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In the year 22 H. C. (Holy Century), Humans are an endangered species, and Shinjuku is now a town populated with demons, goblins and monsters. Crime runs rampant, and so together with the national police force, private police forces have been founded to maintain public peace and order.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hyper Police

S01E01 Bounty Hunter 03/04/1997 Natsuki Sasahara, a bounty hunter, is half human and half Nekomata (cat monster). In order to protect the laws and order of human beings and monsters, she fights against evil criminals as an employee of Police Company. One day she is fighting a criminal with her senior partner, Batanen Fujioka, but injures Fujioka by accident.
S01E02 Nine-Tail Fox? Sakura Appears 10/04/1997
S01E03 Combination Anxiety 17/04/1997
S01E04 A Meal and a Night's Lodging 24/04/1997
S01E05 A Night You Feel Like Crying 01/05/1997
S01E06 A Bounty Hunter's Vacation 08/05/1997
S01E07 Sorry! 15/05/1997 Natsuki has returned to work and has put in a lot of legwork on a stakeout to find outlaw Gyan and Ryudo. The team successfully completes their mission, but their moment of happiness is cut short when their reward for the arrest is taken away from them and their company goes bankrupt.
S01E08 No Time, No Money, No License 22/05/1997 Natsuki and Sakura are forced to work as freelancers since their company went bankrupt. They capture criminal after criminal, but their teamwork does not reap any real profit because they do not have bounty hunter licenses.
S01E09 Friendship Like Ice 29/05/1997
S01E10 Say Goodbye to a Cold Jail Cell 12/06/1997
S01E11 I Want the License 19/06/1997
S01E12 Osaka Rhapsody 26/06/1997
S01E13 Cat's Bell 03/07/1997
S01E14 Samurai Japan 10/07/1997
S01E15 Cherry (Sakura) Blossoms, or Does It? 17/07/1997
S01E16 Everybody, Strange? 24/07/1997
S01E17 Kids Floating, Natsuki Fainting 31/07/1997
S01E18 An Era of Cohabitation 07/08/1997
S01E19 There Is No Tomorrow for the Cats? 14/08/1997
S01E20 A Mysterious Dome 21/08/1997
S01E21 The Good Sunny Side of the Verandah 28/08/1997
S01E22 Po's Depression 04/09/1997
S01E23 Sakura Becomes Insane 11/09/1997
S01E24 The Day of Catastrophe 18/09/1997
S01E25 Which Do You Like? 25/09/1997
S00E01 A Bergman Tapestry: Fanny and Alexander 00/00/0000
S00E02 00/00/0000