an empty nester, she's ready to say goodbye to Franklin, Tennessee, and hello to the hip and trendy neighborhood of East Nashville. Ideally, she wants a home with an open floor plan, a great backyard and a location closer to her work.
S35E01 Looking for a Cleveland Home in Which to Raise a Family 11/06/2009 Meghann and Kevin Tichnell are first-time parents with a newborn and a need for more space. Born and raised in Ohio, this couple plans to raise their family in the Cleveland area and are looking for just the right place. To help budget for a bigger house, they've decided to keep their current home as a rental. But their renter is moving in soon, so the pressure's on to find their new family home.
S35E02 Sights Set on Savannah 09/07/2009 Chris and Peter Engelmaier, along with their three daughters, are in the midst of a move from Charlotte, North Carolina to Savannah, Georgia. Dad Peter has already started his new job and has been renting an apartment there. Once the girls finish their school year in Charlotte, the family plans to join him, so they're looking for a home in a nice community that's near everyone's work and school and priced below $900,000.
S35E03 Two Years and Two Kids Later 10/05/2009 When Sean and Kelly Connelly first moved into their brick rambler in Alexandria, Virginia, the house seemed like the perfect space for them. Just two years and two children later, they need a bigger home and a large yard. They're also hoping to find a newer home, so they won't have to undertake major renovations.
S35E04 Sweethearts in Savannah 31/05/2009 Former high school sweethearts Amanda and Jay Johansen are currently renting a room in their friends' townhouse in Savannah, Georgia. They hope to find a home of their own soon, so they don't wear out their welcome. They're looking for a single-family home with a water view and without stringent homeowners' association restrictions.
S35E05 Set in Silver Spring 28/05/2009 After going through a divorce, Prem Iyer has been subletting a friend's condo in northern Virginia. The primary reason that he's ready to find a permanent home is for his daughter Maryam. He's concentrating his search in Silver Spring, a Washington D.C. suburb in nearby Maryland, because he grew up there, his parents still live nearby and it's close to public transportation. Because homes tend to be pricier there, Prem is open to investing in a fixer-upper.
S35E06 Venturing Out in Ventura 14/06/2009 Ky Schultz is ready to move out of his father's home in Santa Barbara. Enrolled at Brooks College in the coastal community of Ventura, California, he knows it's smarter to buy than to rent. With a budget of $300,000, this extreme sports enthusiast hopes to find a nice-sized house or townhome to fit himself, his sporting gear, and maybe even his girlfriend.
S35E07 Downtown Seattle Digs 07/06/2009 Cheryl Ceballos and her partner Deanna Dela Cruz live in downtown Seattle with their dog, JoJo. They've decided to buy their first home together, preferably a place near their favorite restaurants and hang-outs with a nice view from either a balcony or a patio.
S35E08 Chicago Skyline Sparkle 02/07/2009 Busy executive Jerry Nitz loves urban adventures and is making downtown Chicago his new home. An avid biker, he can't wait to ride to sporting events, museums and restaurants that thrive in Chicago's vibrant downtown. His sights are set on a one-bedroom loft with upscale amenities and views of the city's sparkling skyline.
S35E09 From a Cramped Colonia to a Comfy Suburban Home 18/06/2009 Kerri Gill, a health care project coordinator and her fiance Justin Jesse, a police officer, have lived in Pawtucket, Rhode Island for two years. Currently renting, the couple lives in a two-story Colonial home that they share with the owner who lives downstairs. Feeling cramped and lacking privacy, the couple is ready to venture forth and buy their first home in nearby Warwick.
S35E10 Large Family Home in Oregon 25/06/2009 Geralyn and Bob Kerprich have called North Kingston, Rhode Island home for eight years. Bob's company recently opened a plant in Hillsboro, Oregon just outside of Portland. After a year of commuting from Oregon to company headquarters in Minneapolis and back home to Rhode Island, they've decided it's time to pack up the family and head west to Portland. They hope their budget of $580,000 will get them an updated kitchen, plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms and a large yard for their three kids.
S35E11 Selling Soap and Settling Down 02/07/2009 Corey and Shoshanna Walker came to Savannah from Orlando for a vacation and fell in love with the city. They decided to make it their permanent home and opened a natural soap store there that's booming. Now they're ready to stop renting and are in the market for a single family home with a large backyard for their dogs. Looking to stay in the downtown area, the hardest thing is going to be finding something that has a garage and is in their price range.
S35E12 New Hampshire New Home 29/10/2009 Shane, Lisa and Jayden Doucette are a fun family of three in Concord, New Hampshire who need a new place. Having lived in a cramped apartment for two years, they're ready to stop paying rent and to start investing in a place of their own. Their challenge is to find a house in their price range in the downtown area that also includes a nice-sized yard and a finished basement.
S35E13 New Digs in Nashville 05/11/2009 Eric Malo's new job offer has him and his wife Alysha packing up in Chicago and heading back to Nashville where they're orginally from. The Malos want to find a house with more room than they have now, and they'd ideally like a space for Alysha to have an art studio, along with at least one guest bedroom. With a budget of $200,000, the couple's biggest obstacle is going to be finding a reasonable home in the pricey area of central Nashville where they hope to live.
S37E02 Homecoming in Los Angeles 27/08/2009 After living in Sacramento for 10 years, Jamillah Moore returned to her hometown of Los Angeles as interim president of a community college. Since the job was recently made permanent, Jamillah is ready to plant roots in LA by buying a condo that's big enough so that her mother might eventually move in as well.
S37E03 Destined for Destin 02/08/2009 Scott and Tanya Jones have been getting beach time by taking family vacations from their home in Columbus, Georgia to Destin, Florida. With work and taking care of their two sons leaving them little time, they've decided to buy a vacation home in Destin where they can relax and enjoy life on the beach.
S37E04 Seeking a Home of Her Own 16/08/2009 Catherine Vogt manages a tanning salon and has a great housing deal by renting a room from a friend in Jackson, Mississippi. Her friend, however, has a dog, two cats and a three-year old son, so Catherine has decided to escape to her own place where it will be just her and her one cat.
S37E05 Wrangling Over What to Buy in the Windy City 20/08/2009 Robin Heggum and Carlos Bretel love living in Chicago, but they'd like a home with more space than their current apartment has. They're looking for a spacious condo on the north side of the Windy City, but Robin wants traditional, while Carlos is more interested in sleek and contemporary.
S37E06 Searching High and Low in Scottsdale 23/08/2009 Justin and Emily Sarles see the world from a different point of view, and that's because they're both over six feet tall. This Phoenix couple hopes to find some headroom and a little more space than Emily's tiny condo where they currently live. Focusing their search in the established neighborhoods of Scottsdale, they want a spacious home that comes equipped with two offices and a two-car garage.
S37E07 San Antonio Upsize 25/11/2009 Marvin and Tracy McCray have three kids in San Antonio, and as their family has grown, their home has become more and more cramped. They are in the market for a bigger home that's close to good schools, but it's going to be a challenge because of their budget and their different tastes.
S37E08 Engaged and Exploring Austin for a New Home 10/09/2009 Austin's Amy Tucker appeared on House Hunters three years ago, but this time, she has a fiance. With married life on the horizon, Amy and John want a new home where they can plant down some roots and start a family. Although they both still love Amy's house and the upgrades she's made, they want to find a home with more storage space and also an office space for both of them.
S37E09 Needing More Room in New Jersey 20/09/2009 For five years, Ryan and Jenna Tickner have lived comfortably in their home in Collingswood, New Jersey. However, once they became parents, they found the need to have more space. They hope to find a house with a practical, open layout, enough space for a work-out room, a garage and a large yard.
S37E10 Calling Off a Crazy Commute 24/09/2009 Nadia and Naresh Boodhoo live with their young daughter in Davenport, Florida. While Nadia is a lawyer, she and Naresh also run three small businesses about an hour away from their current home. They leave the house at 7am and don't get home until 11pm daily, and it's driving them crazy. In addition to a location closer to their businesses, they hope their new home's price takes advantage of recent changes in the market that are favorable to buyers.
S37E11 City Lights vs. Suburban Sites 27/09/2009 Kyle and Stephanie Wesling are tired of their cramped flat in Chicago. In need of more space for their two dogs and one cat, they're ready to become homeowners. While they prefer to stay in the city, they may need to venture into the suburbs to find a place that has everything on their list. Their plan is to see all their options and weigh the pros and cons of the city and the suburbs.
S37E12 One Story or Two in Texas 28/10/2009 Tim and Amy Sloan and their three children have outgrown their home in North Richland Hills, Texas and are on the lookout for a new house. They prefer a home that's in a good school district and all on one level. However, most of the homes in their favorite neighborhoods are two-stories.
S37E13 Bigger and Near the Beach 04/11/2009 Jennifer and Greg Morrow are college sweethearts who fell in love and started a life together in southern California. Now with two young sons, they have decided that they'd like to add one more baby and a puppy to the bunch. This will mean finding a bigger home, and they hope to find it close to the ocean in the Manhattan Beach area.
S38E01 Choices in Connecticut 06/09/2009 Dan and Paula Demmon, along with their kids Jack and Greyson, moved from New Hampshire into a rental home in Noank, Connecticut. Now, they want to purchase a home with at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms. In addition, they'd like a nice master suite, an updated kitchen, a two-car garage and a deck, all with a budget of up to $300,000.
S38E02 Beaches and Boats in Florida 03/09/2009 Ralph and Cindy Perrone are social butterflies and big on family. In their quest for a new home in Cocoa Beach, Florida, they hope to find three bedrooms, plenty of space for their kids and grandkids, and most importantly, it has to be on the water. They need a dock for their boat, ideally one with a boat lift, and a yard for entertaining. With a budget of up to $2 million, they're entrusting their search to their son, realtor Ralph Perrone Jr.
S38E03 Single in Seattle 17/09/2009 Eduardo Mendoza is a stylish, on-the-go guy originally from Lima, Peru. Since he's single, he only needs a one-bedroom, one-bathroom place, and he hopes to find it in downtown Seattle. With a budget of up to $450,000, his realtor, Julie Sun, looks forward to helping him find the perfect spot.
S38E04 Looking for LA Luxury 30/08/2009 Tanvi Gupta is ready for her own place and wants to find it in the Toluca Lake area of Los Angeles. Hoping for more room than her current small place in North Hollywood, she's relying on realtor Stacy Wilson to help her make the best decision on what to buy. With a budget of $450,000, it will be a challenge to find a newer, luxurious place in the area, but she's optimistic and enthusiastic.
S38E05 Wine Country Weekends 13/09/2009 Ellen Schwab and Don Kozerski love living in the Bay Area of northern California, and each has their own place. Now, they're looking for a second home that they'll share in Napa Valley. Hoping for a three-bedroom, two-bedroom home, they're also looking for space for their hobbies and a kitchen large enough to entertain guests. With wine country real estate specialist Robert Pursell on board, they hope their budget of $1.5 million will get them the Napa getaway of their dreams.
S38E06 Former House Hunters Go On the Search Again 30/09/2009 After appearing on House Hunters a few years ago, Paul and Julie Crayton sold their house when a viewer made them an offer too good to pass up. After renting for a while, they are back in the market and looking for a large home in Canton, outside Dallas. They want a four-bedroom, updated home with a low-maintenance yard, and they have a $225,000 budget.
S38E07 A Healthy Budget for a New Home in Dallas 01/10/2009 Kevin Shelton and Stephanie Stewart are both in the health care field and are engaged to be married. They need more room for their family to spread out and enjoy, and they have a healthy budget of up to $600,000. They're hopeful that their agent will help them find the perfect home in the Dallas market.
S38E08 Hunting in Honolulu 08/10/2009 Maenette and Bob Benham live in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in downtown Honolulu with their two young children, Kiana and Kaimi. The place has become much too small for the family, and they are looking to upsize, while remaining close to where they work. With a budget of up to $900,000, they hope that realtor Dan Ihara can find them the perfect place.
S38E09 A Denver Couple Looks for a Home with Character 07/10/2009 Colin and Alisabeth Shearn met five years ago and are now married and living in Denver. With a budget of $1.6 million, the search is on for the right house. While they aren't too picky, they want a home with longevity and character. Overseeing the house hunt and ready for the challenge is realtor and rodeo man Jace Glick.
S38E10 Change of Scenery to Chicago 14/10/2009 Jo Ann Kendricken has lived in Boston for her entire life, but she's making a move to Chicago. With a budget of up to $350,000, she knows she'll have to adjust to a smaller place than her current one, but she's still excited for the change and hoping that realtor Karl Vogel will steer her in the right direction.
S38E11 Homeowners Need More Room in Their Home 22/10/2009 Abby and Brent Rosser are a friendly, outgoing couple who are actively involved in their community of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. With a budget of about $400,000, they hope to find a house that's a bit bigger than their current home and a lot more functional. Realtor Sherri Wellborn has some great properties to show them and hoping that one is perfect for the Rossers.
S38E12 First Time Buyers in Florida 12/11/2009 After three years of marriage, Doug and Lisa have decided that it's time to buy their first home. With a budget of $300,000, the couple asks real estate agent Dave Welch for help in finding the perfect property in Winter Park, Florida.
S38E13 Finding a Fit in Phoenix 15/11/2009 Yaa and Jeremy Arens moved to Phoenix from Wisconsin because Jeremy's job was relocated. They've been stuck in a cramped, one-bedroom rental while they search for a home for them and their daughter Olivya. The Arens are looking for a home with least three bedroms and costs less than $450,000.
S39E01 Mike and Nancy Want Their Daughter's First Home to Be Perfect 02/12/2009 Mike, a physician, and Nancy, a grad student, are eager to find a home in Walnut Creek, California where their young daughter Kaelie can grow up happy and safe. Currently, they live in a rented condo with no yard space and lots of stairs. In their new home, they'd like few stairs, and a nice back yard where Kaelie can play. They also want 4-5 bedrooms Nancy and Mike love the way the home has been renovated, but are upset to see that a large pool takes up the entire back yard. Nancy definitely does not want a pool. Mike is also concerned that at $940,000, the home is beyond their budget. The next house they see is a tri-level contemporary with 3 bedroom and 3 1/2 baths. It's listed at $850,000. Mike and Nancy like the updated finishes and open, sunny spaces. The kitchen is renovated, but the appliances are not stainless steel, like Nancy prefers. The home has two yard areas -- one is grassy and the other has a deck and hot tub. And there is no pool which makes Nancy very happy. On the other hand, the home's multi-level design is a negative to the couple, who were looking to avoid stairs. The third home that Colm takes Mike and Nancy to see is two-story traditional with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and is listed at $875,000. The home's decor is not to the couple's taste, but they love the updated kitchen which opens to the family room. The large park-like backyard is appealing to Nancy and Mike and again, they like the fact that there's no pool. Upstairs they see 3 large bedrooms and an open loft area. They like the layout but wonder if the loft would be unsafe for Kaelie since it is open to the living room below. Mike and Nancy weigh the pros and cons of all three homes. Which one will they choose?
S39E02 Emma and Valerio Search for a Row Home in Baltimore 03/12/2009 Valerio Mangano just moved from Milan, Italy to Baltimore Maryland to marry his longtime girlfriend Emma. They currently live in Emma's 1 bedroom apartment that's close to Baltimore's Charles Village neighborhood. There isn't enough closet space in the bedroom so Valerio is living out of boxes and the kitchen is too small for Valerio to comfortably cook in. They want to buy a place together so that Valerio won't feel like he is just a guest in Emma's house. The couple wants to buy one of the traditional 3-story row homes common in Baltimore's Canton neighborhood. With their budget of $250,000 to $300,000, they want a row home that comes with parking and an outdoor space. Valerio's used to living in apartments in Italy, so he's excited to purchase a big home with several floors. Emma wants a place that doesn't need a lot of work so that they can enjoy being newlyweds and not fight about home improvement projects. The first row house that agent E.J. Villarreal takes them to see is a 2 bed, 2 bath, 1700 square foot place priced at $280,000. It has brick walls, central air, wood floors and a spacious renovated kitchen. There is a back deck but no parking pad and no roof deck. The master has a huge closet but there isn't alot of closet space in the rest of the house. The second row home they look at has 3 bedrooms and 1 and a half bathrooms in 1880 square feet. It's listed for $299,900. They like the charming master bedroom and the roof deck has amazing views, but the kitchen needs to be updated and there is no central air and no parking. The third row home they look at has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths in 1500 square feet. It's also listed for $299,900. This one has a rooftop deck, central air and a parking spot, but they aren't crazy about all the carpet and there is hardly any closet space. Emma and Valerio think it over and make their decision.
S39E03 A Young Married Couple Disagree About What Style of Condo to Buy in Chicago 10/12/2009 Kurt and Kelly Schnakenberg are a young married couple living in an apartment that's in the same building as Kurt's family's store. They want to buy their first place and get a little separation from the family business. They are looking for condos in their same popular Chicago neighborhood, Lakeview. They want a place that has room for a home office, a spacious kitchen and a parking spot. Their budget is $325,000 to $400,000. The only thing they don't agree on is style. Kelly wants a vintage condo with lots of charm, and Kurt prefers the open Loft-style look. The first place their real estate agent Eric Rojas takes them to see is a 1200 square foot, 2 bedroom, 2 bath loft style condo that's listed for $415,000. Kurt likes the brick walls and exposed ducts, but Kelly's not crazy about the open kitchen and small living room. She's also not crazy about the balcony being off the 2nd bedroom. The second place they see is listed for $355,000. It's a 2 bed, 1 bath, 1300 square foot vintage style condo. Kelly is thrilled with the vintage charm, the large dining room, separate kitchen and re-done bathroom. Kurt is happy there is a space for his home office but he's not in love with the traditional look. The third home is a 2-story loft style townhouse. It's priced at $400,000 and has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths in 1100 square feet. Kurt likes the high ceilings and that you get alot for your money, but Kelly's not crazy about the small open kitchen and the outdated bathrooms. After touring all three homes, Kurt and Kelly have to come to an agreement on which style-condo is best for them. So which one will they choose?
S39E04 Coast Guard Family Relocates From Florida to Mobile Alabama But Only Has Five Days to Find and Buy a Home 09/12/2009 Roberto Torres is a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard and lives in Ormond Beach, Florida with his wife, Jenni, and their kids Ariana, Mateo and David. The Coast Guard just reassigned Roberto from Ormond Beach to Mobile, Alabama. Since this tour of duty will be over four years, Roberto and Jenni decided to buy a house in Mobile. The only catch? The Coast Guard gave them about a month to research Mobile. Now, Roberto and Jenni only have five days to actually go to Mobile and buy a house. Adding to that pressure, they have a pretty long list of things they need in the house. With such a tight time frame, their agent Kyla Gaston has her work cut out for her. The first home they check out is listed for $185,000. It's a model home, which is on the market. This place has 4 beds, 2 baths and is 1,930 square feet. Jenni loves the upgraded open kitchen. The backyard is big and unfenced. Their biggest concern is that there is a lot of construction in the neighborhood. The next house they look at is brand new and is listed for $222,000. This place has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and is 2,320 square feet. Jenni likes the easy to care for floors and master suite. They both like the fenced in backyard. But, they are both concerned that there isn't enough storage space and that the living room may not be big enough for their piano. While the kitchen is updated, it's a bit small and isn't open to the family room. The last place they see is a custom built home. Jenni and Roberto like the custom details, such as the hardwood and tile floors, the addition and jetted tub in the master suite. The backyard at this home is also fenced in, which is a plus. They don't like some of the more funky details, like an incense holder and the built in TV cabinet. The kitchen is a bit dark and the price is on the high end of their budget. After weighing the pros and cons of each home, Jenni and Roberto make their decision within their 4 day window.
S39E05 Young Doctors, Jeff & Karmen, Look at Large Family Homes in Suburban Los Angeles 21/02/2010 Jeff & Karmen lead busy lives as young doctors and parents of two small children: three-year-old Sam and one-year old Serena. They love the Los Angeles suburb of La Canada for its top schools, hilly views, and abundance of big leafy trees. They also love its easy access to downtown Los Angeles, due to the freeways that run through town. What they don't love is the freeway noise. Their busy schedules have made house hunting a challenge, so they're growing desperate to find a home that meets all their criteria: four bedrooms, four baths, formal dining room, family room, in a quieter section of town, for under two million dollars. The first home that Real Estate Agent Christiana Matarese shows Karmen and Jeff is a traditional California ranch that is set back from the street so it's very quiet. It has four bedrooms and four baths in about 4,000 square feet. The asking price is 1.8 million. The first thing they notice is that the home's current owner began renovations on the home, and then walked away leaving the house in a state of disrepair. Outside they see the pool, the pool house, and the large grassy yard. Karmen and Jeff love the property's sylvan setting. The only thing they don't like about the house is the unfinished kitchen, because it would mean expensive and possibly lengthy renovations. The next house Christiana takes them to see is completely renovated. It's at the end of a long private driveway, so it's very quiet. At 1.5 million dollars, it is a little less expensive, but it is significantly smaller with 2,660 square feet, four bedrooms and three baths. Jeff & Karmen love the renovations and the abundance of natural light, but it's the backyard that really blows them away. In addition to the pool, rolling green lawn, the backyards also has a sports court. Unfortunately, a power line tower is also in the backyard, which concerns Jeff & Karmen. The third house Christiana shows them is in a prime sec
S39E06 Single Gal Regina Clark Leaves Home To Buy a Condo in San Jose, California 17/12/2009 After graduating from college, Regina moved back in with her mom and dad. Unfortunately, she brough so much stuff with her that her parents have had a hard time storing it all. She's taken over half the garage, part of their closet, and has even stored her extra mattresses in their bedroom. After 6 months, her parent's had had enough so they gave Regina the money for a down payment on a condo so she could successfully move out on her own. She's set her budget at $350K to $400K. Regina wants a place close to the shops and restaurants in downtown San Jose, California. She'd also like 2 bedrooms, a community pool and gym and to have a private patio. The first place her agent Jenn Holst takes her to is an 851 square foot, 1 bed, 1 bath unit in a high-rise building in the heart of San Jose. It's close to her job and the shops and restaurants downtown, but at $410,000, it's a little over her budget. She likes the views and the small balcony, but it doesn't have two bedrooms or a pool and the unit itself is small. The second place she goes to see is further from downtown. It's 1350 square foot, 1 bed, 1.5 bath loft listed for $399,000. Regina likes the high ceilings and modern style, and even though it has only one bedroom there's an additional loft area she could use as an office. But the community has no gym or pool and it's farther from downtown than she'd like to be. The last place Regina looks at is even further out from the city. It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1170 square foot condo listed for $395,000. Not only does it have the second bedroom she wants, the community also comes with both a gym and pool. Regina's also thrilled that all of the appliances are included. In fact, the only drawback is that it's the furthest from downtown and her job. Regina's got a tough decision to make. If she goes for the first place she'll be in the heart of downtown but she'll be choosing the smallest
S39E07 After Surviving The Painful Break Up Of Her 33 Year Marriage, A Woman Decides To Buy A House In Gulfport, Mississippi 16/12/2009 After surviving the painful break up of her 33 year marriage, Alisa decided to start a new chapter in her life. She left behind her family and friends in West Virginia and moved to Gulfport Mississippi. With a budget of $200,000 to $300,000, she's looking for a 3 bed, 2 bath, southern style home with great architectural details. Since she's downsizing from her 5,100 square foot home in West Virginia, she wants to have lots of storage space and is determined to get a "hers & hers" closet in the master bedroom. As a master gardener, Alisa wants a big backyard that she can landscape. But, more importantly she wants that outdoor space for her babies, Callie & Archie, her bearded collies, which are being taken care of by friends in West Virginia. Gulfport broker, Bridget Ferrucci is determined to help Alisa find the perfect house for her fresh start. The first place Bridget takes Alisa to is in the Diamondhead community near Gulfport. This 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home has 2,257 square feet and is listed at $270,000. Alisa likes the open layout, high ceilings, upgraded kitchen and bathrooms. She especially loves the southern style patio and backyard. But, the master bedroom doesn't have a "hers & hers" closet and the front of the house lacks southern charm. The second place is in the heart of Gulfport. Listed for $258,000, this house has 3 beds, 2 1/2 baths and is 2,265 square feet. Alisa loves the southern style exterior, the architectural details, upgraded kitchen and bathrooms and the "hers & hers" closet. On the downside, she thinks the backyard isn't big enough and feels that the patio isn't nearly as wonderful as that of the first house. Option number three is in the D'Iberville community near Gulfport. Listed for $280,000, this home has 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and 3,000 square feet. Alisa loves the high ceilings, the large kitchen, open floor plan, beautiful porch and big backyard. She thinks it&
S39E08 After Constantly Being On The Move For Work, Jay And His Wife Booyoung Are Ready To Settle Down In a Historic Home In Detroit 18/11/2009 Jay met his wife Booyoung when his company sent him to her native country of Korea. Shortly after getting married Jay went to work on a project in Iraq. Over the past few years the couple hasn't spent much time together because of Jay's travel for work, but now that Jay has returned to the U.S. he and his wife would like to settle down together in Jay's hometown of Detroit. They're staying temporarily at Jay's brothers house while they look for a home, but the current living situation is starting to take its toll because the couple is living out of a suitcase in the small guest bedroom. With their budget of $350,000 to $450,000, they're looking for a 2-3 bedroom home with a large kitchen. Jay leans toward a home in the suburbs while Booyoung prefers something in the city, but both agree that they'd like to live in one of Detroit's historic properties. The first house realtor, Jocelyn "Joy" Santiago takes them to see is a warehouse loft conversion originally built in 1906. The 2,070 square foot, 2 bedroom/2 bath condo is listed for $387,500. They love the open feel and the spacious kitchen, but Booyoung is not crazy about the soft walls in the bedrooms that don't go up to the ceiling so they opt to check out another place. The next home is in Detroit's historic Indian Village neighborhood. The 4500 square foot, 5 bedrooms, 3 and half bath home was built in 1915 and is listed for $399,900. They both love the gourmet kitchen, sunroom and spacious backyard. And even though Booyoung likes the huge master closet and the unique tile fireplaces throughout the home, she'd prefer to see something right in the heart of downtown. The third home they go to visit is in a 1924 renovated hotel in downtown Detroit. It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1400 square foot condo that is listed for $400,000, with a monthly HOA fee of $1000. Jay and Booyoung love the views and the perks of living in a luxury hotel but they are disappoi
S39E09 Newlyweds Move Out Of Mom's Basement Into First Home In Annapolis, Maryland 23/12/2009 Newlyweds Mike and Amy Harris couldn't save up enough money to buy their first place and still pay rent. So they moved into Mike's Mom's basement for a few months to jump start their savings. Mike's mom Jeannie isn't able to contribute financailly, but she feels that by letting them move in with her, she is essentially giving them a house warming gift. But having them at home with all their stuff is also starting to drive her crazy. Mike and Amy are also tired of living in the basement, they don't even have a bathroom, they have to walk up two flights of stairs just to take a shower. Their budget is in the $300K - $350K range, and they want a move-in ready home with a master suite and a fenced in yard for their dogs. The first place their real estate agent Jeannie Lindsley takes them to see is just two blocks from Mike's mom's house. It's a 3 bed, 2 bath ranch with 1600 square feet that's listed for $340K. Amy likes the updated kitchen, especially since she can reach all the cabinets. Mike likes the three seperate living areas, but he's not crazy about the 3 different kinds of flooring. They both like the master suite and closet, but amy thinks the yard is small and Mike isn't sure he wants to live so close to his mother. MIke can't make it for the second tour, so his Mom joins Amy in the search. The second place they see is a 2-story Cape Cod with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in 2100 square feet. The home is listed for $320K. They both like the fireplace in the living room, but the space itself is too small for their furniture. The home does not have central air, which would be a major added expense. But amy does like the upstairs master bedroom and the large backyard. The third place Mike and Amy see is a split-level house listed for $330K. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms in 1600 square feet. Amy likes the open kitchen, large deck and yard and the hot tub. But mike's not crazy about t
S39E10 Large Family Stationed in Vegas Buys First Home 01/01/2010 Craig and Angie met in the US Air Force. Four kids, two dogs and three foreign countries later, they've landed in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the first time in their lives they can buy a house and they want something with at least 4 bedrooms, an open kitchen, and a big backyard. Their 11 year old, Jacob, wants a bedroom on the 2nd floor, and their 9 year old Lauren, doesn't like having the household's linen closet in her bedroom. Craig and Angie have a strict budget of $250,000. In case Craig gets transferred, they want to be able to rent the home out without taking a loss. They have turned to realtor Rob Jensen for help in finding a large house in North Las Vegas on their strict budget. The firs place Rob shows them is a 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 2670 square foot house that's listed for $204,900. They like the large open floorplan and kitchen, but the backyard is tiny and leaves alot to be desired. Upstairs, the bedrooms are all a good size, but there are only 4 of them and Craig and Angie were hoping for a place with 5 bedrooms. The next day, Rob takes them to see a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house that's larger, with 2,838 sq. ft. It's listed for $199,000 but because it's a foreclosure, there is alot of work that needs to be done. Overall, Craig is unimpressed with the condition of the house. Even though it's affordable, they would have to do a lot of work to it, especially the carpeting. But it does have an enormous backyard which they both like and the 5 bedrooms which is a big plus. The last place Rob takes them to see is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with a separate office that could be converted into a 5th bedroom. It's the largest with 3740 square feet, but its also the most expensive, at $259,000. The home is in move-in ready condition, though Angie isn't a fan of the rock walls in the main living area. The backyard is fantastic, with a built-in grill, TV, seating area and playground. All of the bedrooms and the office would work
S39E11 Katie and Boyd Want to Buy a Weekend Getaway Condo in Downtown Louisville Which is Just a 20 Minute Drive From Their Home in the Suburbs 30/12/2009 Katie and Boyd love raising their kids in Middletown, Kentucky, Louisville suburb. But, they want to experience the hustle and bustle of the big city and decided to split the difference and buy a vacation home in downtown Louisville, just a 20 minute drive from their home in the suburbs. With a budget of $250,000, they're looking for a loft style condo with 2 bed/2 bath, an open and updated kitchen and outdoor space. They want a place that's located near the entertainment district and ball field, but within walking distance of the marina where they can dock their boat. Realtor, Stephanie Mattingly, starts off by showing them a 1 bed/1bath condo in Bycks Lofts, a former department store. Listed for $240,000, this place is a block away from the entertainment district. While Katie and Boyd like the exposed duct work, upgraded kitchen and bath and quiet outdoor patio, they are concerned that there are no windows to the outside and that it's a bit small at 1,000 square feet. Tthe HOA is low at $250 per month, but it doesn't have any amenities. Listed for $255,000, second condo is a 2 bed/2bath unit in a brand new building on Main Street. At 1,067, this place is a bit bigger than the first one. The HOA is a bit higher at $288 per month, but it also has a fitness center and party room. Katie and Boyd love the floor to ceiling windows, open floor plan, balcony and roof top deck. But, they're concerned about the noise of Main Street. Listed for $270,000, their third option is a 2 bed/2 bath condo at 1,215 square fet in a former hotel called the Henry Clay. With an HOA of $297 per month, it is a private theatre and ballroom. Katie and Boyd like the hardwood floors, loft space and large rooftop terrace. But, the open floor plan is awkward. With three great options, which one will they choose?
