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NUVOtv’s new docu-series "House of Joy" invites viewers into Grammy-winning producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins‘ studio and his always-busting Hollywood home, which he shares with pop star wife Joy Enriquez, the couple’s children and Joy’s family. The pressure is on Rodney, the master musicologist behind worldwide hits by Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, to score a pop smash for his talented wife. Meanwhile, Joy’s mom and dad, Helena and Randy (right), routinely check in to provide emotional support and dole out domestic advice in an engaging and often very funny old school-meets-contemporary cool kind of way. The insightful duo could easily have their own standup act if they didn’t already have a full-time gig helping to keep “Darkchild” Manor in check as Rodney sets the stage for Joy to reignite her musical dream.


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S01E01 Meet the Family 18/07/2013 Grammy Award Winning Producer Rodney Jerkins and his rising superstar wife Joy find love, laughs, music and in-laws in this one of a kind reality series. But when Joy wants a hit record of her own, will Rodney's greatest love become his toughest client?
S01E02 Match Point 18/07/2013 Joy wants to return to the spotlight as a singer and pleads for Rodney to produce the hit song she's been waiting for. But can he find time with his busy schedule of celebrity clients?
S01E03 Suprise, Suprise 25/07/2013 It's RJ's birthday! Joy is in full planning mode for the party and wants to surprise Rodney by bringing his family out for the birthday bash. Rodney has a surprise of his own and takes Heavenly to the studio to record a special song.
S01E04 A Sign From Above 01/08/2013 Joy decides to go into the fashion business making t-shirts with her favorite Bible verses. But will she be thwarted by a fear of the sewing machine? Meanwhile Rodney considers making a “cut” that will change his life forever!
S01E05 Fowl Play 08/08/2013 Joy declares war on the family's eating and exercise habits and it's health boot camp for everyone. But she gets a surprise of her own and cries fowl when she sees what Rodney's done to her tennis court.
S01E06 Perfect Partners 15/08/2013
S01E07 Ready for Action 22/08/2013
S01E08 Lost in Paradise 29/08/2013 Aloha!A romantic Hawaiian retreat for Rodney and Joy becomes an island adventure for the whole family. Joy ponders how she will balance family and fame once her singing career takes off. Is this something she's ready for?

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