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Rich, Scott, Dave and Smitty are blue-collar brainstormers working hard to solve “Idea Emergencies” in their Idea Warehouse, a clearinghouse of infinite inspirations. Through songs, stories and hijinks, Imagination Movers moves kids to exercise their bodies and brains. Movers motto for everything in life is to “reach high, think big, work hard and have fun!” The Movers themselves are leading by example as they captivate new fans daily with their winning sound and style.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Imagination Movers

S01E01 No Noise Is Good Noise 06/09/2008 The series begins with the Movers searching for the source of a loud noise that is interrupting one of their songs.
S01E02 The Tooth Hurts 06/09/2008 Warehouse Mouse hides to avoid a visit to a veterinarian.
S01E03 Bad Hair Day 08/09/2008 Scott has a bad hair day and won't let Nina take his picture until he gets his hair just right.
S01E04 A Puppy Problem 09/09/2008 A puppy gets loose in the warehouse, and the guys try to find it.
S01E05 Body Language 10/09/2008 The guys use pantomime to communicate with a foreign guest.
S01E06 Super Goop 11/09/2008 Smitty and Rich get stuck together with a gooey substance used by Dave to repair broken items.
S01E07 Heavy Reading 12/09/2008 The guys receive the world's largest phone book and must figure out a way to move it around.
S01E08 It's A Breeze 13/09/2008 The guys search for the source of a strong wind that is blowing through the warehouse.
S01E09 A Bee Story 15/09/2008 The guys try to catch Dave's Robo-Bee using their imaginations.
S01E10 The Un-Party 17/09/2008 Nina and the guys plan a surprise birthday party for Knit Knots, but he doesn't like cake, decorations or games.
S01E11 Too Cool 18/09/2008 The warehouse is very cold, what could be causing it and can the movers stop it?
S01E12 Sneeze and Thank You 20/09/2008 Nina tries to determine what is causing Dave to sneeze so much.
S01E13 Bucket of Trouble 22/09/2008 A commercial shoot is delayed when Rich gets his foot stuck in a bucket.
S01E14 Finders Key-pers 27/09/2008 The guys help Knit Knots locate his missing keys.
S01E15 Wayne Dance 04/10/2008 The movers use remote-control dancing shoes to help Nina's friend learn how to dance.
S01E16 Hiccups 11/10/2008 Knit Knots is unable to finish a recording after he gets the hiccups.
S01E17 All Broken Up 18/10/2008 The movers accidentally break Nina's clock and then try to fix it.
S01E18 Big Pumpkin Problem 25/10/2008
S01E19 Have a Ball 08/11/2008
S01E20 Knit Knots Gets Stuck 22/11/2008 Dave asks Knit Knots to try on his super bouncy suit. Knit Knots gets a stuck zipper and it is a race against time to get hime free before his boring meeting.
S01E21 Present Problem 06/12/2008 Nina has bought lots of presents, but they are all wrapped the same. How will she figure out which present belongs to whom?
S01E22 Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Mouse? 03/01/2009
S01E23 March of the Movers 28/02/2009 The movers new customer is Maggie, she can't march and play her instrument at the same time. Can the movers help?
S01E24 Treasure of the Warehouse 21/03/2009 A famous fortune hunter arrives with a map indicating that there is buried treasure in the warehouse.
S01E25 Mother's Day Gift 09/05/2009 Nina comes up with the perfect gift for her mother on mother's day - a song from the Movers.
S01E26 Rockabye Rich 15/08/2009 Rich has trouble falling asleep.
S02E01 Captain Terrific 05/09/2009 The second season begins with the guys helping Captain Terrific regain his ability to fly.
S02E02 It's a Mystery 12/09/2009 Food goes missing from the warehouse and the guys attempt to solve the mystery.
S02E03 Mousesitting 19/09/2009 The Movers help warehouse mouse babysit his nephew, Gouda
S02E04 Slip Slidin' Away 26/09/2009 The guys attempt to navigate the newly waxed, very slippery, floors of the warehouse.
S02E05 Second Chance Pants 10/10/2009 World famous cyclist Pants Armstrong crashes outside the warehouse. Will the movers be able to help him cycle again?
S02E06 A Monster Problem 24/10/2009 Eddie the monster is too scary, the movers help him become less scary.
S02E07 A Fairy Tale Ending 14/11/2009 The Movers help Cinderella
S02E08 Mouse and Home 24/11/2009
S02E09 Happy Ha Ha Holidays 05/12/2009 Santa has a problem he has lost his ho ho ho, can the Movers help?
S02E10 Snow Day 12/12/2009 Nina needs to take photos in the snow, but becomes trapped in the warehouse. Can the Imagination Movers escape?
S02E11 Muffin Man 16/01/2010 Ben the baker makes the perfect muffins. The problem is he can't remember all the ingredients.
S02E12 Farmhouse Mouse 06/02/2010 Warehouse Mouse cousin farmhouse mouse comes to visit. Even though they used to be best friends they can't agree on anything anymore, will the movers be able to help?
S02E13 Tooth Fairy 28/02/2010 Gladys, the new tooth fairy keeps waking up children when she tries to replace teeth with money.
S02E14 Ace Mulligan 13/03/2010 On March 13th, "Ace Mulligan" airs and guest stars the talented Travis Guba as customer and world famous golfer Ace Mulligan, a golfer who can't putt anymore because he has lost his lucky hat. The show features a fantastic new song called "Roll On Down" which hopefully will put you in a St. Patrick's Day mood.
S02E15 Out of Tunes 26/03/2010 On March 26, "Out of Tunes" hits the airwaves and features Grammy award-winning Chris Thomas King as T-Bone Crosby, a musician having trouble writing new songs.
