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Illumination Entertainment is an American film production company, founded by Chris Meledandri in 2007. It has an exclusive financing and distribution partnership with Universal Studios and it is based in Santa Monica, California.[3] The company is best known for its 2010 animated feature Despicable Me, which was the first film by the company.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Illumination Entertainment Short Films

S01E01 Home Makeover 10/12/2010 Margo, Edith & Agnes enlist the help of the Minions to clean up Gru’s house before a social worker makes an unexpected visit to check on the house’s suitability for kids.
S01E02 Orientation Day 10/12/2010 A small crew of Minion trainees watches an informational video about the types of things they can expect to encounter on the job. The intentional grain and narration hearkens back to those old-school drivers-ed videos we all endured years ago, but the real humor lies in the interaction of the trainees with the “tenured” Minions.
S01E03 Banana 10/12/2010 The minions chase a banana and apple around the lab.
S01E04 Brad & Gary 10/04/2013 Two creatures living in an unknown world that join forces to overcome one's shortcomings really is the only way out. Or in. Or maybe out again? It's also a tale about friendship, its ups and downs, ins and outs...
S01E05 Phil's Dance Party 27/08/2012 Carlos and Phil strut their stuff.
S01E06 "Serenade" 08/07/2012 Lou wants to impress a girl Barboloot, but he has some competition.
S01E07 Wagon Ho! 08/07/2012 The Once-ler arrives with his wagon and Melvin. Pipsqueak & Lou arrive shortly after. The Once-ler tells them to have no joyrides, though Pipsqueak and Lou trick him and that is where the fun begins...
S01E08 Forces of Nature 08/07/2012 The Lorax makes Pipsqueak a Honorary Lorax and team up to scare the Once-ler by using two sticks that looks like a monsters hand to freak him out. The Once-ler finds out its fake and sprays water on the Lorax, which makes his fur puff-up. When the Lorax tells Pipsqueak that he's going to turn out like him, Pipsqueak gets scared and runs away. The short ends with the Lorax telling Pipsqueak that he lost his Honorary Lorax.
S01E09 Panic in the Mailroom 10/12/2013 Follows two minions who are up to mischief in the mailroom.
S01E10 Puppy 10/12/2013 A minion finds a little lost alien, and he cares for it.
S01E11 Training Wheels 10/12/2013 The IceCream truck is in the neighborhood, when Agnes can't get her bike to work, the minions fix it up for her.
S01E12 Binky Nelson Unpacified 08/12/2015 After a successful robbery at a museum, the Nelsons tell their youngest son Binky (who lost his pacifier in the theft) that now he is a big boy and has to leave his pacifier.
S01E13 Competition 08/12/2015 Two Minions challenge themselves to numerous attacks, ending up on the lab's conveyor belt in the process
S01E14 Cro Minion 08/12/2015 Two Minions look after a cave baby while a caveman goes to find a bull to eat for lunch. But it's harder than the Minions think.
S01E15 Mower Minions 08/07/2016 To earn money to buy a blender, five Minions decide to mow lawns.
S01E16 Norman Television 06/12/2016 In the pipe, Norman watches "television" viewing how the residents in the apartment live.
S01E17 Weenie 06/12/2016 Timmy tis sad when others call him a weenie for being scared to jump from the high dive. So Frank, the mayor of Weeine Ville, tells him that being a weenie isn;t a bad thing/
S01E18 Gunter Babysits 21/03/2017 Gunter offers to watch all of Rosita's 25 piglets for the night, trying to prove he's the best babysitter ever.
S01E19 Love at First Sight 21/03/2017 During a piano lesson with Johnny, Miss Crawly becomes nostalgic about the dancing and romancing of her youth. Johnny convinces her that it's not too late to find someone and helps her setup a profile on a dating website.
S01E20 Eddie's Life Coach 21/03/2017 Eddie's mom signs her slacker son up for a digital training seminar to get his life back on track.
S01E21 The Secret Life of Kyle 05/12/2017 After the events of Despicable Me 3, we follow Kyle and his secret life when Gru and his family are gone.