S39E12 First Time Buyers and Newlyweds Rachel and Casey Are Ready to Buy Their First Home Together in Boston, Massachussets 07/01/2010 Newlyweds Rachel and Casey want to stop renting and buy their first home in Boston, Mass. Casey does not want to be anywhere near the suburbs. They both want to be in close enough to Boston central and would prefer to stay in their Charlestown neighborhood. With a budget of $400,000 to $450,000, they are looking for a place that's much bigger than their 800 square foot apartment. The want a 2 bed, 2 bath place with lots of storage space, a separate laundry area and a deck so Casey can barbecue. Their realtor Jaime Drunsic loves working with first time buyers, but she's not sure if she can find a place that fits all of their criteria and stays within their budget. The first place she shows them is a 2 bed. 2 1/2 bath attached house, located just a few blocks away from their apartment in Charlestown. Listed at $460,000, it has 3 levels and is 1,326 square feet. Rachel and Casey like the upgraded kitchen, the size of the bedrooms, the basement storage area and that it has a laundry area. They like that it has the potential for a deck off of one of the bedrooms, but are concerned that, in addition to the price being over their budget, they would have to spend extra money to finish the job off. Jaime then takes them to South Boston, where there is a much more affordable condo listed at $411,000. This place has 2 bed, 2 bath and is 1,000 square feet. They like the layout and the large rooftop deck, but Casey doesn't like the style of the kitchen and double headed shower in the master bath. Jaime takes them to a 3 bed, 2 bath, 1,200 square foot penthouse condo in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, listed at $439,000. Rachel and Casey love the backyard, 2 private decks and large great room, but aren't sure if they want to live so far from their jobs. With three great choices, which one will they choose?
S39E13 A Couple Wants to Leave Indiana and Buy a House on the Big Island in Hawaii 03/01/2010 Gary and Paul are ready to leave Corydon, Indiana to fulfill their dream of buying a house in Hawaii. Hawaii has been a special place for them, since they had their commitment ceremony there a few years ago. After researching all of the islands, they decided to focus on the Big Island. With a budget of $200,000 - $350,000, they are looking for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house that has a large open kitchen. They would love to be near the ocean and have a view. After checking out three places, Gary and Paul weigh the pros and cons of each house to make a decision.
S40E01 Newly Engaged Chicago Couple Searches for Their First Home Together 04/02/2010 Josh and Michelle have been dating for over a year and he recently popped the question. Now this engaged couple is ready to find a home and start their new life together. They both currently live the Wrigleyville area of Chicago and since their rental leases are nearly up, the time seems perfect to buy a home together. They'd like to stay in the Wrigleyville area; unfortunately most homes in that area are above their $400,000 to $450,000 budget. Another option they've considered is purchasing a multi-unit property and becoming landlords. The additional income from a renter means their budget could increase to $600,000. Their realtor starts off buy showing them a single family home that falls within their budget. It's a 2-bedroom coach home listed for $440,000. A coach home is typically a single-family home located behind a main property. This one is behind a condominium unit. The next place they look at is a multi-family property priced at $575,000. It has a 2000 square foot owners unit and 2 rental properties. The next option is a $574,000 multi-unit property. This one has a 1700 square foot owners unit and 1 rental property. Josh and Michelle have a big decision to make. Do they want to go with a single-family home or be responsible for rental units in a multi-family home?
S40E02 Newlyweds Search for Their First Home in Vermont 11/02/2010 Newlyweds Anthony and Kellie knew they wanted to eventually buy a home in the Burlington Vermont area. But, when they qualified for a Federal Tax Incentive program which allowed them to buy a home with no down payment and a low interest loan, they decided to start looking now. Even though this is a great opportunity, they don't want to overextend themselves and want to stick to their $250,000 budget. Paying the bills is their number one priority. Broker Adam Hergenrother is determined to help these first time buyers navigate the real estate market. He shows them a place with a huge finished basement for $260,000, a split level home for $240,000 and an older upgraded home for $250,000. With so much riding on their decision, which one will be their future home?
S40E03 Kelly and Mac Search For Their First Home in Orange County, California 28/02/2010 Kelly and Mac love living in Orange County, California and are ready to buy their first home. But, when it comes to their budget, Kelly isn't much of a risk taker and Mac isn't afraid to spend more to get what they want. With plans to have kids, they would like a home with enough room to possibly raise a family. They would prefer to find a place in Costa Mesa, California, which is centrally located between their jobs. But, with real estate prices on the higher end in Costa Mesa, their broker, Brandi Vanderbeek, has her job cut out for her.
S40E04 First Time Buyers Seek Short Sale in Sacramento 14/03/2010 Chris and Lali Castro can finally afford their first home in Sacramento, California, but only if they buy a short sale property. Buying a short sale is a time consuming process, but if they're successful, they'll get a lot of house for not a lot of money. Unfortunately, the lease is up on their current rental so Chris and Lali are under extra pressure to move fast. Will these stressed out buyers succeed?
S40E05 April and John Worden are Expecting Both Their First Child and To Find A Condo in the Heart of Boston That's Big Enough for Three 04/03/2010 For several years, April and John Worden have sacrificed space and sunlight so they could afford to live in the heart of Boston. They love the city's energy and history so much, that they've been renting a tiny, dark apartment. But now that they are expecting their first child, they are eager to buy a condo with spacious rooms, natural light, and maybe even a view of the city they love. Can local real estate agent Kathleen Alexander help them find what they're looking for? She shows them two condos in the Boston neighborhood of Charlestown, and one in the Boston neighborhood of Roslindale. Which one will they choose as Baby Worden's first home? Find out, when House Hunters travels to historic Boston, Massachusetts.
S40E07 First Time Buyers Search for a Historic House in East Nashville 00/00/0000 After getting engaged last year, Molly Smith and Adam McDevitt decided to take the next big step and buy a house together. They want a large renovated historic house that's close to their favorite shops and restaurants in the hip neighborhood of East Nashville. But with a modest budget of $250,000 will they have to sacrifice size for location?
S40E11 Don and Cheryl Look for a House by the Water in Cocoa Beach 00/00/0000
S40E12 Adrienne Wants to Buy a Vacation Home in Palm Springs That Her Whole Family Can Enjoy 00/00/0000 Adrienne owns and operates a homeware design firm that specializes in high end hardware details. While she loves running her own business, she is constantly busy. She has come to the conclusion that the only way she can unwind is to buy a vacation home. She picked Palm Springs, because she loves the modern architecture and relaxed vibe. More importantly, it's a short drive from her home in Los Angeles. She's very close to her sisters and their families, who also live in LA. So, she wants to find a home that's big enough for her entire family. Adrienne is a saavy businesswoman, who knows exactly what she wants and is determined to get it for her $550,000 budget. With a list that includes 4 bedrooms, mountain views, a pool and spa and plenty of entertaining space, her friend and realtor, Frank Riela has a tall order to fill.
S41E01 After 40 Years in her Suburban Home in New Jersey, Barbara is Relocating to New Orleans to be With the Love of her Life 17/09/2010 Even though Barbara is settled in New Jersey, she's ready to shake up her life and move to New Orleans to be with her partner Dale. They've been in a long distance relationship for the past few years and they've decided they don't want to be apart any longer. But after 40 years in the same large suburban home, downsizing to city life isn't going to be easy for Barbara. Can she find a New Orleans home that will make the transition a little easier?
S41E02 Searching for a Home in San Francisco 13/06/2010 Jeff and Lori recently returned to the West coast after living in New York for the past couple of years. Now they're on the hunt for a new place to call home in San Francisco. They're hoping to find a spacious two bedroom house that has a patio area and a place to store their wine collection. Their real estate agent has several amazing homes lined up for Jeff and Lori to take a look at. They range from a historic Edwardian home to a landmark Victorian house that's a popular tourist attraction in the Bay area. They'll tour three places before deciding which of these amazing historic homes will work for them.
S41E03 Newlyweds Seana and Michael Want to Buy a Smaller Home in Nashville, Tennessee but They Are Not Sure What Kind of House They Want 20/06/2010 This is the third time Seana, a musician, has been on House Hunters. She bought her first home in Los Angeles, California and the second place in Nashville, Tennessee - this time around, she's sharing the spotlight with her new husband Michael. While they love his 1920 house in Columbia, Tennessee, it's just too big at 5500 square feet. Plus, they want to be closer to, or in, Nashville. They definitely want to downsize, but they aren't exactly sure what kind of house they want to buy. Their real estate agent Kassandra Green will show them a beautifully restored house built in 1898, a dated lake front home and a completely updated place. Can these newlyweds decide which one is the perfect place to start their lives together?
S41E04 A Great Job Has a Couple Moving from California to Huntsville, Alabama 27/06/2010 Greg and Carolyn are Ph.Ds at Stanford, who love living in their San Mateo home with their three kids, Gabby, Sam and Eleanor. But, Greg got a job offer in Huntsville, Alabama that he couldn't refuse. While they're excited at the opportunity, it comes at a tough time. They want Sam to finish his senior year in high school in California and to have Eleanor start middle school in Alabama. So, for nearly a year, Carolyn will stay with Sam and Greg will move to Huntsville with Eleanor. They hope to find a house that will ease the sting of this separation. With over a million dollars to spend, they see three beautiful homes. Which one will be the perfect place for their entire family?
S41E06 Parents-to-be Search for Home in the Chicago Suburb of Gurnee 01/08/2010 Parents-to-be Lindsay and Tom sold their Chicago condo more quickly than they expected, and now they're in a hurry to buy a new home in the suburb of Gurnee, Illinois. With a budget of $500,000, can they find a house with an updated interior and a spacious backyard before the baby comes?
S41E07 Oil Company Engineer Hurries to Find Houston Home 06/01/2011 Oil company engineer Kristle has a new work assignment that'll require her to commute to Alaska every 3 weeks for the next year, and she wants to buy her first home before she goes. With help from her best friend, will she find a place that satisfies her extensive wish list and her $185,000 budget?
S41E08 College Sweethearts Search for a Home in Lebanon, Tennessee and Hope to Close the Deal Before Their First Child Arrives 15/08/2010 College sweethearts Adam and Angela are ready to buy their first home in Lebanon, Tennessee. They're eager to find a home quickly because Angela is pregnant with their first child, and they've been living at Adam's parents' house. Their budget is $250,000 - $300,000, and Realtor Brian Copeland is optimistic he'll find them just the right home. The first place he shows them is listed for $226,000 and has 2400 square feet, but the Interstate is close by and noisy. The second home is listed for $269,000 and has 2700 square feet but the corner lot did not impress them. The third home has 2600 square feet but the price, $284,000, is at the top of their budget. They've chosen the name Gentry for their baby daughter, now all they have to do is choose the house she'll grow up in!
S41E09 A Couple Looks for a Larger Place in the Northern Seattle Area 08/09/2010 Robert and his partner Jon have outgrown their small downtown Seattle apartment, so they're on the hunt for a larger place in the Northern Seattle area. They're hoping to find a spacious townhome with a large kitchen, lots of closet space and an extra room they can use for crafts. Location is important because they don't want to be too far from downtown. Their realtor Gene Seguin will take them to three great properties in various areas of Northern Seattle. After touring the homes Robert and Jon will have to make a tough decision since each place has a number of pros and cons. Will they go with the cottage style townhome that has smaller bedrooms, the home with great upgrades but on a noisy street, or the most spacious home located farthest from downtown?
S41E10 First-time Buyer Looks for Condo in Seattle Suburb of Kirkland 22/08/2010 After her first offer on a condo fell through, 26-year-old Ashley is ready to brave the real estate market again as she searches for a starter home in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland. Can she find a place that's stylish and updated, without going over her $300,000 budget?
S41E11 Angie Buys a Home of Her Own 08/10/2010 Angie never imagined she'd be starting over at this point in her life. But in the last year alone she weathered both a divorce and a job re-location from New Orleans to Jackson, Mississippi. Her company has been putting her up in a hotel for eight months, and Angie is eager to buy a home of her own and lay down some roots in her new town. Her budget is $200,000 and she wants enough space to host her family when they visit from New Orleans. Her Real Estate Agent is Amber Johnson, and Angie's friend Liz will also be helping her find just the right place. The first house they look at is move-in ready, but it's the most expensive, listed at $200,000. The second house sits on the largest property, an acre and a half, and it has the lowest price tag of $135,000. But it might be too large for Angie to maintain on her own. The third home is listed for $145,000, and it feels like it's just the right size to Angie. But it needs a lot of work, and Angie is not sure she's up to the task. Which home will become the site of Angie's next chapter in life?
S41E12 A Family Wants to Leave Sorority Housing and Find a Permanent Home in Knoxville 15/09/2010 Vern just started working at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He loves his new job, but isn't crazy about his current living situation. Vern and his wife and daughter are all staying in a campus residence hall that is also sorority housing at the University. Aside from the space being too small, Vern and his wife Katherine want to find a place more suitable for a family. They're hoping to find a home with a large kitchen and a guest room for Katherine's family to stay in when they visit from China. Additionally, they'd like a house that meets Katherine's feng shui requirements. Their realtor will take them to several homes in the Knoxville area, but the real challenge is finding one that both Vern and Katherine agree on.
S41E13 Single Mother Looking to Downsize in St. Petersburg, Florida 08/08/2010 Wendy has been going through a divorce and as part of the settlement she has to move out of her four bedroom waterfront home. She's decided to leave the suburbs and find a smaller place in downtown St. Petersburg. She's hoping to find a three bedroom condo or townhouse where she and her daughter can make a fresh start. Wendy has a budget of $500,000 for her real estate agent Georgia Naruns to work with. But Georgia isn't the only one helping Wendy find a place. Wendy's best friend Lara will join in on the house search. They'll check out three very different places in, and around the downtown St. Petersburg area, but which one will Wendy and her daughter call their new home?
S43E01 Picking a Pad in Overland Park 04/04/2010 Newlyweds, Jenny & Grant, want to stay close to their hometown of Overland Park, Kansas to shop for a starter home they won't outgrow too fast. They want a great kitchen, a fenced yard for their dogs and a finished basement Grant can use as a media room. Their challenge is finding it all for about $300K.
S43E02 Making it Right in St. Louis 25/04/2010 Amy & Josh Kell took a financial bath when they sold their home in an emerging neighborhood in Chicago. They lost $140,000 in the deal and are a bit gun shy as they embark on buying a home in St. Louis, Missouri. This time around they're determined to spend no more than $425,000 and they want to buy in an established neighborhood. The first home they see is a Victorian with a huge yard that would be great for their 2-year-old son Trevor. But a noisy highway and outdated interior kills the deal for Amy. They see two more homes, but both have problems. Will they be able to settle for a less than perfect home?
S43E03 A Home to Make Childhood Memories 11/04/2010 Farrah and David used to love their three-story townhome in Raleigh, North Carolina, but now that they have a toddler, it's no longer a good fit. Farrah works part time from home and the home's layout makes it difficult for her to work and keep an eye on one-year-old Riley. David, a business consultant, is tired of hauling laundry from the basement up to their second floor bedrooms. First they see a $329,900, four-bedroom Craftsman style home with a big back yard, but the kitchen has laminate countertops, which they don't like. Next they tour a $300,000, four-bedroom home with a spacious family room with two-story high ceilings, but the backyard doesn't have a fence and that could be trouble for their toddler and their dogs. Their last option is a $315,000 Colonial home with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, but the home's long walk from the driveway in the back to the front door is a turnoff. Which home will Farrah and David choose to be Riley's childhood home?
S43E04 Biking Couple Searches for Eco-Friendly Home 19/04/2010 Michelle and Eric were excited to buy a home in the environmentally friendly and outdoorsy community of Boulder, Colorado. But sticker shock derailed them. They realized their $350,000 budget wouldn't go very far in pricey, trendy Boulder. So, they've decided to look in the bedroom community of Louisville for a three bedroom home with a big yard for their dog. The environmentally friendly couple also hope to put up solar panels, grow vegetables and have a composter. To complete their eco-lifestyle, they bike to see potential homes. The first home is a four-bedroom tri-level, but the kitchen is outdated and Michelle doesn't like the floor plan. The second home has loads of sunlight and a great layout, but it backs up to a busy street. The third home has an open floor plan, but the back yard is extremely steep and they worry about their dog and whether they can have much of a garden.
S43E05 Dining Room Dilemma in St. Louis 14/04/2010 Newlywed couple in St. Louis wants a home with a garage for their mountain bikes, a quiet place to bar-b-que and a big enough space for their brand new dining room set. But finding all three in one house isn't going to be easy. First they see a two-story home with a great floor plan and room for the dining room set. But the kitchen needs a major renovation and the backyard is just a steep slope. The next home has a brand new kitchen and quiet yard with plenty of space to entertain. On the downside, the dining room set will not fit the home's dining room. The third house has a split-level floor plan with a wet bar in the basement family room and plenty of space for their dining set. But outside, traffic noise from a busy street downgrades the backyard.
S43E06 A Neglected Home in Foreclosure Tempts Atlanta Buyers with a Pool and More Space Than the Other Homes in Their Price Range 27/05/2010 An Atlanta couple committed to heavy business travel gets ready to trade in their jet setting life to become homebodies and start a family. They first see a $380K remodeled bungalow with a great backyard. But, the home is a bit quirky with sloped walls in the bedroom and checkerboard flooring. The second house is a Cape Cod style priced at $375K. It also has a big backyard and an attic they could renovate into a master retreat, but the master bedroom is small and they would have to share the master bathroom with guests. The third home is a ranch style in foreclosure and listed for $385K. It has more space than the other two and includes a swimming pool. But the home is damaged with holes in the walls and missing fixtures plus the pool needs major repairs. Will LaDonna and Darnell take a chance on the neglected foreclosure or go for one of the move-in ready options?
S43E07 Mom on a Mission in Richmond 06/05/2010 Que is a single mom who is engaged to middle school principal, James. Together they search for the house where they'll all live after they are married. They want a home big enough for them and Que's daughter, plus brothers and sisters that may expand the family in the future.
S43E08 Honeymoon on Hold in Langhorne, Pennsylvania 17/06/2010 Susan and Joji are newlyweds whose relationship has turned into a weekend arrangement. Susan lives and works in Philadelphia and Joji drives in on weekends from his job in New York. They want to share a home but need to find one midway between their jobs and decide on Langhorne, Pennsylvania, which is a commutable distance for both. First they see a two-story Colonial style home listed at $419K. They like the finished basement, but they notice a water leak which concerns them and the master bathroom needs to be updated. The second house is newly built and listed at $424K. It has a modern feel, but it's on a busy road and the backyard doesn't feel private. Their third choice is listed at $399K and has a great backyard, with a deck, gazebo and a hot tub. But the floor plan is a tight squeeze. Which home will finally bring these newlyweds together full-time?
S43E09 Bound for the Beach on the Jersey Shore 20/05/2010 Amanda & Christie recently married and are hoping to find a house that is near the beach but that is big enough for them to raise their future children in. Amanda says she won't compromise when she buys this house, but their budget might not be big enough to get them right on the water.
S43E10 Battlefield Bungalow in Gettysburg, PA 16/09/2010 Jess and John got married in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania two years ago and have returned with plans to buy their first home there. The charming city offers affordable home prices and is close to the school where John is getting his teaching degree. They love the town because it is pedestrian-friendly and surrounded by the battlefields and monuments of the Civil War. But they soon discover that homes in their $245K price range are outdated and in need of serious renovation. The first home they see is a Cape Cod style priced at $228,900. They like the original wood floors and built-in cabinets, but not the den that is crowded by a chimney that takes up most of the room. The kitchen needs updating including new flooring and countertops. The second home, priced at $239,000, has a stunning view of an historic battlefield park and features charming original wood detail and a big back yard. On the downside, the two bathrooms are tiny and have crumbling tile and fixtures that need replacing. The third home, priced at $244,900, is a Victorian charmer that's a short walk to the town square and across the street from Gettysburg College. They love the original gingerbread trim and the stained glass windows. But inside, two out of the three bathrooms have been demolished and not restored. All three homes will need some major renovation. Jess and John have to decide which one they want to take on.
S43E11 ER Doc Needs Durham Digs in North Carolina 13/05/2010 Sanjay, an ER doctor and his wife, Jodi, are searching Durham, North Carolina, for a larger home that can accommodate their two-year-old son and a baby sister who's on the way. They want an in-law suite so Sanjay's parents can visit from India, and maybe, live with them one day. The first home they see is a $675K Cape Cod style house with a big, sunny kitchen, but a backyard that feels chopped-up. Jodi also doesn't like having the master bedroom and the kids bedrooms on separate floors. The second home is a $695K historic charmer, built in 1925, and loaded with original details including the original icebox in the kitchen. On the downside, they would have to share a bathroom with their kids upstairs. The last house is the least expensive ? a Colonial priced at $659K. The backyard is big and fenced, but the upstairs bathrooms are small and old fashioned with tile Sanjay calls ''grotesque.'' So which home will they choose for their growing family?
S43E12 Lofty View in Atlanta 02/05/2010 Rhonda King has been driving her belongings around in a U-haul ever since her Atlanta, Georgia apartment flooded four times in two months. She's been camping out with friends and has set her sites on buying a downtown loft to call home. She wants a great view and an updated kitchen. She sees three different lofts in the heart of Atlanta. The first is inside an old cotton warehouse. She likes the exposed brick and concrete, but a weird concrete pillar in the bathroom ruins the flow of the unit. Rhonda loves another loft with a fancy kitchen and rooftop pool with killer views, but the unit's bathroom is a design nightmare with tile more suited to a gymnasium. The third place Rhonda sees is on the 15th floor of a downtown high rise with stunning views, but the laundry is in the kitchen and access to the refrigerator is awkward. Rhonda is ready to say good-bye to her nomad lifestyle and settle down. Which place will she choose?
S43E13 Following their Hearts to Chester County, PA 18/07/2010 Newlyweds Tracy and Matt are tired of following their jobs around the country and are following their hearts back to their hometown of Chester Count, PA. They want a house big enough to start their family. The first house they look at is an updated Colonial listed at $369,900. They like the backyard pool, but are not sure they can deal with the tiny kitchen. The second house sits on a one acre lot and is listed at $339,900. There's space to grow, but the house needs a lot of updates. The third house is a four bedroom with all the updates plus a great backyard and neighborhood pool. But at $389,900 it's $10,000 dollars over their budget. Which one will they choose?
S44E01 Portia is a Bellydancer Who Wants to Buy Her First Home in Miami, Florida 25/07/2010 Portia has been crashing at her best friend, Kamila's home, after a bad break up. She's ready to move on with her life and has decided to buy her first home. With a budget of $250,000 - $300,000, she has a lot of very specific requirements in this future house. She wants to find a place that's move-in ready, near her dance studio, has dance space inside the house, enough room her costumes and make-up, a pool and 2 extra bedrooms for roommates. It's a tall order for her real estate agent, Manon Mohammady to fill. Can she deliver?
S44E02 New Parents Chrissy and Zev Search for a Family Home That's Close to Boston's Fenway Park 11/07/2010 Boston couple, Chrissy and Zev welcomed their first child earlier this year, and now they're anxious to find a house they'll call home for many years to come. They agree that they want to be close to downtown Boston, and especially close to Fenway Park where they like to go and cheer on the Boston Red Sox. But Chrissy's number one priority is to get a large home, and that might mean moving farther out than Zev would like. Their budget is $430,000. The first place that real estate agent Avi Shemtov shows them is a 1600 square foot home in Waltham, which is one of the closer-in suburbs, but the home's bathrooms and kitchen require major upgrading. The second place, in nearby Brighton, has 2300 square feet and is beautifully upgraded, but Avi and Chrissy don't like the close proximity of the neighbors. The third house sits on a big lot with plenty of privacy. It has just under 2000 square feet, but it's in Framingham, which is farther from the city than the other two. Which house will this young family call home?
S44E03 Arizona Couple Searches for Their Forever Home 22/09/2010 With their wedding date closing in fast, Pablo and Sara are determined to buy their first home together in Mesa, Arizona. But with a starter home budget of $225,000, can the couple find a move-in ready place that'll fit their needs not just for a few years, but forever?
S44E04 An Army Officer and His Wife Search for Their First Place in Tennessee 24/09/2010 Lieutenant Mike Conforti and his wife Jessica live in a military duplex at Fort Benning, Georgia. Now that he is being reassigned to a base in Tennessee they're hoping to buy a place. They are excited to buy their first home but time is an issue with Mike's busy military schedule. They'll only have one weekend to find their first home. Their realtor will take them to three homes in two days and they'll have to pick a home. Will they get what they want or will they be forced to compromise?
S44E05 After Selling Their Condo Nearly Two Years Ago, Ryan and Sandy Have Been on a Frustrating Search to Buy a House in the Boston Suburbs 23/09/2010 After selling their small condo nearly two years ago, Ryan and Sandy have been on a frustrating search to buy a house in the Boston suburbs. Having no desire to raise their 16-month-old son in their current rental apartment, they're even more determined to buy a house. They want 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, a large backyard, in a nice neighborhood with a good school district. The challenge? A lot of other families want the same thing in their $400,000 to $430,000 price range. It's a tall order to fill for their realtor, Robert Mailhoit, who is determined to help them find the right home.
