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I'm with Busey in a nutshell is about the misadventures shared between a comedy writer in his twenties, Adam De La Pena and a Hollywood icon who has been in 100+ movies, Gary Busey. Adam idolizes Gary and with his nuerotic and goofy personality and Gary's absurdity and eccentricity the stage is set for all sorts of comedic mayhem.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de I'm With Busey

S01E01 Pilot 00/00/0000 The debut episode begins with Adam coming to his idol Gary Busey's home for the first time on camera. Gary is lifting weights and Adam re-introduces himself to Gary and Gary pretends that he does not know him. After this hilarious encounter Gary and Adam travel through Gary's palatial seaside home. After Gary revealing that he is part American Indian he and Adam engage in some stick combat with sticks (duh!). After this Adam and Gary go for a bite to eat at a local eatery. Gary orders some oysters and Adam, whose never even seen a person eat them tells this to Gary. Gary then demonstrates his method of eating the disgusting seafood to the digusted Adam. Later on Adam asks Gary what makes a man a man and Gary simply tells him that "all men are failed women at birth" and reveals to Adam his weird obsession and desire to experience being a woman and to find out what makes women special.Gary and the noticeably freaked out Adam go to the mall.
S01E02 Vision Quest 00/00/0000 Adam meets Gary at his house once again and Gary tells Adam that today he will learn about survival and he will be his survival guide. He and Adam smoked a tobacco stick or rather Gary smoked it. Gary tells Adam that on their journey they won't be taking any maps because he thinks he does not need any which really bothers the worrisome Adam. The trip then changes from a survival voyage to a search for a magic Indian. The pair then go to the Sedona in Arizona. During their drive Gary discusses some rather gruesome details about roadkill. When they arrive and get something to eat Gary dips his BBQ ribs in a glass of soda. Gary then hires a guy named Sequoia to take them farther into the desert. Then the three head up the the gorge where Gary proceeds to jump around the gorge's edge. Gary then force Adam to stand at the edge of the gorge as well but Adam resists. The trio then continue their journey while Gary demonstrates a few of his bear calls.
S01E03 Fear 00/00/0000 Gary teaches Adam to face his fears, and what better way to do so, than to have a one on one knife fight? Busey's lesson also includes a head to head bike collision, on which of course, Adam wimps out. The episode peaks when Gary talks Adam into a demolition derby, leaving Adam more angry than usual and Gary crazier than ever. In the end, Adam calms down (maybe his worst fear is Busey himself).
S01E04 Technology: Rise of the Robots 00/00/0000 Gary reveals all of his fears, thoughts, and conspiracy theories, regarding technology, to Adam. Adam tries to convince Gary that the world is not out to get him.
S01E05 Imagination 00/00/0000 Gary tries to unlock Adam's imagination. The two begin by playing with G.I. Joe dolls, and Gary insinuates the Adam's doll is gay. After Adam talks about losing an imaginary friend, Gary takes Adam to do some abstract painting. This attempt fails miserably, so the next attempt to unlock Adam's imagination occurs at a coffee house poetry reading. Gary reads a rather interesting poem, then Adam is forced to go up to the podium. Somehow, the episode flips to Gary sitting at a desk, talking to a publisher about creating a road-kill recipe book. The publisher is not too fond of the idea. Gary and Adam go to a wax museum, and Adam gives Gary a Buddy Holly bobble-head doll, which almost brings Gary to tears.
S01E06 Romance 00/00/0000 The "Busey School of Romance" is in session, and Adam is the star pupil, well...the only pupil. With the help of Gary's friend, Kim, Adam begins his crash course. According to Gary, romance is an acronym for "Relying On Magnificent And Necessary Compatible Energy". Gary sets up Adam on a blind date, with a girl name Jamie. While Adam sits in the hot seat, Gary feeds him lines through a wireless earpiece. Jamie thinks that Adam is a little weird. After the meal flops, the couple goes to play mini-golf, with the determined Gary close behind. Adam's humor has a charming effect on Jamie, but Gary's constant interruptions make things a tad more difficult. In the end, Adam gets a peck on the cheek and a priceless lesson from love-master Busey.
S01E07 Protection 00/00/0000 Gary tries to teach Adam about protection. Adam learns how to nurture nature, fight, and drive defensively. Gary and Adam also visit a house, with a state-of-the-art security system. Classic Busey in this one.
S01E08 Mystery 00/00/0000 Gary teaches Adam about Mystery in this episode. After Adam solves the mystery of where in the house Gary is, Gary shows Adam the mystery of feeling like a cow full of milk. Then comes the mystery of UFOs as well as "replicants", complete with re-enactments. An encounter with alien activity expert E.W. leads to attempts to communicate with other replicants and then a journey to find Bigfoot. Unfortunately, the alien expert and the Bigfoot expert have a disagreement about the validity of their respective fields and go toe-to-toe, much to Adam and Gary's amusement.
S01E09 Acting 00/00/0000 Adam asks Busey to teach him how to be a movie star.
S01E10 Learning and Knowledge 00/00/0000 Busey teaches Adam about life, not everything is in the books.
S01E11 Environment 00/00/0000 Busey teaches Adam about the hazards of not being aware of your environment. "Read the labels before you eat the food!"
S01E12 Trust 00/00/0000 The teachings of trust. "If you really trust yourself the right way, you'll be able to land on your feet, without falling."
S01E13 Break Up 00/00/0000 Adam meets Andy Dick and Gary is not happy about it. The final episode.