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What would you do if you were confronted with death? What gives someone the strength to survive? Is it luck, chance, instinct? In a stripped-down, simple-yet-cinematic interview style, I Survived... allows survivors to explain, in their own words, how they overcame unbelievable circumstances -- offering insight into what got them through the experience that changed their lives forever.


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S01E01 Bridget / Daryl / Ryan & John 24/03/2008 Bridget Kelly is raped, shot three times, and left for dead by an intruder in her home; Daryl is caught in a freak blizzard that threatens to bury him alive in his jeep; and two boys, Ryan and John, survive a plane crash and maintain cell phone contact with a 911 operator as rescuers desperately try to find them.
S01E02 Brandi / Joseph / Sam & Suzanne 31/03/2008 Brandi and her friend, Liz, offer a ride to man who turns on them, stabbing Liz repeatedly and beating Brandi and then throwing her into a river. Joseph and two other men are stranded on a rocky, barren island for 13 days. And Sam and Suzanne are kidnapped by a hitchhiker who forces them to drive several hundred miles at gunpoint.
S01E03 Christine & Heidi / Debbie / Jim 07/04/2008 Christine's and Heidi's trip on a Greek ferry becomes a nightmare when the boat begins to sink and the crew abandons the ship, leaving the panicked passengers to fend for themselves. Debbie suffers a five-day ordeal at the hands of an attacker, who keeps her blindfolded and gagged, rapes her, and forces her to sleep next to him. And a simple act of kindness results in a vicious assault for Jim when he is brutally attacked in his apartment by his neighbor after inviting the young man into his home to chat.
S01E04 Lonnie / Rulon / Stanley 14/04/2008 Lonnie plays dead for four agonizing hours after her boyfriend chokes her and shoots her four times in the head. Rulon, a super-strong Olympic wrestler, gets stuck in a semi-frozen stream when he goes snowmobiling and faces a big decision -- should he wait to be rescued or submerge himself in the freezing water to save his snowmobile and find a way out? And when a wise-cracking federal prosecutor is abducted by men with machine guns, he uses his unique talents and personality to show rapport with his captors in hopes they'll release him.
S01E05 Denise / Nick / Leonilda 21/04/2008 When Dollar Store manager Denise is savagely attacked by robbers, one thing keeps her alive -- her determination to make sure that her father would not have to attend her funeral. Nick, a former Marine, is put to the survival test when he's stranded on a mountain in a snow blizzard with no cell phone, no food, and no winter clothing. And Leonilda must quickly think of a way to escape when her boyfriend forces her into his car at gunpoint, and tells her he's going to shoot her and dump her body in the river.
S01E06 Maria/Jerry/Melissa 28/04/2008 Maria feared for her safety as one of her fellow employees at the hospital where she worked became increasingly volatile. She managed to get him fired, but a couple of months later, he burst into her office with a gun, shooting her and killing her colleague. Jerry swerved his car to avoid a deer and crashed over an embankment where a tree branch became lodged in his throat. Barely alive, he survived two days in the ravine until he finally he managed to drag himself to the road's edge where he was spotted and saved. Melissa and her two-year-old daughter were sleeping at home, when she was woken by an armed intruder. The man slashed and sexually assaulted her before stuffing her in the trunk of her car. He then drove around for hours, picked up his friends and assaulted her again. Finally he left the car, leaving a terrified and blinded Melissa to drive home to her abandoned daughter.
S01E07 Wayne & Mary / Holly / Linda 12/05/2008 Wayne and Mary woke up to find their farm house surrounded by a cloud of lethal chlorine gas following a rail derailment. Thus began a harrowing six hour ordeal until emergency services arrived, where they struggled to take a breath, coughed up blood and watched their metal appliances literally melt before their eyes. While Holly and her boyfriend Chris were taking a quiet stroll near the railroad tracks, they were accosted by a man demanding money. Both were bound, gagged and then brutally bludgeoned. Chris died at the scene, but miraculously Holly survived the assault and was able to seek help. Linda was driving to her lakeside cabin when she was run off the road in the middle of the night by four strangers. High on drugs, they viciously attacked her, demanded money, set her car ablaze, and left for dead in a deserted field. She was rescued by two teenagers in a passing car who saw the fire and dragged her to safety.