S44E06 Newlyweds Matt and Melissa Have Looked At Over 100 Homes and are Anxious To Finally Buy Their First Place 29/08/2010 Newlyweds Matt and Melissa have put in a lot of effort into buying their first house in Matt's hometown of Chatsworth, California. Over the course of 3 years, they looked at 100 houses and had 4 offers fall apart. Despite the disappointments, they are still determined to find a house. Between finding a place in their $750,000 - $800,000 budget and Matt's high standards, their friend and agent Travis Winn, has his job cut out for him.
S44E07 Looking for a First Home in Washington, D.C. 30/09/2010 Naomi's job in local government requires her to live within the city limits of Washington, D.C. She loves D.C. and has lived in the area since she was a little girl, but now that she is about to turn 31, Naomi has decided it's time to buy her first place. She's hoping to find a 1 bedroom condo with a washer and dryer, that is located in South-West D.C. Naomi's budget is $290,000, which may make finding what she wants to be a challenge. She and her best friend, Chazeman will take a look at three places that realtor Brett J. West has set up. The first place has everything Naomi's looking for but is located on the basement level and doesn't have a nice view. The second place has great views but it's above her budget and needs some work. The third place is in her ideal area but doesn't have a washer and dryer in the condo. After weighing the pros and cons, Naomi will choose one of the places to be the first home she will own.
S44E08 Jake and Rudi are Making a Big Commitment by Buying a House Together in Los Angeles, California 13/09/2010 For most of their two year relationship, Jake and Rudi have lived over 100 miles apart. While Jake lives in Los Angeles, Rudi has been living in Palm Springs while renovating a house. Now, that this project is complete, Rudi's ready to move back to L.A. and take their relationship to the next level. They decided to buy a house together. The challenge? Rudi runs his own design company that buys, renovates and then sells homes. So, he wants to make changes to every house they see. Jake is all about the bottom line and doesn't want to take on a big project. With a budget of $700,000 to $1.4 million, can their friend and agent Peter Lavin find a house that they'll both like?
S44E09 Amateur Pool Champion Becomes First-time Home Buyer in Birmingham, Alabama 10/09/2010 Amateur pool champion, Shelia Lowe, is eager to buy a home of her own in Birmingham, Alabama, that's big enough for herself and her pool table. Her budget is just $150,000, and she wants three bedrooms, two baths, and a large space for the pool table. She's bringing her friend Bobby along on the house hunt to help her make the big decision. Realtor Lorenzo Randall will also weigh in with advice. He takes her to see three homes. The first is large and Shelia's worried about maintaining it. The second is updated and smaller, but Shelia's concerned about the lack of space. The third is just the right size, but the upgrades are not to Shelia's liking. Which house will Shelia choose to help her move her game to the next level?
S44E10 Childhood Sweethearts Search for More Space in South Florida 14/09/2010 Tamra and Paul fell in love as teenagers in Jamaica, drifted apart, and years later were lucky enough to find each other again. Now raising 7 year-old Ty in the suburbs of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the couple is tired of their tiny townhouse, where space is so tight they have to store their food in the bathroom cabinets! They're looking to buy a move-in ready ranch home in the affluent city of Boca Raton, with plenty of storage space, a big yard for Ty and a pool for Paul. But with a strict $220,000 budget, they may have to make sacrifices to find the house of their dreams.
S44E11 An Austin Couple Searches for a Family Home 09/09/2010 Jeff and Abbi were lucky enough to find their dream home in the Austin, Texas area. They put their offer in and waited two months before they found out it wasn't going to work out. Now they're living in a rental with their young twin boys. They've decided to start the search again in hopes of finding the perfect family home to raise their kids. They'd like to find a large house with a game room and a big backyard near a good school. They'll take a look at three great choices in their area, but the challenge is finding a place that has everything they want. Will they get what they want or will they have to settle?
S44E12 Couple Searches for a Place to Make Music in Nashville, TN 20/09/2010 John and Carly took a leap of faith five months ago and moved from Florida to Nashville, where John hopes to launch a music career. Now that the lease is up on their tiny two-bedroom town house, they've decided to make ''Music City USA'' their permanent home, and are looking to buy a place as close to the happening downtown scene as possible. Both are eager to find a place with a bigger kitchen, and extra rooms for John to practice his guitar and Carly to work on her crafts. With a budget of $330,000, can the couple find a home that has the kind of architectural charm John loves, along with the practical features Carly demands?
S44E13 Cailtin is Looking for her First Home in San Diego 21/09/2010 Caitlin has got two big reasons to move to San Diego - a job transfer and to be closer to her boyfriend Mark. So she wants to buy a condo in the downtown area where they can finally live together. She's hoping to find a two bedroom place with a laundry in the home, but with her tight budget it may be a challenge to get what she wants in the downtown area. She and her boyfriend will take a look at three condos in and around the downtown area. Deciding on her first place will be tougher than she imagined.
S45E01 A Couple Living With Her Parents Wants Their Own Home in Pennsylvania 27/09/2010 Landon and Caitlyn moved to Pennsylvania to be closer to family but when the house they wanted fell through, they were forced to move in with her parents. They don't want to over stay their welcome so they are anxious to find their own place. The only issue is Landon wants to move into a low maintenance town home, while Caitlyn has her heart set on a single family home. They'll check out something for both of them, but can they find a place that they can agree on?
S45E02 Danny and Lizzy Want to Move Out of His Childhood House and Into a Home of their Own 28/09/2010 Lizzy and Danny Pulgaron first met as young teenagers in their hometown of Miami, Florida. They dated through high school and college, then married and moved to Philadelphia so Lizzy could attend graduate school. But they always hoped to return to Miami. When they both got job offers in Miami earlier this year, they knew they had to seize the moment and make their move. That meant moving in with Danny's parents until they could find a house to buy. That was six months ago and the couple is tired of living "like siblings" in Danny's childhood home. They've enlisted the help of Realtor Jennifer Brilliant to help them find a home for $400,000 or less. Jennifer steers them to the coastal suburb of Surfside, where houses are more affordable, but typically very dated. How far back in time are Lizzy and Danny willing to go to get the forever home they're hoping for?
S45E03 Newlyweds Want To Buy Their First Home In the Phoenix Suburbs 29/09/2010 Matt and Monica just got married and want to buy their first home in the Phoenix, Arizona suburbs. With a budget of $300,000, they're looking for a home to eventually raise their future children. But, when it comes to house hunting, can Monica's optimism balance out Matt's pessimism?
S45E04 Real Estate Agent/Mother Helps Son Ryan Find A House In North Carolina 01/10/2010 Twenty-three-year-old Ryan thinks he is ready to buy his own home outside Charlotte, North Carolina and has set his budget at $175,000. Mary, his agent, also happens to be his mother and she is determined that her young son find a home that has both what he wants and what she thinks he needs.
S45E05 Thom and Katy Stay With Old Friends While Searching For The Right Fixer In DC 07/10/2010 After their lease ran out, Thom and Katy decided to move in with friends while they hunt for a DC home of their own. They want a house they can fix up themselves that does not cost more than $400,000. The trick will be finding one before their friends tell them to hit the road.
S45E06 Tony's Ready to Move the Party from Las Vegas to Los Angeles with the purchase of a Hollywood Hills Vacation Home 14/10/2010 Twenty-six year-old Tony Chau loves his hard working, hard partying lifestyle in Las Vegas, Nevada, but he's ready for a new adventure. He plans to buy a vacation home in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles so he can partake in the Sunset Strip scene whenever he wants. He'd like a two-bedroom home with plenty of space to entertain, and he's willing to spend up to a million dollars to get it. Tony's enlisted the help of Los Angeles Realtor Peter Stamison, and interior decorator, James Charles. James infused Tony's Las Vegas home with a hip, playful style that Tony would like to repeat in his Los Angeles getaway. But Hollywood dreams do not come cheap and even with a million dollars to spend, Tony will have to make some compromises to get into the market at all.
S45E07 Emily and John Put Off Wedding Plans to Focus on Finding First Home in Cincinnati 21/10/2010 Emily and John are sure they'll spend their future together, but they've put off their wedding plans in their rush to buy a home before a federal tax incentive expires. But while Emily longs for a place that's move-in ready, John has his heart set on a home he can ''fix up''. With a budget of $180,000, this couple will be putting their compromising skills to the test as they hurry to find a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home that's the perfect balance of projects and perfection.
S45E08 John and Nikki Want to Buy a House in Austin, TX That He Can Upgrade But is Still Move-in Ready Enough for Her 28/10/2010 John is an Austin architect, who wants to buy a house on which he can exercise his design muscles. His wife Nikki is nervous about taking on a big project and would rather get a house that needs little to no work. Can their broker, Sam Archer, find them a house that meets both of their needs and stays within their $250,000 budget?
S45E09 A Couple is on the Hunt for a New Home After Relocating to Seattle 04/11/2010 Becky and Evan just relocated from Dallas to Seattle after Becky accepted a new job in the area. Since the couple had to move quickly they've been staying at a hotel while they look for a permanent place. Becky's company is paying for the hotel bill, but unfortunately they're only covering the costs for 45 days. With time running out, Becky and Evan need to find a place fast. They'll take a look at several single-family homes in the area, but they're in for a big surprise when they discover the price tag on a Seattle home is much higher than in Dallas. Can they find a place that meets their expectations before their corporate housing runs out?
S45E10 Arthur and Kandy Search for a Home in Siesta Key, Florida with Room to Raise Their Energetic Toddler Twins 11/11/2010 Retired New York City detective Arthur and his wife Kandy moved to the Florida Gulf Coast for the great weather and laid back lifestyle, but raising their energetic toddler twins in a tiny condo is a bigger challenge than they can handle. They're looking for a bigger home on the barrier island of Siesta Key, but after five months of searching, the couple has discovered that even with their $600,000 budget, landing a place at this hot beach destination is tough. Can they find an affordable 4-bedroom house near the sea before their current cramped quarters push them over the edge?
S45E11 Matt and Megan are in a Hurry to Buy a Home in Boston Before Getting Married in a Few Months 18/11/2010 Planning for a wedding while searching for their first home is stressful enough for Matt and Megan. But, they've also never lived under the same roof in the 7 years they've been together. So, they need to work out a few issues during their house hunt. Can their agent and broker, Sean Hope, find a place they both like and stick to their $350,000 budget?
S45E12 Al and Gina Want to Settle Down and Buy a Family Home in Hawaii 01/01/2011 Al and Gina have been married for 17 years and they have two sons. They've lived all over the world thanks to Al's military career, but now that they've moved to Kapolei, Hawaii they're finally where they want to be. The entire family loves Hawaii and has decided it's the perfect place to settle down and buy a home. Unfortunately Al is about to be deployed overseas, and he'll be gone for a year. Al and Gina really want to find a home before he leaves, but it's going to be a challenge since they both want different things. Can they find a place they both agree on before time runs out?
S45E13 Single Guy Buys First Home 02/12/2010 Jordan Yocum is a young man on a mission. At just twenty-two years old, he's ready to buy a home of his own in Louisville, Kentucky. He's been working three jobs to make his mission possible. But Jordan has a long wish list of features he feels he needs in his new home. And he's only got $125,000 to spend. It's a daunting task, but Jordan is ready to tackle it with great enthusiasm. Along to help are his friend Charlee, who is a young homeowner herself, and Realtor Heidi Fore. Will Jordan find everything he's looking for, and stay under budget?
S46E01 School Teacher Amery Looks for Houston Area Home to Share with 2 Roommates 09/12/2010 Amery, a 28 year-old school teacher, spent his childhood moving from place to place. Now, he's longing to put down roots and buy a home of his own in the Houston suburb of Pearland. He needs a place that's big enough to share with his roommates - best friend Henry and Henry's young son Parker. And even though he's ready to spend the very grown-up sum of $150,000 on a home, Amery wants to make sure there's plenty of room for him and his friends to play! Can this overgrown kid find a home that'll be fun ? and a good investment?
S46E02 Buying a Vacation Home on Tybee Island Georgia 16/12/2010 Lea wants her husband, Nate, to buy a second home on Tybee Island, Georgia, on his very first visit there. She thinks it will be the perfect place to take a break from their busy jobs in Chicago. While Lea loves the idea of buying an idyllic beach cottage, Nate is more concerned about the bottom line. Can their realtor, Jason Bishop, find a place that lives up to Lea's expectations and sticks to Nate's $550,000 budget?
S46E03 Julie Wants to be Closer to Her Friends in Orlando 23/12/2010 Julie Young, a native of Texas, has spent the last 15 years building a life for herself in Orlando, Florida. She has become successful at her job, sings in her church choir and has a huge group of good friends. The only problem is everything she is involved with is located about 15 miles away from her current home in Kissimmee, Florida. When she first bought her home, the Kissimmee area was where she could afford but now she's hoping to be closer to friends and her social life in an area of Orlando called the Dr. Phillips neighborhood. She and her best friend Kevin-Michael will take a look at several homes in the area. He's known Julie for over 12 years, and isn't afraid to be honest about what she needs in a home. Will their realtor be able to help Julie live in the place where her life is?
S46E04 TV News Producers Allison and David Search Washington D.C. Area for Home 01/01/2011 TV news producers Allison and David met on the job and married soon after. Now they're sharing a condo in Washington D.C. that's so small, they still can't open all their wedding gifts! They've agreed to search for a new home, but while David is determined to stay in the city he adores, Allison has set her sights on the Virginia suburbs. David will have a fight on his hands: since Allison suffers from asthma, she is determined to find a newly built home with no signs of mold, not an easy thing to do in historic downtown D.C. With a budget of $700,000, can this couple find a place they can actually agree on?
S46E05 An Ohio Family Relocates to Baltimore Maryland 01/01/2011 For the past 18 months, Paul has been commuting between his home in Mason, Ohio and Baltimore, Maryland. So, he spends the weekend with his wife Gina and their daughters, Paige and Mia, and is in Baltimore for the rest of the work week. This commute has been tough on the whole family. So, he and Gina decided to sell their dream home in Ohio and buy a house in Baltimore. But, they've had to face the harsh reality that the real estate market in Baltimore is much higher than Mason. Can their broker, Anne Herrara Franklin, find a house that lives up to their expectations without maxing out their $700,000 budget?
S46E06 An Engaged Couple Living in a Small Place is on the Hunt for a Larger Home in Palm Desert 01/01/2011 Is it true that love has no boundaries? Todd and Tanya are putting that theory to the test. This engaged couple is planning a wedding, while in school and working full time jobs, all while crammed into their small Palm Desert apartment. What they thought would be temporary housing has turned into 6 months of them living on top of each other. They're eager to find a larger place and get settled in before their weddding day. The biggest challenge is that they know exactly what they want, so their realtor has his work cut out for him. He'll take them to several homes, where this couple seems to find every flaw. Can they find a place that works for them before they tie the knot or will they be stuck in their small apartment?
S46E07 After Living in Five States in Seven Years, Tim and Summer Munyon are Ready to Settle Down in Morgantown, West Virginia 02/01/2011 During the seven years that Tim & Summer Munyon have been married, they've lived in five different states. They're ready to settle down for good, and have chosen Morgantown, West Virginia, a popular college town which is frequently cited by the media as one of the best small cities in the United States. Tim has accepted a job as a professor at West Virginia University, and they're eager to find a home that's close to campus, but not too close. Summer is also worried about the hilly terrain, so she'd like to find a home that does not require driving on steep roads. They begin their search with a budget of $250,000 - $300,000, but quickly find that those numbers are too low, and that Morgantown is an expensive place to buy. They raise their budget, but finding a house they can call home forever still proves to be tough. What kind of compromises will they have to make to get into this popular market?
S46E08 Brian Searches for Dallas Area Bachelor Pad 13/01/2011 Brian's a typical bachelor with a very unusual living situation: he rents an apartment in a former retirement home in Dallas, Texas that still caters to senior citizens! Since he's 28 and makes a good living, he's decided to opt for a more fitting lifestyle, and is searching for a home in the Dallas suburb of Irving. Along with his best friend and future roommate, Justin, Brian will try to find the perfect mix of smart investment and ''bachelor-friendly'' amenities. Can his $175,000 budget pay for a place that pleases both the buyer and his picky pal?
S46E09 Single Writer Searches for a Home She Can Call the One in the Washington DC Area 09/01/2011 Gerri thinks house hunting is a lot like dating. There are a lot of ups and downs, but when you find "the one", you'll be happy. After searching for a while and dealing with a lot of rejections, she's asked her good friend Akoto to help her on this quest. Can her agent, Carlos Turner, find the perfect match and stay within her $160,000?
S46E10 A Couple Relocated to Connecticut Searches for a Family Home 20/01/2011 Christina and Stephen relocated from Rhode Island to West Hartford, Connecticut due to Stephen's new job in the area. They moved into a temporary rental so they could take their time and find a home where they eventually plan to raise a family. The problem is their small current home is driving them crazy. There are storage boxes everywhere, a small dated bathroom they have to share, and no yard space for their large dog. The couple is desperate to get out, but they don't want to settle on just any home. They are very particular about what they want, from modern ammenities to a large updated kitchen. It may be a challenge to find everything they want since many of the homes in the area are older. Their realtor is up for the challenge and has several great home for them to see. He'll point out the postive things about each place, while they tend to notice all the problems. Can he find a home that works for them or will they have to wind up settling.
S46E11 Couple Living in College Dorm Search for First Home 06/03/2011 Jon's job as a residence advisor at a small university in St. Louis, MO has created an unusual living situation for him, his wife Lisa and their toddler: they all reside in an apartment that's in a men's dorm! While sharing space with 100 college boys certainly has been eventful, to say the least, they'd like a place of their own, and now that Jon's accepted a new job at his church, they're in a hurry to buy. But even with a budget of $225,000, finding a move-in ready, 3-bedroom home will be tough ? and with Lisa's heart already set on one high-priced neighborhood, reaching a compromise will put these house hunters to the test!
S46E12 Tina Recently Divorced and Wants to Make a Fresh Start in Jupiter, FL 03/02/2011 Tina is on her own for the first time in her life. After a recent divorce she decided to make a fresh start in Florida. She currently lives in a rental in the Palm Beach area, but she wants to buy a home in Jupiter for several reasons. It's a closer commute to her new job, she likes the laid back vibe people have in the area and the most important reason is Tina's new pal Cat lives there. She and her friend Cat will check out several homes that her broker Michael Ferguson has picked out. The biggest challenge is Tina is very particular and she knows what she wants. Can her broker find a place that has everything she wants?
S46E13 Rob and Kristen Check Out Three Family-Friendly Homes in Suburban Boston 10/02/2011 Boston couple Kristen and Rob's bid to buy their dream home fell through at the worst possible time, forcing them to move into a small apartment just one day before the birth of their first child. Now, ten months later, the baby is walking, and the lease on their apartment is nearly up, so they must restart the search for their forever home. Realtor Ann Trettis shows them three homes in the Boston suburb of Easton. Which one will help them forget the "one that got away"?
S48E01 A Couple Returns to Hometown of Columbia, SC, but They're Living With Relatives and Want Their Own Place 01/05/2011 Matt and Meghan moved back to their hometown of Columbia, South Carolina because of a job promotion for Meghan and to be closer to family. And close is what they got! This couple, along with their daughter Kate, are all living with Meghan's folks. It's becoming a challenge for Matt, a stay-at-home dad, to raise their daughter in a home where they all live out of suitcases. They're desperate to fully unpack and have some personal space again. They're hoping to find a Southern brick bungalow with a lot of charm that's close to the downtown area. Their biggest challenge is to make sure they make a decision on the right home, not one that will simply get them out of their current living situation. On one salary, this could be tough, but leave it to broker Donna Reed to find them the perfect charmer in South Carolina's capitol!
S48E02 Tiffany and Dylan Search for a Home in Frisco, Texas, That's Big Enough for her Grand Piano, but Within his Budget 10/03/2011 When Tiffany Krieg learned she'd be inheriting her beloved grandmother's grand piano, she knew she'd have to move her family to a home that was big enough to showcase it, in Frisco, Texas. Her husband, Dylan, agreed so they put their "starter home" on the market and watched it sell in just five days. Tiffany, Dylan, and their two children moved in with Tiffany's sister and began the search for a new, piano-ready home. Tiffany also wants the home to include upgrades like eight foot doors, granite counters, hardwood floors, and large baseboards and crown molding. Dylan appreciates upgrades but does not want to "break the bank" to get them. Can Realtor Teresa Robinson find a home that pleases both husband and wife?
S48E03 Short Courtship Leads to a Big Commitment in West Palm Beach Florida 17/03/2011 Lia and Brad had barely started their long distance relationship when his company transferred him from Ohio to West Palm Beach, Florida. She took a leap of faith and agreed to follow him there. Now, they're ready to make an even bigger commitment, by buying a house together. As they search for a place, they'll discover each other's quirks, making it a challenge for their realtor, Bill Tavernise, to find a home that works for both of them.
S48E04 Alex Lost His Job So He and Wife Liz Need A Much Smaller Altanta Home With A Much Smaller Mortgage 24/03/2011 Liz and Alex love the 7,500 sq. ft. house they are in now. This current home has plenty of room for their family of six and their assorted pets. With its great location, huge kitchen, and fabulous master suite, it has been perfect for them, and Liz has dreamed of seeing her girls on the grand staircase on their wedding day. But now that Alex has lost his job and they need to downsize, the house has been sold. As Liz and Alex search for a new place, they must quickly decide what matters most to them now that they can no longer have it all.
S48E05 Sticking to a Budget in San Francisco is Tough 31/03/2011 Sheila and Karine want to buy an apartment in San Francisco's popular Noe Valley neighborhood. They think their needs are pretty simple: at least one bedroom, laundry, outdoor living space, parking and to be in the heart of Noe. But, in such an expensive real estate market, trying to find a place that has all that and is within their $500,000 budget won't be easy. It's up to their realtor, Danielle Lazier, to set them straight.
S48E06 Alaska Couple Searches for Second Home in Hawaii so They Can Escape Frozen Winters 07/04/2011 Eric and Mishelle want to buy a second home in Hawaii for when they and their three kids need a break from the long, dark and freezing winters they face in Fairbanks, Alaska. They look at a condo first and soon realize that their modest budget won't get them much on the beautiful island of Kauai. Something has to give - it's up to Eric and Mishelle to decide whether that something is going to be their wishlist or their budget.
S48E07 After Living Around the World, Kristin and JD Bring Their Little Girl Home to St. Louis 19/05/2011 JD and Kristin have spent the last decade moving around the world for JD's job, but now that their daughter is in elementary school, they want to move back to their hometown of St. Louis so she can grow up with the same values and cozy neighborhoods that they enjoyed as children.
S48E08 Elisa Wants a Family Vacation Home on the Hawaiian Island of Molokai, to Honor the Memory of Her Late Husband 12/05/2011 Elisa recently lost her husband to cancer. Although devastated by her loss, Elisa decided the best tribute to her late husband would be to buy a second home on the Hawaiian island of Molokai - where they used to vacation - so the whole family could come together and create new happy memories. Elisa and three of her daughters are traveling from their home in Midland, Texas to Molokai to check out several places. But finding a one that's affordable and large enough for the entire family will be quite a challenge.
S48E11 Couple Rushes to Buy Single Story in Palm Beach County, Florida Before Wife Undergoes Surgery for Painful Condition 09/06/2011 Briana and Cyrus love living in Boynton Beach, Florida, but their 2-story home isn't working anymore: Briana, who suffers from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis, struggles to climb the stairs to her home office, and with impending ankle surgery, she'll need a single story home as she recuperates. They're searching Palm Beach County, Florida for a place within their $200,000 budget, but Cyrus is drawn to fixers, which make Briana nervous, as working on a home could force her to delay her surgery. Can they find a place that'll ease Briana's pain, and still give Cyrus enough of the projects he loves?
S48E12 Ohio Natives Bradden and Crystal Search For a Vacation Home in Sunny Ft. Myers Florida 04/08/2011 When Crystal lost her father to cancer this year, she and her husband Bradden realized it was time for their busy family of five to slow down and enjoy life. So these Ohio natives have decided to fulfill their dream of owning a vacation home near the beach in sunny Fort Myers, Florida. In this world-class resort town, though, they might find that their modest budget won't go very far. With a long wish list, their Realtor is in for a challenge as she tries to make this family's dream a reality.
S48E13 A Wisconsin Couple Sets Out to Find Their Own Place After Living with Family 05/06/2011 After graduating from college, Tom and Kelsey got married and set out for an adventure.They lived in several different places, including Alaska, but they were drawn back home to the beautiful lake country in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, west of Milwaukee. They've been living with Tom's parents, and they're ready for their own place. The free room and board allowed them to save money and shop for their ideal house. Tom and Kelsey are looking for something that needs work. They love doing projects together and a fixer-upper will give them the chance to make a home in their own style. They're also realistic that fixers might be the only properties available in their budget. Can they find a house that's affordable and needs a reasonable, but not overwhelming, amount of work?
S48E28 A Florida Couple Wanting a Bigger Home is Frustrated Over How Long it is Taking to Find a Place 08/05/2011 Nick and Kristen are totally stressed out. They live in Palmetto, Florida but have been on the hunt for over a year for a bigger place in the Bradenton area so they can be closer to Kristen's mom. Each of the past 5 offers they have made have fallen out for one reason or another. The whole process has been wearing them out. Kristen is staying up nights, and is obsessed with checking the listings for homes. To add more pressure, Kristen has to drive their son to her parents' house every morning on the way to work which is adding time to her already long commute. Kristen has a long list of wants, which makes it hard to find a place she likes, so it's even more frustrating that their offers keep getting shot down. They both worry that if they don't buy soon, they will be stuck where they are with no other options. It's now or never, and hopefully this young couple will find their new, larger home before they crack.
S49E01 Single Mother is Desperate to Find a Home for her Family in Marlton, New Jersey 00/00/0000
S49E02 Will and Wynter Want to Buy Their First Home in Visalia, CA Before Getting Engaged 21/08/2011 Wynter is ready to marry Will, and he promises he'll pop the question as soon as they are living together in a home of their own. Real Estate Agent Bobby Naugle shows them three houses in their hometown of Visalia, California. The challenge is that Wynter wants an upgraded, move-in-ready home, while Will wants a well-priced fixer. Can this young couple find a happy medium? And will Will make good on that promise?
S49E03 Move in Ready versus Fixer in Dallas 00/00/0000
S49E04 Mike and Clare are Stuck in His Parents' Basement until They Can Find a Home to Buy 00/00/0000 Mike and Clare have saved up for a house by staying in his parents' basement for over a year. All of their friends and both of their jobs are over an hour away and the newlyweds have had enough of the long commute. They are anxious to find a home of their own in the Cleveland suburbs that is big enough for them and their dog but still plenty close to the action.
S49E05 Amanda and Rich Want a Fresh Start in the Denver Suburbs 00/00/0000
S49E06 Doctor Wants to Live in High Rise while Dentist Wife Votes for Townhouse 00/00/0000
S49E07 Getting it All in Baltimore and Getting it Now 00/00/0000
S49E08 City Vs. Suburbs: A Couple Seeks a Compromise in Chicago 16/06/2011 Chicago newcomers Nicolle and Jonathan love their downtown rental, but it's time to buy a place, and their differences are making the search tough: while he's ready to settle down and raise kids in the suburbs, she's reluctant to leave the action of the big city. With a budget that tops out at $300,000, can Jonathan convince Nicolle that they can find a sweeter deal outside the Windy City?
S49E09 Britt Finds Her First Home in Seattle 00/00/0000
S49E10 Couple Rushes to Buy Home in Montana 00/00/0000
S49E11 Atlanta Couple Disagrees Over Home Purchase 00/00/0000
S49E12 Best Friends Jayme and Courtney Are on the Search for Their First Place in San Diego 00/00/0000
S49E13 Cyclist Searches For Home Near Detroit 04/07/2011 Kevin is an avid cyclist who is ready to move out of his parents' place and buy his first home in the Detroit suburbs. Unlike most house hunters, he could not care less about fine finishes; his top priority is storage space for his prize possessions ? his bikes! His best friend Ryan will come along as Kevin looks for a ranch style home with his ultimate fantasy space: a temperature-controlled, well-lit room where he can work on his treasured rides. But will a budget that tops out at $200,000 be enough to kick this search into high gear?
