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Love really has no boundaries... After years of searching you've finally met "The One." They are everything you've dreamed of and more in a life partner. They're sweet, intelligent and...they just happen to be your cousin. Or 30 years older than you. Or in prison. It's the event of the season You've been invited to "I'm Married to a .." Join us as we take a glimpse at a very unconventional partnership. "Love is blind" has never been so true as viewers will get a true life look into the lives of these offbeat couples who are making love work through the most unconventional situations. You thought you'd seen it all when you signed up for, you ain't seen nothin' yet.


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S01E01 Cross Dresser & Sexologist 21/04/2013 A portrait of unconventional partnerships and offbeat couples. The series premiere puts the focus on a sexologist trying to take her career to the next level. Also: a cross-dresser who's supported by his wife.
S01E02 Quadriplegic & Dominatrix 28/04/2013 Dana married Michael knowing it would be a sacrifice to marry a quadriplegic, but his condition may prevent them from having a baby. Allison is a professional dominatrix and Brian is fine with that, as long as she leaves work in the dungeon.
S01E03 Alien Abductee & Closet Lesbian 05/05/2013 Chris claims he was abducted by aliens but his wife thinks he's crazy and it's affecting their marriage. They agree to have a doctor examine the 'alien implant' in Chris' leg to determine if it's real or not. Alex and Gemma are two women in love and engaged but Alex has been keeping the relationship a secret from her mom. Will Alex be forced to choose between her family and marrying the woman of her dreams?
S01E04 Submissive & Big Beautiful Woman 12/05/2013 Erin and Valentino are a submissive-dominate couple who live their roles 24/7. Bruce is a Fat Admirer who doesn't want his girlfriend to lose an ounce of her 390 pound jiggle despite pressure from the rest of the world.
S01E05 Porn Star & Cougar 21/05/2013 Channon and Travis are in love but her shocking secret might stop them from taking the next step towards marriage. Towana is 42 years old and her boyfriend Antoine is 24 which is about the same age as her children. Presented by VH1.
S01E06 Gay Mormon & HIV Positive Woman 28/05/2013 Josh and Lolly are like any other couple with three kids except for one thing, Josh is gay. How will it affect their marriage now that they are coming out with their secret? Lolisa has HIV but her husband Darren does not. They are thinking about having a second child but must consider the potential risk to Darren's health.
S01E07 Stripper Wives & Sex Cam Star 04/06/2013 Reid's girlfriend Kelly is the star of a sex show on the Internet but his friends don't know. What will happen when the truth about Kelly's career is revealed and an even more shocking secret about her sexuality is exposed? Virginia and Alayne are two strippers sharing the same man in the same house. Now that Alayne is pregnant a lot is about to change and not everyone is thrilled.
S01E08 Twins 11/06/2013 Ian is dating twins and living every guy's fantasy. But their conservative parents threaten to disown them when the threesome reveals the true nature of their relationship. Ultimately the twins are forced to choose between Ian and their family.
S01E09 Sex Addict & Transgender 18/06/2013 Scott was born a woman but now lives as a man. Jessica is a thirty-something devote Christian virgin. Can love survive when these two radically different worlds collide? Craig wants to have sex with Heather all the time, even at work. Heather insists he gets help for his sex addiction or she will break off their engagement.
S01E10 Polyamorous & Dare Devil 25/06/2013 Ali and Lorne are in a committed relationship but have sex with other people. But Lorne objects when Ali becomes emotionally involved with a lover. Josh is a professional dare devil who risks his life, which drives his wife Star crazy. She thinks he should put his family first but he thinks Star should support his dream at all costs.

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