S01E08 Cari / Kevin / Joe & Katherine 19/05/2008 Cari, a young mother living in California, is brutally stabbed, beaten, and sexually assaulted by an intruder in her home, but knows she must survive the attack to save her son; a four-inch steel tow hook accidentally lodges in a Kevin's throat, and any movement could sever his jugular vein and end his life; and when an armed gunman shoots and injures several people at a mall during Christmas time, Katherine, a store manager must obey his demands or risk having her co-worker Joe shot point blank in the head with a machine gun.
S01E09 Michelle / Troy & Josh 02/06/2008 Three masked gunmen burst into Michelle's home, then tape dynamite to the bodies of the bank executive and her 7-year-old daughter, and order her to rob the bank vault where she works or they'll blow up her little girl. And teenagers Troy and Josh take a small sailboat out to an inlet to go fishing, when they get caught by a dangerous current and are swept out to sea for six days. They must struggle to survive against heavy seas, freezing temperatures at night, burning hot temperatures during the day, and sharks that keep circling their boat.
S01E10 Virginia Tech Massacre / Minneapolis School Bus Crash 09/06/2008 This episode tells the harrowing story of how two students and a professor at Virginia Tech University managed to survive the April 16, 2007, massacre at the school. One of the students, Colin, had to lay motionless and play dead as the gunman shot him four times. We also chronicle the amazing story of the Minneapolis school bus with 52 children that plummeted 45 feet when a Minneapolis bridge collapsed in August 2007. Trapped in her seat, driver Kim held the brake, keeping the bus from rolling backwards, as counselor Jimmy and his co-workers rush to evacuate the children, including Kim's own daughter.
S01E11 Jennifer / Sampson / Norina 16/06/2008 Jennifer, a young lawyer, must use all of her instincts to fight off an intruder who sexually assaults and stabs her; Sampson is a corn farmer faced with the agonizing decision of whether to amputate his own arm or risk burning to death when his hand is pulled into a harvester that catches on fire; and Norina, a primary school principal must fight off a crazed man with a machete to save the lives of her students.
S02E01 Dan & Danielle/James & David/Karli 01/12/2008 A romantic walk turns into a nightmare for two young friends when a man forces them into his truck at gunpoint and shoots them both. A snowmobile outing ends in a near-death experience for two brothers when they plunge through the ice of a frozen river. A woman is brutally attacked twice by the same gang of hoodlums.
S02E02 Reverend Albert/Lois 08/12/2008 A heart-wrenching drama unfolds when a man struggles to save himself and his family from drowning in frigid waters and a female prison officer uses her strength and quick thinking skills to stay alive during the longest prison siege in U.S. history.
S02E03 Jewish Federation/Alberto/Tamara 15/12/2008 An ordinary Friday at the Seattle headquarters of the Jewish Federation turns nightmarish when a crazed gunman demands an end to the war in Iraq and shoots four workers. A criminal justice teacher is shot multiple times and poisoned twice by an unknown assailant. A young woman swims through shark-infested waters in a desperate bid for survival.
S02E04 Christi/Fred/Maria 22/12/2008 A single mother is kidnapped, stabbed and left for dead by three hardened criminals and her heroic survival is unforgettable. A long-haul truck driver must drive his 40-ton rig through the biggest fire in Utah History. A woman is stalked and brutally abducted by an ex-boyfriend.
S02E05 Jackie/Todd/Stephanie 05/01/2009 After five ruthless highjackers take control of an EgyptAir flight and begin executing passengers, a woman silently says goodbye to her loved ones when the hijackers pick her to be the next one to die. A surfer loses half of the blood in his body when a great white shark clamps its jaws around his entire torso and shakes him like a rag doll. A young mother is repeatedly assaulted and strangled in front of her 3-year-old son.