S02E16 Power Play 17/04/2010 The guys attempt to save energy when the lights in the warehouse starts to flicker by using solar panels, a water wheel and a windmill.
S02E17 Bye Bye Butterfly 01/05/2010 The movers and Warehouse Mouse help a scientist find a very rare butterfly that flew into the warehouse until they start having trouble catching it.
S02E18 Birthday Ball 22/05/2010 The movers and Nina help a baseball player name Joey who faces a dilemma when an important playoff game falls on the same day as his son's birthday party.
S02E19 Trouble in Paradise 26/06/2010 The Movers and Warehouse Mouse help Nina find a Hawaiian talent to perform at her Grandmother's birthday in Hawaii by doing anything that is popular in Hawaii.
S02E20 Gimme Strength 24/07/2010 The movers help a circus strongman named Gunther the Great regain his strength through healthy eating, weight lifting and muscle-building exercises for a show in the circus.
S02E21 Nina Gets the Giggles 13/09/2010 Nina can't stop her giggling while planning to play her harp right before a music recital, so the movers try to help her before her recital.
S02E22 Seeing Stars 15/11/2010 The movers help famous a movie director named Stanley Spillburger find a leading man after his ends up with Chicken Pox for an upcoming film as the movers try to be the next leading man.
S02E23 Mouse Day 16/11/2010 Warehouse Mouse is disappointed to learn that there isn't a holiday for mice, so the guys try to come up with the perfect holiday celebration for their friend.
S02E24 Knight Time 17/11/2010 The movers and Nina help a timid, cowardly knight named Sir Fear-a-lot conquer his fear of the dark so he can rescue a princess.
S02E25 The Tail of Captain Kiddo 18/11/2010 The guys help Captain Kiddo rediscover his pirate skills so he can set sail.
S03E01 Goldilocks and the Four Movers 00/00/0000 The third season begins with the Movers teaching Goldilocks good manners and helping her mend her broken relationships with the three bears.
S03E02 The Idea Café 00/00/0000 The Movers discover Bernie's Cafe has been packed into boxes because Bernie's retiring! While reminiscing about the good food and times they had at Bernie's, the movers decide they need to find a way to replace all the things they love about the cafe.
S03E03 Imagination Movers In Concert 00/00/0000 Rock out with the Imagination Movers!
S03E04 Wishful Thinking 00/00/0000 A Genie named Al appears when Scott is cleaning an old brass oil lamp that he plans to give to Nina for her birthday. The Genie tells Scott he has three wishes, but when Scott tries to make a wish, Al discovers his wish granting power is out of wack.
S03E05 Slam Dunk Solution 00/00/0000 The Movers install a basketball hoop in the Idea Warehouse and all the Movers can't wait to play basketball, except for Smitty, who makes up an excuse that he can't play because he has to water his plants.
S03E06 One Cool Mover 00/00/0000 A cool biker named Clutch rumbles into the Idea Cafe and the Movers have to help him get rid of the squeak in his motorcycle.
S03E07 The Prince Frog 00/00/0000 The Movers must break the spell of an Evil Queen to turn a Prince named Jeremiah back into a frog.
S03E08 Father's Day 00/00/0000 On Father's Day, the Mover's Dads come for a visit, but when they arrive at the Idea Warehouse, their Mover sons are gone. The Dads must find Warehouse Mouse so they can read a note that the Movers left for them.
S03E09 Castaways 00/00/0000 When the Movers go looking for Hawaiian flowers, shells and fresh fruit for Hawaiian Day, they get stuck on a deserted island.
S03E10 Haunted Halloween 28/10/2011 When Warehouse Mouse is convinced he's seen a ghost, the Movers must prove to Warehouse Mouse and themselves that the Warehouse isn't haunted on Halloween.
S03E11 A Little Elf Esteem 00/00/0000 The Movers need to help Carol, an Elf-in-Training, pass her test so she can get her Elf bells and deliver presents Christmas Eve with Santa.
S03E12 Walkaway Walkie 03/04/2012 Dave loses his walkie talkie so he follows sound cues to locate it.
S03E13 Award to the Wise 04/04/2012 Dave wins a science award for one of his inventions.
S03E14 Nina's Day Off 05/04/2012 The Movers run the Idea Café so Nina can take a day off.
S03E15 Say Cheese 06/04/2012 The Movers try to discover why a prized goat stopped giving milk that is needed by Nina to make her famous grilled cheese sandwiches.
S03E16 Snorey Morrie 02/04/2012 Dave's uncle's snoring keeps the Movers from getting things done
S03E17 Have You Ever Seen a Unicorn? 07/05/2012 The Movers need to help Princess Dalia catch a unicorn.
S03E18 Scott and the Beanstalk 21/05/2012 The Movers need to find a way to rescue Scott's teddy bear from a Giant at the top of a beanstalk.
S03E19 How the West Was Fun 12/02/2013 The Movers help a cowboy cross a canyon.
S03E20 Uffle-Fluffs 00/00/0000 The Movers are overrun by fuzzy creatures.
S03E21 Switcheroo 00/00/0000 Dave's machine goes awry, causing Rich and Mouse to switch bodies
S03E22 Shall We Dance 00/00/0000 The Movers must help a famous ballet duo prepare for their performance at the Town Theater
S03E23 Aloha Nina 00/00/0000 When the Movers are mistakenly led to believe that Nina is moving back to Hawaii, they quickly decide to throw her a party to show how much they care and try to convince her to stay.
S03E24 Save the Warehouse 00/00/0000
S00E01 Live in Concert 06/03/2011

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