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Anime based on the iDOLM@STER mobile game Cinderella Girls.


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S01E01 Who is in the pumpkin carriage? 10/01/2015 Uzuki Shimamura is an ordinary girl who dreams of being an idol, so she goes to a special training school. One day, a producer for 346 Production shows up with the news that she’s one of three girls chosen for the Cinderella Project, even though she didn’t pass the audition the first time around. Uzuki is thrilled, but the project can’t start until the other two members are picked… “P” scouts Rin Shibuya, who he has in mind for the second opening. However, Rin isn’t interested in becoming an idol and turns him down flat…
S01E02 I never seen such a beautiful castle 17/01/2015 Uzuki and Rin come to 346 Production for the first time. They meet the final member who won the idol version of a “second chance sweepstakes,” Mio Honda, as well as the 12 other eccentric members, and thus the project can finally start. The first job for the three newcomers is to do a publicity shoot, but their nervousness threatens to derail the whole thing. Somehow, they get through it, and well enough to impress superidol Mika Jougasaki, who suddenly hires the trio to be her backup dancers for an upcoming concert!
S01E03 A ball is resplendent, enjoyable, and... 24/01/2015 Uzuki, Rin, and Mio start taking lessons to train to be Mika’s back dancers. It’s a long, hard struggle, but thanks to the encouragement of the other project members, they somehow make it. But the pressure of being on stage for the first time has stressed the trio out so much that even the final rehearsal doesn’t go well. Will they be able to get it together for the actual concert?
S01E04 Everyday life, really full of joy! 31/01/2015 Uzuki, Rin, and Mio have been tapped to film the Cinderella Project's PR video. They go around filming their fellow members on a handy cam, a few of whom are challenging subjects. But after the video is done, P makes an important announcement!
S01E05 I don't want to become a wallflower 07/02/2015 Two units are going to make their debut, one with Uzuki, Rin, and Mio, the other with Minami and Anastasia. They all become busy with lessons to prepare for their mini-concert debut. However, Miku's frustrations boil over dangerously when her own debut can't be seen on the horizon.
S01E06 Finally, our day has come! 14/02/2015 Uzuki, Rin, and Mio are the members of New Generations, while Minami and Anastasia make up Love Laika. A mini-concert to promote their respective debut CDs is planned, and the members of both units are preparing with interviews, fitting sessions, and the like. Minami and Anastasia are extremely nervous since it’ll be their first time performing on stage, but they do their best to prepare by working together and training a lot. Meanwhile, the members of New Generations can’t wait to have another onstage experience like they did with Mika. The day of their first concert finally comes, but what do the members see when they look out over the stage?
S01E07 I wonder where I find the light I shine... 21/02/2015 P fails to chase after Mio when she runs out of the office. This makes Rin and the other project members distrust P's attitude and what he means to do on his own. Then Rin leaves the project too, and it looks like the whole thing may fall apart. P pays a visit to Uzuki, who had the misfortune of catching a cold at this critical time, but her smile and unflagging dream of becoming an idol strengthens P's resolve to bring Mio and Rin back into the fold. Meanwhile, the other members hear about how P became cowardly in the way he interacts with the idols after a past incident...
S01E08 I want you to know my hidden heart. 07/03/2015 As summer rolls around, P and the idols become closer, while the project moves along nicely. And for Ranko, it's especially nice, as she gets to make her CD debut next. However, there's a major gap between the image Ranko has crafted for herself and the way P perceives that image. He makes an effort to understand her, and she does her best to communicate with him, but will they be able to reach a middle ground?
S01E09 ''Sweet' is a magical word to make you happy! 14/03/2015 Kanako, Chieri, and Anzu make their unit debut as Candy Island. However, Anzu states that she doesn’t want to work. Kanako is laid-back and does everything at her own pace, and Chieri is so nervous about an audience watching her that she can’t look at them. The unit seems iffy from the get-go, but the three of them are invited to appear on a variety show hosted by Mizuki Kawashima and Airi Totoki. Preoccupied by the audience’s gaze, the newly-minted trio has zero teamwork as they face off against three other idols. It doesn’t help when a terrifying “punishment” is announced beforehand for whichever team loses!
S01E10 Our world is full of joy!! 21/03/2015 The trio of Rika, Miria, and Kirari make their debut as Dekorationt and even do a tie-in with the fashion brand Pika Pika Pop. The unit does fine with a PR event, but P feels they can involve the audience more. While thinking of ways to do just that, the trio takes a breather in Harajuku, but when P gets separated from them, both sides look in all the wrong places for each other. The clock is ticking too, since the next event starts soon, so never mind engaging the audience, Dekoration may miss the whole thing!