S02E06 Jim & Nell/Jennifer/Tammi 12/01/2009 A couple hiking in a national park must fight for their lives when they're attacked by a ferocious mountain lion. A young mother and her cousin are shot by a deranged gunman. A quick stop at a gas station threatens the life of a woman when she's taken hostage by a violent criminal on the run from the police.
S02E07 Darren & Chastity/Ryan/Julie 19/01/2009 A family is subjected to a vicious attack during a brutal home invasion; a rail yard worker risks his life to save a town; and a realtor is attacked by a man posing as a client.
S02E08 Donna/Danelle/Robert & Ana. 02/02/2009 A convenience store worker plays dead to escape her abductor. An endurance athlete faces her greatest challenge ever after falling 60 feet in a remote canyon. A couple put their lives on the line to protect their children in a home invasion.
S02E09 Kelly/Rose/Lt. Prescott & Gwen 09/02/2009 A mother of three survives a prolonged attack from her estranged husband. A newly pregnant woman is horrifically injured when she is caught in a fish processing machine on a boat 160 miles from land. Ten people are held hostage in a library by a man armed with a bomb and a gun.
S02E10 Sarah/Sherman & Dee/Ellen 16/02/2009 A heavily pregnant woman is viciously attacked by a woman obsessed with making the unborn child her own. A couple cling to the rafters of their home as Hurricane Ike unleashes its fury on them. A woman fends off a man who has hidden in her family home for days before brutally attacking her.
S02E11 Teri/Angela/Ed 12/07/2009 A mother is jammed into a trash can filled with snow and left to die by her ex-husband. A young woman scrambles to escape a gruesome pile up of injured bodies after an escalator malfunctions at a sports stadium. A bar owner is savagely set upon by three men in a random attack carried out as part of a gang initiation.
S02E12 Alfred, Jan & Jerry/Ebony 19/07/2009 Three survivors from the ill-fated UA Flight 232 relive the terrifying moments leading up to and after one of America's worst ever aviation disasters. A young woman violently assaulted by two men displays extraordinary courage to flee her attackers.
S02E13 April/Mark/Jesse 26/07/2009 A young woman is brutally assaulted then set on fire by her attacker. A man is forced to amputate part of leg after it is caught in a drive shaft. An act of kindness backfires on a long distance motorist who is left fighting for his life at the roadside.
S02E14 Jens & Jim/Dawn/Agnes 02/08/2009 Two friends, Jim and Jens, and their fathers fly to Mexico for a fishing trip, but turbulence forces their plane to crash land and the foursome must fight for their lives in the ocean. Dawn is plunged into a nightmare when four armed men invade their beach home and threaten to shoot her right in front of her two young daughters. And while working at a convenience store, Agnes is abducted by an armed robber, who takes her to an open field and forces her to open the car trunk, where she finds another terrified woman bleeding from a gunshot wound.
S02E15 Brent/Susan/Denise 09/08/2009 After finishing a surveying job in a remote forest area, Brent finds himself face to face with a massive seven-foot-tall grizzly bear that begins to attack him. In a desperate attempt to save her and her husband's life, Susan grabs the .22 caliber pistol in her bedroom and engages in a gun battle with three masked men who invade their house late one night. And Denise must fight for her life when she is brutally assaulted by a man who gains entrance to her apartment by claiming to be a maintenance man.
S02E16 Patrick/Anne & Ian/Sharon 16/08/2009 While on a spear-fishing outing, Patrick's friend is pulled out to sea and struggles to survive as four-foot waves batter him in the darkness. Anne and her son, Ian, fight for their lives when they're attacked by Anne's gun-wielding ex-boyfriend. Driving home from a friend's house late one evening, Sharon is shot by another driver, who then takes her to an apartment where he continues his vicious assault on her.
S02E17 Timothy/Scott & Sean/Stacey 23/08/2009 While out walking his dog in the woods, Timothy is attacked by a 400-pound grizzly bear as his faithful dog valiantly tries to distract the bear. Scott and Sean enjoy a fishing trip on the Appalachian Trail when a drifter arrives at their campsite, pulls a gun, and shoots them both. And Stacey and her best friend must call upon all their inner strength and remain calm when an attacker invades their apartment and seems ready to kill them both.