S50E01 The Valley Family is New to the Dallas Area, and Must Choose Between Buying a Home That's Close to Work, or Close to Friends 00/00/0000 Trish and Ryan Valley and their two kids just moved all the way from Ottawa, Canada to Dallas, Texas. While looking for a home to buy, they're staying with long-time friends who recently made the move from Ottawa to the Dallas suburb of Keller. Trish wants to find a home in Keller, to be close to their friends, but that would mean a nightmare commute for Ryan, whose job is an hour and a half away in downtown Dallas. They'll look at a home in Keller, a home in Dallas, and a home part-way in between the two. Which one will they choose?
S50E02 Episode 2 00/00/0000
S50E03 Episode 3 00/00/0000
S50E06 A Woman With Quirky Tastes Searches for Starter Home in Seattle 00/00/0000 Valerie is looking for her first home in Seattle, but she won't settle for the average starter house. With her fascination with odd collectibles, including a whale skull coffee table and a stuffed squirrel, she admits she has quirky tastes, and wants her new house to reflect that quality. She's willing to spend close to $400,000 to find a place that's as unique as she is, and she's not afraid of a fixer. Can her friend Mary Jo help her locate the home of her dreams, and keep Valerie from taking on a project that's more than she can handle?
S50E08 Ben and Julie Start Over After a Difficult Year 00/00/0000
S50E12 Couple Looks for Row House Fixer in Washington DC 00/00/0000 Washington DC Newlyweds Justin and Joanne have been living in his bachelor pad with two roommates for way too long. They're on the hunt for a vintage row house on Capitol Hill, but she wants a fixer and he wants move-in ready. After touring a vintage home that's been gutted and left to rot, a renovated place way out of their price range, and another with no charm, will they find something that either of them wants, or end up stuck in the bachelor pad forever?
S51E03 A Single Mom with a Young Son Needs to Downsize in Tucson, AZ 00/00/0000 Jennifer Elton is getting divorced and needs to move out of her large home and into a cheaper and more easy-to-maintain place. So she and her young son Patrick are scouring Tucson, Arizona for a home that has the nice finishes she wants and the pool and kid-friendly neighborhood Patrick wants. Will they be able to find a place that suits them both?
S51E06 She Wants the Suburbs; He Wants the City 00/00/0000 Minneapolis couple Ben and Jaime have been living with her Mom to save money for their first home. They agree that they need to find a new home fast, but don't agree on where to look.He wants the city, she wants the 'burbs. Caught in the crossfire of their house hunt battle, their Realtor David struggles to find a home that will make both of them happy, as they search high and low during the brutal Minnesota winter.
S51E07 Florida Newlyweds Need to Get Out of Their Friend's Condo and Find Their First Home 00/00/0000 Newlyweds Adam and Cara have decided to trade in the action of downtown Ft. Lauderdale, FL for a family home in the 'burbs. But after losing the lease on their rental apartment, Adam & Cara have had to move in with their friend Mike while they look for a house. Things are getting crowded - and tense. With a tight timeline, a limited budget of $260,000 and a long list of must haves, this house search isn't going to be easy. Cara is outspoken about what she wants. And she has no problem using her sharp tongue to prod their realtor Nick Klein into finding them exactly what she expects. But even with her constant pressure, Nick knows there's only so much they can get within their budget. Will this couple be willing to push their budget to get everything they want, or will they accept reality and start making compromises? Find out when House Hunters heads to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
S51E08 Stylists Search For Hip Starter Home 00/00/0000 Hair stylists David and Ana Maria love their charming rented carriage house in Frederick, Maryland, but when looking great is a priority, sharing one tiny bathroom just doesn't cut it! The couple is searching for an historic row house with 2 bathrooms, as well as hip details like exposed brick and unusual architecture. But with a budget of $200,000, it's going to be tough to satisfy their need for super-cool features and space!
S51E11 Brothers Search for Place to Share in Denver 00/00/0000 Brothers Adam and Bryan recently moved their publishing business from small town Pennsylvania to the Denver area. While they love the Colorado scenery and active lifestyle, living at their parents' vacation home in a retirement community isn't a good fit. They both want to find a home with great views and plenty of space, but while Bryan dreams of living in a downtown Denver highrise, Adam would prefer a quieter place in the suburbs where the peace and quiet can inspire him to finish writing his first book. They've set a budget of $400,000 ? will these brothers land in the city or the suburbs?
S51E71 The Serra Family Is Looking Forward to Settling Down in San Antonio, TX 10/07/2011 The Serra family has always been on the move due to Juan's military service. But now that he's nearing retirement, he and his family are settling down for good in San Antonio, Texas. They currently live in a 5 bedroom rental, but since the new place will be their 'forever' house, Miranda wants everything to be perfect and isn't concerned about money. High on her list are granite counters, hard wood floors and a swimming pool. Juan, on the other hand, keeps his eyes on the bottom line and doesn't want to go overboard. To help them in their search, the Serras have enlisted the help of realtor Marian Swanson. Who will win out in the end - Miranda or Juan?
S51E72 San Diego Couple with Limited Budget Wants Large House and Ocean 17/05/2013 Steve and Ashley are planning their wedding and searching for a house in San Diego. They're used to living near the beach, and don't want to give that up, but they also don't want to be stuck in a tiny cottage. Even with a $550,000 budget, they're struggling to find their dream home. With their wedding day just around the corner, can they find the house that will make their new life together a happy one?
S51E73 Episode 5 21/05/2013 A couple wants to leave a condo in Chicago for the more family-friendly suburbs.
S51E74 North Carolina House Hunters Need Large House But Disagree on Style 23/05/2013 A couple may have to compromise to find a house in Raleigh, N.C.
S51E77 Episode 4 09/06/2013
S52E01 Florida Couple Expects a Lot as They Look for a Home in Manhattan Beach CA 29/08/2011 Judy has convinced her boyfriend, Bobby, to leave their sleepy Florida community and buy a home in pricey Manhattan Beach, California. Even with a budget $2 million, finding a place that meets Judy's high expectations and Bobby's obsessive compulsive pet peeves is a challenge for their realtor, Kristen Novoa. Will they be able to find a home that fits their needs - stay tuned!
S52E03 An Active Couple in Jacksonville Wants Their Home to be Near a Gym 11/09/2011 Carly and Jonathon love living in Jacksonville, Florida but they can't stand living in an apartment complex. They want a home they can decorate the way they want, with a big backyard for their dog. And since Carly and Jonathon are an active couple, they're hoping to find a house in a development with a community gym. Carly is open to a fixer but Jonathon wants something move-in ready with lots of upgrades. But with a limited budget, it's going to be a challenge for her to find a place that has everything they want.
S52E05 Single Woman Looks for Home Within Biking Distance of Work in Arizona 06/10/2011 When other little girls dreamed of becoming princesses, Eshe Pickett dreamed of buying a home. But when this quirky, bike-loving computer programmer sets out to find her long-awaited dream home, she discovers the cruel realities of a turbulent real estate market in Chandler, Arizona. Short sales, long commutes, fixer-uppers, confusing neighborhoods - all these obstacles stand in the way of Eshe and her dream. Will she be able to find the right home for her that's within biking distance to work?
S52E06 Portland Couple Want Their First Home to be a Fixer 18/09/2011 Sophie, a TV weather forecaster, and her fiance, Donavan, are getting married in a few months and want to buy their first home together in Portland, OR. They're looking for a house that they can upgrade and design exactly how they want it. But as they look at fixers, they need to decide exactly how much work they're willing to take on and still be able to stay within their $250,000 budget.
S52E07 Cleveland Newlyweds Search For Home Near Downtown 08/09/2011 With hip bars, restaurants and quaint shops all within walking distance, Paul and Ann love their downtown Cleveland neighborhood of Tremont. Unlike most of their friends who have moved to the suburbs, Paul and Ann are dedicated to staying downtown. Since getting married, they've been on the hunt for a new home in the area, but with a search radius of only 1 square mile, finding a home that meets their long list of requirements has been near impossible. Will they be able to find something in Tremont, or will Paul and Ann be forced to move to the burbs?
S52E08 Half Full Versus Half Empty in Chicago 07/10/2011 With plans to have kids, Nina and Jason moved to Chicago to be near family. But, with a tight budget, finding a place that has everything they want in the trendy Lincoln Square neighborhood isn't easy. Nina is willing to look at the bright side as they search for a home, while Jason sees only the negatives. Can their real estate broker, Zak Herman, find a place that makes them both happy?
S52E09 Atlanta Transplants Shocked By Frigid New England Real Estate Market 13/10/2011 The freezing winters and wild New England weather aren't the only things Atlanta transplants Jemiel and Erin are getting used to. As they set out to plant roots and buy a home, they're shocked by the real estate market in charming Mystic, Connecticut. High prices, old homes, and baseboard heat are making it hard for them to envision life in this strange place. Will their realtor be able to find them an Atlanta-style home near the Connecticut seaside, or will Jamiel and Erin's new locale leave them out in the cold?
S52E10 Musical Family Needs More Space in Portland 16/10/2011 Newlyweds Chrissy and Jason, and Chrissy's teenaged son Josiah, are searching for a family home in Portland, Oregon. After years of bouncing from place to place, Chrissy and her son finally found stability in the form of a professional guitarist - Jason. But after moving into Jason's 1-bedroom bachelor pad, this musical family quickly realized they need more space, including a dedicated room for them to rock out in. With a long wish list and a tight budget of $250,000, it's going to be a challenge for these first-time buyers to find the right place to call home. Will their realtor Kevin Gorman be able to find them a house that rocks?
S52E11 Coast Guard Family Wants a Permanent Home in Seattle 06/11/2011 Katie and Derrick are accustomed to moving around a lot since Derrick works for the Coast Guard. But now that they've had their first child, they want to put down roots and buy their first home. Fortunately, Derrick has just been transferred back to Seattle, both his and Katie's hometown, so they've decided to purchase a house there. Only problem - Katie is very particular about wanting to live in one specific neighborhood in Seattle. With that neighborhood's high prices and low inventory, that's going to be a tough one! See if they can find a home, when House Hunters goes to Seattle!
S52E12 Second Home in New Orleans 01/01/2012 Monique, an interior designer, and her husband, Tim, a contractor, want to buy a second home, or pied-a-terre, in New Orleans. But, this home will be more than just a weekend hangout for the family. With plans to have clients over for meetings, it has to showcase Monique's design work and Tim's contracting expertise. But, Monique wants to practically gut every home she sees and can't be bothered by budget, which is Tim's concern. That's why they're turning to a former client and experienced Real Estate Broker, Colleen Loria, to help them find a place that will satisfy Monique's creative drive without breaking Tim's budget.
S52E13 Searching for a Family Home in Northern California 10/11/2011 Feyi and Esosa are both originally from Nigeria and went to elementary school together. They reconnected two decades later through the internet to learn they both were living in California. After meeting face-to-face again, they fell in love and got married. They're excited to build a future together, and want to buy a house - especially since they have a baby on the way. A top priority is the location because Esosa wants to find a house in a good public school district. Stepping in to guide them is real estate agent, Shea McGuire, who as a mom herself has keen insight into the best neighborhoods for raising a family.
S52E32 New Orleans Pied-a-Terre 00/00/0000 A Louisiana couple search for a pied-à-terre in New Orleans.
S53E01 Nathan & Amy Search for New Home in New Orleans That's Close to the Action, but Also Family-Friendly 13/11/2011 Nathan and Amy love living in New Orleans' historic French Quarter. But now that they're ready to start a family, they'd like to find a quieter place that's not right in the Quarter, but still close to it. With Mardi Gras in full swing, Real estate agent Karen Sepko, will show them a loft-style condo in the hip Warehouse district, a charming townhome in the lush Garden District, and an updated, vintage cottage in Uptown. Which place will Nathan and Amy call home?
S53E03 Two Opinionated Ladies, 4 Pit Bulls and a Baby 20/10/2011 After seven years of house hunting, Leslie has been indecisive about finding a home. But now she's under the gun; as she, Nickie and their weary Broker set out yet again, Leslie's been given an official 90 day deadline to make a decision. While their $700,000 budget might seem more than sufficient, an expensive Bay Area real estate market, not to mention a very distracted Leslie might stand in the way. As they search the city and the suburbs, finding a home for two opinionated ladies, four pitbulls and a baby won't be easy.
S53E04 From Inner-City to the O.C. 24/10/2011 Jermaine & Sarah grew up in the inner-city of Long Beach. But that didn't keep these high-school sweethearts from achieving the Amiercan Dream. At age 17, Jermaine started an internet business with $70. Ten years later, it is a multi-million dollar company. Now, after years of working hard and living frugally, these high-school sweethearts and their 3 children are ready to leave their cramped Orange County condo and stretch out in their dream home. But even with a hefty $1.5 million budget, finding a dream home in South Orange County, CA won't come without some serious sacrifices. Will their realtor Kim Rubin be able to find a home that matches their long wish list?
S53E05 Just 23 and Ready to Buy 19/11/2011 Kevin and Steve are just 23 years-old, but they're ready to move out of their rental and buy a starter home in the suburbs of Harrisburg, PA. They'd like room to entertain and enough closet space to accommodate their love of shopping. But $200,000 may not get them all the perks they want near the Pennsylvania capitol.
S53E06 A Single Girl Searches for a Spacious Home in Orlando 31/10/2011 Amber grew up on her family's farm in South Dakota. Looking for a change and a new job opportunity, Amber packed her bags and moved to Orlando. She loves the weather and the Florida landscape. Knowing that Orlando is where she wants to be, Amber has decided it is time to purchase her first home. Number 1 on Amber's wish list is a yard backing up to Conservancy land ? growing up on a farm instilled a great love and need for outdoor space. Amber's other top search feature is space. She is looking for a 3 bedroom home with over 2,000 square feet so that her large extended family can escape the cold South Dakota winters. Amber's eldest sister Holly is flying in to help in the search for the perfect first home. Will Amber's tight budget and wish list items allow her to find her dream home? Find out when House Hunters visits Orlando!
S53E07 First Time Buyer in Boulder 03/11/2011 Megan moved from Sacramento, CA to Boulder, CO seven months ago and she instantly fell in love with the city. Now she wants to make it her permanent home. But with the median house price in Boulder being over $400,000, Megan's $110,000 budget won't go far. So she's hoping the city's Affordable Housing Program may provide a home within reach. With some help from her best friend Laura and her agent Summer Youngs, will this first time buyer be able to find a home in this expensive city?
S53E08 Search For Jersey Shore Dream Cottage 25/10/2011 Tony and Heather love spending summers with their daughters at their big house in the Jersey Shore town of Avalon, but the place has little charm, and it's too much work. They've decided to look for a new cottage, but even with a budget of nearly a million dollars, it won't be easy to find a place that's the ideal size, with lovely vintage touches. Factor in Tony's tough-to-please personality, and agent Kay Leahy has her work cut out for her!
S53E09 A Chicago Lawyer, a Teacher, and a Lap Dog 01/12/2011 With wedding planning in full swing, Jeff and Gina have decided to add house hunting to an already long To Do List. Making matters worse, the couple disagrees on everything from where to live, to what style of home they want. Though they both love their city lifestyle, finding a home in a pricey downtown Chicago real estate market that meets both of their needs could jeopardize their wedding budget.Throw in a Wish List for their Yorkshire Terrier, Kevin, and it might spell disaster.
S53E10 Teacher Searches for Starter Home in Raleigh, N.C. 03/12/2011 Tim graduated from college a year ago, and moved from West Virginia to the Raleigh, N.C. area to take his first job as a kindergarten teacher. While he loves the job, living with his aunt and uncle is getting old, especially since he's sharing space with his five young cousins. He's decided to buy a place of his own, and hopes to find plenty of space to entertain, and a yard to hang out with his family. But even with his friend Brent along for advice, can Tim find a place that fits all his needs on a tight $135,000 budget?
S53E11 He Wants Modern, She Wants Traditional in Chicago 06/12/2011 Melanie and Joe have apartment hopped through Chicago's best neighborhoods for eight years, and now they're ready to call a piece of the windy city their own. But they don't quite agree on they style of home they want. Melanie is all about older classic charm, while Joe wants new, sleek, and modern. With a budget of $400,000 and a long list of demands, the biggest challenge will be getting Joe and Melanie to agree on which home is right.
S53E12 Single Mom Searches for a Family Home in South Carolina 12/12/2011 Jerusha, a single mom, and her 4 boys have outgrown their home in Chapin, South Carolina. With plans to stay for the long haul, she wants to buy an upgraded home with plenty of space for her boys. With a first time buyer's budget of $165,000, she's concerned about making the right choice and asked her friend, Alisa, to join her on the hunt. Alisa doesn't hold anything back and puts everyone's patience to the test.
S53E13 High Expectations, Low Budget in Sacramento 01/01/2012 After house sitting for friends over the past year, Adam and Nicole's days of living rent-free are over. So they've decided to buy their first home in Sacramento, CA. But after living in a beautiful home with a high-grade kitchen and a huge master suite, Adam & Nicole's expectations for their new home are sky-high. Adam expects a professional-grade kitchen. Nicole demands a large master suite. The problem is, with a $400,000 budget, finding a home in Sacramento, CA that will meet their expectations could prove impossible. Will Adam and Nicole come to grips with the fact their impeccable taste far outreaches their budget?
S53E14 Couple Torn Between City or Suburbs in Los Angeles 27/10/2011 Tyson and Luis share a rental in the Los Angeles suburbs with their two dogs, and now that they're eager to adopt a baby, it's time for them to buy their first family home. While Luis wants to move closer to his work in the city, Tyson would prefer to stay in the suburbs, where it's quieter and you can get more space for your money. With a $500,000 budget, can the guys find a place that works for both of them?
S54E01 A Soon-to-be Married Couple Needs to Decide if They Want to Live in the Heart of Atlanta 17/11/2011 Atlanta couple Alex and Azalea are engaged to be married and want to buy a home before the wedding. The question is, should they buy a smaller place 'inside the perimeter' as they say in Atlanta, or move further out to the suburbs to get a larger house. Azalea, who loves to walk to shops and restaurants, is set on city living. But Alex is making a strong case for the added square footage and large yards the suburbs have to offer. Where will they buy? Tune in and find out.
S54E02 Million Dollar Bachelor Pad in Chicago 23/10/2011 With homes in Las Vegas and Hollywood, Tony Chau is no stranger to house hunting. Now, he has set his sights on Chicago. This time, he's going in on a place with his business partner, Jason Traut. They have a budget of $1.5 million and want to buy a condo in the upscale Magnificent Mile area that can be turned into a stylish bachelor pad. But they're not on the same page when it comes to the scale of the remodel. So, they're having James Charles, their friend and interior designer, join them on their search. Can they find a place that makes everyone happy?
S54E03 Couple Seeks Home With Room for Shoes in Austin 07/11/2011 Chad and Katie are looking for a home with room for Katie's shoe collection in downtown Austin, Texas. Trouble is, Chad is admittedly picky. Among other things, he wants a modern home in an area filled with vintage houses that Katie loves. With their wedding around the corner, will they find a home or will Chad drag his feet forever?
S54E04 Young Family Seeks Craftsman Bungalow in St. Paul 15/11/2011 Josh, Molly and their 2 young kids have been living for too long in one bedroom at her parents' house. But the family soon discovers that cramped quarters might be just the beginning when their house hunt winds through St. Paul, Minnesota's quirky craftsman bungalows.
S54E05 Newlyweds' First Home in New Jersey is a Long Time Coming 14/11/2011 Being newlyweds and living apart for nearly a year has been rough for Greg and Nicole. But, the hunt for their first home in South New Jersey has been even harder. With plans to stay in their future home for the long haul, they're being very particular about what they want and have looked at over 100 homes - picking apart every detail. Can they find a house that meets up with their needs and stays within their first time buyer budget of $400,000?
S54E06 Atlanta Hipsters Buying Their First Home are Hard to Please 21/11/2011 Atlanta hipsters Kate and Andy want to buy their first home. But a run-of-the-mill starter house won't do for these artistic newlyweds. They want a house with both older character and modern finishes with room enough for their Great Dane, Leon. Kate and Andy have very clear ideas about what they expect in a home. The problem is, what they want doesn't match what their $200,000 budget can buy, and their very specific taste means almost any house they can afford may be a let-down.
S54E07 Traditional Versus Modern in Dallas 04/12/2011 Lindsay and Dayne are a classic case of opposites attract. She is a traditional southern girl, while Dayne is a neurophysiologist by day/punk rock drummer at night. They want to buy their first home before they get married in a few months. But, having never lived together, they have to sort out a couple of major issues. First off, they have to find a home that merges her traditional style with his modern sensibilities. Plus, she doesn't want to spend more than $250,000, while Dayne's limit is $330,000.
S54E08 Young Couple Search for Starter-Home in San Antonio 08/12/2011 Bryan and Kristen have shared a lot of firsts together; first kiss; first love; now recently married, they are ready to buy their first home together. With a budget of $150,000 they set their sights on San Antonio hoping to stay near work and family. elping them out is their Realtor, Cynthia. But she's not just any realtor, her clients have dubbed her "The House Whisperer" for her knack of matching people with the right home. Can she use her instincts to find Brian and Kristen the perfect place?
S54E09 A Knoxville Couple Living With Their Family Is Eager To Find a Home of Their Own 15/12/2011 Tiffany, Patrick, and their daughter Bella have been enjoying the return to Tiffany's hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. But they're eagar to find a place of their own since they're currently staying with Tiffany's parents. They'd like to find a spacious home to raise their young daughter, but with a budget of $175,000, it may be a challenge. Fortunately, they have the prefect realtor to help them in their search - Tiffany's dad Jim, who is an expert in the area. Can his parental guidance combined with his Knoxville know-how land them the perfect home? Or will Tiffany and Patrick be planted at their parents' house indefinitely?
S54E10 Single Guy Searches For Home in Birmingham, MI 19/12/2011 After discovering his apartment was being turned into condos, Brandon had to move back in with his Mom until he could find another place. It's been six months and now this picky 29-year old is ready to buy his first home. He turns to his ex-girlfriend to accompany him on the house hunt because she knows his particular tastes better than anyone. Can his old flame help him choose the right home within his $250,000 budget?
S54E11 High End Taste on a Teacher's Salary in Connecticut 02/01/2012 Teachers, Dwight and Kristin, want to buy a house before they get married in a few months. But, in Meriden, Connecticut, can they find a 3 bed, 2 bath home meets up with her high end tastes while sticking to his budget of $240,000?
S54E12 A Portland Couple Wants Out of Their Cramped High-Rise Studio 02/01/2012 Carlie and Andy Hunt are college sweethearts who met on the tennis court, married, and now live in a high-rise in Portland. While they love the location, their small studio apartment is no longer suitable for the two of them and their large dog. Their ideal home would have lots of closet-space, a large yard for their dog and would be walking distance to shops and restaurants. With a tight budget, high expectations, and not much middle ground when it comes to compromising - Andy and Carlie have got a challenging house hunt ahead of them. But thankfully, Geoff, their old college friend and fellow tennis teammate, is a realtor. Hopefully, he can serve up a selection of properties that have everything they want and fits their tight budget.
S54E13 A Great Dane, Two Chihuahuas, and a Whole Lot of House in Nashville 19/01/2012 Chandler and Laura want a big home for their growing family that includes a Great Dane and two Chihuahuas. But when they see the massive houses in the upscale Nashville suburb of Hendersonville, will it be more than they can handle?
S55E01 Should a Couple Buy a Home Near a Town or out in the Country on the Island Paradise of Kauai, Hawaii 27/11/2011 Justin and his French-born wife live on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Now that they are parents to a young daughter, they would like to buy a home that has room for her to play, and sufficient space for a large home office for Justin. Problem is - Justin wants to live far out in the country, while Audrey wants to live closer to town. Can they find a home that works for both of them - tune in as House Hunters goes to Kauai!
S55E02 A Trauma Surgeon Searches for Home in Fargo 01/11/2011 Mary, a trauma surgeon, returns to her hometown of Fargo, North Dakota to find a home. She leads her realtor on a wild goose chase from lofts to historic Victorian mansions as she debates whether to downsize, or upgrade.
S55E03 Doctor and Family Start Over in Sunny Palm Harbor Florida After Losing Equity in Detroit 22/11/2011 The Smith family, still reeling from the loss of equity in their first home back in Detroit, are finally ready to start over, and look for a new home in Palm Harbor, Florida. Will they get in over their heads once more, or go for a place that's more easily affordable?
S55E04 Young Social Worker Seeks Vintage Pad in Historic Cleveland 05/12/2011 First time buyer Jimmy loves vintage style homes. But on a social worker's salary, finding one that fits his picky taste in historic Cleveland causes sparks to fly with his realtor.
S55E05 Former D.C. Pro Football Cheerleader Seeks Home 11/12/2011 Twenty-six year old Dominique has her dream job, working for her favorite pro football team in Washington D.C. So what's she doing living in her parents' basement? When this first time buyer looks for homes with her wet-blanket of a brother, the realities of the local real estate market might force her to stay in the basement.
S55E06 Charlotte Newcomers Need Home Before Baby is Born 13/12/2011 New York transplants Chris and Jess are hoping to find a walkable neighborhood in historic Charlotte, North Carolina. With a baby on the way they have very little time, and since Chris is a banker, they also have a very strict budget.
S55E07 Looking For Charm in Indiana 22/12/2011 Erin loved her upbringing in the Indiana countryside, but this 20-something teacher is ready to move out of her parents' home and into a place of her own. Armed with a $125,000 budget, she's searching the quaint town of New Albany for a place with charm and a layout that her elderly dog Cruz can easily navigate. But her dad, a former pipe fitter with a wealth of knowledge about construction, won't let her settle for anything sub-par!
S55E08 Matt and Laura Are Tired of Living 400 Miles Apart and Are Searching Baton Rouge, LA for Their First Home 16/01/2012 Laura and Matt are leaving sweet home Alabama for Baton Rouge, LA. After being accepted into a Ph.D program at LSU, Laura and husband Matt are moving to Cajun Country. But there's a hitch. In his mad dash to quickly find a job in Baton Rouge, Matt ended up getting a new gig before Laura had finished her school year in Alabama. So now he's living out of a hotel in Baton Rouge and Laura is driving over 400 miles each weekend to see him. With only a few weekends free to search, they're frantically looking for a home in a city they don't know. Matt's Aunt Pattie, a self-proclaimed house-hunting junkie who lives just an hour away, will tag along to lend support. With a long list of wants, but not much time, can these Alabamans find a new home in Baton Rouge?
S55E09 Family Searches For Dream Home In Wilmington, North Carolina 02/01/2012 After receiving a job offer he couldn't pass up, Joey and his wife Micki, along with their two girls, Hope and Abbey, recently moved from New Jersey to North Carolina. They've been living in a rental home in Leland - a suburb of Wilmington - but they're eager to buy a place to call their own, preferably across the Cape Fear river closer to town. But despite their $1.25 million budget, this house hunt comes with some unique restrictions; Joey's job as an anesthesiologist requires him to live within 30 minutes of the hospital, otherwise he has to spend nights at work when he's on call. Can this family find their forever home?
S55E10 Search for New Orleans Getaway 12/01/2012 Kim and Mickey live in Lake Charles, Louisiana, but they're eager to find a weekend getaway about 3 hours from home in New Orleans. The place will double as a full-time home for their son Taylor, who's attending medical school in the Big Easy. Since Mickey's busy with work, Kim and Taylor tour condos in the city's Garden District and Uptown neighborhood. Can they find a home with the outdoor space Taylor wants, and the investment potential Kim and Mickey demand, all on a $200,000 budget?
S55E11 Picky First Time Buyers in Chicago 18/12/2011 First time buyers, Alice and Ali, are searching Chicago for a duplex. While they agree on a budget of $400,000, they are not on the same page when it comes to proximity to public transportation. Ali wants to be as far from the L Train as possible, while Alice wants to be close to a stop. Plus, Ali is not willing to compromise on certain key items such as having a standing shower, being on a quiet street with a view and garage parking. Who will compromise?
S55E12 Young Buyers Seek Ultimate Deal in Hip Detroit 26/12/2011 Young first-time buyers, Dan and Rachel, are hoping to find the ultimate deal in the hip Detroit neighborhood of Ferndale. But the seemingly inexpensive, five-figure deals are a wake-up call for these 20-somethings when they encounter the realities of the turbulent Motown real estate market.
