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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de In-Laws

S01E01 Pilot 00/00/0000 Financially strapped newlyweds Matt and Alex Landis move into the suburban home of the bride's well-off parents, Victor and Marlene Pellet. From the get-go, there's tension between the affable Matt, a would-be chef, and his inflexible father-in-law. Victor's immediate annoyance with Matt over petty matters prompts him to gruffly call for ""private convo times,"" shorthand for one-on-one conversations with his son-in-law, which are intended to intimidate the young man. That they do, until Matt decides to have his own private showdown with his new relation at a fancy restaurant.
S01E02 Fleetwood Matt 00/00/0000 Matt's smashup of Victor's vintage Cadillac is but a prelude to other revelations of covered-up accidents that befell the prized vehicle.
S01E03 The Mattress Kings 00/00/0000 After their squeaky mattress puts their sex-life on display, Matt and Alex want a new bed and are talked into going to the ""Mattress King"" by Victor—which leads to a male struggle for dominance as both of the men in Alex' life try to prove their superiority through a mattress purchase. Meanwhile, Marlene befriends a co-worker, a condescending former classmate of Alex who ridiculed her throughout school.
S01E04 Love Is the Key 00/00/0000 From TV Guide: The romantic dinner that Matt and Alex hope to share balloons into a big bash thanks to Victor, who invites himself, Marlene---and a band.
S01E05 Monopoly Report 00/00/0000 A family Monopoly game is dicey for Matt, who's vexed by the Pellets' quirky rules, inside jokes, and freewheeling currency exchanges.
S01E06 Crown Vic 00/00/0000 Matt and Alex meet a new young couple, and Victor hopes to inherit the position of head of his civic organization.
S01E07 Love Thy Neighbor 00/00/0000 A neighbor's home sale sparks a family feud: Marlene's made a deal, but Victor blows it—because he hates the buyer's pet bird.
S01E08 Halloween: Resurrection 00/00/0000 Matt inadvertently reignites a fierce competition for the best decorated house on the block.
S01E09 Games People Play 00/00/0000 After initially beating Vic in a raquetball game, Matt throws the next game at Alex' request.
S01E10 Lucky Charms 00/00/0000 A day at the races bonds Victor and Matt, whose ""jinx-in-law"" has a streak of beginner's luck that summons the duo back to the track.
S01E11 If You Can't Stand the Heat 00/00/0000 Vic and Marlene become suspicious when they learn that Matt's cooking partner is a sexy young woman.
S01E12 Married Christmas 00/00/0000 Marlene's dad comes to visit for the holiday—and suddenly Matt is not the only one in the house with an abusive father-in-law.
S01E13 Matt Goes into Labor 00/00/0000 Showdown time: Matt meets Alex's former beau, an accomplished Adonis who has his own tales to tell about Victor.
S01E14 Two Rooms 00/00/0000 Matt, Alex, Victor and Marlene go away for the weekend and unwisely stay in adjoining hotel rooms.
S01E15 Mother's Nature 00/00/0000 Patti LuPone plays Matt's outspoken mother, an environmental activist battling Victor over his plans to build on protected wetlands.