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Lisa Lillien's Hungry Girl e-mail newsletter reaches 1 million subscribers daily. She invents simple, delicious recipes that are guilt-free, satisfy cravings and taste great, without adding lots of extra calories and fat grams to your daily diet. In her new series, Hungry Girl stops at nothing to provide us with the answers we all need: what to eat, what to buy, what to cook, how to read labels. Her tips make it easy to 'chew the right thing,' whether at home or out in the world, including low-calorie recipes and makeovers of fatty favorites, and survival guides for restaurants and other real-world eating situations.


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S01E01 You Wanna Pizza Me? 08/01/2011 Hungry Girl puts a new spin on an old Italian favorite - pizza. In addition to presenting recipes for Crispy White Pizza, Bring on the Breakfast Pizza, and Pizza-fied Chicken, Lisa shows us how to work with uncommon crusts like high fiber tortilla and pita. She also heads to the grocery store to share her top tips on how to enjoy pizza the HG way. Additionally, Lisa cruises by her favorite pizzeria to give tips and tricks on ordering guilt free.
S01E02 Fill 'Er Up 15/01/2011 For everyone who enjoys stuffing their face, this episode highlights food that fills your appetite the smart way. Hungry Girl reports from the supermarket to reveal her top super-filling snacks and ways to bulk up dishes with tasty fillers. Dishes include her famous Hungry Chick Chunky Soup, Chop-chop Beef Stir-fry Ginormous and Sweet-tart Fruit Salad, which are all guaranteed to keep you filled up for hours. And, as a special treat, Lisa tries to fill the appetite of the number one competitive eater in the world, Joey Chestnut!
S01E03 Comfortably Yum 00/00/0000 When life gets you down, there is always one thing that makes you feel better - comfort food! Lisa is challenged by a HG fan to whip up an HG version of her mother's mac & cheese recipe - the pressure is on! Also, we get the skinny on the low cal (but fabulous) 'Cue the Pulled Pork and PB n' Chocolate Bread Pudding Bonanza. In addition, Lisa treats us to a Diner Survival Guide.
S01E04 Surprises, Shockers & Swaps 00/00/0000 In HG's most revealing episode, Lisa fills us in on foods that are deceptively bad. But don't fret! Lisa uses simple swaps to whip up dishes like Hungry-Girl-nola, Yum Yum Brownie Muffins, Bake-Tastic Butternut Squash Fries, and two killer swaps for chips - Baked Kale and Lavash - that both go great with HG Hot Couple Dip. In addition, Hungry Girl shares her top swaps direct from the grocery store.
S01E05 Chocolate 911 00/00/0000 Chocoholics rejoice! Hungry Girl shows you how to enjoy your favorite indulgences guilt-free, including Chocolate Marshmallow Mississippi Mug Pie, Madness Cupcakes, an over-the-top dessert drink called the Mounds Bar Martini and to top it all off: a non-alcoholic Hot 'N' Nutty Liquid Brownie. In addition, Lisa searches for the dessert of her dreams!
S01E06 Pasta La Vista 00/00/0000 Afraid that pasta is going to whack your diet? Fuggedaboutit! Lisa shows us that there's nothing wrong with a little Italy. She shows off her amazing dishes like Fettuccini Hungry Girlfredo, Slaw and Order (which you have to taste to believe) and her top-secret tricks to supersize your pasta bowl. We're also heading to the grocery store to learn about pasta swaps and the shocking differences in sauces. Additionally, Lisa goes to an Italian restaurant and serves unsuspecting diners their meals and their ridiculously high calorie totals and reveals the smartest choices for filling food from a typical Italian menu.
S01E07 Think Fast... Food 00/00/0000 What is more American than onion rings, cheeseburgers, and apple pie? Hungry Girl! Lisa presents inventive, low-calorie remakes of these classic foods like Lord of the Onion Rings, Island Insanity Burger, and Awesome Apple Pie-lets. Lisa also gives us a survival guide for two other American staples - fast food restaurants (are there any good choices?) and treats stored behind those tricky glass counters at your local Cineplex (some are definitely rated R).
S01E08 Happy Hour 00/00/0000 Join Lisa as she replaces traditional happy hour temptations with Hungry Girl's own Sweet-Hot Steak Bites, Slammin' Slimmed-Down Strawberry Daiquiri, Kickin' Cranberry Cosmo, De-Pudged Pigs in a Blanket, and Exploding Chicken Taquitos. Lisa also points out shockers about bar food and drinks that could make your happy hour miserable.
S01E09 To the Mex 00/00/0000 Lisa stops by her favorite Mexican restaurant to give us tips on how we can avoid fattening foods and opt for dishes that are not only filling and tasty, but much lower in calories. Lisa shows how to make our favorite Mexican menu items at home including Crazy Good Corn Chips, Shrimp Cocktail Tacos, Nacho-rific Stuffed Chicken, and everyone's favorite, HG's Magical Low-Calorie Margarita. Lisa is also challenged by a viewer to recreate a HG version of guacamole, so she whips up her Holy Moly Guacamole.
S01E10 Rise and Dine 00/00/0000 Skipping breakfast is really not an option: Breakfast gives you energy and allows you to stay fuller longer, and it helps to maintain a healthy weight ... if you do it the HG way. Lisa shares her go-to breakfast dishes including Denver Omelette-in-a-Mug, Double-O-Cinnamon Apple Breakfast Bowl, Cannoli-Stuffed French Toast Nuggets and her amazing Growing Oatmeal Bowl -- you have to see it to believe it. And not enough time to make breakfast at home? No worries! HG shows you how to make good decisions everywhere, even from a convenience store. Lisa also heads to the supermarket to share her top breakfast tips.
S01E11 Pick Me Up 00/00/0000 It's 4:00pm and your energy is flagging, what's a Hungry Girl to do? Lisa's creative solutions: Party Poppin' Trail Mix, Easy Grab and Go Cookies, PB&J Yogurt Parfait, and her fabulous Super-Duper Cocoa-rific Coffee Malt (that you can concoct in the break room!). In a special segment, Lisa heads to the coffee shop to show us how to get her caffeine fix the HG way. Additionally, Lisa heads to the supermarket to give us the skinny on what's really in 100 calorie snacks, energy bars and flavored waters.
S01E12 Hungry Grill 00/00/0000 Lisa is hitting the grill, but don't expect greasy cheeseburgers. We are Hungry Girl-ing things up with dishes like I Can't Believe It's Not Potato Salad, Hungry Grilled Pineapple with So-Good Cinnamon-Vanilla Yogurt Dip, BBQ Chicken Slaw and super-refreshing Sassy 'n Spiked Pink Lemonade Pitcher. Lisa also shows us some totally unexpected delicious items you can throw on the grill.
S01E13 Lean & Green 00/00/0000 Who says salads are boring? Not Hungry Girl! Lisa thinks outside the salad bar with tasty dishes like Scoopy Salmon Salad, The HG Special, Top of the Chops BBQ Chicken Salad and a BLT Salad Wrap. She also finds shocking calorie counts in restaurant salads and jets to the supermarket to show off guilt-free items that will make your salads tasty, plentiful and super easy to prepare.

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