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In Living Color was the brainchild of Keenen Ivory Wayans, the eldest sibling of a large and extremely talented family whose guidance toward his brothers and sisters would help shape his creation into something truly memorable, the likes of which had never been seen prior on US television. In 1989, Keenen set about making a pilot episode for something he knew was going to be different. It wasn't just going to be a show performed by black people for black people but was to be a multi-ethnic series. Using this as his basis he recruited two white actors who were fairly unknown at the time - James Carrey (now known as Jim) and Kelly Coffield. In addition, the show introduced more upcoming talent, in the form of Tommy Davidson, Kim Coles, David Alan Grier, T'keyah "Crystal" Keymah and finally his siblings Kim Wayans and Damon Wayans. The cast was formed and the pilot was filmed. Things went quiet for a while until word of mouth spread about this amazing new show that dared to be d


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de In Living Color

S01E01 Pilot 15/04/1990 Sketches include: -Love Connection -Great Moments in Black History: First Black Man on the Moon -Homeboy Shopping Network -Redd Foxx For Hire -Equity Express -Men On Films
S01E02 The Wrath of Farrakhan 21/04/1990 Sketches include: -Do-It-Yourself Milli Vanilli Kit (cut from DVD) -Arsenio and Marion Barry -Rap Choir -Sugar Ray Leonard Transition -Star Trek: The Wrath of Farrakhan -Ridin' Miss Daisy
S01E03 Lean On Me Beautiful 28/04/1990 Sketches include: Lean on Me, Beautiful Mitzvah Train Go On Girl Oswald Bates for The United Negro Scholarship Fund Too-Too Ethnic Lassie '90 Richard Pryor: Scared for No Reason Vortex, the Super Absorbent Tampons
S01E04 Transitions 05/05/1990 Sketches include: Oprah Colt 45 Ad (original FOX broadcast only) The Exxxon Family (DVD & syndication only) Great Moments in Black History: The First Self-Service Gas Station Jim Carrey's Celebrity Impressions Transition Rhythmless Nation (cut on DVD) Anton Men on Art
S01E05 A Date With Grace Jones 12/05/1990 Sketches include: ""Three Champs and a Baby"" ""New Ambassador"" ""A Date With Grace"" ""Hefty World Condominium Estates"" ""Homeboy Shopping Network: Used Car Sale"" ""Black World""
S01E06 Jheri's Kids 19/05/1990 Sketches include: ""Bad Karate Class"" ""Greshan Formula"" ""Jheri's Kids"" ""The Making of a Tracy Chapman Song"" ""Oppression"" ""Snackin' Shack""
S01E07 Don King-The Early Years 27/05/1990 Sketches include: ""Don King: The Early Years"" ""Cookin' With Salt n' Pepa"" ""Hey Mon/West Indian Sitcom"" ""Men On Books"" ""Ted Turner's Very Colorized Classics - Casablanca"" ""Rallo""
S01E08 Endangered Species 03/06/1990 Sketches include: ""President Jackson's Farewell Address"" ""Mitzvah Train"" ""K-Tel Presents Cephus & Reesie Mayweather"" ""Endangered Species"" ""Casa de Hair"" ""This Ol' Box""
S01E09 Introducing..Homey D. Clown 17/06/1990 Sketches include: ""Mo' Money with Whiz and Ice"" ""America's Funniest Security Camera Videos"" ""Andrea Dice Clay"" ""Hey Mon/Hedley Airlines"" ""Homey The Clown""
S01E10 Vera DeMilo 24/06/1990 Sketches include: ""Michael Jackson Potato Head"" ""Vera DeMilo, Bodybuilder"" ""Disc Jockey, Death Jockey Trailer"" ""Lil Miss Trouble"" ""Uncle Joe's Fairy Tales"" ""School For the Self-Taught"" ""Old Train""
S01E11 Anton In The People's Court 15/07/1990 Sketches include: ""The Brothers Brothers"" ""M.C. Hammer Video"" ""Cine-Globe"" ""Calhoun Tubbs"" ""Anton on Po' People's Court"" ""Ted Turner's Very Colorized Classics - The Kid""
S01E12 Conspiracy 02/09/1990 Sketches include: ""Vortex of Fear"" ""Ray Charles in Charge"" ""Lil Richard's Playhouse"" ""Della Reese's Pieces"" ""Secret Council"" ""I Love Laquita""
