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Kick off your Ugg boots and put down your iPods as VH1 brings you the next big hit in their hugely popular "I Love The" series: "I Love The New Millennium." In fact, we love the 2000's so much we couldn't even wait for them to end. This eight-hour series will cover the first eight years of the new millennium (2000 -- 2007, duh) and we're not leaving any stone unturned. Join us as we travel back in time to an era when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were happily married and Britney Spears still had her S#!T together. From "Thong Songs" to Big Fat Greek Weddings, "wardrobe malfunctions" to the XFL, it's all here, and our expert team of celebrities, musicians, actors and comedians are back to tackle every hard-hitting issue you can imagine.


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