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House Husbands centres around four families with one thing in common, the husbands stay home to raise the children. Firass Dirani plays a fallen AFL hero, struggling with the burden of family life. In the midst of losing the ability to see his two twin boys (primary school age) and his eight month daughter, he is offered a contract to play football again in Perth. He rejects the offer made by his former manager (who is in a relationship with his ex wife)


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de House Husbands

S01E01 Episode One 02/09/2012 Follows four families with one thing in common: the dads are in charge of raising the kids. On the first day of school term, four very different men unite to take on the challenges of parenthood, marriage and mateship.
S01E02 Episode Two 09/09/2012 When his ex puts their house up for sale, Justin makes a last-ditch attempt to prove he can be a reliable dad and partner, and Gemma stages an intervention to help Lewis adapt to life as a house husband.
S01E03 Episode Three 16/09/2012 Lewis is in deep trouble when Gemma catches him flirting with a lucrative business opportunity. Sparks fly when Abi and Kane receive a surprise visit from their meddling father, and Lucy helps Justin make a fresh start.
S01E04 Episode Four 23/09/2012 Abi struggles with being a working mum after she misses her daughter's birthday and clashes with the "mummy mafia" at school. Mark is arrested after taking extreme measures to prove his macho credentials.
S01E05 Episode Five 30/09/2012 Kane's focus on coaching the kids' soccer team is derailed when star player Stella has a major health crisis. Abi, Gemma, and the men embrace their competitive instincts at the kids' soccer grand final.
S01E06 Episode Six 07/10/2012 Lewis is shocked when his teenage daughter, Phoebe, turns up and reveal she is six months pregnant. Abi's plans for Gemma's hen's night go awry, so she hosts the wedding instead. Mark worries about his job when his boss asks him to help talk to her son about his future. Kane and Tom are surprised at how well Stella has recovered.
S01E07 Episode Seven 14/10/2012 With the clock ticking on his child custody hearing, Justin learns the truth about Rodney's role in the end of his marriage and football career. Lucy has second thoughts after she and Justin decide to move in together.
S01E08 Episode Eight 21/10/2012 On the most stressful day of his life, Mark makes a mistake he will regret forever. Justin's custody hearing is interrupted when a school excursion goes horribly wrong.
S01E09 Episode Nine 28/10/2012 Mark decides to take responsibility for problems at home and work, but has he left it too late? Abi chooses the worst possible time to volunteer as a parent helper in Miss Nadir's classroom. Kane and Tom's home life is under the microscope.
S01E10 Episode Ten 04/11/2012 Justin takes his children camping without telling Nicola, so Rodney calls the police. A head lice infestation breaks out among the children. Kane punches Mark for hurting his sister, while she refuses to come home
S02E01 Episode One 08/04/2013 Lewis faces losing one of the most important people in his life – his grandson, while Justin struggles to provide for his family. The Crabb house is bursting at the seams with Phoebe and Jem in the mix, when Gemma’s mum Wendy arrives on their doorstep. Lewis and Gemma are so frazzled they forget Tilda’s birthday, so cobble together an ad-hoc party which is overshadowed by rival school mum Dimity. Meanwhile Justin and Nicola are crammed into a one-bedroom rental and need a new house to live in. The House Husbands leave Tilda’s disastrous birthday party to try and buy Justin a house, but get held up - at gunpoint. Back at Tilda’s party, the kids are bored and Gemma’s mum Wendy drops a bombshell. After their pregnancy scare at the end of Series 1, it’s been decided Mark needs a vasectomy. Ultimately, Abi realises she does want another child, and races in to stop the surgery. Will she get there in time? And will Justin be able to build his family their dream home?