S01E13 Homey D Clown Returns 09/09/1990 Sketches include: ""Homey the Clown's One Stop Carnival"" ""David Alan Grier Transition"" ""Benita Burtrell"" ""Michael Winslow - A One Man Show"" ""Samantha Kinison"" ""The Buttmans""
S02E01 Big Brother 23/09/1990 Sketches include: Hey Mon/Hedley Hospital / Sidekick / Bigger Brothers / Mudhead's Funeral / Men On Films II / Flava Flave makes an appearance / Queen Latifah performs
S02E02 Anton At The Recruiter 30/09/1990 Sketches include: ""Anton Volunteers"" ""Training Men the Wodehouse Way"" ""Roseanne Sings America"" ""2 Live Crew"" ""Homey the Clown: When Homey Met Sally""
S02E03 Spike's Joint 07/10/1990 Sketches (not including intro) include: ""Flatuscents"" ""Good Morning/Good Night (Magenta Thompson Show)"" ""Cephus & Reesie's Broadway Tour"" ""The Buttmans: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"" ""Spike's Joint""
S02E04 Hour Of Power 14/10/1990 Sketches include: Tag Team Evangelists / Bonita Butrell: Uninvited Guest / 1-900-YT GUILT / Al MacAfee: Hall Monitor / Monie Love performs "Monie in the Middle"
S02E05 Miss Black Person USA 21/10/1990 Sketches include: ""Black Like You"" ""Go On Girl: Sensitive Men"" ""I Won't Drift Away"" ""Miss Black Person U.S.A.""
S02E06 The Black Man's Guide To Understanding The Black Woman 28/10/1990 Sketches include: ""Hey Mon/Hedley Court"" ""Shahrazad Ali's Video (The Black Man's Guide to Understanding the Black Woman)"" ""Snackin' Shack"" ""Frenchie""
S02E07 Funky Finger Productions 04/11/1990 Sketches include: ""B.S. Brothers: Penitentiary IV"" ""Iraqi Fashion Show"" ""Lil Miss Trouble: The School Play"" ""Vera DeMilo: Buffed, Beautiful, and Bitchin'"" ""Homeboy Shopping Network: Hollywood Homeboys""
S02E08 Laquita Meets Billy Dee 11/11/1990 Sketches include: ""Magenta's Acting School"" ""Foundation for Golf Heritage"" ""Evelyn Smith"" ""Laquita Sings the Blues""
S02E09 Men on Vacation 18/11/1990 Sketches include: A Lassie '90 Sequel / Amazing Grace - Rocky VI / Cousin Milly / PMS Defense System / Men on Vacation / 3rd Bass perform "Product of the Environment"
S02E10 Anton's Thanksgiving 25/11/1990 Sketches include: The Brothers Brothers: Two Sisters for Two Brothers / Barbara Bush Visits the Illiterates / Dickie Peterson: Cherub of Justice / Anton's Thanksgiving / D-Nice performs
S02E11 Justice Legions of America 16/12/1990 Sketches include: ""Three Champs and a Little Lady"" ""The Newlywed Game"" ""The Good Behavior Variety Hour Show"" ""Handi Man: The Justice Legion of America"" Nikki D perorms
S02E12 Veracosa 23/12/1990 Sketches include: ""Vera DeMilo: Veracosa, Mistress of Destruction"" ""Cephus & Reesie: Christmas Album"" ""Lil Miss Trouble at the Museum"" ""Homey the Clown: Homey Claus""
S02E13 Johnny Abdul 13/01/1991 Sketches include: ""The Brothers Brothers: Tom and Tom for the Arizona Tourism Commission"" ""Johnny Abdul - Saudi Rock Star"" ""The Last Orphan"" ""Velma Mulholland"" ""B.S. Brothers: Funky Finger Productions"" ""The Head Detective"" / Rich Nice performs
S02E14 Introducing..Fire Marshal Bill 03/02/1991 Sketches include: ""Mr. Squeegee"" ""B.S. Brothers: Big Break"" ""Fashion Tampons"" ""Fire Marshal Bill"" ""Homey the Clown: Home E. Cheese""
S02E15 My Dark Conscience 10/02/1991 Sketches include: ""Vanilla Ice: White, White Baby"" ""Benita Butrell: Block Captain"" ""Al MacAfee: Prom Chaperone"" ""Oswald Meets the Parole Board"" ""My Dark Conscience"" ""Fruit of the Loom Boxers""
S02E16 Anton In The Burbs 17/02/1991 Sketches include: ""Ejector Bed"" ""Frenchie at a Bachelor Party"" ""Lonny Parker, Attorney at Law"" ""Les and Wes, Twin Stars"" ""Anton in the Burbs"" / Leaders of the New School perform "Case of the P.T.A."
