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Spotlighting Japanese pop culture, interviews with leading creators are featured along with the latest trends in Japanese anime, video game and manga.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de imagine-nation

S255E01 Black Butler the Movie: Book of Atlantic 07/02/2017
S255E02 Independent Creator Special 14/02/2017
S255E03 Ultraman 28/02/2017
S255E04 Kutei Dragons 07/03/2017
S255E05 Animetamago 2017 16/05/2017 Featuring "ANIME TAMAGO" project! As in previous years, the anime shorts will train young animators on-the-job, part of the Japan's Agency of Cultural Affairs' "Young Animator Training Project".
S255E06 Blame! 30/05/2017 Post-apocalyptic manga "BLAME!" become an anime! Now humanity is imminently threatened with extinction, and is hunted down by the A.I. system. They have no choice but to battle with A.I. to survive.
S255E07 Imuri 06/06/2017 As you read it through, you'll be drawn into the world of fantasy manga "IMURI". The three tribes have been battling on the planet Lune. Now, a boy realizes his fate to change the planet's destiny.
S255E08 King of Prism: Pride the Hero 13/06/2017 The new anime film that follows the Pretty Rhythm spin off film KING OF PRISM premiered! In the story, Shin and his friends join training school to follow their dreams.
S255E09 Tekken 7 20/06/2016 An introduction of the latest work of the fighting game series "TEKKEN" that has been released since 1994. 4 striking buttons corresponding to the limbs of the character and 10 combos are representative works of this characteristic fighting game. "TEKKEN" series has been highly appreciated not only in Japan but also overseas, and it has reached more than 44 million sold worldwide. The latest work "TEKKEN 7" is the first series of VR version, and in the PC version you can enjoy the game with 4K video.
S255E10 The Eccentric Family 2 25/04/2017 New anime "Eccentric Family 2" is the comedy drama that set in Kyoto, where Tanuki, shape-shifting raccoon, Tengu and humans intermingle. The story follows the Tanuki Shimogamo family's everyday life.
S255E11 Sagrada Reset 09/05/2017 Featuring the Sci-Fi anime Sagurada Reset! Kei has a Perfect Memory, and Misora can turn back or "reset" time. Using their powers together, they are capable of changing the past to affect the present.
S255E12 Starmyu 18/04/2017 A high school boy dreams to become the musical star! A unique musical-anime "Starmyu" gets 2nd season. A team passed the first-year test, but the new year immediately presents new trials for them.
S255E13 MORIARTY THE PATRIOT 11/04/2017 Professor Moriarty, the worst enemy of Sherlock Holmes turns into a hero!? Manga "Moriarty the Patriot" describe the new genesis of the first great villain of literature
S255E14 Children of the Whales 17/10/2017
S255E15 Inuyashiki Last Hero 31/10/2017
S255E16 Jinmen 07/11/2017 A horror manga where human-faced animals attacks people. The story features Masato, who loves to visit the zoo since his childhood, but he feels some strange things happening in the zoo.
S255E17 Main Feature: Zombie action game - LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW / Creator's interview: Kenichi Maeyamada Japanese Music Creator 01/05/2012
S255E18 GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters 21/11/2017 Imagine-Nation will bring you GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters, the first in a triology of these movies, that will be opening in theaters across Japan on November 17. After the film's release, it will be streamed worldwide on #Netflix.
S255E19 SONIC FORCES 28/11/2017 Sonic Forces, the latest video game from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, was released earlier this month, for Windows, PS4, XBox One and Nintendo Switch. Imagine-Nation will bring you more info on this video game where Sonic is called to save the day when Doctor Eggman attacks. However, Sonic discovers that Eggman has recruited Shadow the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic, Chaos, Zavok, and a mysterious newcomer named Infinite to assist him. Infinite proves to be too powerful for Sonic and easily defeats him.
S255E20 Main Feature: Adventure Game - The Hakuoki Series / Creator's interview: Hisae IWAOKA Japanese Manga Artists 22/05/2012
S255E21 Main Feature: Survival Action Game - Tokyo Jungle / Creator's interview: Yusuke Kozaki Japanese Manga Artist 29/05/2012
S255E22 imagine-nation Roundup 1 - NARUTO, Jewelpet, and HAKUOKI 05/06/2012
S255E23 Main Feature: Science Adventure Game - Robotics; Notes / Creator's interview: Ryosuke Aoike Japanese Animation Director 26/06/2012
S255E24 Main Feature: A popular cartoon series called BLOOD / Creator's interview: Ippo Moriyama Japanese Manga Artist 03/07/2012
S255E25 Main Feature: Library War- The Animated Movie / Creator's interview: Senri Iida Animation Director 10/07/2012
S255E26 Main Feature: Japanese Manga Artist - Norifusa Mita / Creator's interview: Mitsuo Toyama Japanese Animation Director 17/07/2012
S255E27 Main Feature: Japanese Animation Director Mamoru Hosoda 24/07/2012
S255E28 Main Feature: TOYOTA & STUDIO4°C Collaboration Anime PES 31/07/2012
S255E29 Main Feature: Code Geass Akito The Exiled / Creator's interview: Yoshinori Terasawa Japanese Game Producer 07/08/2012
S255E30 Main Feature: Adventure Game - TIME TRAVELERS / Creator's interview: Yuki Kajiura Japanese composer and music producer 21/08/2012
S255E31 Main Feature: A Monster Panic Manga - HAKAIJYU / Creator's interview: Yuta Sukegawa Japanese Animation Director 11/09/2012
S255E32 Main Feature: imagine-nation Roundup < 2 > 18/09/2012
S255E33 Main Feature: BTOOOM! - A Survival Action Manga / Creator's interview: Dehara Noriyuki Japanese 25/09/2012
S255E34 Main Feature: Popular Japanese Manga - GIGA TOKYO TOY BOX 02/10/2012
S255E35 Main Feature: Japanese Animation - CODE:BREAKER / Creator's interview: Tomoya Asano Japanese Videogame Producer 09/10/2012
S255E36 Main Feature: Japanese Animation - Scan2Go / Creator's interview: Yoriko Mizushiri Japanese Animation Director 16/10/2012
S255E37 Main Feature: Hayate the Combat Butler - The Animation / Creator's interview: YORIYASU Japanese Animation Director 23/10/2012
S255E38 Main Feature: Japanese Animation - JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE / Creator's interview: SOTA SUGAHARA 30/10/2012
S255E39 Main Feature: Action Shooting Game EARTH DEFENSE FORCE / Creator's interview: Masayuki Miyaji Japanese Animation Director 06/11/2012
S255E40 Main Feature: Japanese RPG Game UNCHAIN BLADES EXXIV / Creator's interview: Hiroyuki Nakayama Japanese Clay Animation Director 13/11/2012
S255E41 Main Feature: imagine-nation Round-up 3 27/11/2012
S255E42 Main Feature: The Town of Ikebukuro / Creator's interview: Masashi Tanaka Japanese Manga Artist 11/12/2012
S255E43 Main Feature: Japanese popular Manga SPRITE / Creator's interview: Hidetomo Sumiyoshi Japanese Game Creator 18/12/2012
S255E44 Main Feature: Anime Expo LA 2012 Special 28/07/2012
S255E45 Main Feature: Game Special 28/04/2012