S55E13 Couple Searches For House With Short Commute In Wilmington, Delaware 05/01/2012 Lulu loves her job at Temple University in Philadelphia, but since they live in Newark, Delaware, it means battling a daily 3-hour commute. Her stay-at-home husband, Karl enjoys taking care of their two kids, but he would love his for wife to spend less time on the road and more time with the family. So they want to move to Wilmington, Delaware, to cut her commute time in half. But can they find the perfect home without busting their $275K budget?
S55E100 00/00/0000
S56E01 Jessica and Alex Are On The Hunt For Their First Home in Delaware 17/12/2011 Jessica and Alex recently got engaged after dating long distance for the past two years. With a marriage in their near future, and a job relocation that places him in Wilmington, Delaware, the couple needs to find a place to call home. Since they've never lived together, discovering their individual wants and needs will be new territory for both of them. Jessica definitely wants something new and updated ? which is not easily found in the historic neighborhoods of Wilmington. Alex on the other hand is more interested in an investment. With a limited budget, can they find their perfect first home that's both updated and investment worthy? Tune in to see when House Hunters heads to Delaware!
S56E02 After Living All Over the World, Blair & Crystal Settle Down in Houston 20/12/2011 Blair and Crystal have lived in 10 different homes over the past 12 years, since Crystal's job with an energy company requires them to move every couple years. Living all over the world has been an adventure, but now Crystal has landed a dream assignment in her hometown of Houston, TX where they will stay for at least 4 years. So with a budget of $500,000, they're ready to buy a permanent place to call home. But while Blair wants a big house with a large yard out in the 'burbs, Crystal wants a place right in the middle of Houston's historic 'Heights' district where she can be close to work and the action. The pressure is on to find a house these globe-trotters can agree on.
S56E03 Buying on a Budget in Manhattan 01/01/2012 India-born Ekta and Sahil love working in the heart of Manhattan, and after a year of renting in Jersey City, they'd like to buy their first home in the big city. But in a town where property sells for $1000 per square foot, their $425,000 budget won't buy them much space ? especially when they're determined to get amenities like a doorman, elevator and gym! Will the couple settle for a tiny space, or venture outside the city to find the starter home of their dreams?
S56E04 Looking For a Home In Austin 17/02/2012 Kayla and Jacob are first time home-buyers are on the search for a place in the up and coming area of East Austin. Jacob leans toward a fixer-upper while Kayla isn't crazy about the idea of working on a project. But finding a place they can agree on is only half the battle. With their rental lease about to run out, Kayla and Jacob have a short amount of time to find a place. Can they find a home that works for both of them, and can they find it soon?
S56E05 Everything's Bigger in Houston 26/01/2012 When Robert's company moved from San Francisco to Houston, his wife Michelle was devasted at the thought of leaving her close-knit family behind. To cushion the blow, her Mom offered to move with them, and Robert agreed to let her find her dream home. But they soon discover that with Michelle's picky taste, even a Texas-sized real estate market might be too small for her dream.
S56E06 Fashion Lover Searches for Closet Space in Fredericksburg, VA 24/02/2012 LaShawan is training to be a crime scene investigator, but she has another area of interest: fashion! She loves clothes and shoes, and the closet space in her tiny rental isn't sufficient to hold her prized possessions. She and her daughter Candace are searching historic Fredericksburg, Virginia for a single family home with tons of storage space, as well as a roomy master suite and updated kitchen. But LaShawan's $225,000 budget may not be big enough to satisfy this demanding single mom's wish list!
S56E07 Transforming a Fixer into A Bachelor Pad in Corona, CA 02/02/2012 By living with his parents, Shane, a 21-year-old fireman/paramedic, has saved up enough to buy his first home in Corona, California. With a budget of $300,000, he's looking for a house that he can transform into his ultimate bachelor pad. His parents, Ron and Kim, want to him to realize his dream, but join him on his search to talk sense.
S56E08 Picky And Looking For The Perfect Chicago Condo 10/02/2012 Mary is a perfectionist, so when it comes to buying her first home in Chicago, she knows exactly what she wants. After looking at homes for 6 months, nothing meets her standards. Will Mary find the perfect place or is this the recipe for a perfect disaster?
S56E09 A First Time Buyer Tries to Go From Renter to Landlord in the D.C. Area 06/02/2012 After relocating to Arlington, VA, Alex moved into a two-bedroom apartment with two old college buddies. Now a year later, this 24 year-old can no longer take the mess and stress that comes with sharing the tiny pad. So he's looking for a place in the greater D.C. area with a room he can rent for a little extra income. His mom Lynelle is helping with the hunt. But while she's pushing for a more established neighborhood, Alex is open to stretching his budget in one of D.C.'s up and coming areas. Can he walk the fine line between being a frugal buyer, and finding a place nice enough to entice a renter?
S56E10 Ohio Family Needs More Space 07/02/2012 Brian, a fireman, and his wife Brandi Jo, a cop, are on the hunt for their first home in Montgomery, Ohio. After having their third child, they decided it's time to find a place with more space. But, they want more than enough bedrooms for their three kids and an open kitchen. They want extra garage space to house everything from motorcycles to ATV's, a large lot and possibly a pool.
S56E11 First Time Buyer Has Dad's Help in Baltimore 08/02/2012 When her Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, Maya moved back home to help out. Now, a year later, Mom is healthy and Maya is ready to find a place of her own. But with her big sister in tow, and Dad as her agent, this first time buyer may have her hands full. Dad wants her to buy a single family house, but Maya wants a condo. Will she stick to her plan, or be pursuaded by her family?
S56E12 Virginia Couple Looks for Single Family Home in Historic Richmond 09/02/2012 Hobie is a Sergeant-At-Arms for the Virginia Senate. As a fourth generation Virginian, he wants to move his family to the historic area of Church Hill, one of the first neighborhoods in Richmond where his ancestors once walked. But his pregnant wife Melissa thinks a home from that era will mean way too much work, so she wants something more suburban and family friendly. Can they find a place to satisfy both their tastes without breaking their 275K budget?
S56E13 A Place To Party In Atlanta 13/02/2012 Gee and Juan love the southern charm and fun nightlife of Atlanta, but their rental is no longer working. They run their growing event planning business out of their kitchen, and they're tired of the clutter and paperwork. Another problem: this couple loves to host big groups of friends, and their boisterous gatherings have attracted complaints -- and even visits from the police! They've decided to spend $250,000 on a bigger home, with more privacy. But the biggest challenge will be reaching a compromise with each other: Gee wants an older house he can put his own touches on, to improve its resale potential, while Juan wants a move-in ready place. Add in the fact that Juan hates natural light, and this will be a house hunt to remember!
S57E01 Engaged Couple Searches Gainesville, Florida for a House That Reminds Them of Colorado 14/02/2012 Bobby and Mariko moved from Boulder, Colorado to Gainesville, Florida for Bobby's dream job. They have had a lot on their plate this year with new jobs, a cross country move, searching for a new house all while trying to plan their wedding. Will Bobby find a perfect room to indulge his passion for brewing beer? Will Mariko find her new construction, stainless steel appliances and Colorado touches? And, most important will they be able to find a backyard that will meet with their dog Tuck's approval?
S57E02 A Couple Is On the Search For Their First Home Together in Hollywood 15/02/2012 Tom is an event planner who also loves renovating homes. When his partner Claus arrived from Denmark he moved in with Tom in the Hollywood Hills. The view is breathtaking, but the place is small and the long winding roads are inconvenient. Most importantly, they want a home that is theirs, not just one of Tom's old projects. So Tom and Claus have decided to look for a new home together. They both want something within walking distance of stores and restaurants, but their opinions differ beyond that. Tom is very picky and knows exactly what he wants, and is more than willing to put some work into a place. But Claus can't envision renovations when looking at a property and would prefer something that is move in ready.
S57E03 Picky Pooch Lover Wants Home With Doggy Door in Sacramento, CA 16/02/2012 It's been 2 years since Sally moved into her tiny studio apartment after her divorce. And during that time, she's been able to heal and move on with some help from her beloved dog, Jesse. Now, Sally is ready to buy her first home in Sacramento, CA. But this picky buyer has a long wish list and one unusual demand - she wants a home with a doggy door. And since she's not very handy, she expects to find a home with the door already installed. Working with a modest $190,000 budget in pricey Sacramento, will this picky pooch lover be able to find a house that works for her and her dog?
S57E04 Couple Looks for an RV for Their Growing Family 20/02/2012 Curtis and his wife Stefanie love the outdoors and are always up for an adventure. They've enjoyed heading out across the country in their old motorhome, but with two growing children, they soon realized they need something larger. They hope to find an RV that will accommodate their entire family without breaking their 120K budget. And they need to find something fast as they've already planned a week-long road trip to Yosemite.
S57E05 A Couple Planning to Adopt Wants to Find the Perfect Family Home in L.A. 21/02/2012 Derek and his partner Brian have been together for several years and they're eager to start a family by adopting one or more children. However, their current two-bedroom house in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles is too small to accommodate anyone beyond the two of them. Both Derek and Brian want at least three bedrooms in an older home, preferably Spanish style. Beyond that, they can't agree on much of anything else. Brian wants both a pool and a view - Derek says they can have one or the other. Brian wants to keep their budget below $800,000, but Derek insists they could go up to $1 million if they find the right house. With both guys anxious to adopt their future children, the pressure is on for them to come to some sort of agreement.
S57E06 First Time Buyers Seek Forever House in Motor City 22/02/2012 Teachers Rick and Colleen are feeling the pressure. These first time buyers want to get out of their rental and into the perfect home before they get married in 4 months. And this house MUST be perfect, because it's the home they plan on spending the rest of their lives in - their "forever" house. Buying your 1st home is stressful enough, but trying to find the home that will be perfect not just now, but for the rest of your life? That's a tall order. Add to that a mile-long wish list and high expectations, and you've got a recipe for stress.
S57E07 Search For Cool Mid-Century Home in Austin 23/02/2012 Eva and Tyson love the happening music scene and fun nightlife in Austin, Texas. Now, on the eve of their wedding, they want to find a home where they can settle down and start a family. They're looking for a place with stylish mid-century touches, a second living space for their future kids to play, and a location near Tyson's sister's house in Austin's University Hills neighborhood. But with an expensive wedding in the works, they have just $205,000 to spend. Will it be enough to buy the hip starter home of their dreams?
S57E08 A Young Couple Searches For Their First Home in West Virginia 27/02/2012 Friday night football games and fun-filled church cookouts drew youth minister Brad and his wife Lyndsi back to her hometown near Charleston, West Virginia. Lyndsi's parents were generous enough to allow them to move in while they search for their first home, but living with family can have it's downsides. So they'd like to find a place of their own as soon as possible. Unfortunately Brad and Lyndsi have a tight budget and very high expectations, which will make finding the perfect place a major challenge.
S57E09 Passing the 100 Point Test in Portland, OR 28/02/2012 Zak and Andrea fell in love with Portland, OR when they moved here 3 years ago. So they decided they were ready to find a permanent home to raise their young daughter, Kate. For the past 2 years they've been looking?and looking?and looking. But they haven't yet found a home that can endure the scrutiny of Andrea's 100-point house-grading system. On top of that, Andrea has her heart set on an English Tudor, while Zach wants a mid-century modern. But after 2 long years of hunting, their patience is wearing thin. It's time to finally commit to a home.
S57E10 First Home in Minneapolis is a Long Time Coming 29/02/2012 Chris has looked at over 100 homes in his quest to get the best deal on a house. Now that his girlfriend, Tara, is going to move into the new place, he has to step up his search and finally commit to buying a home. His friend and agent, Justin Piprude, has been on this 3 year odyssey with Chris and is more determined than ever to find a house the Chris and Tara will like and still stick to his $250,000 budget.
S57E11 A Single Mother of Two Is Eager To Find a Home in Los Angeles 29/02/2012 Jackie gave up her medical career in Mexico for the chance to raise her daughters in the United States. She's currently staying with relatives in Los Angeles but she's eager to find a home so her daughters can have room to grow. With a limited budet and knowing how expensive the market is in Los Angeles, Jackie knows not to be too picky. In fact, she's instructed her realtor, Peter Stamison, to just find anything with a good foundation and four walls. However, Peter knows he can find her something to truly make her new home a special one. Jackie's excited to find the perfect house for her family ? making her American Dream come true.
S57E12 Outdoor Lovers Buy First Home in Denver 01/03/2012 Chris and Susan have been house sitting for friends to save money for their first home. Now with their friends about to return, their house hunt needs to kick into high gear. But for these outdoor lovers, finding a starter home within their tiny budget that's big enough for all their gear might be an uphill battle.
S57E13 Former New Yorkers Brian And Bryce Look To Buy In Los Angeles 08/03/2012 Brian and Bryce moved to Los Angeles to pursue their careers, and they've fallen for the gorgeous weather and laid-back lifestyle. Now they're looking to buy a place in the hills, with a big kitchen and lots of outdoor space for their dogs. But they don't agree on a budget: while Brian wants to spend no more than $425,000, Bryce is willing to push it to $450,000 or more to get the perks he wants. But even a half million dollars may not be enough to find the amenities they want in the location they desire.
S58E01 House or Condo in Key West, FL 09/03/2012 Key West, Florida, has always been a special place for Matt and Amy. It's where they honeymooned, it's their favorite vacation spot, and it's about to be the site of their future vacation home. But for this couple, escaping the cold Ohio winters comes with a hitch. Matt wants the privacy of a single family home. Amy wants a carefree, low maintenance condo or high-rise. Who will win out?
S58E02 Convenience is Costly in the Silicon Valley 06/03/2012 Deb and Ken are ready to take their relationship to the next level and buy their first home together. They have a budget of $650,000. But in the pricey Silicon Valley real estate market, they have to come to grips with the reality that they can't get everything on their long wish list.
S58E03 Selling the Ranch in Wyoming and Moving to Montana 05/03/2012 Doug and Marion are ready to trade life on their 1300 acre ranch in Wyoming for the hip, college town of Bozeman, Montana. But even with a budget of 1 million dollars, finding a place that's both good for horses and has tons of character isn't easy. Making it even trickier, this couple needs two separate master suites, since Marion suffers from bouts of shrieking night terrors.
S58E04 A Golf Pro and His Wife Have a Tough Time Finding the Perfect Home in Louisiana 19/03/2012 Charles is a golf professional, and his wife Melanie is a school teacher in Zachary, Louisiana. They've been living in a home that was perfect for the two of them, but now that they have a daughter it's become too crowded. They'd like to find a home with a spacious living room and at least four bedrooms since Charles wants to use one room for his golf putter collection. Melanie is more concerned with having plenty of storage space and a closed-in garage. With a limited budget and very specific wants, can they find a home they both like?
S58E05 A Growing Family Looks For A Five Bedroom Home Near New Orleans 07/03/2012 Blake and Ashley have been hunting for the perfect home in the New Orleans suburbs for over a year. With one young son and another baby on the way, it's more important than ever that they find a bigger house. But they're on different pages when it comes to their wishlist. Will they be able to find a home that makes them both happy?
S58E06 Divorced Michigan Mom Seeks Home with European Flair 12/03/2012 A financial planner with a love of French cooking, Caterina, is ready to purchase a home of her own in the Detroit suburb of Birmingham. With the help of her decorator best friend Kim she's looking for a home with European flair and a large backyard for her kids. But with a budget of $400,000, will she be able to find a house that meets all her requirements and is still walking distance from her favorite downtown yoga studio and gourmet specialty shops?
S58E07 Rain Lovers Search for New Home in Portland, Oregon 15/03/2012 Jean Luc grew up in Canada, and Mandy was raised in Scotland. Now the newlyweds are eager to move away from the San Diego sunshine and embrace the rainy weather they prefer in Portland, Oregon. The couple will be searching the suburbs close to downtown, so they can be a quick drive from restaurants and shopping. But architect Jean Luc is picky about details, and even with a $300,000 budget, it will be a challenge to find an updated, well-built home they'll both love.
S58E08 Picky Buyers in a Seattle Suburb 13/03/2012 Before Justin and Jillanne get married, they want to buy their first home in the Seattle suburb of Bothell. With plans to eventually raise their kids in this home, Jillanne is very particular about what she does and doesn't like in every place they see for $450,000.
S58E10 Young Couple Seeks First Home in Minneapolis Area 14/03/2012 Childhood sweethearts Joe and Kim have gotten used to living rent free in Kim's parents' $900,000 home. But now that the home has sold, they've got to find a place of their own on a much lower budget of $250,000. Will they be able to settle for the smaller, less upgraded places that they can afford in Minneapolis?
S58E11 Single Mom Hunts For A Home In Kent, Ohio 20/03/2012 Gretchen, a single mom, is ready for a new start. With both of her daughters living on campus at Kent State University, this picky house hunter sets out with her good friend Carla to find a dream home which may or may not be on a farm. Will this speech language pathologist find what she's looking for on a 250K budget?
S58E12 Couple Gets Home Downpayment as Wedding Gift 21/03/2012 Newlyweds Katie and Jonathan relocated from small town Michigan to the Washington, D.C. area, and they're thrilled that Katie's dad has celebrated their marriage by giving them a downpayment on their first home. Now the trick will be finding the perfect place! They want a single family home in the suburbs that's close to Katie's job at Ford's Theater in D.C., and to Jonathan's teaching job outside the city. But even though they have a budget of $350,000, finding an updated place with a big yard and easy commute for both will be a big challenge.
S58E13 Sisters With Opinions Search Atlanta 22/03/2012 Young accountant Fiona has always dreamed of owning her first home before her 25th birthday, and she's asked her younger sister Ailish along for some second opinions during her search. But those opinions may be a little stronger than she bargained for. With only six weeks until Fiona's birthday, can these sisters see eye-to-eye long enough to find Fiona's first home?
S58E14 00/00/0000
S59E01 Newlyweds Search for First Home Near San Jose 27/03/2012 Newlyweds Antione and Tiffany are searching for their dream first home in the Newark/Fremont area, twenty minutes from San Jose. They've been living with Tiffany's mom for six months to save up for their down payment, and are ready for a space of their own. With a budget of $450,000, will they be able to find a house with a yard for their dogs and storage space for Antione's extensive shoe collection, all in the great neighborhood that Tiffany wants?
S59E02 Newly Dating Couple Search for the Perfect Home in Michigan with Mom's Help 26/03/2012 Rob works in advertising and his girlfriend Amanda is a middle school Spanish teacher in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They'd like to find a home by their one-year dating anniversary and have enlisted the help of Rob's mom. Rob would like a home with historic charm and character, while Amanda prefers more modern amenities. They're also at an impass about where to settle; Rob would like to stay in Ann Arbor, while Amanda likes the nearby town of Plymouth. Rob's mom certainly has her work cut out for her, since this newly-dating couple rarely see eye to eye when looking at houses.
S59E03 This Family of Four is Tired of Their Cramped Condo in Honolulu, HI 23/03/2012 Hawaii is paradise. Unless you're a family of four crammed into a two bedroom condo. So Billy and Naomi want a single family home with more space. But even with a $650,000 budget, buying a home in this pricey market is tough. And with Naomi's high expectations, finding a home they can love will be a tall order.
S59E04 Oregon Teacher Trades Frat Boy Lifestyle for His First Home 30/03/2012 Tyler has been living a frat boy existence in Portland, Oregon, with a roommate, football parties and plenty of beer. But now that he's turned 30, he's ready to strike out and buy a place of his own. He's set a $225,000 budget, and with his friend Ben along for support, he hopes to find a place with an easy commute to his teaching job in the suburbs as well as to the action downtown. He also has his hopes set on an updated kitchen, a big yard and a space just for his guitars. But this first time buyer isn't an easy sell: he's already turned down more than 100 places, making this one of the toughest house hunts his realtor has ever experienced!
S59E05 Buying a House That Mom Likes in San Antonio 29/03/2012 After getting promoted, Air Force officer, Elizabeth Lopez had decided to buy her first home in San Antonio. She wants to get a place to share with her mother, Monica. With a budget of $200,000, she's hoping to find a spacious home with a huge master suite. More importantly, she would like to find a place that's near her new base at Fort Sam Houston. Trouble is, Monica wants to stay where they currently live, 45 minutes away from Elizabeth's new job. Plus, she wants a house with all the upgrades.
S59E06 A 20-Something Engineer Looks for Her First Home In Kansas City 28/03/2012 Laura has had quite a year: graduating from college, landing her first engineering job, health problems that landed her in the hospital, and now homeownership. This 20 something blonde is hoping that by bringing along her straight talking Aunt, she'll be sure not to get in over her head any more than she already has. But this structural engineer is not your typical buyer - seeking out cracks and foundational concerns at every turn. Will she find a home where she can finally settle down, or end up building her life on a shaky foundation?
S59E07 Fashion Designer and Engineer Look for an Eichler in Palo Alto, CA 02/04/2012 Shekhar, an engineer, and his wife, Swati, a fashion designer, have been living with her parents while looking for a home. They've made many offers, but so far the booming Silicon Valley real estate market has been too much for them to handle, even with over $1 million to spend. With their architect in tow, they're hoping to land a famous mid century modern Eichler home in Palo Alto, but in an area flush with dot-com cash, will they be outbid?
S59E08 Moving Out Of A Hotel, Into A Home In Indiana 03/04/2012 Carmen and Eric recently moved to Indianapolis from San Francisco because of her job in the hotel business. They get a free room for two months and now theirtime is up. Can they find the right home in Indianapolis, and finally settle down?
S59E09 First Time Buyers Zack and Lauren Want a Place That Will Generate Income 05/04/2012 Zack and Lauren have been renters for years, but when they discovered their rent would soon be increased, they realized that it's a landlord's market, and why not cash in on the boom? The couple want to purchase a multi-family property where they can live and collect rent, but in Buck's County Pennsylvania, there are few such rental units on the market. Sean Ryan, a Realtor with Avalar Real Estate, thinks he can help. He's rounded up three very different properties all of them with income potential. With a modest budget of $350,000, will Zack and Lauren find a place with enough rental units to cover their mortgage?
S59E10 Finicky First-Time Buyers in Durham, North Carolina 04/04/2012 Newlyweds Melissa and Evan moved into his cramped grad student apartment when they got married. But now he's pursuing his doctorate, which could mean four more years of sharing tight quarters. So they've decided to take the leap and buy their first home in Durham, North Carolina. They know exactly what kind of house they want and which neighborhood they want, but they may not be able to afford it all with their grad student budget. Are the realities of real estate compromise a lesson they're willing to learn?
S59E11 Iraq War Veteran and Wife Search for First Home in Raleigh 06/04/2012 Iraq war veteran Roberto and his German wife Carina are ready to trade their rented high-rise condo in downtown Raleigh for a single-family home with a yard for their three-year-old son Diego. With the help of a VA loan program, they have a budget of $235,000. But will they be able to reach a compromise between Carina's preference for an older home with charm in downtown Raleigh and Roberto's dream of a big new house in the suburbs?
S59E12 Florida Couple Search for Home Before Wedding With Help of Dad 09/04/2012 Sheldon and his fiance Kristina are both surgical neurophysiologists in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. They currently rent a condominium near the ocean; they take full advantage of its location, walking and biking to the beach as often as possible. Sheldon especially loves anything involving the ocean; his main hobby is caring for his giant saltwater fish tank. Sheldon would like to stay on Ft. Lauderdale's east side near the ocean, while Kristina wants to move out west to a more family-oriented area for when they have children.
S59E13 Clairvoyant House Hunter Adds Challenge to California Search 10/04/2012 Donald and Johanna are ready to get out of their rental in Sacramento, California, and buy a place where they can start a family. The couple has set a budget of $325,000, and hope to find a home with lots of rooms for lots of kids, and a kitchen where Johanna can indulge her passion for cooking. But this is no ordinary house hunt: Donald says he has a special gift of clairvoyance, and that he can feel 'energy' in a home that no one else can sense. If he walks into a place that makes him uncomfortable, he won't even finish the tour! Can this couple find a place that meets their wish list, as well as Donald's unusual criteria?
S60E01 Bigger is Better in Minneapolis 11/04/2012 Ryan and Lindsay just got married and want to buy their first home together in the Minneapolis suburbs. With a budget of $525,000, they're looking for a large house to raise their future children. But just how large is up for debate. Ryan wants a house that's over 4000 square feet. Lindsay is concerned about the cost to clean and maintain a house of that size, and would like to find a house that's less than 4000 square feet.
S60E02 James and Sherry Have Worked Hard and Saved Up To Buy a Spacious Dream Home in Dallas 12/04/2012 James and Sherry have made a great living for themselves as the owners of a well-known air conditioning business in Dallas, Texas. For the past 20 years, they have concentrated on growing their business, and have lived in the same house all that time. Now that all their hard work has paid off, they'd like to buy their dream home. They're hoping to find a spacious 5-bedroom home with their $750,000 budget. Sherry and James envision a home with a grand staircase, a game room and an updated kitchen. James is fairly flexible, though he has one major deal breaker: he will not even look at a home that backs up to a body of water because he is deathly afraid of snakes.
S60E03 A Picky Couple Wants a House Just Like the Dream Home They Left Behind in Pennsylvania 16/04/2012 Keith and Andrea found their dream home in Pensylvania. And then they sold it. Keith decided to change careers and join his family's dental practice in Nashua, NH. Now, they're looking for a house just like the one they left behind. But even with a $500,000 budget, finding another dream home that meets their sky-high expectations is no easy task.
S60E04 A Couple Looks For Their First Home In San Diego 13/04/2012 San Diego residents Mark and Katie live just minutes from the ocean in their small apartment. They're ready to buy their first home and would love to stay in the same area, but they soon realize that buying near the beach is more expensive than they thought. What are they willing to compromise for location?
S60E05 Finding the Perfect House Before Baby Is Born in Illinois 17/04/2012 Natalie and Travis do everything quickly. In the past three years, they met, got married, had a baby, moved from Nebraska to Illinois, and now they're pregnant again. As first-time homebuyers, they have big expectations for the perfect house in Peoria. With a wishlist that's bigger than their budget, will they be able to find their dream home before the baby arrives?
S60E06 Buying A Piece of History in Old Town Key West 18/04/2012 Kurt and Dani split their time between a home in Indianpolis and a vacation bungalow in Key West. But that one bedroom bungalow doesn't offer much space for Kurt to work, so they're looking for a bigger place with a historic past. Key West is small as it is, but the couple wants a place in Old Town, which is barely one square mile, not to mention it's some of the most expensive real estate in the country. Will Kurt and Dani find history - and an extra bedroom or two - without breaking the bank?
S60E07 Wife and Husband Seek Home in California That Can Pass Her Sniff Test 19/04/2012 Living in the guesthouse at Livia's parent's house has been great for saving money and having live-in babysitting. But once their young daughter started walking, Warren proclaimed, 'we gotta get out of here!" Warren is focused on finding more space, while his wife Livia is more concerned with nice curb appeal, and no popcorn ceilings. She also has a 'sniff test' when she walks into a condo, and if she smells even a trace of smoke, it's a deal breaker.
S60E08 Luxury Vacation Living in Downtown Miami 20/04/2012 After traveling around the world, Atlanta couple Troy and Anastasia have decided to buy a vacation property a little closer to home in Miami, Florida. With a budget of $600,000, they have their sights set on a luxury condo near downtown. But Troy wants an urban feel with city views and hotel amenities, while Anastasia longs for a resort-like setting with ocean views.
S60E09 Searching For A New England Escape 23/04/2012 Doug and Lori have worked for years to make their pizzeria in San Antonio, Texas a success. Now that they've achieved their dream, and are ready to expand their brand nationwide, they're eager to get away from the grind. The couple has decided to buy a vacation home in Hartford, Connecticut, where Lori's family lives. But even with a budget of $650,000, it'll be tough to find a getaway with a deluxe gourmet kitchen and a view!
S60E10 A North Carolina Couple Struggles To Find A Home They Both Like 24/04/2012 Newlyweds Haley and Jeremy recently relocated to Huntersville, North Carolina, about 20 minutes outside Charlotte. The move has been great, but the only downside is their current living situation, since they are staying with friends until they find a home of their own. Jeremy would love a waterfront house and is willing to buy something outdated in order to get it. Haley on the other hand would prefer something move-in ready and is especailly set on finding a home with a large, updated kitchen.