S02E17 PCN's Win, Lose or Draw 24/02/1991 Sketches include: ""Win, Lose or Draw"" ""Milk Commercial"" ""Pentagon Briefing"" ""Calhoun Tubbs on the Campaign Trail"" ""The Great Sperm Bank Robbery"" ""Andrea Dice Clay on Love Connection""
S02E18 Lil Magic's School Play 03/03/1991 Sketches include: The Brothers Brothers: Tom and Tom at the Country Club / Oprah P.S.A. / End Zone Choreographer / Lil Magic: The Government Cheese / Fire Marshal Bill: Classroom Safety / Another Bad Creation perform "Iesha"
S02E19 Hour of Power: Tag Team Evangalists 17/03/1991 Sketches include: ""Velma II"" ""Cephus & Reesie: Last Request"" ""Do You Feel Lucky Promo"" ""The 595 Club"" ""Vera DeMilo: Pretty Buffed Woman"" KRS-One performs
S02E20 Super Fly 31/03/1991 Sketches include: ""B.S. Brothers and Sisters"" ""Douche Commercial"" ""Lil Miss Trouble Runs Away"" ""The Superfly"" ""Snackin' Shack: The New Waitress""
S02E21 Anton At The Recruiter 14/04/1991 Best of episode of ""In Living Color."" Sketches include: ""Anton Volunteers"" ""Fashion Tampons"" ""Spike's Joint"" ""I Won't Drift Away"" ""Ejector Bed"" ""The Head Detective"" ""Men on Films II""
S02E22 Arsenio Hall of Justice 28/04/1991 Sketches include: ""Detective Head Goes Bowling"" ""Handi Man's Evil Twin"" ""The Arsenio Hall of Justice"" Public Enemy & Ice Cube perform
S02E23 Compilations 05/05/1991 Best of episode of ""In Living Color."" Sketches include: ""Three Champs and a Little Lady"" ""Black Like You"" ""New Ambassador"" ""The Making of a Tracy Chapman Song"" ""Mo' Money with Whiz and Ice"" ""Vanilla Ice: White, White Baby"" The Afros perform
S02E24 Homey The Sellout: Part 1 12/05/1991 Sketches include: ""Lil Magic: The Audition"" ""Oprah's Restaurant"" ""Homey the Clown: Homey the Sellout"" ""Men On Television""
S02E25 Dickie Peterson: Cherub of Justice 11/08/1991 Sketches include: ""Dickie Peterson: Secret Service"" ""A New 911 Message Service"" ""Frenchie at the Opera"" ""Clear Conscience Fur Farm and Outlet Store"" ""Velma Sings"" ""Visiting Day for Oswald""
S02E26 Best Of Episode II 01/09/1991 Best of episode of ""In Living Color."" Sketches include: ""Amazing Grace - Rocky VI"" ""Vera DeMilo: Veracosa, Mistress of Destruction"" ""Mudhead's Funeral"" ""Men On Vacation"" ""Homey the Clown: When Homey Met Sally""
S03E01 Homey The Sellout: Part 2 22/09/1991 Sketches include Pee Wee's Adult Adventure / Crown Heights Story / Misery II / Homey D Clown Part 2 Of 2 / The Head Detective
S03E02 Men on Televison Part 2: What Happened To Blaine? 29/09/1991 Sketches include Al Sharpton And Louise Farrakhan / Men On... Part 2 Of 2 / Black And White / Silence Of The Lambs II - Oswald Bates / Kung Fu Master '91
S03E03 Clarance Thomas's First Day 06/10/1991 Sketches include Clarence Thomas / Rocketeer / Al Macafee / Prince / Anton / Benita Butrell
S03E04 Green Eggs and The Guvment Cheese 13/10/1991 Sketches include Jesse Jackson Children's Books / Hey Mon / Funky Finger Productions / Fire Marshall Bill /Leaders of the New School perform "Teachers Teachers"
S03E05 The Adventures of Handi-Boy 20/10/1991 Sketches include Clarence Thomas / Construction Guys / Snack N Shack / Cephus And Reese / Lizzy's / Handi Boy / Prison Cable Network
