Affiche How To Start Your Own Country
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Join Dann Wallace on his quest to form his own independant nation in his flat in Bow, London. Follow the micronation's humble beginings as Danny creates his own flag, laws and money eventually leading him to the doors of the United Nations in New York.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de How To Start Your Own Country

S01E01 Birth Of A Nation 03/08/2005 Wallace investigates territory for his proposed country, beginning by visiting Sealand. He meets the man who owns the Moon, he "invades" Eel Pie Island but leaves his post of "leader" when the Police are called. He makes friends with the Major General of the British Army. He eventually decides upon the area of his flat as the Territory and makes a declaration of Independence which he gives to Tony Blair.
S01E02 Citizens Required 10/08/2005 With the help of an advertising agency, Wallace chooses a design for the flag of his country. He records a national anthem, which is played during his interview on Iain Lee's LBC show.
S01E03 For King And Country 17/08/2005 Danny Wallace meets the SAS (Second amandment sisters) and meets the King of Fusa. He also goes to The Principality of Seborga.
S01E04 State Of A Nation 24/08/2005 Wallace visits two very different 'utopian' communities, the planned town of Celebration which maintains its pleasantness through strict rules and regulations, and the anarchic self governing neighbourhood of Christiania. He also speaks to a Catholic Cardinal about the role of religion in society and to Sheriff Joe Arpaio about law and order. A sombre visit to death row and an interview with a death row prisoner leads him to decide against the death penalty in his country.
S01E05 The Bank Of Danny 31/08/2005 When he struggles to pay his electricity bill, Wallace begins to kick-start his country's economy. He investigates the National Debt, with advice from former Chancellor of the Exchequer Kenneth Clarke. He designs his own currency, the IOU (Interdependent Occupational Unit), which he shows to Andrew Bailey, the Chief Cashier at the Bank of England. He also discovers the Principality of New Utopia and interviews the UK Pro Consul, Tony Nicodemous. He applies for international aid, and fails, due to the wealth of his citizens.
S01E06 The United Nation 07/09/2005 Wallace attempts to enter the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with a song called "Stop the Muggin', Start the Huggin'". In an attempt to officially become a country, he travels to New York to try to win the support of the United Nations. The lack of a territory lets him down. This final episode ends with a gathering of citizens in Leicester Square, where Wallace reveals that the country is to be called Lovely.
S00E01 Citizen TV - Birth of a Nation 03/08/2005
S00E02 Citizen TV - Citizens Required 10/08/2005
S00E03 Citizen TV - For King and Country 17/08/2005
S00E04 Citizen TV - State of a Nation 24/08/2005
S00E05 Citizen TV - The Bank of Danny 31/08/2005
S00E06 Citizen TV - The United Nations 07/09/2005