S60E11 First Time Buyers Make Unusual Demands as They Search for a Home in Houston 25/04/2012 Alex and Iwona just moved from New Jersey to Houston to take advantage of the affordable real estate market. Having thought about buying a home for 5 years, they've developed a long list of requirements for their first home, including a north facing house that is new, and ultra energy efficient. Alex is adamant about having a grand foyer, library and media room. With a $300,000 budget to work with, it's a tall order to fill.
S60E12 Escaping Utah Chill For Sunny Austin, Texas 26/04/2012 Robert and Holly spent their Utah winters feeling cold and depressed, so they've moved with their two young daughters to Austin, Texas. They've fallen for the warmer climate and hip vibe, and are ready to spend $350,000 on a home that's as close to the fun of downtown as they can get. But finding a garage big enough to house Robert's motorcycles, and a space where Holly can operate her own hair salon, is going to be more challenging than they expected, especially because Holly is a very picky house hunter!
S60E13 Couple Disagrees on Townhouse or Singe Family Home in Philadelphia Search 27/04/2012 Summer camp director, Josh, and his wife, Natalie, are hoping to buy their first home in the Philadelphia area. But while he dreams of the ultimate backyard, she dreams of low maintenance condo living. In a search that takes them to the city, the burbs, and everywhere in between, Josh may find himself outgunned by his vocal and opinionated wife.
S61E01 A Man And His Family Hunt For New Home In California 30/04/2012 At the age of two, Vietnamese-born James came to the States during the fall of Saigon. Now a proud husband and father of four is living the American dream. He's recently relocated to California from Texas for his job. So he and his wife Mindy are on the hunt for a new house - she wants a state of the art kitchen, the kids want a pool, but James has some unique requests of his own.
S61E02 Looking For Space and Extra Room for the Nieces and Nephews 01/05/2012 Tonita is a psychologist for the Atlanta Juvenile Justice system. When she comes home from a long day's work, she wants to pull into her own garage and have plenty of space for visiting family. Tonita's boyfriend Darrell is helping her with the hunt, but Tonita is picky about certain things, like new fixtures and lots of space.
S61E03 An Overachieving Couple Sets A Goal of Buying A Home Near Houston 02/05/2012 Only in their early twenties, Catherine and Brett already have two college degrees each, successful careers, and a four-month-old baby. Now they're ready for the next step; buying their first home in the Houston suburbs. They want a beautiful, spacious, fully-upgraded house in a quiet neighborhood. But will their budget keep these overachievers from accomplishing their goal of finding the perfect home?
S61E04 Space Needed in Northern California to Raise Goats, Grow Vegetables and Store 50 Bicycles 03/05/2012 Brent and Dorene have looked at over 100 homes near San Jose, California, without success. That's because they've got a long and unusual wish list that includes enough land for Dorene to raise goats so she can make goat cheese, and enough space for Brent to store and maintain his collection of about 50 bicycles. With a budget of $500,000 to $700,000, they're determined to find the perfect home.
S61E05 Couple Searches for Starter Home in Los Angeles Before Baby 04/05/2012 Alisa is a zoo operations assistant and her husband Jed is a chemistry teacher in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California. They've been living in a one-bedroom apartment, but have outgrown it now that they're expecting their first child. They don't have much time before their baby arrives, so time is of the essence to find the perfect starter home.
S61E06 Minnesota Transplants Debate The Merits Of Fixer vs. Move In Ready In Wisconsin 07/05/2012 Recent Minnesota transplants Kisha and Andrew are in a hurry to find a permanent home for their young daughters in Racine, Wisconsin. But she has a long, specific wish list and he wants something that is one hundred percent move in ready. With a strict budget of three hundred thousand dollars, finding something that works for both of them is going to be nearly impossible.
S61E07 Getting a Deal in St. Louis 08/05/2012 Dan and Becky moved from Hawaii to his hometown of St. Louis for his career. They've been temporarily living with his parents and are anxious to get their own place. When they saw that real estate prices in St. Louis are so much lower than Hawaii, they thought they'd easily find what they want. But, with a budget of $230,000, finding paradise in the Show Me State won't be easy.
S61E08 An Atlanta Attorney Is Determined to Find a Place in Her Ideal Area 10/05/2012 Alex is an attorney that is loving her new life in the city of Atlanta, so she's ready to buy a place. She'd like a spacious townhome with a two-car garage and an updated kitchen. But her top priority is location. Alex doesn't want a home that's over 10 miles from her downtown job, and she especially wants to stay 'inside the perimeter' which means living inside the area of a major highway that loops around Atlanta.
S61E09 A Young Chicago Couple Decides between Chicago and the Suburbs 10/05/2012 Mandy and Jason are a recently married couple searching for a larger place in Chicago, Illinois. But they both have different priorities when it comes to their new place. Mandy is all about the master bedroom and bath, while Jason is obsessed with finding a finished basement and a 3 car garage. However, their biggest challenge will be finding a compromise on location - she wants to find a place in the city and he prefers to be way out in the suburbs.
S61E10 Las Vegas Dancer Wants His First Place 11/05/2012 After years of traveling abroad, professional dancer Eric Morgan's landed a long-term gig in Vegas. He wants to celebrate by buying his first place, and his friend Jamie's along to help. Eric's looking for something move in ready and within his $100,000 budget. But when Eric sees the best Sin City has to offer, will he be tempted to stretch his budget?
S61E11 In Search of Historic Charm or Modern Upgrades in the Gateway City 14/05/2012 St. Louis couple Holly and Terry need to buy a house? and fast! Their wedding in her native China is in two months and Chinese culture requires home ownership to legitimize a marriage. She wants something modern and updated, while he prefers a house with historic features,and neither want to budge.
S61E12 Looking For A Vacation Home In Sunny Florida 15/05/2012 Carl and Marcel are tired of freezing New Hampshire winters and are hoping to find a vacation home in trendy Wilton Manors, Florida. But Carl wants a fixer to keep him busy, and Marcel wants a place that they can just move into and relax. To make things more difficult, their $75,000 budget limits their options in a Florida housing market that's starting to rebound from the recent real estate crash.
S61E13 An Iraq War Vet and Wife Seek First Home for Future Family 16/05/2012 Kati, a former Team USA rugby player, and Aaron, an Iraq War veteran, are searching the Milwaukee area for their first home. They're looking to escape they're cramped college apartment and find a house with enough room for their clothes and furniture, a big master bedroom, and a large basement. But they don't know if their $200,000 budget will be enough to get them the space they want.
S62E01 A Picky Wife and Her Do-It-Yourself Husband Struggle To Find The Perfect Arizona Home 18/05/2012 Dane and his wife Becca have been living in Dane's bachelor pad in the suburbs. All of their friends and family live in the city, and they're ready to move back. They're especially eager to find a new home, since they're expecting their first child in a few months. Becca is extremely picky, and has a long list of "must haves" and "no-nos" for their future house. The house cannot have saltillo tile, a type of tile popular in Arizona. She's also adverse to white tile. In addition, she refuses to move into a home that has old, used toilets. Overall, she'd prefer a turn-key property that needs no updating. Dane, on the other hand, loves do-it-yourself projects and would like a home he can put his own stamp on.
S62E02 Sisters Search For A Sacramento Home 21/05/2012 Shannon is ready to move out of her parents home and buy her first place near Sacramento. But her younger sister Jessica, who will be renting a room from her, has strong opinions about exactly what they need in the perfect house. Shannon wants vintage charm, but Jessica wants a fully-upgraded and modern kitchen. Between sibling rivalry and Shannon's limited budget, this house hunt may come to an end before it even gets started.
S62E03 Mainlanders Settle Down in Maui 29/05/2012 Riane and Patrick are mainlanders who met while attending the university of Hawaii. Now, ten years later, the couple is married and they want to settle down on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui. Riane wants a funky home with good vibes and lots of land. Patrick is less interested in funk and more interested in a good investment - and they both want an ocean view. The only problem is, Riane is terrified of Tsunamis and wants her new home as high up as possible.
S62E04 Job Transfer Has Couple Hunting For Home In Austin Before Moving From Tampa Bay 21/05/2012 Tampa Bay residents Dustin and Stacey are excited about their move to Austin, Texas where they'll be closer to family. Eager to find a home with a pool, and a view of Lake Travis, they might be shocked to find that getting everything they want won't be as easy as they thought it would be.
S62E05 Downtown San Francisco vs Bay Area Burbs 25/05/2012 Andrew and Phil can't wait to get out of their tiny 1 bedroom apartment and buy a home in the San Francisco area. Trouble is, Andrew - an artist - wants to be in the heart of the city, and Phil - a chiropractor - wants to be near his practice in the suburbs. It's a battle of wills, and budgets, in this pricey California market. Who will compromise?
S62E06 Multi-generational Home in Nashville 22/05/2012 Adam, a tour drummer, and Nicki are so close with her parents, Caren and Carl, that they've decided to buy a house together. The challenge, each person has very specific needs: Adam wants a drum studio; Nicki wants a spacious master suite; Carl and Caren want an in-law suite. It's a tall order, even in a Nashville market flush with large homes.
S62E07 Mark and Meghan Are Excited To Buy Their First Home in Charlotte, N.C. 23/05/2012 Mark and Meghan recently moved from Virginia to Charlotte, North Carolina and have found they love everything about the city. The only downside is the apartment they've been renting is much too small, so they've decided it's time to settle down and buy their first home. Meghan would like a spacious single-family house with 4 bedrooms, an office and an updated kitchen. While Mark is focused on a huge, fenced in backyard and a place to hang his big screen TV. Can they find a place with everything on their wish lists, or will Mark and Meghan have to make some compromises? Find out when House Hunters heads to Charlotte, North Carolina!
S62E08 Young Woman Decides Between House and Townhouse in Nashville 28/05/2012 Twenty-four-year-old Laurel has decided to buy her first place in Nashville, Tennessee. She's adament about wanting a single family home, but because of the square footage she desires, she might have to consider a townhome. Will she give up privacy and a yard to get a place that has everything else she wants?
S62E09 Brother vs Younger Sisters in Boston Burbs 24/05/2012 Twenty-six-year-old Matt is ready to move out of his parent's house in the Boston suburbs, and find a home where he and his brand new sports car can be happy. But with his opinionated younger sisters along on the hunt, he might find himself out numbered, as they pressure him to find a place where they can party with their friends, and go tanning on the deck.
S62E10 Couple Needs Non-traditional in the Shenandoah Valley 31/05/2012 Adam and Cathy are about to have their first child, so they want out of their cramped rental, and into a family-friendly home pronto! With a $250,000 budget, they should have plenty of options in Virginia's scenic Shenandoah Valley. But there's a catch. Cathy grew up in an eclectic home, complete with firepole. She wants a home that's both quirky and unusual, while Adam loves traditional bungalows. Will these two be able to find the right home for their growing family?
S62E11 Young Pennsylvania Couple is Taking Some Big Steps 04/06/2012 Chris and Heather are ready to make some big moves by buying their first home, and moving in together for the first time. But the search wont be easy. As first time home buyers, their wishlist is long and their budget is small. Will they be able to find a home that has the space they need for both of their large families, and stay within their $260,000 budget?
S62E12 Picky Couple Looking For A Bigger Home In Pricey Orange County, California 05/06/2012 Yzette and Jason are looking for a big single family home to expand their family in pricey Orange County, California. But their $430,000 budget leaves them in condo territory in their preferred city of Aliso Viejo. And a little bit of OCD is going to make their search even trickier.
S62E13 Wandering Family of Four Looking to Settle Down in Texas Hillcountry 30/05/2012 For the last few years, Chris and Jenny, and their two young daughters, have been chasing storms across the southwest, as part of their auto body repair business. Now, they're hoping to put down roots in Austin, Texas. They've got $350,000 to spend, and are looking for a major upgrade over the tiny garage apartment they've recently been living in, but the popular Texas hillcountry doesn't come cheap.
S63E01 Young Wife Has Renovation Phobia and Her Husband Wants a Fixer-Upper 01/06/2012 Geoffrey and Tammy are a young married couple living in Los Angeles, and they're ready to buy their first home. Tammy has renovation phobia and doesn't want a house that needs updating, while Geoffrey jumps at the chance to do home improvement projects. Further complicating things is that the house must accommodate their large pool table; no matter what else has to be sacrificed, the pool table is coming with them.
S63E02 A Blended Family Deals With a Blended Wish List on Their Bay Area House Hunt 08/06/2012 Kristine and her boyfriend Dan have decided to take the next step and move in together. They'll also need space for her daughter Cameron and his daughter Aidan. But with a limited budget, finding a house in the Bay Area that meets everyone's needs poses a real challenge. And making matters worse, Kristine and Dan have very different wishlists. She may be the one buying the house, but they'll both have to compromise if they ever hope to find a home for their new family.
S63E03 Three Bedrooms and a Basement in DC 12/06/2012 After growing up in a military family, Reggie moved around so much, he didn't know where home was. Now Reggie wants to settle down, and buy a home to live in with his girlfriend, Kendra, in Washington DC. Kendra wants a trendy DC neighborhood with fabulous shopping and restaurants. But Reggie is reluctant to pay top dollar for city living, and would prefer to have a newer home in a less urban area. Will this young couple find middle ground, and a place to call home, in the nation's capitol?
S63E04 A Recently Married Couple Hunt For Their First Home Together In College Station, Texas 07/06/2012 Years after losing her husband in a car accident, Kristin and her daughter are hoping for a fresh start. She and her new husband, Will, want to buy a home together near Texas A&M University where they both work. These Aggies hope to have a large family one day, so they are looking for a home big enough to accommodate their dreams.
S63E05 Buyer Has Five Days to Buy Her Home and Move From New Orleans to Fresno 11/06/2012 Tamia is moving from New Orleans to Fresno for a new job. With just five days before she has to move, she doesn't have much time to decide on a home. Complicating matters, she's touring with two realtors, one who is a friend, and one assigned by her relocation company, and they don't always see eye to eye. This whirlwind tour of Fresno's new construction could get tricky.
S63E06 Seeing Eye to Eye in New Hampshire 06/06/2012 TJ and Mary have been living at his parents' home to save money to buy their first place. With Mom spoiling him by packing his lunch and doing his laundry, TJ is loving their stay. Mary not so much. Now that they've saved up enough money for a down payment, they're ready to buy a home in the Concord, New Hampshire area. With a budget of $200,000, they're looking for a 2 bed, 2 bath house with plenty of room to entertain. But, with each having very particular needs, they're having trouble finding a place that they both agree on.
S63E07 Newlyweds on the Hunt in the Chicago Suburbs 13/06/2012 Newlyweds TJ and Jamie currently live in a rental, but they're eager to buy their first home together. They'd like to find a spacious three or four bedroom house in the Chicago suburbs. Jamie wants it to be updated and modern, while TJ prefers a cozy older home that reminds him of his grandmother's house. He's also particular about the direction the house faces because he'd like to sit in the backyard and watch the sunset. Jamie is more concerned with having lots of storage space for all of their wedding gifts. Will it be sleek and modern or will a cozy grandma house be the first place they call home?
S63E08 Denver Couple is Anxious to Escape Townhome They Share With Their Mother-in-law 14/06/2012 Jeff and Erica are newlyweds that have just relocated to Erica's homestate of Colorado. But in order to save money for their first home, they moved in with Erica's mom where they haven't had much of a chance to be newlyweds. They share a cramped townhome with no backyard for their dog, and are sleeping on a trundle bed in the spare bedroom. With a $300,000 budget, they have a long list of requirements for their first place, including no mirror facing showers because of a horror movie Erica saw as a child.
S63E09 Young Minneapolis Couple Wants Creative Inspiration 19/06/2012 Young, hip couple Jacob and Megan are looking for their first home close to Minneapolis' downtown. But Jacob, a musician, has an unusual request. He wants something with dark wood, unfinished spaces, and secret passageways to inspire his music. Megan's focused on an updated kitchen. Can these house hunters find a home that meets both their needs?
S63E10 Kenyan Couple Selling Hip Condo in Chicago for House in the Suburbs 18/06/2012 Steve and Linda have outgrown their condo in hip Hyde Park, Chicago, and are moving to the burbs. Together with their one year old son, Sean, and dog, Tiger, they're looking for a large place to accommodate their growing brood, and visitors from their native Kenya, all for under $300,000. With Steve counting pennies, Linda against buying a fixer, and with a wishlist that includes having a grand staircase, unique master bedroom, and large basement for Steve to set up his 'zone,' their house hunt won't be easy.
S63E11 Recently Engaged Couple Looking for Resort-Style Home in Gulf Coast Town of Destin, Florida 15/06/2012 Diana and Travis are moving from Atlanta to the town of Destin, on Florida's Gulf Coast. She wants a luxury condo with lots of amenities and a beach view. He would rather live in a house on a golf course. Can they find a home that will make them both happy?
S63E12 Leaving Lake Tahoe to Build Dream Home in Texas 20/06/2012 Kevin, Crista, and their daughter, Charlie, are ready to trade in Lake Tahoe's long and snowy winters for the warmer climate of Lakeway, Texas. Krista has multiple sclerosis, and hopes that Texas' more moderate climate will help her health. They're focusing on Lakeway, a suburb just outside of Austin. Interested only in new construction homes, Krista and Kevin are ready to build their dream home. With Krista wanting a sewing room, and Kevin determined to have an in-home gym, not to mention a movie room, this house hunt is going to be an adventure.
S63E13 Looking for Fun Town in Nashua, New Hampshire 22/06/2012 Bill and Margot are school teachers with a dream: to find a starter home in Nashua, New Hampshire, with a nice kitchen, and a big space for the game room they plan to call Fun Town. But with just $180,000 to spend, it's going to be challenging, especially since Margot has her heart set on finding something that's move-in ready. Can Bill convince her to settle for a home that needs work, in order to afford the square footage they both long for?
S64E01 Gut Jobs and Golf Courses in West Palm Beach 25/06/2012 Chris and Laura are first time buyers with a typically out-of-touch wish list. They want it all, and for not much money, in a competetive West Palm Beach market. Looking at everything from gut jobs to move-in ready homes, they discover they may have to quickly master the fine art of compromise, and ditch some of their must have items that include a golf course, and circular driveway.
S64E02 No Time for Projects in Pennsylvania 21/06/2012 Stacy and Jonathan have three young kids and busy schedules, so they don't have time for a house that needs work. Adding to the stress, they've been living with her parents for seven months while saving up money for their dream home. Stacy and Jonathan are definitely ready to have their own space, but they're also not willing to settle for anything less than what they want. With a wishlist that includes a balcony, a double staircase, and a private backyard with room for a pool, this house hunt may be harder than they thought.
S64E03 Parents Expecting Twins Need a Home in a Hurry 26/06/2012 Brian and his wife Logan have twins on the way, but their current home is just too small for the new family members. They want a four-bedroom house with a swimming pool, which is not common in Syracuse, New York. And although they couple is in a hurry, Logan tends to take her time, visualizing where furniture will go, even using a measuring tape to check every last inch.
S64E04 Newlyweds Hunt For Their First Home In Branson 03/07/2012 The home Tim and Heidi are renting has just gone on the market and could sell any day, so they need to find a home of their own fast. They want a place with lots of land and a view, not to mention something that will accommodate their four children, Tim's drums, and give Heidi enough space to work from home. Can they find the perfect house within their 300K budget, or will they have to sacrifice space for scenery?
S64E05 Buying a Condo for 40K in Atlanta 27/06/2012 After moving to Atlanta less than a year ago, Paul has decided to buy his first place. Since home prices so low, he set his budget at $40,000 and is hoping to find a fully loaded 1 or 2 bedroom condo close to downtown. He's also paying cash, which may help him beat out other buyers in his price range.
S64E06 Newlyweds Can't Agree in Tennessee 28/06/2012 Newlyweds Marshall and Dana are searching for their first home in Tennessee, but they disagree on what kind of house to buy. Dana has a long and detailed wish list, including a separate laundry room and a home that's move in ready. But Marshall sees this house as his first opportunity to break out his power tools and put his stamp on a home. Will these strong-willed newlyweds be able to see eye to eye?
S64E07 A Couple in Virginia is on the Hunt for the Perfect Family Home 29/06/2012 Tim, a pastor, and his wife, Tuesday, a school teacher, recently moved to Abingdon, Virginia. And while they and their two kids have been enjoying the area, the entire family is looking forward to moving out of their rental apartment and into a permanent home. They're hoping to find a spacious four bedroom house with their $250,000 budget. Tim wants a move-in ready home and Tuesday isn't a huge fan of wallpaper, so she'd prefer if the home didn't have any. She also wants a home with a lot of land and a hill so the kids can go sledding in the winter. And since the family went through a tornado a few years ago, it's mandatory that their new home have a safe place or a basement.
S64E08 Newlywed Refuses to Settle for Less Than Great Deal in Suburban Orlando 02/07/2012 Orlando residents Parag and Puja just got married, and are anxious to get out of their small 2 bedroom place. But for these frugal bargain hunters, buying their first house means finding the ultimate deal. That won't be easy considering they don't want a fixer, since neither of them are handy. And even though they don't want to spend a lot, they still want an updated home with high end finishes like hardwood floors, granite, stainless steel appliances, and a gated community with lots and lots of curb appeal.
S64E09 Couple Wants a Backyard Big Enough for Baseball 05/07/2012 Betsy and Shane are looking for their first home along the picturesque coast of Northern California. But Shane, a baseball coach, has an odd request. The backyard must be at least 60 feet, 6 inches - the distance from the plate to the pitcher's mound. Betsy has her own list of requirements that include a walk-in closet and large master suite. In the small town of Eureka, will these two find what they're looking for?
S64E10 Boston Couple Has Big Money to Spend 06/07/2012 Jen, a financial consultant, and her husband, Jeff, a banker, are looking for a bigger home in the Boston suburbs to raise their three boys. With a budget of $800,000 to $1.2 million, they want a home with four bedrooms all on the same floor, and a large play area for the kids. But, that's all they can agree on. Jen is set on buying an older home with character that's move-in ready, while Jeff wants either a new contruction with all the bells and whistles, or a fixer he can modernize to his tastes. He also doesn't mind spending more, while Jen wants to stay towards lower end of the budget.
S64E11 Engaged Couple Looking for First House and Planning Wedding in Charlotte, NC 09/07/2012 Kerri and Jordan are looking for their first house and planning a wedding in their new hometown of Charlotte, NC. He really wants to live on a golf course, while she's adamant about hardwood floors and no white cabinets. Can they find a house that will make them both happy?
S64E12 Buyers Disagree on Purchase in Historic New Orleans 04/07/2012 Brian and Alexis just moved to New Orleans from the Dallas suburbs. Unfortunately, when it comes to their hunt for a home, they disagree on a major point. He wants a house like they had in the Texas burbs - big, new and?.well, big. But she wants all the charm that comes with the smaller vintage homes in the historic part of the city where they're searching. Who will win this Big Easy battle?
S64E13 Air Force Couple Searches for New Home in Destin, Florida 10/07/2012 Air Force Major General Mike Keltz and his wife, Donna, have loved their long-term post in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, but the couple wants to buy their 'forever home' in Destin, Florida. Both want plenty of amenities, included access to a gorgeous golf course and a gourmet kitchen. But even with $850,000 to spent, finding a move-in ready paradise may not be as easy as they thought.
S65E01 Tommy and Robby Search for a Vacation Home in the Great Smokey Mountains 13/07/2012 Tommy and Robby love vacationing in Gatlinburg, Tenn. They're tired of having to rent a cabin every time they go. So they've decided it's time to buy a place in the mountains that feels like a secluded retreat, but is still close enough to downtown to enjoy all that Gatlinburg has to offer. Problem is, they're having a little trouble agreeing on a style. Tommy wants an A-frame chalet and Robby wants a rustic-log cabin. Figuring out how to compromise, may make this hunt for a vacation home more work than play.
S65E02 Looking for a Pre-Sixties Home in Texas 11/07/2012 Parquer and his wife Kristin are in the market for a pre-1960s home because they like the traditional layout of older homes, including no open floor plans. With two little ones in the mix, this family of four needs a big enough place that has an office space for Parquer, and an updated kitchen - all for under $200,000. With a few disagreements: she loves older tiled sinks, He hates them. He likes shiny marble kitchen floors, she doesn't. Will this couple have closed minds when it comes to finding a home without an open floor plan?
S65E03 A Young Couple Get A Rude Awakening When They Look For Their First Place In New York City 16/07/2012 Amon and Hana, love the idea of buying their first home in Manhattan, but they're shocked to find out how little their money will buy them. Can they find something in the city with enough space to fit their budget, or will they have to expand their search to the nearby boroughs?
S65E04 Multi Family Brownstone in Brooklyn 10/07/2012 30-year-old Yvonne has wanted to own a Brooklyn brownstone since childhood, and she has been living with her parents to save money to fulfill that dream. She's looking for a multi-family brownstone in the neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant, and her plan is to live in one apartment and rent out the rest. But with a budget of $550,000 finding a place that's in good condition- and has the quintessential brownstone stoop that she wants- is going to be a challenge.
S65E05 Picky Connecticut Buyer Has to Compromise 23/07/2012 Sylvia works and is about to start pharmacy in Hartford, CT. Right now she lives with her sister an hour-and-a half away. So she's ready for her own place in or near Hartford. Armed with her mile-long wish list, and a firm budget of just $200,000, she'll also need her best friend Natalie to keep her realistic.
S65E06 A Couple Relocating to Connecticut Doesn't See Eye To Eye on the Ideal Home 18/07/2012 For almost 8 months, Dan and his wife Robyn have been forced to live on opposite sides of the country. Dan's job transferred him to Connecticut and he had to move immediately. Robyn and their two daughters stayed behind in Utah to finish out the school year. With the girls graduating in a few months, it's time to put the house hunt in Connecticut into full gear. Unfortunately their search won't be easy, considering Robyn likes a project and wants to put her personal stamp on things, while Dan is focused on the budget and keeping costs down. Plus, a six-foot-seven-inch tall husband searching for a spacious home in a pricey real estate market, may mean they have their work cut out for them.
S65E07 Major Differences Over Style In Philadelphia 19/07/2012 Bill and Antonio decided to buy a new house in Downtown Philadelphia on a whim. However, one wants modern and the other wants quaint. Even with a $ 2 million budget, their vastly different tastes in homes are going to make this a difficult search.
S65E08 Newlywed Couple Wants Home in a Master Planned Community in Suburban Austin, Texas 20/07/2012 Jon and Ruthie are your typical busy 20 year-olds: busy jobs, plenty of hobbies, and a cute dog. It's no surprise that after getting married a year ago, they're finding their tiny rental in Central Austin just isn't cutting it anymore. They have a hefty $350,000 budget for first time home buyers. With a long wish list, and the desire to live in one of Austin's most desirable master-planned communities, their search won't be easy.
S65E09 Hollywood Photographer Wants Second Home In Vegas 17/07/2012 John's been living the good life photographing actors and models in Hollywood. Now he wants to expand his business to Las Vegas. He needs room for a photography studio in order to help pay the mortgage. His biggest obstacle is what he calls his functioning OCD; He hates tiles, carpets and wants everything recently updated, and won't look at anything more than 10 years old. With a budget of just $100,000, will John be able to see the potential in a less-than-perfect home?
S65E10 Newlyweds Buying Their First Home in Boston Suburbs 25/07/2012 Nicolette and Adam are tired of their small-noisy apartment in Boston, and they're looking to buy their first home in the suburbs. These outspoken newlyweds are quickly realizing when it comes to the type of home they want they couldn't disagree more. With a budget of $500,000, Nicolette wants a modern-move-in ready colonial style home and a formal dining room, so they can host their families during the holidays. Adam prefers a ranch-style home with an open layout because he thinks having two floors and any type of formal living area is wasted space.
S65E11 Young Professional Seeks Upscale Chicago Condo with Modern Conveniences 26/07/2012 In her current apartment in Chicago, Erin doesn't have a laundry, a dishwasher or a parking space. She's looking for an upscale condo with some modern conveniences, like an upgraded kitchen,bathroom and a great view. With her modest budget, can she afford the high-life?
