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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Hyperion Bay

S01E01 Pilot 21/09/1998 The homecoming of computer exec Dennis Sweeney ignites envy in his brother when their father alters a family ritual to accommodate his more successful son.
S01E02 The Cookie Crumbles 28/09/1998 As Trudy attempts to bake her way into Dennis's heart, he arranges an anniversary party for Nick and Amy that turns out to be disastrous.
S01E03 Static 05/10/1998 Nick tries to convince his father to buy land. Amy helps Dennis with purchasing a house. Trudy asks Dennis advice on purchasing her own computer.
S01E04 Family Business 12/10/1998 Dennis is under pressure to get the first piece of software from his plant out on time. Borden also pressures Dennis to get the cost of the canteen lowered. Marcus, a skilled programmer that comes from a troubled past, is introduced.
S01E05 Temptation and Responsibility 19/10/1998 While on a business trip, Jennifer is tempted by an ex. Nick gets a job, but his boss is his fathers enemy. When Amy is out on a date, she is seen by Nick.
S01E06 Some Common Words and Phrases 26/10/1998 Nick finds himself attracted to one of Dennis's programmers. Amy starts becoming more serious with Brian. Dennis and Jennifer finally move in together.
S01E07 Save the Last Dance for Me 02/11/1998 Jennifer refuses to go to the high-school alumni reunion dance with Dennis. Trudy causes more trouble with Dennis when she relives her glory days of high school on his arm.
S01E08 House Guests and Fish 16/11/1998 Jennifer becomes home-sick and has doubts over Dennis' feelings for her. Nelson tries to get Trudy fired after she charms Marcus into hiring her.
S01E09 The Rope 23/11/1998 Dennis is upset when he discovers his old high school's gym is to be named after Coach "Bighouse" Tyrone, the man who made his life miserable in high school.
S01E10 Young and on Fire 25/01/1999 Dennis is shocked when Sarah Hicks, daughter of the VP, is named president of operations at Muse Prime.
S01E11 Truth or Consequences 27/01/1999 Jennifer and Dennis get into a fight while he is accused of leaking company secrets. After Brian scares Amy, she turns to Nick for help.
S01E12 The Takeover 01/02/1999 Dennis is suspected when technology is leaked to a competitor, but Sarah may be the real culprit.
S01E13 Strange Days 08/02/1999 Dennis decides he is going to support Sarah in her trying to control Muse Prime. Nick accepts a job from Sarah. Amy convinces Jennifer to move in with her. Dennis starts a relationship with Trudy.
S01E14 Valentine's Bay 15/02/1999 Trudy decides to sue Muse Prime after being dumped by Dennis. Nelson has a major accident at the Muse Prime condos. Passion grows between Nick & Sarah when he comes to her rescue from a corrupt councilman who has been hassling her.
S01E15 With Friends Like These... 22/02/1999 Dennis and Nick are pitted against each other over Nelson's death and the lawsuit against Muse Prime.
S01E16 A Matter of Trust 01/03/1999 Dennis discovers that Sarah and Nick are dating. Bordon is brought on by the board to save the company due to Trudy's lawsuit.
S01E17 The Weight of the World 08/03/1999 Dennis and Sarah are kicked out of the company until Trudy sees Borden for who he really is. Nick & Sarah get back together. The series concludes.