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Professor Laurie Taylor confronts Britain's most culturally expressive characters in intimate interviews.


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S01E01 Tom Baker 13/04/2010 Intimate interview which sees the voice behind Little Britain talk candidly to Laurie Taylor about his career, including his seven-year reign as television's most famous Time Lord.
S01E02 Will Self 20/04/2010 Laurie Taylor probes the quick-witted writer, quiz show panelist and Grumpy Old Man who's infamous for snorting heroin onboard John Major's jet.
S01E03 David Starkey 27/04/2010 Laurie Taylor exposes the true personality of the historian and presenter formerly dubbed 'the rudest man in Britain', probing him on his childhood, career and seemingly brash nature.
S01E04 Kathy Burke 04/05/2010 The theatre director and actress behind Harry Enfield's teenager Perry and slob Waynetta joins Laurie Taylor to endearingly reveal how she triumphed in an image-obsessed industry.
S01E05 Jonathan Miller 11/05/2010 Cultural polymath Jonathan Miller joins Laurie Taylor for an intimate conversation in which he discusses his long and distinguished career directing major international productions.
S01E06 Anne Widecombe 18/05/2010 Laurie Taylor is joined by feisty former MP Ann Widdecombe for a lively discussion on a broad range of topics, from homosexuality and the expenses scandal to pasta.
S01E07 Richard Dawkins 25/05/2010 In a candid conversation with Laurie Taylor, renowned evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins discusses the root of his atheism and the relationship between religion, morality and love.
S01E08 Martin Rowson 01/06/2010 Interviewed by Laurie Taylor, the satirical cartoonist discusses his clashes with Alistair Campbell, making small talk with Gordon Brown and why people in power deserve to be attacked.
S01E09 Lily Allen 08/06/2010 Outspoken pop princess Lily Allen discusses growing up with a famous family, battling depression, and being a star in the modern age of celebrity in an interview with Laurie Taylor.
S02E01 Sheila Hancock 17/03/2011 The award-winning actress discusses the war, her West End career, and being the first woman to direct at The National in an interview with Laurie Taylor.
S02E02 Mike Leigh 24/03/2011 The Vera Drake and Abigail’s Party director discusses his extraordinary improvisation technique, his time at RADA, the prevalent themes of his films and his latest production, Ecstasy.
S02E03 Shirley Williams 31/03/2011 Shirley Williams discusses her brave departure from the Labour Party to help found the SDP, and her mother Vera Brittain, also baring all about her personal ambitions and failings.
S02E04 Andre Previn 07/04/2011 In an intimate interview, pianist, conductor and composer discusses his appearance on the 1971 Morecambe and Wise show, his busy schedule and his plans for the future.
S02E05 Peter Hitchens 14/04/2011 Laurie Taylor probes the pro-Christian columnist on his burning of a Bible, his feuding with his atheist brother and his thoughts on the Iraq War, Christian morality and his critics.
S02E06 Christopher Hitchens 21/04/2011 Laurie Taylor questions the terminally-ill atheist and writer about the Iraq War, his rivalry with brother Peter, Christianity and the scores he still has to settle.
S02E07 Sir Peter Maxwell Davies 28/04/2011 The Queen's Master of Music reveals how he ridiculed his headmaster with music, why his audience walked out on his conducting debut, and what inspired his best works.
S02E08 Danny Baker 05/05/2011 The outspoken broadcaster and comedy writer discusses his ousting from Pets Win Prizes, his fabricated Paul Weller interview, and why it's better to the write jokes than perform them.
S02E09 Cleo Laine 12/05/2011 In an emotional interview, jazz singer Cleo Laine discusses the concert she gave soon after her husband Sir John Dankworth’s death and their wonderful marriage and career together.
S02E10 Tracey Emin 19/05/2011 The feisty Britartist and former wild child discusses her late dad, her art, the inspiration behind My Bed, sex, critics and her rape, abortions and miscarriages, with Laurie Taylor.
S02E11 Jackie Mason 00/00/0000 Laurie Taylor interviews Jackie Mason, who discusses how he moved from being a rabbi to becoming one of America's most popular stand-up comedians. He also discusses his sometimes controversial political opinions and his enthusiasm for video blogging.
