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“House of Consignment” is a new 10 episode, half-hour reality series featuring Chicago entrepreneur and fashion maven, Corri McFadden, and her mission to improve the way women shop. By working with high-end clients at her sleek, Lincoln Park retail store, eDrop-Off, Corri’s consignment business turns luxury brand items into profit. What began as Corri’s senior project in fashion design school has turned her into a young, successful business woman and owner of a booming multi-million dollar company. Watch as Corri and her team of twenty-something fashionistas change the face of the consignment world on a daily basis. The show takes the cliche about “One man’s trash being another man’s treasure” and turns the trash, in this case Fendi bags and Jimmy Choos, into cash. Using her innate sense of style and business savvy, Corri McFadden resells high-end fashion items that have been rescued from her wealthy clients’ overflowing closets. Billed as “part intervention, part fashion lesson”, it’s also part interactive shopping experience, because viewers will be able to bid on certain items seen the show throughout the season.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de House of Consignment

S01E01 Episode 1 18/03/2012
S01E02 Fashion Is Hard, My Dear 21/03/2012
S01E03 Adventures in Betseyland 28/03/2012
S01E04 Episode 4 04/04/2012
S01E05 New York State of Mind 11/04/2012
S01E06 The Man Behind the Woman 11/04/2012
S01E07 Bling and Babies 17/04/2012
S01E08 Consignment... the LA Way 17/04/2012
S01E09 High Style Charity 24/04/2012
S01E10 Glitz, Glam & Get Out 24/04/2012

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