S03E06 Home Alone Again 27/10/1991 Sketches include Minute Maiden / Vera Demilo / Coyote Ugly Escape Kit / The Brothers Brothers / Adopt A TV Child / Home Alone Again / Ninja Home Security System / Nice N Smooth perform "Hip-Hop Junkies"
S03E07 The Jackson Bunch 03/11/1991 Sketches include Environment Guy / Ice Poe / The Jackson Bunch / D.A.R.E. / Sam And Samantha Kinison
S03E08 Late Night with Mike Tyson 10/11/1991 Sketches include Paula Abdul / Les & Wes / Mike Tyson Show / Stereotype Woman / Timbuk / Big Daddy Kane performs "Ooh, Aah, Nah-Nah-Nah"
S03E09 Krishnia Cop 17/11/1991 Sketches include David Duke / Krishna Cop / Bill Benson / 48 Hours Again - Oswald Bates / Crystal Waters / Head Detective / Queen Latifah performs
S03E10 My Left Foot of Fury 01/11/1991 Sketches include My Left Foot Of Fury / Wilt Chamberlain Wall / Frenchie / Skully / Men On Film
S03E11 Anton And The Reporter 08/12/1991 Sketches include Jimmy Swaggart / Anton And The Reporter / Cal Hoon Tubbs / Benita Butrell / L.L. Cool J "Mama's Gonna Kick Me Out"
S03E12 Sidekick in Nam 15/12/1991 Sketches include HBO's Tired Comedy Night / The Cosby Condom / Lil Magic / Testy Shields / Wanda / Side Kick In Nam
S03E13 Santa Fire Marshall Bill 22/12/1991 Sketches include Equity Express Card / Great Moments In Black History / Fire Marshall Bill As Santa Claus / Tommy Wu / Homey D Clown / Ebony Jet Essence Right On Showcase
S03E14 Micheal Jackson: Little Timmy's Not My Lover 12/01/1992 Sketches include Micheal Jackson / Handi Man Part 1 Of 2 / Funky Finger Productions / Darnel Bond / Jodeci performs
S03E15 Grim Reaper 19/01/1992 Sketches include Connie Chung - Me Want Murray / Frenchie / Star Trek VII / Grim Reaper / Big Apple Airlines
S03E16 Live Super Bowl Show 26/01/1992 Homeboy Shopping Network / Fire Marshall Bill / Men On Football / Background Guy / Color Me Badd performs "I Wanna Sex You Up"
S03E17 George Bush Meets Tommy Wu 02/02/1992 Sketches include Head Detective / George Bush
S03E18 Hour of Power: Preachers On Trial 09/02/1992 Sketches include Sally Struthers / Hour Of Power Preachers On Trial / Wanda / Rice Cube
S03E19 The Fist That Rocks the Cradle 16/02/1992 Sketches include Elvis / The Fist That Rocks The Cradle / Eric B & Rakim perform "Juice (Know the Ledge)"
S03E20 Club Ozone 23/02/1992 Sketches include Richard Simmons / Al Macafee / Benita Butrell / Men On Vacation / Club Ozone / Shabba Ranks & Maxi Priest perform "Housecall"
S03E21 Anton and the Green Card 01/03/1992 Sketches include Career Aid / Lashawn / Handi Man Part 2 of 2 / Anton And Rita Get A Green Card
S03E22 Player's Club 15/03/1992 Sketches include Players Club / Homey D Clown / Snack N Shack / Environment Guy on Art / Black Sheep perform "The Choice is Yours"
S03E23 The Last Man On Earth 29/03/1992 Sketches include Testers Choice / Men on Film / $100,000 Pyramid / The Last Man on Earth / Kriss Kross performs "Jump"
S03E24 Anton Gets Rich 12/04/1992 (Released on DVD as episode 10 of Season 4) MC Hammer: Too Sold Out to Quit (cut from DVD) Timbuk: The Last Runaway Slave (from Season 3, episode 8: This sketch is not shown on FXX repeats as well as On Demand, but it has been replaced with The Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan Comedy Hour: Haunted House) Rescue Whenever The One Night Stand Anton Gets Rich
S03E25 Bloopers 19/04/1992 in Living Color's first bloopers show including outtakes and behind the scenes.