S02E18 Dr. Roger & Dena/Sydney/Jennifer 30/08/2009 Roger and Dena's home overlooking the San Pasqual Valley is everything they've ever dreamed of until Roger awakes one day to find a 40-foot wall of fire racing up the valley towards their house. Sydney, only 15 years old, bravely leaps 12 feet out of her house in a desperate attempt to escape two attackers. And after Jennifer ends her relationship with her overly possessive boyfriend, he breaks into her home with a gun and terrifies Jennifer and her son for hours while a SWAT team descends on the house.
S03E01 Mary / Brooke / Sharene 06/12/2009 A young runaway has her arms cut off in a horrific assault. A pregnant woman and her father flee a deadly firestorm. A woman survives multiple stab wounds in a drug fuelled attack by her enraged boyfriend.
S03E02 Terry / Anne & Debbi / Earleen 13/12/2009 A family suffers multiple tragedy in a deadly home invasion. A mountain biker is mauled by a mountain lion, and a hotel receptionist goes into fight mode to survive a brutal attack by a man posing as a guest.
S03E03 Maggie / Gary / Barbara 20/12/2009 A 15-year-old is snatched off the street on an early morning run. A man goes head-to-head with a killer chimpanzee, and a woman is shot and left for dead in a freezer with two slain co-workers.
S03E04 Jessyca / Derek / LaToya 03/01/2010 A pregnant woman is attacked; a girl is kidnapped and held captive; a hiker crawls down a mountain after breaking his ankle.
S03E05 Ron & Jill / Randy / Julie 10/01/2010 A couple fight for their lives in a home invasion; a lineman is electrocuted while working alone on a 35 foot power pole; a woman is stabbed by her ex-boyfriend.
S03E06 Rudrani / Tracey / Teresa 17/01/2010 A woman is left for dead when two terrorists storm the hotel she is staying in. A 14-year-old saves her brother when their home is destroyed in a tragic house fire. A woman is left permanently scarred in a deadly domestic abuse incident.
S03E07 Verna / Theo / Debra 24/01/2010 A single mom is attacked by an old classmate after spurning his affections. A gold prospector survives five days in the Australian Outback. And a woman is left for dead after being carjacked then shot several times at close range.
S03E08 Christine / Mike / Chris 30/08/2009 A doctor's assistant is violently attacked at home by a former patient she spurned several years earlier. A man is attacked by a swarm of hornets on the roof of his holiday home and falls down a 100 foot bank. And, a boyfriend is shot and assaulted by his girlfriend when he tries to end their relationship.
S03E09 Franklin / Jeff & Frank / Connie 21/02/2010 A man and his wife survive a plane crash that killed 125 passengers and crew; a heroic rescue bid goes horribly wrong; a woman is beaten and left for dead.
S03E10 Brandy / Steve / James 21/02/2010 A 16-year-old girl is abducted and assaulted by two gunmen; a deer hunter drags himself up a dry creek bed after falling out of a tree and breaking both legs; a college student is used as a human shield by a gunman.
S03E11 Susan / John & Jean / Penny 25/07/2010 A woman fights back when attacked in her home; A family survives shark infested waters; a restaurant manager is left for dead.
S03E12 Glen / Barbara 25/07/2010 A man is taken hostage by Marxist rebels; two girls are abducted while walking home from school.
S03E13 Stephanie / Rick & Laura / Craig & Crystal 01/08/2010 A woman survives three shotgun wounds to the head; a family is attacked by bees; a school library shooting rampage.
S03E14 Alga / Blaine / Lincoya 08/08/2010 Attacked and abducted by a church handyman, an elderly woman is left in the trunk of her car to die. A miner and eight co-workers survive 77 hours trapped in a rapidly flooding coal mine. A student and his roommate are held captive by two masked gunman who make no secret of their intention to kill them.
S03E15 Frederic / Henry & Becky / Missy & Mandy 15/08/2010 A witness to a stabbing attack; stranded in the air without a pilot; a shooting rampage.