S65E12 A Wife Wants Historic Charm But Her Tall, Football-Playing Husband Wants New Construction 24/07/2012 Former Michigan State football player, Josh, and his wife Carrie, are ready to buy their first home together in East Lansing, Mich. near their alma mater. Carrie wants a historic home loaded with charm and character, and Josh is only interested in new construction that will comfortably fit his six-foot-six-inch frame.
S65E13 Bachelor Searches for Manhattan Pied-a-Terre 27/07/2012 Tony is a party-loving internet entrepreneur who's addicted to house hunting! After the Las Vegas-based businessman bought and remodeled homes in Los Angeles and Chicago, he wants to do it yet again in Manhattan. Along with his longtime designer, James, Tony will be searching for a contemporary space he can transform into an entertainer's paradise. Even with a million dollars to spend, this hipster will discover he'll have to make major sacrifices to have a pied-a-terre in one of the most expensive cities on earth!
S66E01 The Perfect Place Vs. The Perfect Price In Orange County, CA 02/10/2012 Russian-born Alina, and her husband Chad, are looking for their dream home in Orange County, Calif. When it comes to location, they've agreed on the city of Costa Mesa, but they disagree on almost everything else. He wants to keep them under budget, but she wants all the upgrades. He wants a move-in ready home, but she's willing to gut a place and start fresh. He likes the feel of carpet, but she hates carpet and thinks it's a trap for germs. Agree to disagree is a common phrase in this relationship, but they'll have to agree to agree if they want to find their first home.
S66E02 Two Tall Texans Looking for Headroom in Fort Worth 14/08/2012 Mike and his wife, Astra, want to move out of their tiny rental apartment and buy a home in the Fort Worth area. This couple has good reason to feel claustrophobic when looking for homes; Mike is 6-feet-8-inches, and Astra is 6-feet-2-inches. They also have a huge wish list that includes a separate game room, where Mike can practice his video game obsession. Astra demands hardwood floors plus a kitchen with updated appliances.
S66E03 A Couple With Vastly Different Tastes Searches For The Perfect Home In Las Vegas 29/08/2012 Six years ago, Randy, his wife Mickael and their daughter moved from Las Vegas to California for work. Now after a job transfer, they are back home and looking for a house where they can settle down. They need to move fast as staying with Randy's sister in a cramped bedroom is taking its toll. Their vastly different tastes could make this house hunt impossible.
S66E04 Iranian-Born Mali and Husband Clash Over Modern vs Old Charm in Denver House Hunt 06/09/2012 Chris and Mali met overseas and now live in Denver, Colo. Mali is from Iran and wants a newer home because to her that equals success. Denver native, Chris, prefers older charm. As they search for a house in the Denver area, both of them need to make sacrifices if either of them is going to be happy.
S66E05 Single Gal Buys a Cape Cod Home to Play Host to Her Family 31/07/2012 Heather has always wanted to own a house in Cape Cod where her family has summered every year since her childhood. Her dream has been to live there full-time, and she wants play host to her large-extended family during the summer. With a budget of $500,000, she's determined to buy a four bedroom, two bath traditional Cape Cod house and isn't afraid of taking on a fixer. As she and her big brother, Dave, soon discover, finding a home that's close to the beach and has the Cape Cod charm she wants, won't be easy.
S66E06 A Georgia Couple Living in Their Family's Basement is Eager to Find a Home of Their Own 07/09/2012 After taking a loss on the sale of their first home, Matt and Jessica had no choice but to move into Jessica's parents basement to save money until they could afford to buy a place in Georgia. The time to look for a new home has arrived. Matt's top priority is a carpentry shop where he can build things, while Jessica is focused on a playroom for their daughter. Joining in their house hunt is Jessica's mom, who has a lot of advice for the couple since she and her husband have purchased several homes.
S66E07 Pentagon Army Officer and Wife at War Over D.C. House Hunt 11/10/2012 It's war when it comes to Kevin and Sara's Washington, D.C. house hunt. Kevin, a Lieutenant Colonel in the army stationed at the Pentagon, is unyielding in his desire for a high-rise with all the modern amenities. His wife, Sara, however is holding firm to her wish for a vintage D.C. row house with lots of charm, and a small yard for their Dachshunds. Who will emerge victorious?
S66E08 Ann Arbor Couple Wants to Buy Home Where They Can Throw Big Parties 03/10/2012 Dave and Sue are an Ann Arbor, Mich. couple who are all about fun, entertaining and enjoying their hobbies. They're currently cramped in Dave's 1200-square-foot condo, so they desperately want to find a home with storage space for Dave's stage theatre costumes and high ceilings for his sword play and stuntwork. They also need a bigger place for their remote controlled inflatable shark, Bruce, that they can't currently use because their ceilings are too low. Most importantly, they need a big projector wall and open kitchen-family room area for movie nights!
S66E09 Room for Softball Team in Chicago 21/08/2012 After dating for two years, this Chicago couple is ready to buy their first home. They agree they need a backyard big enough to entertain all their friends, including the members of their five different softball teams! However, that's where their agreement ends. Jenny is open to a fixer-upper, while Steve's afraid renovations could bust their $250,000 budget. Jenny likes split-level homes, while Steve's a fan of Colonials. Jenny wants a pool, while Steve bemoans the extra work. But these two have an even bigger decision to make ? when Steve ambushes Jenny with a surprise proposal!
S66E10 Buying a Home in a New City After a Year Living Apart 14/09/2012 A year and a half ago Bryan and Chad's jobs took them 800 miles apart. Now, they're finally re-uniting in Houston and want to buy their first home together. Bryan wants a new move-in-ready home with a large yard and a pool. Chad wants an old bungalow with lots of charm and doesn't mind doing some work. With Chad having an aversion to the builder-beige look, and Bryan running for the hills when he hears the word-remodel-will their reunion be spoiled by the house hunt?
S66E11 Radio Show Host and Salesman House Hunting in Indianapolis Suburb 07/08/2012 Liz, a radio producer, and Mike, a salesman, are looking for their first home in Carmel, Ind. He's focused on one requirement: a separate toilet room in the master bath. Iiz is harder to please and has a long wish list that includes a quiet room for her radio show. Can they find a house that will meet all their needs, and stay within their entry-level budget?
S66E12 Young Buyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Demand The Perfect Home 12/09/2012 Eric and his wife Chelsea are ready to move out of their apartment and buy their first home in Grand Rapids, Mich. They've got $150,000 to spend, and Eric wants perfection for his money. He describes himself as the typical type A personality and is very picky when it comes to the house hunt. He's adamant about wanting an older brick home, which in their price range is hard to come by. Chelsea is much more easy going.While she'd prefer newer construction, she is more willing to compromise.
S66E13 Young Family Looking For A Classic Southern Style Home In Alabama 18/09/2012 After three moves in the last two years, Erin, a New Yorker, and her husband Shawn, an Alabama native, are settling down in Huntsville with their two boys. She really wants a home with some classic southern charm. Unlike Shawn, she doesn't want to spend $400,000 to get it.
S67E01 Couple Searches for Million Dollar New England Lake House 05/09/2012 Pamela and Joe, run several successful businesses in Bedford, N.H. and they're ready to reward themselves with a vacation home on gorgeous Lake Winnipesaukee. While Joe wants 5000-square-feet of luxury, Pamela would rather have less space to maintain. Both agree they'd like a boat house, and a gourmet kitchen that overlooks the water. They're willing to spend as much as $2.5 million for the getaway of their dreams, even with that kind of budget, finding all the amenities they want in this prized setting will be a challenge!
S67E02 A Portland Couple Wants Room for Chickens 04/09/2012 Jeff Liang and Mikaila Fulfs, are college sweethearts and recent Portland, Ore transplants. They're dying to get out of their tiny studio apartment. After seeing 53 homes, they have yet to find one that meets their needs and fits their $150,000 budget. Will they find a place they love, while still providing a space for Mikaila to live her dream of raising urban chickens?
S67E03 Florida Family Buys Home on an Island 03/09/2012 Jessie, Spence and their young daughter Marleigh, are living the dream: they own a hotel on a beautiful island in Florida. The only problem is that they also live in the hotel in a one-bedroom suite, which means Marleigh's room is just a converted walk-in closet. They are ready for more space and a home of their own, but dealing with the oddities of island real estate might be more of a challenge than they think. From tropical-themed furniture, to houses on stilts, to termites, this house hunt may not be the dream they've been hoping for.
S67E04 Antique-Obsessed House Hunter in Fort Collins 10/09/2012 Cassie is a professional photographer who loves Fort Collins, Colo. She's tired of renting and is ready to buy a home. Cassie also loves antiques, and her love of all things old will figure big in her house hunt. She insists on a Pre-50's home, with creaky floors and lots of old charm. She even wants to live in Old Town: an historical section of Fort Collins. Cassie has asked her sister, Alyssa, to come along on the house hunt to offer advice; although, Alyssa's not too keen on old homes. She thinks they're a bad investment because of up-keep and repairs.
S67E05 A Young Couple Search For High-End Properties In Las Vegas 11/09/2012 Entrepreneurs, Chris and Jacque, want the best of everything, especially when it comes to their new home. They want a large house in an exclusive neighborhood, with a view of the Vegas strip. Hoping to find a place that will give them room to grow and start a family, they set out with a budget of $1 million. Will their money get them everything they want, or will they have to sacrifice space for scenery?
S67E06 Picky Actors Search for Starter Home in Aurora, Il 13/09/2012 Sarah and Robert, are passionate about their acting, and picky about their house hunting! They're eager to escape their loud apartment for a starter home in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Ill, but they won't settle when it comes to their personal wish lists. While Robert hates prominent garages and outdated ovens, Sarah can't handle layouts where the furniture would have to be next to a window.
S67E07 A Young Woman is Exicted To Put Down Roots in Orange County 21/09/2012 Winnie's job recently moved her from Texas to Southern California, and now she'd like to put down roots and buy a townhome or condo in Orange County. Unfortunately, she's bound to have a Texas-sized case of sticker shock. Will she get everything she wants in her new place, or will she have to make some sacrifices?
S67E08 Finding a House for Triplets in San Diego 12/10/2012 Tommy, Rose and their young triplet sons, have moved from Dallas, Texas, back home to San Diego. Looking for a home that will suit young triplets is complicated enough, but it doesn't help that Tommy wants modern construction, while Rose prefers a ranch with character. It's up to their real estate agent Kathy Grust to help them find a middle ground.
S67E09 Million Dollar Log Cabin in Colorado 09/10/2012 Mike and Sean, are commerical airline pilots, who live in Argyle, Texas. While they love their custom built home, they've decided to buy a vacation house in their favorite vacation spot - Breckenridge, Colo. With a budget of $800,000 - $1 million, Mike really wants a true log cabin house and is willing to look farther away from Breckenridge to get it. Sean, wants to be in a ski-in/ski-out home and is willing to consider condos in the heart of downtown.
S67E10 Newlywed House Hunters Fight it Out in D.C. 20/09/2012 24-year-old, first time buyers Brian and Denitsa, are ready to move out of their small apartment and into a bigger place. But with their lease ending soon and their wedding in a few months, they need to find a place fast! Brian would like to be further out in the suburbs to get a newer and bigger place for a better price. Denista, on the other hand, would like to closer to the city to enjoy the nightlife and a have a closer commute to work.
S67E11 A California Family Looks For Their Dream Home in Idaho 19/09/2012 Justin and Jenny, think they've found the perfect place to raise their two little girls, so they're pulling up stakes in Sacramento, Calif and moving to the suburbs outside of Boise, Idaho. While they're excited about how far their $400,000 budget goes in Idaho's affordable housing market, Justin still wants to spend wisely. Jenny, on the other hand, has a long wish list. Will they be able to find their dream home without breaking the bank?
S67E12 Southern Style in Charlotte 17/09/2012 Levi and Jennifer, have lived in cramped apartments, dirt huts and student housing all over the world. Now that they have a daughter, 14-month-old Eleanor, it's time to settle premanently in one place. They're looking for a large home in Davidson, N.C. a suburb of Charlotte. These first time buyers can't seem to agree on anything. He wants a fixer close to the center of town. She wants a new southern style home with an updated kitchen, porch and sunroom to have tea parties with her daughter.
S67E13 Science Teacher and Basketball Coach Searching San Diego for Their First House 18/10/2012 Robert and Charla, are looking for their first house. They don't want to leave the San Diego area, but they don't have a big budget. They need more space for their 2- year-old daughter and all her toys, including her huge play kitchen, and a long driveway for their three cars. Plus, Charla has one major dealbreaker: she hates shower doors! Can they find an affordable home that meets their requirements in one of the nation's priciest real estate markets?
S68E01 Finding An Arlington Home For A Family and Four TVs 17/10/2012 Billy and Jennifer, are ready to find a home where they can start a family in Arlington, Va. She's all about finding her dream kitchen, but he's all about finding the perfect finished basement where he can keep the four TVs he likes to watch on football Sundays. Although they're within their price range, the DC area real estate market can get very competitive. The couple have to decide which is more important: staying in their ideal Arlington location or getting everything else on their wishlist.
S68E02 Picky Buyers Relocate from San Francisco to Orange County, CA 25/09/2012 Cody and Wayne, are relocating from San Francisco to Orange County, Calif. They're looking for a home with unique architectural features near the coast. Even with $625,000 to spend, it'll be hard to find what they want in this area filled with expensive-cookie-cutter homes in planned communities. Wayne's deal breaker of finding a place with no restrictive HOA's might be impossible.
S68E03 Looking For A House With Space For The Band In New Haven CT 26/09/2012 First time buyers, Erik and Nancy, are looking for a home with historic charm and a rehearsal space for their band in New Haven, Conn. With their limited budget, it's going to be tough to find a place in the city location they want. Will these hip musicians have to head out to the burbs to find the home of their dreams?
S68E04 They Love The Chi-Town City Life But With Two Kids In Tow They're Ready To Go 05/10/2012 Alan and Natalie, love their Chicago condo. their condo is close to all the shops, restaurants and street fairs they love. Only problem is, their four-year-old son sleeps in the spare bedroom, and their young daughter sleeps in a crib in their room. So they're ready to sacrifice city living and move a little farther out for a bigger home. Natalie wants a Victorian because it reminds her of her childhood, and Alan wants a classic Chicago bungalow. Will they find something they can both agree upon?
S68E05 A Young Woman Wants To Buy A Condo In Minneapolis And Rent A Room To Her Best Friend 24/09/2012 After landing her dream job working for the Minnesota Vikings, Emily, is ready to buy a place of her own. She's looking for a condo near the heart of downtown Minneapolis where she works, but tackling a mortage payment will require some help from her best friend, Lindsay. Since the two of them spend nearly all of their free time together, they agreed Emily will buy a place and Lindsay will rent a room from her. They set out together to find a property that will accommodate Emily's 200K budget and their busy lifestyles. Will they find the perfect home, or will this house hunt turn these BFF's into Frienemies?
S68E06 A Seattle Couple Has Trouble Deciding on a Condo or a House in Seattle 08/10/2012 Mark and Ashley Michael, are Seattle, Wash. newlyweds looking to leave their rental loft, but they diagree about what they want to buy. Mark, wants a downtown condo, while Ashley wants a single family home. But what these foodies do agree on is that they need a space big enough for their 90-inch long dining table. And with real estate professional, Ashley, caught in the middle, they'll have to rely on no one but each other to settle their differences.
S68E07 High Hopes For Cincinnati Dream Home 04/10/2012 Mike and Stacey, have outgrown their place and are ready to buy their dream house in the Cincinnati suburbs. With a budget of $650,000, they expect to get a house with wow factor. A home with around 5000- square-feet, a grand foyer, 2 story great room, a wine room, a workout room and big kitchen is a must. Mike, wants a huge garage to accommodate his race car, while Stacey wants the home to remind her of their wine tasting trip in the French countryside. It's a tall order to fill, but their agent, Melissa Orange, is up for the challenge.
S68E08 A Tall Order in Tennessee 27/09/2012 Dustin and McKenzie, are looking forward to their upcoming move from Knoxville to Nashville, Tenn. This young couple has grandiose expectations of what they want in a home. McKenzie, would like a spacious house with at least 3 bedrooms, a large master suite with huge walk-in closets and a big soaking tub. Dustin, is more focused on a home with lots of land, a large basement and a two-car garage. Because McKenzie has two pet turtles, they both would like to find a home that has enough space for an aquarium and room in the backyard to build a pond.
S68E09 Adam and Cara Bring Their Boys Home to Houston 26/10/2012 Adam and Cara, liked living in Dallas, but now that their two little boys are getting older, and they want to move to Cara's childhood home of Houston, so the kids can grow up close to their family. They're looking for a big yard and a long driveway where the children can ride their bikes safely. Cara, is also determined to find a white kitchen to serve as a backdrop for her food blog, and Adam wants the house to have a pool or overlook a lake.
S68E10 From Cramped Apartment to Grand Home in Jensen Beach, Florida 10/10/2012 Kevin, Dana and their kids are relocating from Pennsylvania to Jensen Beach, Fla. Eager to get out of their cramped-temporary home, the family has $1.5 million to spend on a grand home in this coastal town. But she wants to fix up a dream house, and he wants to keep a tight lid on the budget.
S68E11 DJ Wants Rooftop Party Pad In The Heart Of Chicago 16/10/2012 Pharmacist by day and DJ by night, Eric, not only knows how to throw a great party, but he's got a $400k budget to buy the condo for that purpose. He's looking for something modern with plenty of space, that's centrally located and has lots of closet space. However, Eric's most important requirement is a rooftop deck with exclusive rights, so he has room both to party and to practice. With rooftop decks at a premium in Chicago, it'll be tough to find a place that checks off everything on Eric's wish list, without breaking his budget.
S68E12 Young Couple Searches Grand Rapids For Vintage Charmer 22/10/2012 Michigan couple, Ray and Jenna, are about to be married and want to buy their first house before their wedding, which only leaves a few months to find the perfect starter home. They want to live in one of Grand Rapid's most desirable neighborhoods. With a long wish list and a tight budget, finding a home in East Grand Rapids is going to be a big challenge for this soon-to-be wed couple. They want an old home with character and charm, but also want the home to be move-in-ready with modern amenities. They'll have to decide if they'll settle for less in their desired area, or live farther out and get more house for their money.
S68E13 Swim Instructor Wants Home Near Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island 28/09/2012 Swim instructor, Jaimie, is ready to move out of her sister's place and into a home of her own. She wants a 3 bedroom home with a large yard for her dogs. Since she enjoys open-ocean swimming, Jamie, wants her home as close to the beach as possible. But with just $250,000 to spend in one of New England's most sought-after coastal enclaves, she's in for a wake-up call.
S69E01 Food-Lovers Dig In To Their Hunt For A Weekend Place in Philly 19/10/2012 Jamie and Charlie love food. They love it so much that they drive an hour from their home in New Jersey to Philadelphia's thriving restaurant scene almost every weekend. But the commute is getting old, so now they'd like to find a pied-a-terre in the city, a small second home where they can stay on their weekend trips. But with a budget of $200,000, finding a place with a view, a pool, a fitness center, and a location right in the heart of the city may not be on the menu.
S69E02 Homebuyers Hunting for History in the Nation's Capital 25/10/2012 Washington DC attorneys Tim and Ellen are buying their first home. She wants historical charm and character, but he doesn't want to give up modern amenities or take on a lot of projects. Plus, they're both hoping for a yard for their dog, Barksdale. Will their $650,000 budget be enough for a place that meets all their requirements?
S69E03 Picky First-Time Buyer Needs Sister to Keep Her Grounded 01/10/2012 Schantel is ready to purchase her first home in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has $350,000 to spend and an extensive wish-list, including a master bedroom on the second floor, a sunroom for her 2 cats and house plants, and no lightly-colored cabinets. She'd also like to avoid carpet on the stairs, as well as gold trim. Keeping Schantel's budget in check is her sister, Sonya. But finding the perfect house for this Raleigh resident will take some searching!
S69E04 Young Florida Parents Debate Form Versus Function in Their First Home 11/02/2013 First time byers and new parents, Ben and Hailey, are looking for a bigger home in Pensacola, Florida. But he wants a historic charmer and she wants cheap and functional. Will pragamatic mama prevail over starry eyed papa?
S69E05 The Million-Dollar Compromise of School District Vs. Space 06/02/2013 Erika and Kevin want the very best for their young daughter Audrey, including the best public schools. So they are determined to find a forever home in the top-rated Carmel, CA school district. But even with a budget of one million dollars, they're discovering they may have to make some compromises in this pricey real estate market. Something's going to have to give; will it be the schools or the space they need?
S69E06 Michelle Loves New York But She Wants Her Young Daughter To Be Raised in Kentucky 24/01/2013 As a single woman in New York, Michelle was a die-hard city girl who loved everything the Big Apple had to offer; the culture, the nightlife and the 24/7 excitement. But after having her baby daughter, the city became less delightful and more daunting. So, after living away from home since she was 18, Michelle is going to sell her Brooklyn apartment and move back to her home town of Louisville Kentucky to be closer to family and friends. Michelle is also getting help in her house hunt from her brother, Bob, but he's concerned Michelle will end up with a house that's not much bigger than her 700 square foot Brooklyn one-bedroom. Will Michelle find the right spot with enough space?
S69E07 A Philadelphia, PA, family wants their first home in the suburbs 24/10/2012 Jonn and Jessica Abshire live with Jessica's son, Dylan, in a crowded Philadelphia apartment. With their budget of $325,000 their agent, Rich Enders, has the difficult task of finding the perfect place that Jessica, a straight shooter with high expectations, won't reject outright. Can she compromise her tough standards to get out of Philly and into the comfort of the suburbs?
S69E08 A Couple Looks For A Home With A Vacation Feel On Florida's Anna Maria Island 16/01/2013 Scott and Kim work long days together as soccer coaches for a top athletic training center in Bradenton, Florida. They want to find a new home that feels like a vacation spot, so when they go home at night they can leave their jobs behind and do some serious relaxing. They've set their sites on spectacular Anna Maria Island, a popular tourist destination just off the coast. Will their 400K budget get them the exactly what they want, or will they have to choose between the space Kim wants and Scott's dream of living right on the beach?
S69E09 Young Couple Looks For Home in Waco, Texas, Where He Can Hang His Battle Axe 30/01/2013 Tim and Leslie are excited about their move from Oklahoma to Waco, Texas. But their search for a permanent home is being held up by these first time buyers' quirky wish list. She insists on a yard big enough for a custom cat-enclosure, and he needs a shed where he can brew beer, and a place where he can display a vintage battle axe.
S69E10 A Husband Wants a Baltimore Row Home but His Wife Wants the Suburbs 07/01/2013 High school sweethearts, Rich and his wife Erin, are ready to purchase their first home together in Baltimore, Maryland. But finding a place that they both like isn't easy. Rich wants a Baltimore row home with charm, including exposed brick and hardwood floors. Erin would rather find a single family home in the suburbs. With $300,000 to spend, who will win out?
S69E11 Condo vs House in Charlotte 28/01/2013 Jessica isn't your typical mother-to-be. She's determined to live the heart of the city, and has convinced her husband, Taylor, to look at condos and townhouses in the trendy Uptown area of Charlotte, North Carolina. But with a budget of $250,000 he would prefer to get a house that's just outside of Uptown, and big enough for them to grow into.
S69E12 A Young Couple Can't Seem To Agree on a Home in the Suburbs of Cleveland 23/10/2012 Army veteran, Josh, and his wife, Jessica, recently moved from Texas to Josh's home state of Ohio. They've been temporarily staying with Josh's brother until they can find a home of their own. Josh wants a house with lots of land, and a spacious indoor area to do his intense Cross-Fit workouts. Jessica, on the other hand, prefers a smaller yard with less to maintain, and her top priority is having a three-car garage so she won't have to park in the snow. But both agree that they don't want to live in a new development for fear they'll have to deal with noisy construction for the next few years.
S69E13 A Young Couple Moves Close to Family in Pittsburgh 15/10/2012 Pittsburgh natives, Bryant and Jaci, have just moved back home after living in D.C. for 6 years, and are living at his parents' house with all their belongings in storage, until they can find the right house. Being typical first time homebuyers, they have a long wish list as they search the highly desirable suburb of Bethel with a budget of no more than $250,000. Bryant is determined to find a finished basement he can use as a game room, and a large wood deck for grilling. Jaci wants a wide open plan for entertaining friends and family, and doesn't want to look at any homes that are older than 25 years old.
S70E01 Kenyala and Jody Search for a Bigger Home in Alabama 09/01/2013 Kenyala and Jody are enjoying the outdoors in Decatur, Alabama, just outside Huntsville. But with growing kids, their 2500 square foot home is starting to feel like a squeeze. They're searching for a bigger home with enough garage space to house Jody's race car, and a large office so Kenyala will no longer have to do her work in the laundry room. But with $350,000 to spend, can they find a home that blends the square footage they need with the charm, and the pool, they're looking for?
S70E02 Trading in the Sleepy Burbs for the Boston Bustle 02/01/2013 After living above a noisy bar in Boston for years, Jeanna and Tyler decided to leave the busy city for a quiet life in the suburbs. Three years later, they're moving back! Feeling isolated from their friends and family, and sick of the 3 hour daily commute, the young couple is looking to buy a place right in the center of Boston. But it wont be easy. After owning and customizing a 2800 square foot home, everything Boston has to offer seems small, outdated and not to their tastes.
S70E03 First Time Buyer Seeks Hip Pad in West Hollywood, CA 11/01/2013 Jonathan is a 29-year-old advertising professional from Los Angeles, who wants to buy a place before his milestone 30th birthday. He wants a sleek, sexy, modern space near the action in West Hollywood, all on a budget of $400 -$500K. Along for the ride is his opinionated friend Jermaine, whose negative comments about every property make this already challenging house-hunt almost impossible. Will Jonathon find the perfect space for him at the right price?
S70E04 Newlyweds At Odds Over Style in Cincinnati 25/01/2013 Newlyweds, Lea and Eric, just moved to the Midwest from the New York City area. After spending a few months in rural Batesville, Indiana, they've decided to move closer to the nearest big city: Cincinnati. A savvy real estate broker, Lea has strong opinions about what she wants; a home with an amazing kitchen and vintage touches. But Eric, a scientist, would prefer something contemporary, with modern, European-style details. They have $600,000 to spend, but that may not be enough to find a home that meets their high standards, and blends both their tastes.
S70E05 Baseball Scout Clint and his Wife Shari Search for a Starter Home in the Houston Suburbs 12/02/2013 As a professional baseball scout, Clint can spot talent on the mound, but he and his wife Shari will have a tougher time finding a starter home they like in the Houston suburb of Kingwood. They want to find a place with the kind of "western elegance" Clint grew up with on his family's ranch, along with plenty of parking, and enough yard for Clint to use his riding lawn mower. But with just $215,000 to spend, it'll be a challenge to get all the bells and whistles they want.
S70E06 First Time Buyers Look For An Extra Large Home In The DC Suburbs 14/01/2013 First time buyers Yvello and Patty are looking for a home in the DC suburbs with more space to entertain their huge extended family, and a separate room for Patty's home daycare business. But Yvello has a strict budget in mind, and Patty thinks they can go a lot higher. Will they compromise or bust the budget to find the perfect home?
S70E07 She's All About The Budget, He's All About The Perfect House 08/01/2013 Nate and Jen are looking for their first home near Austin, where they can take the next step and start a family. Jenn doesn't want to be house poor and is very strict about budget, but Nate has a long wish list which includes some unusual needs, like a dedicated room for playing video games, and high ceilings to accommodate his tall height. Nate's willing to pay a little more to get their dream home, but will he be able to convice his wife that busting the budget is the right decision?
S70E08 There'll Be No Blues For This Memphis Belle As She Hunts Homes In Happening Downtown 15/01/2013 Alexis wants to buy a home in downtown Memphis, but will she, and her budget, make the cut.
S70E09 Neighborhood Versus Lots of Land in Little Rock, Arkansas 01/01/2013 Jennifer Lucas has just been transferred to Little Rock, Arkansas. Now she and her husband, Adam, want to buy a home here, but they want completely different lifestyles. She wants a populated neighbrohood close to work. He wants to live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature. This young married will couple will have to make some compromises to find the home that works for both of them in their new hometown.