S02E02 Episode Two 15/04/2013 When renovations of his house go awry, Justin’s struggle to provide for his family escalates. The House Husbands are in full swing renovating Justin’s new place when Mark, struggling with male insecurities around not getting Abi pregnant, over-compensates. He smashes the wrong wall – revealing asbestos. Justin’s in no financial position to deal with this, but with Mark’s help finds an innovative way to raise the cash. Meanwhile Lewis is forced to admit he really has become good friends with Kane. He sees Tom with another man and decides to act on it. Gemma struggles to tell her emotional mother Wendy that her father’s affair wasn’t a one-off thing
S02E03 Episode Three 22/04/2013 Kane and Tom’s relationship is tested with the return of Stella’s biological father Liam. While Tom wants to sweep it under the carpet – Liam is bad news – Kane thinks they should do what’s right: tell Liam he has a daughter. Their fight plays out as Tom discovers a dead possum in their roof and a bbq with all our people turns into a possum funeral. Here Kane reveals to Abi his anxiety about Tom’s refusal to confront the truth. Kane and Abi secretly order a paternity test for Liam. Armed with the knowledge of Stella’s true parentage, Kane confronts Liam behind Tom’s back, placing their relationship in jeopardy. Meanwhile Liam reveals his true colours and Kane and Tom face losing their daughter. Gemma, tasked with clearing her mum’s stuff out of the family home, bumps into her former neighbour Damo (the son of the woman Gemma’s father is now with). Though initially frosty, their old friendship soon reasserts itself and they end up getting drunk together on homebrew and BMXing the pain away. As they prepare for the book parade, Lewis has to convince Gemma that despite her father’s behaviour, her childhood memories are still real. Lewis also has to accept that Lucy has a new flatmate....Tilda’s teacher Mr Tuck. Justin, frustrated with relying on everyone else to do up his new place, discovers a new vocation.
S02E04 Episode Four 29/04/2013 While Abi and Mark struggle to fall pregnant, Lewis’ world is threatened when Gemma’s friendship with her old friend and neighbour, Damo, intensifies. Gemma invites Damo to dinner, on the same night that Phoebe introduces her new boyfriend Ryan into the family. Meanwhile Lewis learns that Justin has been keeping his Carpentry course a secret. The dinner party spirals into disaster when Lewis, jealous of Damo and angry at Justin, ruins Phoebe’s relationship with Ryan. The next day, at the school athletics carnival, Lewis needs to redeem himself to get back into Gemma’s good books. Meanwhile Abi comes to terms with how difficult it is to be a control freak when conceiving babies and pregnancy are completely out of her hands. Phoebe is forced to face the truth that being a teenaged mum makes having a relationship very tough. And Justin has to acknowledge that Lewis is something of a father figure... a slightly annoying one...
S02E05 Episode Five 06/05/2013 A surprise arrival turns Kane's life upside down. Justin's romantic gesture to Nicola doesn't go according to plan, while Lucy's relationship with her new flatmate becomes a little more complicated.
S02E06 Episode Six 19/05/2013 A day of triumphs ends with a tragedy that will change the house husbands' lives forever. Mark is hoodwinked by Justin into employing Nicola as his personal assistant, but Nicola's inexperience threatens his career and friendship with Justin.
S02E07 Episode Seven 26/05/2013 Justin struggles to deal with everyday life without Nicola. Justin's twins suggest a unique ceremony to farewell their mother and Abi makes a life-changing decision that creates an embarrassing problem for Rhys.
S02E08 Episode Eight 02/06/2013 Lewis' world is rocked when Gemma ends up in a compromising position with her ex-neighbour. Justin needs Lucy to help with the legal issues arising from Nicola's death. The gang are forced to run the school tuckshop after the manager quits.
S02E09 Episode Nine 09/06/2013 Justin faces the reality of his new life as a single parent, while Abi takes in an unwanted houseguest. Gemma and Lewis have problems in the bedroom.
S02E10 Episode Ten 16/06/2013
S02E11 Episode Eleven 23/06/2013
S02E12 Episode Twelve 30/06/2013
S02E13 Episode Thirteen 07/07/2013 Justin drops a bombshell on the house husbands community. After being arrested and losing her job, Lucy faces the biggest romantic decision of her life. Pregnant Abi develops an unhealthy obsession with school graduation day.