S03E16 Sharon / Al & Linda / Misty 22/08/2010 A woman is lucky to be alive after being assaulted by a man who has murdered before. A family's snowmobiling outing on a frozen lake turns to horror when the father falls through the ice. Two teenage girls encounter a killer, but only one survives the nightmare.
S03E17 Phillip / Tunnelers / Karen 29/08/2010 A missionary working in Haiti is shot and held for ransom by a gang; a man goes into a flooding underground cavity to rescue two co-workers; a man viciously assaults his wife.
S03E18 Danielle / Deborah / Gordy & Betty 12/09/2010 Attacked in her home by her mother's boyfriend, a 17-year-old girl fights to stay alive after having her throat cut. An experienced sailor escapes from a sinking yacht only to watch three of her fellow crew members die in horrific circumstances. And an elderly couple are terrorized by an escaped convict who holds them hostage in their own home.
S03E19 Albert / Matt / Kristie 19/09/2010 A soldier at Fort Bragg is attacked by a fellow soldier who wants to kill him; a hunter breaks his leg and survives in the New Zealand mountains for 11 days; and in Manassas, Virginia a 14-year old girl girl comes home to find her sister murdered by a killer who's still in the house.
S03E20 Cults: Amber / Khalil / Elishah 05/12/2010 A girl becomes a sex slave; a man is brainwashed by a cult; and a young woman breaks free from a violent religious organization in which she was raised.
S03E21 Tere / Christa / Brian 12/12/2010 An 11-year-old girl is stranded on a sinking yacht; an aid worker in Haiti is buried alive in the aftermath of an earthquake; and a truck driver's cab is invaded by armed men.
S03E22 Gracia / Michelle / Richard 20/12/2010 A couple is kidnapped in the Philippines by Islamic militants; a woman is impaled in the neck by a branch that smashes through her car window; and a man is attacked by a home intruder.
S03E23 Tennille / Chris / Joyce 02/01/2011 A girl is abducted and raped; a diver on a boat has an accident in the middle of the night; and a restaurant manager gets in the middle of a deadly domestic argument.
S03E24 Lori and Pat / David / Kevin 09/01/2011 A California couple faces life-threatening danger during a robbery in Mexico; and a pastor is disemboweled during a home invasion. Also: a tornado survival story.
S03E25 Kristine / Jon / Amanda 16/01/2011 A woman is attacked by her boyfriend, who stabs her in the chest and skull; a man is trapped in his basement for three days with his arm caught in a boiler; and a teacher is kidnapped and held hostage by a carjacker.
S03E26 Teka / Robert / Debbie 30/01/2011 In the sixth-season finale, a pregnant woman is abducted by another woman who wants to remove her unborn baby from her body; a geologist is attacked by a grizzly bear; and a woman is held hostage and wounded by drunken ex-marine.
S04E01 Jennifer / Neely Ann 15/05/2011 A nurse is kidnapped and tortured by a serial killer; and a mother and her daughter are trapped in an attic during a flood.
S04E02 Sharetha / Joe / John 22/05/2011 A pregnant woman is abducted, assaulted, and has her throat cut; a man survives a plane crash and is stranded in an icy river; and a man plays dead when an armed man in a warehouse starts executing people.
S04E03 Kara / Dan / Tamecka 05/06/2011 A teen girl is abducted and assaulted; a photographer is trapped during the Haitian earthquake under debris in a hotel; and a woman is beaten and slashed with scissors by her neighbor.
S04E04 Jason, Dave & Joe / Martin 12/06/2011 A canyoneering trip becomes a terrifying fight for survival when a flash flood launches three men over two massive waterfalls, and a 13-year-old boy is abducted and raped by a serial pedophile before being chained up in a buried box and left to die.
S04E05 Julie / John 19/06/2011 A mother and her two young children are abducted and taken into the Florida Everglades by a crazed attacker; a man is mauled by a hungry bear and fights for his life in the driveway of his holiday cabin.