S70E10 Texas Transplants Hunt For A Home In The Houston Suburbs 17/01/2013 Last year, Brandon and his wife Tenya moved from the cold winters of Detroit to warmer climates in Houston. They've fallen in love with the area and now hope to start a family. But before they do, they need to get out of their one-bedroom rental and buy a home with room to grow. They both like contemporary-style, and insist on having two-stories with the master next to their future kids' rooms. And since Brandon is a personal trainer, he'd love a home with dedicated space to train his clients. As for Tenya, she has visions of a tree-house in a big back yard.
S70E11 Wanting It All in Destin, Florida 22/01/2013 Salon owners, Deke and Joseph, want to buy a place that they can transform into their dream home in Destin, Florida. They have a long list of must haves, including spectacular water views, a private elevator, access to a full menu of high end amenities, and office space. But with Deke pushing for a luxury high rise condo and Joseph wanting the privacy of a single family home, finding the place that meets up with all of their needs and stays within their $650,000 budget will be a challenge.
S70E12 A Couple In Tulsa Is Eager To Trade Their Starter Home For A More Impressive Place 21/01/2013 Tired of constantly feeling cramped in their modest starter home, Brandon and Anna are looking for a more updated, spacious house to start a future family. The problem is that Brandon has a very specific vision for their new place. He wants an impressive home with a grand entrance and great curb appeal in one of Tulsa's more upscale neighborhoods. His wife has more practical concerns, like a nice kitchen and bath, and carpeting for their little dog to run on.
S70E13 Capitol Hill Staffer Seeks Condo with Character 04/01/2013 28-year-old Capitol Hill staffer, Kelly, is looking to buy a home with some character in one of Washington, D.C's trendy areas. Her best friend Barbara wants her to consider a transitional neighborhood, but Kelly's not sure she wants to take that risk. Can she find the place she wants, in the area she wants, without going over her budget?
S71E01 Man and His Wife Look for a Home With Perfect Beer Brewing Area 23/01/2013 Seth loves to brew beer, but he and his wife Angie's dinky apartment basement isn't cutting it. With just weeks before their lease expires, they're searching the Kansas City suburbs for a home with a bar, and a basement for Seth's brewery. But when Angie insists that they find a home that isn't split-level, in an area where split-levels abound like BBQ rib joints, their options become limited in a hurry.
S71E02 A Singer and Her Husband Relocate to Austin's Music Scene 25/03/2013 Miranda and Rob are moving from Southern California to Austin, Texas, to follow Miranda's dreams of making it big as a singer/songwriter. Miranda hopes to find a Victorian-style house in the heart of downtown Austin, where all of the action is. Rob, on the other hand, would rather take advantage of Austin's numerous lakes and find a newer-construction home with water access. Also important in any potential house is a music studio for Miranda, as well as a home office for Rob.
S71E03 Very Organized Young Couple Uses a Binder in Search for First House 10/01/2013 When it comes to searching for their first house in Raleigh, North Carolina, Monica and Brian are very prepared. They've got a highly organized binder, complete with listings of numerous homes for sale, the pros and cons of each place they've seen, and an extensive wish list. But they don't agree about everything on that list. Can they find enough common ground to buy a house that will check off enough boxes to make them both happy?
S71E04 Trading in Their Historic New England Home for a Southern Style Place in Carolina 04/04/2013 Jennifer and Stan Phelps bought their dream home, a historic 1930s stone colonial, in their home state of Connecticut shortly after they married. But after 9 years of remodeling and customizing the house exactly the way they want it, they're picking up and moving to the south in search of better schools for their two boys and warm weather year round. And although Jen and Stan were able to agree on Raleigh, North Carolina, choosing a house is a different story. Stan wants a completely new, smaller place with no maintenance whatsoever, but is not opposed to a townhouse. Jen wants a larger place that has character, with a screened-in porch, and she'll by no means consider anything with shared walls. Will the couple find a place that suits both of them, or will they spend another 9 years searching?
S71E05 Charles and Jay Look For a Mid-Century Home With a View in the Oakland Hills 14/02/2013 Ready to leave the city life behind, Charles and Jay are moving from San Francisco to the more suburban Oakland Hills. They insist on a mid-century modern home, and a view of San Francisco Bay. But that's the easy part. In an area where hillside homes abound, Charles and Jay insist on an earthquake-safe house that isn't built on stilts. Will they be able to find a home that satisfies all of their requirements and style?
S71E06 A Southern Boy and His British Bride Battle Over Bedrooms And Foyers In Nashville Tennessee 01/02/2013 Chris, a southern boy, wants a smaller home with a room for his surfboards and skatebords. But his British wife, Kim, wants a larger place with a few touches to remind her of home, which include a proper foyer, no master bathroom, and space for guests and babies. Can they find common ground, or will it be winner-take-all in Nashville, Tennessee?
S71E07 He Wants a Yard, She Wants the City Life in Atlanta 29/01/2013 When they were married three years ago, Kay moved into Derrick's rural bachelor pad. But city girl Kay is ready to move closer to the energy of downtown Atlanta and find a home that they choose together, which is easier said than done. He wants a house with a yard, she wants a high-rise condo with amenities. He's strict about the budget, she's willing to spend a little more to get the perfect home. Not to mention, she has some unusual pet peeves, like not wanting toilet paper holders in the bathrooms. Will the couple find a well-paced space at the right price, or will their differences prove to be too much?
S71E08 She Has Baby Fever And He Wants A Room For His Drums 20/02/2013 Corrie and Kyle are ready to move out of their Boca Raton, Florida rental and buy their first home. And since they want to start a family, they're looking at family-friendly Jupiter, Florida. Corrie is terrified of hurricanes and insists on living in a cement block home. Kyle is less concerned about hurricanes than about where to put his drums, and he thinks no southern Florida home is complete without a pool. Corrie's not crazy about pools as she's spent too much time cleaning them. Will this Florida couple find the right house that they can both agree upon?
S71E09 Opinionated Law Professor Settles Down In St. Louis 17/03/2013 Miriam Cherry has spent the past eight years moving around the country teaching law at various universities. But now that she has tenure, she can settle down in St. Louis, Missouri. There this opinionated and outspoken professor hopes to find a house with vintage charm where she can finish writing her book.
S71E10 A Pastor And His Wife Look For A Place To Settle Down In Saginaw, Michigan 18/01/2013 Daniel, an associate pastor, and his wife, Heidi, recently moved from Oklahoma to start a ministry in Saginaw, Michigan. They immediately fell in love with their new congregants and the friendly community, so they've decided to put down roots and buy their first home. Hoping to pay less on a mortgage payment than they're currently spending on rent, they're searching for a place with enough room for future children, plus a big yard for their dog, Edward. But with Daniel's aversion to stairs, and Heidi's love of traditional two-story homes, this house hunt may require a giant leap of faith.
S71E11 Midwest House for Portland Prices 31/01/2013 Ross and Kelly are excited to buy their first home in Portland, Oregon, but they've been searching for months and still haven't found a place. The problem? They want to get the type of home they would find in the Midwest in the pricier Portland market. Determined to find a home that hits everything on their very long wish list, they're nitpicking every house they see. Will Portland prove to expensive for the couple, and will they have to settle for a style they never expected?
S71E12 Couple Looks for Historic Home in Charming Brandywine Valley, Pennsylvania 04/02/2013 Jared and Kirsten love old houses, and have both renovated their 19th century farmhouses in Brandywine Valley, Pennsylvania. Now they're looking to buy a home together. Kirsten, who works in land preservation, wants a home with at least 10 acres of land. Jared, on the other hand is concerned about the amount of work involved. Both agree, however, that only 18th or 19th century homes will do. While the historic Brandywine Valley area has plenty of these to choose from, it won't be easy to find one that meets the expectations of these avid preservationists, and has the right amount of land to make them both happy.
S71E13 Old and Charming Vs New and Modern in Seattle 22/02/2013 Oleg and Hayley met in Prague, and after a whirlwind romance, got married and moved back to her hometown of Seattle, Washington. Tired of the skyrocketing price of rent, they are looking for their first place near downtown. But even though they have a 450,000 budget, their house-hunting journey has become problematic. She wants an old home with Victorian details, while he wants modern and new. Will Oleg and Hayley find the perfect place for them, or will their perspectives on style collide?
S72E01 Former Beauty Queen Wants Fancy Digs in Philly 13/02/2013 Former beauty queen, Lisa, and her husband, Tri, a retired professional football player, just had a baby girl. Now they're ready to buy their first home in the Philadelphia suburbs. Tri's needs are simple: he wants a big backyard where he can play sports with his friends, and a private space to escape the ladies now and then. But Lisa's list of demands is longer: she wants fancy finishes, a beautiful exterior, upgraded bathrooms and lots of space. Will the couple be able to find a place that suits both of their needs?
S72E02 Boston-Area Couple Seeks Family Vacation House on Cape Cod 07/02/2013 Boston-area residents, Andrea and Steve, have always loved Cape Cod. Now they've decided to buy a vacation house in the town of Falmouth. They want enough space for themselves and their three grown children, with extra room for guests. Steve wants a place as close to the water as possible, and doesn't mind doing some construction to make the house perfect. Andrea on the other hand prefers to be near the center of town, and doesn't want to take on any projects. Will the couple be able to find the right place for them, or will Cape Cod just have to wait?
S72E03 Looking For European Flair in Pennsylvania 23/04/2013 French-born David and his wife, Christina, are sick of living in their cramped rental in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and are looking to move to a larger home. With four kids to accommodate, they need a house with a least 4 bedrooms. Christina wants a traditional home with an office to house her home staging business. David, an avid cook, is set on having a gas cooktop, and wants minimal work in the home. He's also looking for some European features that remind him of home. Will this couple be able to combine their European and American sensibilities to find the perfect home?
S72E04 A Single Guy Wants a Hip Space in Downtown Cincinnati 18/02/2013 Brandon is ready to sell his home in the suburbs and move to downtown Cincinnati, where he spends most of his time. With a budget of $200,000 and the help of his childhood friend, he's looking for a modern space that has character, and a garage with a plug-in for his electric car. This wishlist might be a tall order when looking downtown, as inventory in booming downtown Cincinnati is limited.
S72E05 Looking For A California Beach House That Won't Break The Budget 11/03/2013 Kurt and his fiancee, Chandler, are searching for their first home. They'd love to buy a bungalow near the beach, but finding their ideal three bedroom-two bath with a yard in the pricey South Bay area of Los Angeles is proving to be a challenge. If they want an ocean view that's under budget, they'll have to accept a true fixer-upper. They're going to need to compromise; will it be the perfect location, or the perfect house?
S72E06 First Time Buyers Want A High-Rise and High-End Condo In Chicago 19/02/2013 Erin and Ross want a high-rise condo with upscale amenities and killer views in downtown Chicago. Unfortunately their budget is more in line with a low-rise on the outskirts of town. Will they lower their expectations, or luck out with a great deal in the windy city?
S72E07 Growing Family is Running Out Of Room In Raleigh 04/03/2013 When Denny and Melissa put their house on the market, they had no idea that it would be sold in a matter of weeks. They were forced to rent an apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina, but with two growing boys their apartment seems to be closing in on them. They're in the market for a large home with at least four bedrooms, plus a space for Melissa's photo studio. Denny insists on a large garage so he can set up his woodworking shop. And their two active boys need plenty of space to play, so they want a big backyard. Can this family of four find their dream home and stay within their budget?
S72E08 Young Couple Moves From Michigan to the California High Desert 09/04/2013 When Ben gets his dream aeronautical engineering job, he and his teacher wife, Katie, leave cool Michigan for the desert heat of Lancaster, California. But getting used to the climate is the least of the challenges these 22-year-olds face as they try to find the perfect starter home on a frugal budget.
S72E09 A Young Family Moves from L.A. to Lincoln, Nebraska 05/02/2013 Recently Nick and Jennifer gave up the glamour of Los Angeles to move to Lincoln, Nebraska, so they could afford a nice sized home for their growing family. But until they find the home of their dreams, this couple and their 18 month-old son are staying in Jennifer's parent's basement. They both want a home with a big back yard in a South East Lincoln suburb. However, Nick only wants to spend around $170,000 and isn't afraid of making a few improvements. Jennifer would rather spend more money in order to find a home that's move-in ready.
S72E10 Home Near the Runway in Sacramento 08/02/2013 Michael and Maria have some unique demands for their dream home in Sacramento, California. As avid travelers who love the sound of jet engines, they want to live as close to the airport as possible, and even want to be in the flight path. Italian-born Maria refuses to compromise on her very specific pet peeves, such as no dated kitchens and no hardwood floors. Michael wants high ceilings and to have enough wall space for their art. Most importantly, the house has to speak to them. Will the couple be able to compromise and find a home that suits them both?
S72E11 A New England Couple Searches For a Vacation Home in Charleston 21/02/2013 When Boston residents Steven and Bethany went to visit Charleston, South Carolina, they fell so in love with the area, that they decided to buy a vacation home there. Steven is hoping for a single-family home with a small piece of land separating their neighbors. Bethany has her heart set on a home with nice hardwood floors and a working fireplace. Both Steven and Bethany would like to be in walking distance to shops and restaurants, but she doesn't want her home to be on a street where she will see any horse-and-carriage tours common in the historic town.
S72E12 Couple Searches for a Classic Bungalow in Denver 18/03/2013 Engaged couple, John and Laurie, are hoping to find a home in Denver before their big day. She's in love with the classic turn-of-the-century bungalows in the area, but John, a self-described clutz, is concerned about hitting his head on the ceiling in these small, older homes. He'd prefer something in the mountains, with an open floor-plan, and a massive basement where he can watch the basketball games of his beloved alma mater. Will the couple be able to find a compromise?
S72E13 Battle of North vs South in Salt Lake City 15/02/2013 Jacade, a professional rodeo cowboy, and his wife, Kari, are looking for a home in Salt Lake City. But these 2 picky twenty-somethings aren't making it easy. Jacade wants to be north of the city, close to his family and his rodeo practice venue. She wants to be south of the city, close to her family. Who will hold on the longest in this wild Utah house hunt?
S73E01 Quirky Young Gal Wants a Historic Home in Ann Arbor 08/04/2013 Annette has moved back home to Michigan after completing college in Chicago, and is ready to purchase her first home in the hip college town of Ann Arbor. She'd like to find something historic with vintage charm that matches her artsy personality. She loves to craft, and would like space for her crafting supplies. She also works from home, so a home office is essential. Helping her with the search is her childhood friend, Elisa.
S73E02 Outspoken Ft. Worth Couple Can't See Eye to Eye 13/06/2013 Steve, Greta, and their three young boys are looking to buy their 4th home in the suburbs of Fort Worth. But after completely remodeling their last 3 houses, Greta is looking for a break. She wants a move-in ready home, with a large pantry and a bedroom for each of their children. Her husband Steve has other plans. This remodel enthusiast is determined to sink his teeth into another flip. He's also looking for a house with a huge backyard and a dedicated home theater room that seats 12. Will they be able to handle a fourth house, or crack under the pressure?
S73E03 Expectant Parents With Very Long Wish List Seek More Space 03/04/2013 With their first child on the way, Chris and Chelsea need a home with more space than their current apartment in Alexandria, Virginia. Chris has an extremely long, multiple-page wish list that makes him hard to please. Chelsea has her own preferences, and they don't always match up with Chris'. Can they find a house that will make them both happy before the baby comes?
S73E04 A Couple's House Hunt in New Hampshire and Massachusetts 15/04/2013 Catherine and Thomas live in Derry, New Hampshire, with their young son. They're ready to buy a house together, but there's one major problem. Neither can agree on which state to call home. Catherine wants to move to Massachusetts, near her work. Thomas is set on staying in New Hampshire. Another hiccup is Thomas' giant antique armoire, which must fit in whatever house they buy. Will the couple be able to come to an agreement or remain divided?
S73E05 Buying A Vacation House That Renters Will Love, But Feels Like Home 19/04/2013 Jennifer and Deas both want a vacation getaway in Santa Rosa Beach on the coast of Florida's panhandle. But he wants a place that will attract the renters that flock to this thriving tourist area, while she wants a place that will feel like a real home when they stay there during the winter months. Even with a budget of $850,000, they may have trouble finding a property that works for both of them.
S73E06 Twenty-Somethings Try To Find A Detroit Home With Good Cell Phone Reception 26/04/2013 After a few years living the Chicago fast life, college sweethearts Aubrey and Brian are getting married and heading back to the Detroit suburbs. But before wedding bells ring, they want to find a home with a few quirky items, including excellent cell phone reception, and a gourmet kitchen with no stainless steel. With their wedding less than a month away, will they compromise, or will they have to move in with her Mom and Dad after the honeymoon?
S73E07 He Wants Popcorn Ceilings, She Doesn't 23/04/2013 Tom, his wife Lisa, and their three kids have migrated to La Crosse, Wisconsin, for Tom's new job. They've been renting a three-bedroom condo, but are looking forward to buying a four-bedroom home with plenty of yard space for the kids. Lisa would love to live in a Cape Cod style home with neighbors at arms length. Tom wants a secluded log cabin with popcorn ceilings. There's trouble brewing for this dairy-land house hunt.
S73E08 First the House, Then the Wedding 30/05/2013 Brittany and Kevin are college sweethearts who want to get married, but are determined to buy their first home together beforehand. They're searching St. Louis for a place with a big kitchen for entertaining, a finished basement, and a yard. But while Brittany wants to be close to downtown, Kevin's convinced they'll get more space for their $225,000 budget out in the suburbs.
S73E09 Modern Dream House on the Lake in Michigan 08/05/2013 Mike and Danielle have moved from Florida to Michigan, where they hope to find their dream house on the lake in Midland. But in this area where rustic houses are all the rage, the couple's desire for a modern-style home will make this house hunt next to impossible.
S73E10 Couple Wants to Buy Home in Newly Adopted Town of Fayetteville, Georgia 22/04/2013 After moving to Fayetteville, Georgia, for a new job as a pastor, Jim and his wife, Laura, have decided to buy a home there. With a budget of $220,000 - $250,000 they're looking for a large 4-bedroom house with a stately yet inviting exterior, hardwood floors, crown molding, a large kitchen with upgraded countertops, and a wooded backyard. Laura wants a formal dining room that's big enough for her family heirloom furniture. Their two daughters want a large backyard with a pool, but Jim is concerned about the maintenance.
S73E11 Five Guys Search for a Spacious Home in the Boston Suburbs 12/04/2013 Baz has been living in a Boston suburb rental with his four roommates for several years, but he's decided it's time to take the plunge and buy. Since the thought of swinging the entire mortgage alone is a little daunting, and these guys get along so well, he'd like to find a large enough house where they can all live together. Ideally Baz would like a five-bedroom Victorian or Colonial style home. A large kitchen is a must because they like to cook and they enjoy brewing their own beer. With five different house hunters, there are plenty of different opinions.
S73E12 Texas Couple Looks for a Rental Property on the Gulf of Mexico 11/04/2013 Michelle, a real estate professional from Austin, and her husband, Pat, are in the market for a beachfront rental property in the community of Treasure Island, just outside of Galveston, Texas. They're looking for a good investment opportunity, as well as a place for their son Max to live while he finishes up college in Galveston. Michelle wants a beachfront fixer that she can put her own stamp on, but Pat wants something newer that's move in ready.
S73E13 Texas Single Mom Wants Good Schools for Her Son 25/04/2013 Christina is ready to buy her first home in Tyler, TX. She's determined to buy in an area that has a school district she prefers for her six-year-old son, Eli, and a poker room for herself. But even with the help of Eli and her co-worker, Theresa, finding a home with a low $100,000 budget won't be easy.
S74E01 Quirky Couple Can't Find Everything They Want in Louisville 10/04/2013 Jeff, Jessica, their two rambunctious boys and scruffy houndogs are looking for a home in the suburbs of Louisville, Kentucky. For her, the aesthetics are key. She wants a house that has character, charm, and is in a walkable neighborhood. But Jeff doesn't care about the aestetheitcs, he just wants large rooms, a functional kitchen with a gas line, and a big basement so he can display his model cars.
S74E02 San Diego Couple with Limited Budget Wants Large House and Ocean View 17/05/2013 Steve and Ashley are planning their wedding and searching for a house in San Diego. They're used to living near the beach, and don't want to give that up, but they also don't want to be stuck in a tiny cottage. Even with a $550,000 budget, they're struggling to find their dream home. With their wedding day just around the corner, can they find the house that will make their new life together a happy one?
S74E03 Deciding Between a High-Rise and a Brownstone in Chicago 06/05/2013 Dave and Karen live in Bloomington, Illinois, but spend most of their weekends exploring nearby Chicago, so they've decided to invest in a weekend home on the city's Gold Coast. Dave has his heart set on a high-rise with a view of Lake Michigan, but there's one problem; Karen has a serious fear of heights. She'd rather find a charming brownstone.
S74E04 First Comes House, Then Comes Marriage in the Chicago Suburbs 16/06/2013 Tom and Tracy were tired of dating long-distance, so they decided to do something drastic: they moved into Tracy's parents' house with her parents and her brother. The plan was to save enough money to buy a place of their own, so they could move on to the next step: saving money for an engagement ring. But finding an affordable dream home in the Chicago suburbs isn't as easy as they thought. They may need to give up their hopes for a two-car garage and a master bath if they ever hope to get a ring on Tracy's finger.
S74E05 Young and Picky Single Looks for a Family-Sized Home in Atlanta 01/04/2013 Arielle has a huge wishlist for her first home. Fortunately, in the Atlanta suburb of Woodstock, her $200,000 budget will get her a lot of house. Unfortunately, it probably won't get her everyting she wants. Can her friend and co-worker Cheryl convince her not to sweat the small stuff, or will she hold out for perfection?
S74E06 North Carolina Couple Wants a House in the Country 17/06/2013 Teacher, Richie, and Adminstrative Assistant, Monica, love the country life, but would like to shorten their commutes by moving closer to the city. They agree on finding a home with enough land for their horses, but he wants move-in ready, while she wants an older house with charm that she can personalize.
S74E07 Hicksville vs the Burbs in Charleston 14/05/2013 Stephen, Shaw and their baby Wyatt have outgrown their one bedroom apartment in Charleston, and have decided it's time to buy their first home. They have a budget of $250,000, but are at odds over the type of house to buy. He wants an older ranch style home and doesn't mind taking on projects. She wants a new sparkly home in a Stepford-type neighborhood, where the neighbors are close by. He wants to be out in the country, where he can walk in his backyard in his boxers and feel free. Who will win out?
S74E08 A Wisconsin Couple Searches for a Spacious Family Home 13/05/2013 Darren, Megan and their two young daughters enjoy living in Madison, Wisconsin, but they aren't thrilled with their small, two bedroom apartment. So this growing family is on the hunt for a large single family home. Unfortunately they've been searching for almost a year, mainly because Darren is always looking for a better deal, and is particular about certain details. He'd like hardwood floors throughout the entire house, and brings a tape measurer when viewing homes, to ensure their large truck will fit in the garage.
S74E09 Picky 24-year-old Searches for First Home in Virginia 27/06/2013 Brian, a 24-year-old engineering professional, is living with his parents while he looks for his first place in Northern Virginia. With a long picky list of requirements, his sister Shannon is trying to keep him grounded and realistic as they search the spendy Western suburbs of DC. And since Brian hates old and outdated things, the biggest challenge will be finding a newer condo or townhome with the square footage and bedroom requirements he has. Another hurdle will be finding a place with a garage, where he can store his prized sports car, Annabelle.
S74E10 Couple Clashes Over Style in Palm Springs 07/05/2013 Los Angeles residents, Sean and Stephen, are ready to move to Palm Springs, California, where Sean has just accepted a big job promotion. While the couple anticipates finding a better deal in the desert than they could in L.A., they have major disagreements when it comes to style. Sean would like a Spanish-style ranch house, while Stephen prefers the mid-century modern look this desert retreat is known for. Factor in the couple's pickiness when it comes to water pressure and toilet shape, and finding a place within their $400,000 budget is sure to be a challenge.
S74E11 Make Room for Mama in Boston 18/04/2013 Christina has persuaded her husband, Rocco, to move from their small two-family home in the city to a single family home in the suburbs of Boston. Problem is, they aren't on the same page when it comes to the style of the home. She wants a 2 story colonial, and he wants a split-enry. They also need to have an in-law suite for Rocco's mother, who will help care for their kids while they work. Will the couple be able to compromise, and make room for Mama?
S74E12 Lawyer Couple Wants Craftsman Style in Seattle 15/05/2013 Julius and Cristina are lawyers for a large online retailer in Seattle. With recent promotions and marital bliss not far off, they're ready to buy their first home together. The'd love a stylish Craftsman style house, but also want modern touches inside. As long as Julius gets a nice kitchen and a yard big enough to practice his golf swing, he'll be happy. But the one thing Cristina won't abide, is a boxy, ultra-modern home on a street full of cute vintge styles. Who will win this case?
S74E13 Air Force Couple on a Mission to Buy Home in Maryland 17/04/2013 Bryant and LaCondis have built successful careers in the U.S. Air Force, and now, thanks to careful saving and their military housing allowance, they can afford to buy their first place in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. They want to find a large home close to Andrews Air Force Base, within easy reach of shopping and restaurants. But even with a $300,000 budget, they'll have to make sacrifices to find the space and perks they're after.
S75E01 Perfect Location or Two Bedrooms? 24/06/2013 Jodie loves her adopted city of Chicago so much that she's decided to buy her first home. She wants a loft space close to work with high ceilings and character, two bedrooms, a gym and a view. But her budget may not match up with reality. Luckily, she has her sister-in-law, Jamie, and her childhood-friend-turned-agent, Josh, to help her navigate the city's condo market.
S75E02 Hippie Chick vs. Army Guy in Durango, Colorado 10/04/2013 Newlyweds, Ryan and Krista, want to buy their forever home in Durango, Colorado. Problem is, they can't agree on one that's within their $350,000 budget. Self-described hippie, Krista, is looking for an older wood-home with character, a garden, good spiritual energy and space to practice yoga. Army vet, Ryan, wants an energy efficient and low maintence home. He's pushing for a new house with stainless steel appliances, a 2 car garage and a yard without a single blade of grass.
S75E03 Newly-Single Professor Wants a Fresh Start in an Alabama Home 16/05/2013 Montgomery, Alabama, Associate Professor, Clara, is ready to start her new life as a single woman, starting with a home. She's brought her straight-talking best friend Sonya along to help help her find the perfect bachelorette pad. But Clara's modest budget and conservative wish list are at odds with Sonya, who thinks she can afford to treat herself to the finer things she's looking for.
S75E04 Couple Can't Decide Between a Victorian or a Modern Home in San Francisco 09/06/2013 Jay and Pauline are ready to buy their first home together in San Francisco. But in one of the world's priciest markets, even with a budget of $900,000, finding a place that works for both of them is a tall order. Jay wants a charming Victorian, while his wife prefers something sleek and modern.
S75E05 Chicago Couple Wants to Trade Their Downtown Condo for a Spacious Home in the Burbs 21/05/2013 Carl and Amanda currently live in a downtown Chicago high-rise. They like the convenience of living in the heart of the city, but since they recently celebrated the birth of their second child, they've decided to move to the suburbs to raise their family. They're targeting large homes in the community of Hinsdale with a one million dollar budget. Amanda would love a move-in ready Nantucket style home, ideally something new construction. Carl, on the other hand, prefers older Tudor-style homes with lots of charm and character. After looking at over 50 properties, who will win out?
S75E06 Couple Searches for Two Million Dollar Home in Silicon Valley 27/05/2013 After remodeling their dream home in San Francisco, Brad and Heather decided to move south to Silicon Valley to be closer to Brad's job. But in this competitive tech enclave, finding a new place won't be easy, even with 2 million dollars to spend. And since Heather is herself a real estate agent, the pressure will be on for her to find them a new dream home.
S75E07 Jessica Seeks a Home With Midwestern Charm in Austin, Texas 10/05/2013 30 year-old Ohio native, Jessica, has fallen in love with Austin, Texas, and she's ready to buy her first home. While she doesn't need tons of square footage, she does want a place with plenty of character and charm, similar to the house she grew up in back in t