S01E11 Can you hear my voice from the heart? 28/03/2015 Miku Maekawa and Riina Tada are going to make their debut as the Cinderella Project's final unit. However, Miku aims to be a cute, cat-eared idol, while Riina's goal is to become a cool rock idol. The two are like oil and water, and both are strongly opposed to the unit idea. But when their participation in the units-only summer festival is on the line, they make an effort to get on the same wavelength, starting with becoming roommates!
S01E12 The magic needed for a flower to bloom 04/04/2015 With their participation in the summer fest decided, the project members work hard taking lessons at a camp. But when P has to leave for another duty, Minami is given the camp coordinator role. Aside from performing their own solo unit songs, the members also have to learn a new group song but have a rough time trying to get in sync with each other with the choreography. Seeing them struggle, Minami suddenly cancels the group lesson... and initiates an athletic meet under the guise of a "special program"!
S01E13 It's about time to become Cinderella girls! 11/04/2015 The summer fest is here at last. All of the project members are nervous about performing on the grand stage, but their rehearsals go smoothly thanks to Minami's leadership. But then Minami collapses from accumulated stress. Ranko does an emergency fill in for Minami with Love Laika and somehow, the rest of the Cinderella Project's performances go off without a hitch... until a sudden downpour causes the rest of the concert to be canceled!
S01E19 If you're lost, let's sing aloud! 22/08/2015 Miku and Riina are concerned with improving as a unit to get ready for “Cinderella’s Ball,” despite their usual clashes over the direction of the unit. Meanwhile, Riina becomes friends with a rock idol she admires, Natsuki Kimura, whom Executive Director Mishiro has invited to join a new rock-idol unit. Connecting with Natsuki, who is devoted to rock, makes Riina remember how much she loves it too. Riina is torn over what she wants to do. Miku picks up on the fact that Riina isn’t her usual self and worries about her partner, but decides to wait until she is ready to talk...
S01E20 Which way should I go to get to the castle? 29/08/2015 Executive Director Mishiro's new project, Project Krone, begins. It consists of idols who are directly handpicked by the executive director herself. Meanwhile, Producer is suddenly informed that the Cinderella Project is going to come under review at 346 Production's fall festival. The idols are shaken to learn that if their performance at the concert isn't deemed up to snuff, Executive Director Mishiro won't wait until the winter ball but will disband the department immediately. As chaos and confusion spread, Rin and Anastasia are picked for Project Krone!
S01E21 Crown for each. 05/09/2015 Anastasia is positive and determined about participating in Project Krone. But then Mio suddenly announces she's going solo. Meanwhile Rin still can't decide whether to take part in Triad Primus. Amidst all these changes, they strive to find their own paths. Under the circumstances, it seems like all the previous units and projects will be disbanded, which causes the Cinderella Project members no end of anxiety and upset. The idols decide to band together to make the fall fest a success, but can they?
S01E22 The best place to see the stars. 12/09/2015 The fall fest held by 346 Production has begun at last. The Cinderella Project idols are each determined in their own way and fired up as they face the concert. Per Producer's decision, New Generations is sitting the concert out, but Mio and Uzuki are on hand as staff to support the others, while Rin performs with Karen and Nao to make their concert debut as Triad Primus. Meanwhile, Anastasia performs solo for the first time on stage and all the other Cinderella Project idols shine more than ever. On the other hand, it's the first time for the Project Krone idols to be on stage. Their nervousness reaches its peak right as they're about to go on...
S01E23 Glass Slippers. 19/09/2015 With the fall fest finished, the Cinderella Project members have ascended another stair. But when Uzuki suffers a crisis of confidence, she tells Producer that she wants to go back to the basics and subsequently returns to training school. Feeling that something is off, Producer frequently visits Uzuki at the school to keep an eye on her, but she sticks to her usual line of "I'll do my best." Producer doesn't think Uzuki is heading in the right direction, so he sets up a Christmas concert for New Generations and entreats her to re-enter the fold there. However, Uzuki doesn't show any enthusiasm for the plan. When Producer tells Rin and Mio about Uzuki's condition, they become anxious and go to the training school to see how she really feels. They find that Uzuki has lost her former dazzling smile...
S01E24 Barefoot Girl. 02/10/2015 Uzuki has lost sight of herself and lost her smile, but Mio and Rin still believe in her, so they wait for Uzuki to come around. In response to her friends' faith, Uzuki visits 346 Pro, but she still has no good answer to the indecision that's inside her. Mio and Rin decide to watch over Uzuki, who remains in doubt even as she takes a lesson at the office. Afterwards, the other members on the scene share their various feelings as colleagues, friends, and idols. The encounter makes Uzuki think about what she's currently missing. And then it's Christmas Eve. Producer picks Uzuki up and they head over to the concert venue, but stop off at a certain place along the way...
S01E25 Cinderella Girls at the Ball. 16/10/2015 The Cinderella's Ball finally begins, with the Cinderella Project girls encouraged by Producer to smile as they do each of their routines.

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