S04E06 Harold/John/Lisa 23/10/2011 A store manager in Saint Louis is shot during a robbery, a Minot, North Dakota teen loses his arms in a farming accident, a girl from Tampa, Florida is kidnapped by a serial killer
S04E07 Yvette/Jeremy and Jenny/Arkesha 30/10/2011 Outside Salt Lake City, Utah a 17 year old and her boyfriend are shot late one night, in the parking lot of the deserted reservoir they were hiking in. Two people's lives collide in a split second when two Los Angeles bound trains collide on the same track. A 14 year old, walking home from a school dance in New Orleans, Louisiana, is attacked 3 men- all at different times- in a hellish night she'll never forget.
S04E08 Anita/Jim and Glen/Sabret 06/11/2011 A woman in Kokomo, Indiana is kidnapped, raped, and forced to live, chained up, in a metal box, for 13 days. 2 brothers are struck by lightning in a cabin at Yosemite National Park. A propane truck driver in Miami, Florida displays extraordinary courage when she is viciously beaten by a stranger.
S04E09 Amy/Jeff/Tyler 13/11/2011 A De Soto, Missouri woman is raped and choked by a man she met at a party. A snowboarder is caught up in an avalanche. In Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, a 13-year-old boy and his 12-year-old friend spurned a school bully. They thought they were safe, until he shows up at one boy's home. After repeatedly sexually assaulting the 13-year-old, he slits both boy's throats, leaving them to die in a burning house.
S04E10 Michelle/Terri-Lynn/Jennifer 20/11/2011 A Fort Wayne, Indiana woman is carjacked and raped. When a tornado sweeps through Huntsville, Alabama, a woman and her husband become trapped in their collapsed apartment complex, not knowing they're the only survivors in the entire building. An 8-year-old is abducted from her Dickinson, Texas condo and raped, before her attacker slits her throat and leaves her to die in a sawgrass prairie.
S04E11 Jessica/Jeff and Mark/Kerri 15/01/2012 A woman in West Palm Beach, Florida is attacked by a man with a Machete. 2 friends are attacked by a bear in Alaska. A Wauwatosa, Wisconsin teenager is attacked with an Arkansas toothpick while jogging, but manages to stab her attacker before he flees.
S04E12 Lisa/Chris/Jeannette 22/01/2012 A courageous story unfolds when a college student and her friend go out clubbing in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, but are abducted by a man who drives them out of town and sexually assaults them. He shoots Lisa after she escapes, leaving her to die in the desert winds. A man survives a tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A 9-year-old girl has to assume the patience of an adult when she is abducted, raped and stabbed by a friend's father.
S04E13 Kaye/Johnny/Scott 29/01/2012 A Laurel, Delaware insurance agent is sexually assaulted and stabbed over 150 times in the chest, face and neck, but miraculously survives. A Mount Hood, Oregon man crashes his car into a deep ravine. In Rockland County, New York, A man and his best friend are abducted at gunpoint and driven to a snowy construction sight where the two are shot at point blank range in the head.
S04E14 Eduardo and Jayne 12/02/2012 A man is kidnapped, tortured, given tainted blood, shot and held in a small box for more than seven months.
S04E15 Kim and Nina/MIchael and Charles 19/02/2012 Two women fight for their lives when a knife-wielding attacker ambushes them on a mountain trail and two men on vacation survive 14 hours adrift at sea after their ship sinks in 15 to 20 foot waves (survivors of The Erik which sank in the Sea of Cortez[8]).
S04E16 Tanya/Andy/Denise 01/04/2012 A 13-year-old is abducted in McKeesport, Pennsylvania and sexually tortured over a span of 10 years. A Littleton, Colorado man is attacked by a mountain lion. A woman is stalked by a man on the subway in Brooklyn, New York. She thought nothing of it, until the man follows her home one night.
S04E17 Paul/Tressel/Melissa 08/04/2012 A Burnsville, Minnesota man is stabbed, shot, and left to die in his burning home in a botched robbery. A man and his friends are stuck on a sunken fishing boat for days in Port Aransas, Texas. Snow falls in Memphis, Tennessee as a woman is robbed, abducted at gunpoint, and locked in the trunk of her car as it begins to sink in a lake.