S03E26 Cousin Elsee 03/05/1992 Sketches include: Krazy Poly-Dente Cousin Elsee B. S. Brothers: Hollywood Tour Reality Check: Bald Men vs. Men with Hair Les and Wes: Go West, Les and Wes Close featuring Heavy D and The Boyz
S03E27 Silly Cone 10/05/1992 Sketches include: SillyCone Breast Implants Benita Butrell: Delegate Crazy Tom's LaShawn: Museum Guide Fire Marshal Bill: Space Station Safety Close featuring MC Lyte
S03E28 Wanda on the Dating Game 17/05/1992 Sketches include: The Law Offices of Oswald Bates Detective Head: On Head Majesty's Secret Service Super Clyde Ugly Woman: Dating Game
S04E01 Rodney King and Reginald Deny Speak Out 27/09/1992 Sketches include Ross Perot / Rodney King And Reginald Deny / Edward James Almos / Fire Marshall Bill / Benita Butrell / Redman performs
S04E02 Basic Instank 04/10/1992 Sketches include Crescan / Basic Instank / Snuf And Rome
S04E03 Mr. and Mrs. Brooks 11/10/1992 Sketches include: MTV's Political Coverage Cousin Elsee at the Wake Woody Allen for Date the Children Whitney Houston: Get Your Babies Tonight (cut from DVD) Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Gang Starr with Nice & Smooth perform "DWYCK" to close the show
S04E04 Black People Awards 18/10/1992 Sketches include Vanessa Williams / Jay Leno / Lori Davis Beauty System / Black People's Awards / George Hamilton Luggage / A.D.O.R. performs "Let It All Hang Out"
S04E05 Trail Mix-A-Lot 25/10/1992 Sketches include Trail Mix-A-Lot / Baby Lonnie / Super Bimbo / Def Comedy Jam / Juicemania / Grand Puba performs "360 (What Goes Around Comes Around)"
S04E06 Anton Returns 01/11/1992 Sketches include Bill Clinton / Head Detective / Ice Poe / Anton / Sue Goober
S04E07 Homey and Son 08/11/1992 Sketches include Snuf And Rome / Homey D Clown Meets His Son / Dysfunctional Homeshow / Wreckx-n-Effect perform "Rump Shaker"
S04E08 Handi-Man Returns 15/11/1992 Sketches include Anonymous Express / Handi Man / Wanda / Loomis Simmons / Pete Rock & CL Smooth perform "Straighten It Out"
S04E09 Men On Cooking 22/11/1992 Sketches include Prince / Men On Cooking / Mr And Mrs Brooks / Candy Cane / Mary J. Blige performs "Reminisce"
S04E10 Gays In The Military 13/12/1992 Sketches include: Madonna in Neurotica (cut from DVD) Gays in the Military (cut from DVD) Lil' Magic: Working Girl Edwin O. Fay's Skin-Lightening Treatment (a.k.a. Your Face is Your Passport) Dracula Meets Ugly Wanda
S04E11 00/00/0000
S04E12 The Dysfunctional Home Christmas Show 03/01/1992 Sketches include: Vera DeMilo and Little Richard: The Stank of a Woman (cut from DVD) The Bodyguard with Grace Jones (cut from DVD) Cousin Elsee: At the Hospital Why: Rap Music Used for Commercials The Dysfunctional Home Show: Belated Christmas Special Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Second Honeymoon Diggable Planets performs "Rebirth of Slick"
S04E13 Capital Hillbillies 17/01/1993 Sketches include: The Capitol Hillbillies (spoof of The Beverly Hillbillies) Benita Butrell: Physician's Office Amy Fisher's 'Bang for Your Buck' Seminar Tales from the Crib Ross Perot Buys Up Airtime You Bet Your Career Close Featuring Father MC
S04E14 Best of Michael Jackson 06/02/1993 La Toya Jackson: Michael Unwrapped Home Alone Again with Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Potato Head Family Feud's The Royal Family and The Jacksons Close Featuring Another Bad Creation
S04E15 The Info Group 07/02/1993 Sketches include: Alive II: with Richard Simmons Loomis Simmons' The Power Stretch The Info Group What If Bob Hope was Black? Sgt. Stacey Koon on COPS Men on Fitness (with guest Damon Wayans, former cast member) Arrested Development performs "Mr. Wendall"
S04E16 Valentine's Show 11/02/1993 Sketches includ: Bill Cosby's Condom Commercial Homey D. Clown's Parole Romance Ejector Bed Velma on a Blind Date Ugly Woman's One Night Stand
