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Welcome to the I'm Dickens--He's Fenster guide at TV Tome. Show Type: Sitcom Total Episodes: 32 Black and White (30 mins) First Telecast: September 28, 1962 Last Telecast: September 13, 1963 Slapstick comedy with Harry Dickens (John Astin) and Arch Fenster (Marty Ingels), two carpenter / construction workers who are constantly getting into dangerous situations on and off the job. Their boss, Mr. Bannister (Frank De Vol), is always on their case. Fenster is also well known for his little black book full of woman's phone numbers. Dickens is the henpecked married man, while Fenster is the worldly-wise bachelor. Harry Dickens wants to lead a more exciting life - which means spending more time with Arch - but his beautiful wife Kate (Emmaline Henry ) won't permit it. UK Air Dates: Nov. 9 1962- Jan. 27 1964 (32 episodes)-ITV Fri. 8pm; Tues. 7pm, Mon. 6:15pm ABC Timeslot History (New Episodes) Entire Run: Friday @ 9PM


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de I'm Dickens, He's Fenster

S01E01 A Small Matter of Being Fired 28/09/1962 Mr. Bannister needs a new foreman for a construction project. Arch says that Harry's got the job in the bag, but Harry is not so sure.
S01E02 Nurse Dickens 05/10/1962 Kate is working part-time as a nurse, but Harry's not too sure that it's a healthy idea. He's afraid that his wife will meet too many of those handsome young doctors at the hospital.
S01E03 The Double Life of Mel Warshaw 12/10/1962 Harry and Arch are doing carpentry work at the Post Office when they come across some old government wanted posters. The mug shots of one of the fugitives look exactly like their pal Mel Warshaw.
S01E04 Harry, the Father Image 19/10/1962 Arch has become engaged to his latest girlfriend, Joan, but Harry isn't so sure that Joan is the right mate for his buddy.
S01E05 Part-Time Friend 26/10/1962 Harry always thought Arch was his best friend, but now he's not so sure. It seems that Arch has been saying some uncomplimentary things about Harry while talking in his sleep...
S01E06 The Acting Game 02/11/1962 The acting game is turning Harry into a nervous wreck. A tool company is looking for a carpenter to do a TV commercial--and Harry's been informed that he's being considered for the part.
S01E07 The Toupee Story 09/11/1962 Mr. Bannister is in bad shape--he's unsure of himself and has a difficult time making up his mind. Harry and Arch are annoyed because Bannister's indecision has forced them to put in extra hours at work.
S01E08 A Wolf in Friend's Clothing 16/11/1962
S01E09 Party, Party, Who's Got The Party? 23/11/1962 Harry complains about the way Arch is always mooching off his friends and having dinner at their houses. In order to make up for his social obligations, Arch agrees to throw a big party--at Harry's. (TV Guide)
S01E10 The Yellow Badge of Courage 30/11/1962 What with phone calls and visits, Arch has been spending most of his work day with girlfriends.
S01E11 The Joke 07/12/1962 The company is to be presented with a safety award, and Mr. Bannister chooses Harry to deliver the acceptance speech.
S01E12 Love Me, Love My Dog 14/12/1962
S01E13 Here's to the Three of Us 21/12/1962 Harry and Kate are throwing a party just for their married friends, and Harry's afraid that Arch's feelings will be hurt when he finds out that he hasn't been invited.
S01E14 Get Off My Back 28/12/1962
S01E15 How Not to Succeed in Business 04/01/1963 Arch convinces Harry that they should quit their carpentry jobs and go into business for themselves. (TV Guide)
S01E16 The Godfathers 11/01/1963
S01E17 The Carpenters Four 18/01/1963 Harry is put in charge of rounding up the entertainment for the Carpenters' Welfare Fund show after he criticizes the job Mulligan did for last year's program. (TV Guide)
S01E18 The Great Valenciaga 25/01/1963 Mulligan's beautiful sister Molly comes to town and he vows to protect her from the community's ""wolves."" (TV Guide)
S01E19 Mr. Takeover 01/02/1963 Is Harry the indispensable foreman he claims he is? He gets a chance to find out when an accident lands him in the hospital. (TV Guide)
S01E20 Have Car, Will Quarrel 08/02/1963
S01E21 Say It With Pictures 15/02/1963 Arch and Harry decide to replace the outmoded carpenters' manual with a new one of their own--text by Harry, photographs by Arch. (TV Guide)
S01E22 Senior Citizen Charlie 22/02/1963
S01E23 The Bet 01/03/1963 Some carpenters backing Arch, and some painters supporting Orville make a bet--that their respective Romeos can get a date with glamorous Margo Carlyle. (TV Guide)
S01E24 The Syndicate 08/03/1963
S01E25 Is There a Doctor in the House? 15/03/1963 Arch has a new romantic interest--a gorgeous nurse named Beverly, who is under the impression that Arch is a doctor. (TV Guide)
S01E26 Harry, the Contractor 22/03/1963
S01E27 Table Tennis, Anyone? 29/03/1963 The carpenters form a team to compete in an industrial ping-pong league--and choose Harry as their captain. (TV Guide)
S01E28 Kick Me, Kate 05/04/1963 Harry is upset because Kate trusts him completely and never shows signs of jealousy--he thinks that maybe she doesn't love him anymore. (TV Guide)
S01E29 Number One Son 12/04/1963 Mel believes that he's a disappointment to his son Ralph, so Arch and Harry suggest that he take the boy on a man-to-man camping trip. (TV Guide)
S01E30 Big Opening at the Hospital 26/04/1963 Kate is going to sing in a hospital benefit show and Harry's afraid that a talent scout will spot Kate and make her into a big star. (TV Guide)
S01E31 King Archibald the First 03/05/1963 Arch becomes romantically involved with the maid of a visiting foreign princess -- not realizing the girl is really Princess Mara in disguise. (TV Guide)
S01E32 Hotel Fenster 10/05/1963 Arch's place is turned into a haven for harassed husbands when Mel, Mulligan and Harry decide to spend the night after arguments with their wives. (TV Guide)