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Theme Song "People say that love will stay Maybe today's the day This time it just feels right Maybe tonight's the night Now it may seem impossible But I'm ready to take the chance I believe that lovers stars are uncrossable Because I've moved my share of rubber tree plants. People say that love will stay, Maybe today's the day."


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S01E01 (pilot) 19/09/1995 Tony Danza—who always seems to play a sitcom character named Tony—continues the tradition in this romantic comedy. This time Danza is cast as Tony Canetti, a conservative cop and divorced, part-time father. In the opener, an office phone call leads to a blind date. Enter Lori Loughlin (Full house) as liberal reporter Melanie Clifford. True to sitcom standards, Tony and Melanie are opposites who attract—even though they can barely stand each other. When they're not flirting, they're trading barbs, generating a will-they-or-won't-they tension. (TV Guide)
S01E02 A Kiss is Just a Kiss 26/09/1995 Melanie accompanies Tony on a stakeout-to the site of their first date-and he kisses her to avoid being spotted, reasoning that it is just ""a standard diversionary tactic."" Melanie tries to get a story but a snooping reporter is nothing the cops want to have around. Then, following a tip about drug dealing, Tony goes to shadow a drug boss-with Melanie. Officer Silvero is assigned to the hoboken Pd and Mickey gets his own room at Tony's.
S01E03 Here's Just Looking at You, Kid 03/10/1995 Officer Regelski broke up with his girlfriend because she wanted to have sex! No one can believe this and only Melanie encourages his sensitive behavior. Now, Regelski, after her words of comfort and knowing that she understands him, thinks that she's the right one and wants to date her. but after some nights out, Melanie has to admit that there 'needs to be heat to make a fire'. Tony speaks in front of Mickey's class about his job at career day.
S01E04 Crime, Per Se 17/10/1995 Kirby gets really mad at Regeski's hypersensitiveness and tries to move her desk away from his, moving it an inch every day. Tony arrest Billy, a notorious purse snatcher, again. But Melanie shows up and hears Tony running him down, and writes a report about Billy 'who had a bad childhood and never got a chance'. This report doesn't fail and Billy is released,again, only to choose Melanie as his next victim.
S01E05 The Man's Man 24/10/1995 Leo Collins, Melanie's ex-boyfriend, is in town. Tony uses this as a chance to get some information about her and spends some time with Leo. After Leo tells Melanie why he broke up with her-he's gay-the meetings with Tony get a completely new meaning. Regelski is assigned to bicycle patrol, which is great-aside from the fact that he can't ride a bike.
S01E06 The Hit Parade 31/10/1995 When Tony,'The King of Practical Jokes',pulls another prank, this time on Regelski, Melanie wants to prove that she plays in the same league. She prepares a great joke for Al, putting the lottery numbers he always plays in the morning paper. When Al sees the numbers, his mood changes and with one million dollars behind him, it's not hard to tellt he cheif his opinion, which gets him fired. Meanwhile, Kriby, who is out on the street working on a prostitution case, finds her boyfriend's name in the 'little black book' of a madam.
S01E07 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? 07/11/1995 Melanie accompanies Tony to dinner with his ex-wife, Lucy, and her fiancee, Robert, a brain surgeon whom Tony has already seen-in flagrante. At the office, Tony is advised not to go alone and when Melanie offers to come along, he goes with her.
S01E08 Contempt 14/11/1995 Because of a missing witness, the criminal, Joey Nichols, may go free in the upcoming trial. Melanie, who is reporting on the case, has found a witness but he requested anonymity. Keeping her promise, she protects her sorce even when it means going into jail. Tony doesn't miss a chance to get her into telling him the name. Al thinks about retirement again but that would be connected witht the terrible thought of spending more time with his wife.
S01E09 Road Warriors 21/11/1995 Tony and Melanie get stranded in his car on their way to the Poconos, where she's supposed to spend Thanksgiving with attorney Jay Gallagher; Regelski breaks Al's beloved coffee mug.
S01E10 Bells & Whistles 28/11/1995 Melanie claims she has no problem with the fact that her college friend Allison is attracted to — and attractive to — Tony. Meanwhile, Kirby collars a crook Al's been after for years.
S01E11 Mickey the Hood 12/12/1995 Tony and Lucy suspect that Mickey's new best friend is a bad influence; the squad room prepares for its annual celebration of Frank Sinatra's birthday.
S01E12 Saturday Night's the Loneliest Night of the Week 19/12/1995 It's Saturday night, and Tony's mother and Mickey both have dates; but Tony's going stag to the mayor's Christmas party, where Melanie's on her own too — or so Tony thinks...
S01E13 In the Line of Duty 02/01/1996 After being grazed by a bullet during an arrest, Tony is sent to a psychologist for evaluation and is declared unfit for duty when he insists that the incident had no impact — despite the fact that his own father was fatally shot when Tony was eleven.
S01E14 I Loved Lucy 16/01/1996 Days before her wedding, Lucy spends an evening reminiscing with Tony, and memories prompt her to wonder if she's doing the right thing. Meanwhile, a puppy brings out Kirby's maternal instincts.
S01E15 Dear Cyberspace 23/01/1996 Melanie allows a stakeout to be set up in her apartment, where Tony inadvertently finds some damaging evidence of another sort — in Melanie's diary.
S01E16 To Bob or Not to Bob 03/02/1996
S01E17 Sunday in the Station with Mickey 10/02/1996 Tony's security preparations for a possible Vice-Presidential visit are hampered when Kirby's despondent boyfriend Howard locks himself inside Tony's command center.
S01E18 Tony's 15 Minutes 17/02/1996
S01E19 Having My Baby 29/05/1996
S01E20 The Retreat 05/06/1996
S01E21 One for the Monet 12/06/1996
S01E22 Family Album 19/06/1996