S04E17 Forever Silky 14/02/1993 Sketches include: Oswald: Booked on Phonics Forever Silky Lashawn: Dry Cleaners (with guest star Sherman Hemsley as Mr. Jefferson) Reality Check: Singing to Aretha Franklin (cut from DVD) Fire Marshall Bill: Teppanyaki Restaurant Safety Close Featuring Arrested Development
S04E18 Dirty Little Dick 21/02/1993 Sketches include: Joe Jackson: Lock You in the Closet (cut from DVD) Suzanne Sommers for Thighmaster Calhoun Tubbs: Prison Performance Little Richard in: Dirty Little Dick Geraldo Rivera: The Black Child Star Mill Rodney Dangerfield Gets Pulled Over Mr. & Mrs. Brooks: Garage Sale
S04E19 Men on Film Festival 25/02/1993 Sketches include: Men on Film Festival Rise to Stardom Cliff Hanger Sponsors Ratings
S04E20 Passenger 227 28/02/1993 Sketches include: Boyz II Wimps: End of the Road (cut from DVD) / Jackée Harry in Passenger 227 / Background Guy at the White House / The Dysfunctional Home Show: Wedding / Ugly Woman: The Fifth En Vogue Member (cut from DVD)
S04E21 Duke and Cornbread Turner 07/03/1993 Sketches include: Isabel Sanford's Weezies brand Throat Drops A Different Message Why: Reporters Affecting Accents Super Dave Dance Transition/Finale Charles Bronson's 'Make a Death Wish' Foundation Grandpa and Duke the Dead Dog: Best in Show Close featuring Naughty By Nature
S04E22 Mr. Rogers 14/03/1993 Sketches include Reginald Deny / Another Moment In Black History / Al Sharpton / P.S.A. / Mr Rogers / Black Bunkers / Heavy D and the Boys perform "Truthful"
S04E23 Rodney King 21/03/1993 Rodney King / Why? / Trail Mix-A-Lot / Wanda / Oswald Bates / Driving Miss Shott / Lori Davis Beauty System / Ross Perot
S04E24 Black People Show 04/04/1993 Sketches include Black Barbra Striesand / Al Macafee / Lashawn / Black People Show / Stereotype Lady / Prince Markie Dee & The Soul Convention perform "Swing My Way"
S04E25 Stacy Koon's Police Academy 25/04/1993 Sketches include P.S.A. / Lonny Anderson / Stacy Koon's Police Academy / Proud Gay Guy / Snucky / Da Youngstas perform
S04E26 Best Commercial Parodies 29/04/1993 Sketches include The Player's Club/ SillyCone/ Vera De Milo: Milk Commercial/ Sally Struthers: Feed the Planet/ Tes-T-Shields/ Coyote Ugly Escape Kit/ George Hamilton Luggage/ Amy Fisher Seminar/ Juicemania
S04E27 Teen Court 02/05/1993 Sketches include: Undigable Hosts / Lommis Simmons / Carl The Tooth Williams / MTV's Teen Court / Groom Room - James Brown / Showbiz and Dres from Black Sheep perform
S04E28 Night at the Movies 06/05/1993 Sketches include The Superfly/ El Grande Y Spectacular Muchacho/ Rocketeer/ My Left Foot of Fury/ Oswald: Silence of the Lambs II/ Passenger 227/ Ugly Woman: Basic Instank II
S04E29 Thelma and Louise Jefferson 09/05/1993 Sketches include Straight Pride Parade / P.S.A. / Cal Hoon Tubbs / Phone Lady / Wanda / Thelma And Louise Jefferson
S04E30 Best Celebrity Impersonations 13/05/1993 Sketches include Elvis/ Black Bob Hope/ Woody Allen/ Jay Leno, Sinead O'Connor/ Bill Cosby, Mr. T, Delta Burke, Sinbad
S04E31 Vera DeMilo 16/05/1993 Sketches include Duke and Cornbread/ Vera de Milo: Breasts of Fury/ Snackin Shack/ Bunny and Clive/ The Dysfunctional Home Show: Funeral / The Pharcyde perform "Passin' Me By"
S04E32 In Living Color's Feedback Line 23/05/1993 Sketches include Joe Jackson "Jackson Kids Rockem Sockem Robots"/ In Living Color Voicemail Feeback Line/ Lashawn/ Why?/ Funky Finger Producions/ Carl the Tooth Williams
S04E33 Your Face Is Your Passport 13/12/1992 "Lil' Magic: Working Girl" "Your Face Is Your Passport" "Ugly Woman: Bram Stoker's Wanda" (Wanda Meets Dracula)
S05E01 Ike Strikes Back 16/09/1993 Sketches include Ike Strikes Back / Wanda / Sammy / Seinfeld - Ace And Main Man / Russell Simmons Def Strawberry Jam.