S04E18 Angela/Pat/Tricia 15/04/2012 A Young woman from Chicago, Illinois is kidnapped and raped. A farmer in Auburn, New York loses his arm in a crop harvester. A woman is stabbed in Spring, Texas home by a man she thought was her friend.
S04E19 Jenn/Neil and Blake/Tiffany 22/04/2012 A Fairfield, Ohio woman is attacked by her psychotic boyfriend who forces her to drink boiling water and whacks her with a meat cleaver. A father-son rafting trip turns into a nightmare when the boat capsizes and the two men must survive in the bitter cold conditions of the North Alaska wilderness. A college student in Tucson, Arizona is attacked in her home by a serial killer who sexually assaults her and slashes her throat.
S04E20 Donna/Michael/Sheila 29/04/2012 A Bakersfield, California woman and her infant daughter are attacked. A man must stay afloat when his plane crashes over Lake Huron. Sheila fights for her life, when she is attacked in her Kettering, Ohio home by her husband and his friend. After raping her and stabbing her in the throat and face several times, they toss her in a dumpster, leaving her to die.
S05E01 Shannon/Ken/Angela 07/10/2012 A Colorado Springs, Colorado woman is shot in the back when she and her infant son are taken hostage by her ex-husband. A man is stranded on the remains of his sunken boat in the Gulf of Mexico. An Akron, Ohio woman is sexually attacked at a public payphone and will stop at nothing to bring her attacker to justice.
S05E02 Debbie/Ray/Jasmine 14/10/2012 A Williamsburg, Virginia woman is attacked in her kitchen and raped in the woods outside her home. A small get-together with 3 friends in Indianapolis, Indiana turns into a nightmare when a woman's friend's jealous ex-husband kills everyone but her.
S05E03 Gilles/Angela and Richard/Jeffrey 21/10/2012 An Edmonton, Alberta, Canada man is led into the lair of a serial killer. A man and his wife are attacked by a bear in their Pennsylvania home. And a vampire movie comes to life when a Nanuet, New York man awakes to find his neighbor ready to pound a sharpened crucifix into his chest.
S05E04 Kim/John/Charlene 28/10/2012 A model in Memphis, Tennessee is stabbed and raped by a close friend of hers. A man is kidnapped and held for ransom in Colombia. A Vancouver, Washington woman's family movie night turns into a bloodbath when her home is broken into by 3 armed men.
S05E05 A.J/Carolyn and Stacy/Lynne 04/11/2012 People witness a shooting at a mall in Salt Lake City, Utah. A woman working on a cruise ship is scared for her life when the boat begins to sink in the south coast of Africa
S05E06 Natasha/Tim/Kelle 11/11/2012 A Manhattan, New York woman is raped on the roof of her apartment building. A man working at a chemical plant in Jacksonville, Florida is victim to a large explosion. A young woman in Orlando, Florida is attacked by a man who rapes her, beats her with a Tea kettle and slashes her throat to the bone.
S05E07 Audrey/Todd/Kimberly 25/11/2012 A mother of two teenage boys in Apollo Beach, Florida filed for divorce when she found that their father was a compulsive liar. Outraged, her husband attacked her one day, beating her with a hammer, dousing her in Gasoline and setting her on fire. A man in Sun Valley, Idaho survives for days in a freezing cold blizzard, after his car breaks down on a deserted road. A woman in San Francisco, California jumps 8 feet out her apartment window to escape her attacker.
S05E08 The Taliban: Jere 05/12/2012 A journalist is kidnapped and held captive in Pakistan.
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S06E01 Amanda & Erinn 00/00/0000
S06E02 Kristy & Jamison 19/12/2014
S06E03 Kim; Erin and Claire 26/12/2014
S06E04 Tennille / Chris / Joyce 00/00/0000
S06E05 Lori and Pat / David / Kevin 00/00/0000
S06E06 Kristine / Jon / Amanda 00/00/0000
S06E07 Danielle / Amy / Mark 00/00/0000
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S07E01 Jennifer / Neely Ann 00/00/0000
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S07E04 Jason, Dave & Joe / Martin 00/00/0000
S07E05 Julie / John 00/00/0000
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