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Just when you were thinking "Is it possible to love actor/rapper Ice-T any more?" E! went and released the reality series, 'Ice Loves Coco.' Ice and his wife Coco are the subject of a new E! reality series a la 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ice loves Coco

S03E01 Baby Got Haters 28/10/2012 Coco faces her critics by doing a fashion show; Ice and Coco disagree about their new home.
S03E02 Baby Got Bridesmaids 04/11/2012 Coco plans to open an indoor dog park with her mom; Coco's best friends wedding.
S03E03 Baby Got Forecast 11/11/2012 Ice and Coco look into freezing her eggs; Coco gets to be a Meteorologist for a day.
S03E04 Baby Got Laughs 18/11/2012 Ice has his comedy debut at a benefit for Bulldogs but worries that his hard persona won’t be family friendly enough. Coco decides to give back by shooting a calendar with Spartacus and Maximus.
S03E05 Baby Got Balls 25/11/2012 Ice hands over an important music project to producer Marc Live, and gives Coco a hard time about getting Spartacus neutered.
S03E06 Baby Got Super Powers 02/12/2012 Coco gets to play superhero at the New York Comic Con, while Ice tries to scare Little Ice back on the straight and narrow after a run-in with the police.
S03E07 Baby Got a Big Break 17/12/2012 Coco attempts to build the dog park of her dreams but her life gets turned upside down when she is offered a headlining role in a Las Vegas musical and must decide if she can be away from Ice for 3 months.
S03E08 Baby Got Hurricane Heels 24/12/2012 When Hurricane Sandy hits the East Coast, Ice and Coco are left without power and struggle when some unexpected house guests arrive. Coco decides to team up with the Salvation Army to give back to those affect by the storm.
S03E09 Baby Got Good Bye 30/12/2012 Coco begins rehearsals for Peep Show but starts to have second thoughts about being apart from Ice.
S03E10 Baby Got Stage Presence 06/01/2013 Season 3 comes to a close when Coco arrives in Las Vegas and makes her "Peepshow" debut.

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