S05E02 The Dirty Dozens 23/09/1993 Sketches include Micheal Jackson / The Dirty Dozens / Revival Olympics / Fire Marshall Bill / Ball Park Breast Implants.
S05E03 Ike Turner an Hooch 30/09/1993 Sketches include Ike Turner And Hooch / Honey Mooners '93 / Snow / Cheap Pete / Ace And Main Man.
S05E04 Unpoetic Justice 07/10/1993 Sketches include Unpoetic Justice / Carl The Tooth Williams / Prison Cable Network / Funky Finger Productions
S05E05 The Irish Singer 14/10/1993 Sketches include L.A. Riot / NBA Harasser / Irish Singer / Wanda / Anorexic Sumo Wrestler / Rhonda Hightower / Jodeci
S05E06 Droop! There It Is 21/10/1993 Sketches include Droop! There It Is / Andy Rooney / Rush And Al's / Background Guy / Cheap Pete
S05E07 Circus of the Black Stars 28/10/1993 Sketches include Wanda / Fire Marshall Bill / Circus Of The Black Stars / Carl The Tooth Williams / Magnifico / Leaders of the New School performs "What's Next"
S05E08 Sam Kinison: Live From Hell 04/11/1993 Sketches include Wanda / AT&T / Sam Kinison - Live From Hell / Dr. Innapropriato / The Dirty Dozens / Lords of the Underground perform
S05E09 All Up In The Family 11/11/1993 Sketches include Rush And Al's / All Up In The Family / The Guy Who Know Way Too Many Specials / Wanda And Barry Bonds / East Hollywood Squares
S05E10 Wile E Coyote on Trial 18/11/1993 Sketches include Background Guy / Wile E Coyote / Candy Cane / Go On Girl / Honey Mooners '93
S05E11 Umbilical Barry 02/12/1993 Sketches include Sammy And Bill / Carl The Tooth Williams / Pavoroti / Vera Demilo / Black Menedez Brothers / Lorena Bobbit / Umbilical Barry / Us3 perform "Cantaloupe"
S05E12 Mary Tyler Mo 16/12/1993 Sketches include Mary Tyler Mo / Ace And Main Man / Irish Singer / Loomis Simmons / Geraldo / Patra performs "Think"
S05E13 Wheel of Dozens 30/12/1993 Sketches include Joe Jackson / Wheel Of Dozens / Mr Armstrong / Rhonda Hightower / Andy Rooney
S05E14 The Gangsta Group 13/01/1994 Sketches include Background Guy / Gangsta Group / Sister Act 3 / Duke And Cornbread Turner / The Guy Who Knows Way Too May Specials
S05E15 East Hollywood Squares 27/01/1994 Sketches include Marlee Matlin / Cheap Pete / AWF's Main Event / East Hollywood Squares
S05E16 Hemorrhoid Guy 03/02/1994 Sketches include Tonya Harding / Wanda / Hemorrhoid Guy / All Up In The Family / John Bobbit 6 Million Dollar Man
S05E17 The White League 10/02/1994 Sketches include The White League / Funky Finger Productions / Wanna Man / Ace And Main Man / Tonya Harding / Master Piece Theater
S05E18 Mrs. Ikefire 17/02/1994 Sketchs include Mrs Ikefire / Dirty Dozens Home Game / East Hollywood Squares / Fire Marshall Bill / Backgound Guy
S05E19 Dirty Dozens Tournament of Champions 24/02/1994 Sketches include Risky Business II / Carl The Tooth Williams / Dirty Dozens Tournament Of Champions / San Fransisco
S05E20 Thugs 10/03/1994 Sketches include Dr Kervorkian's Book / Thugs / I'm Gay / Sweet Tooth Jones / Great Moments In Black History / Simply Eve performs