S02E12 Stephen Fry 00/00/0000 Laurie Taylor is joined by Stephen Fry, who discusses the exhausting nature of fame, his bi-polar condition and why he does not read newspaper reviews.
S03E01 Sir David Attenborough 05/03/2012 Laurie Taylor sheds a fresh light on a remarkable man, revered around the world for educating several generations about our planet and our place in it.
S03E02 Keith Allen 00/00/0000 Actor Keith Allen opens up to Laurie Taylor about everything from music and show business to drugs, crime and prison.
S03E03 Nigel Kennedy 00/00/0000 Nigel Kennedy, one of the world’s greatest violin virtuosos, sits opposite Laurie Taylor to reflect on his remarkable life and career.
S03E04 Dame Ann Leslie 00/00/0000 Dame Ann Leslie has spent most of her career reporting from what she calls “mad, bad, macho areas of the world”, and reveals all to Laurie Taylor.
S03E05 Uri Geller 00/00/0000 Self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller, known for his trademark spoon bending, reveals his secrets to Laurie.
S03E06 Howard Jacobson 00/00/0000 2010 Man Booker Prize-winner Howard Jacobson joins Laurie to discuss his distinguished literary career.
S03E07 Dame Joan Bakewell 00/00/0000 Broadcaster Dame Joan Bakewell looks back on her fascinating life with Laurie Taylor.
S03E08 John McVicar 00/00/0000 The armed robber-turned writer and journalist joins Laurie.
S03E09 John Lydon 00/00/0000 In a frank conversation with Laurie Taylor, PiL frontman and former Sex Pistol John Lydon a.k.a. Johnny Rotten reveals his parents’ views on the Pistols, berates celebrities who get involved in charity work, and reveals why he finds Catholicism “so absurd it becomes overwhelmingly funny”. The anti-establishment, anti-monarchy embodiment of the punk movement also gives his thoughts on modern politics, and unexpectedly admits to enjoying last year’s Royal event of the decade.
S03E10 Michael Winner 00/00/0000 Laurie Taylor interviews film director Michael Winner, who discusses working with actors including Marlon Brando, Charles Bronson, Orson Welles and Burt Lancaster. He also talks about his newspaper restaurant column, as well as his involvement in a famous set of insurance advertisements.
S04E01 Brian Blessed 02/07/2012 Brian Blessed discusses acting, mountaineering and meditation with Laurie Taylor. He also reveals how, as a child, he insulted Picasso and took on boxer Bruce Woodcock.
S04E02 Fay Weldon 09/07/2012
S04E03 Terry Gilliam 16/07/2012
S04E04 Griff Rhys Jones 23/07/2012 Laurie Taylor discusses comic timing, Smith and Jones, Talkback Productions and the pressures on comedians today with one of the richest people in British broadcasting.
S04E05 Lucinda Lambton 30/07/2012 Writer, photographer and broadcaster Lady Lucinda Lambton gets a grilling by Laurie Taylor as they discuss her overwhelming family history, leaving school at the age of 13, and her crusade on behalf of England’s forgotten architectural heritage.
S04E06 Grayson Perry 00/00/0000 Laurie Taylor talks to Turner Prize-winning potter Grayson Perry, who reveals why he thinks conceptual art has become ordinary. He also discusses his working methods, including how he put together his British Museum exhibition The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman, and why he believes people are no longer shocked by his cross-dressing.
S04E07 Michael Frayn 00/00/0000 Laurie Taylor talks to Michael Frayn, who discusses the timeless popularity of his 1982 farce Noises Off, the differences between writing for the stage and prose fiction and how his work has helped him overcome his inner fears.
S04E08 Tony Benn 00/00/0000 Laurie Taylor talks to politician Tony Benn, who offers an insider's perspective on the Labour party and offers his thoughts on former prime minister Tony Blair. He also reveals which politicians he retains an admiration for and reflects on his relationship with son Hilary, who followed in his father's footsteps to also become a Labour MP.
S04E09 Anna Scher 00/00/0000 Laurie Taylor interviews acclaimed acting teacher Anna Scher, whose former pupils include Kathy Burke, Pauline Quirke, Patsy Palmer, Linda Robson and Gary Kemp.

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