S05E21 Academy Awards 24/03/1994 Sketches include Loomis Simmons / 66th Annual Academy Awards / Duke And Cornbread Turner / Cheap Pete / Umbilical Barry / Hemorrhoid Guy / Eazy-E performs
S05E22 The Scary Larry Show 07/04/1994 Sketches include Rush And Al's Greatest Hits / Cheap Pete At The Carnival / Loomis Simmons / The Scary Larry Show / East Hollywood Squares / Souls of Mischief perform "93 'til Infinity
S05E23 Sweet Tooth Jones 28/04/1994 Sketches include: "Driving Down the Street" "Sweet Tooth Jones teaches martial arts to protect against sexual harassment" "Ed Bacon: Guidance Counselor" "Wanda meets Luther Vandross at a charity auction" / BOSS performs Progress of Elimination
S05E24 Candy Cane's Last Show 05/05/1994 Sketches include: Rap Masterpiece Theatre," "Candy Cane's Last Show," "Grandpa & Duke: A Time for Love," and "Family Dozens."
S05E25 Infomercial Awards 12/05/1994 Sketches include: "Vista Commercial," "Wile E. Coyote's Mall Appearance," "Infomercial Awards," "All Up in the Family: Gay Barney," "Deronda and Pookie Play Party," and "B.S. Brothers: Gangsta Rappers." / Meshell Ndegeocello performs
S05E26 The Champ 12/05/1994 Sketches include: "Background Guy at the Haunted House," "The Champ: Back to School," "Prison Cable Network: Lights Out with the Angel," and "Ace and Main Man meet Salt-n-Pepa."/ To Be Continued performs "One on One"
S00E01 Fly Girls Featurette Season 1 00/00/0000
S00E02 Looking Back on Season 1 00/00/0000
S00E03 Appreciating In Living Color Featurette Season 2 00/00/0000
S00E04 Notorious ILC Characters Featurette Season 2 00/00/0000
S00E05 Season 2 Overview Featurette 00/00/0000
S00E06 Rare Clip - Bolt 45 Commercial 00/00/0000
S00E07 Live Super Bowl Show (Original airing) 26/01/1992 Homeboy Shopping Network / Fire Marshall Bill / Men On Football / Background Guy / Color Me Badd performs "I Wanna Sex You Up" (The "Men on Football" segment contains a couple of ad-libbed jokes that were later removed from the master tape)
S00E10 Best of Season 3 12/04/1992 (not included on the DVD; all of the sketches are from previous episodes) Wilt Chamberlain Memorial (from Season 3, episode 10) The Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan Comedy Hour: Jews on First (from Season 3, episode 2) Velma and The Burglar (from Season 3, episode 2) Men on Football (from Season 3, episode 16) Ugly Woman: Blind Date (from Season 3, episode 12)
S00E11 Music Video Special 07/05/1992 Music video special; new wraparounds with Crystal as Downtown Julie Brown (entire episode omitted from DVD) Michael Bolton: When a Man Needs a Big Hit MC Hammer: Can't Touch This (from Season 1, episode 11) Crystal Waters: My Songs Are Mindless (from Season 3, episode 9) Vanilla Ice: White White Baby (from Season 2, episode 15) Prince Butt Out Jeans (from Season 3, episode 3) Paula Abdul: Promise of a Thin Me (from Season 3, episode 8) Jimmie Walker: Mama's Gonna Kick Me Out (from Season 3, episode 4) Michael Jackson: Am I Black or White (from Season 3, episode 14) Closing: Jodeci performs X's We Share