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Documentary series about some of the more amazing journeys taken by certain species


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S01E01 In the Footsteps of the Ice Bear 00/00/0000 Steve Leonard is just a few hundred miles from the North Pole, travelling through a dazzling and dangerous world of ice, is on the trail of Aurora, a 23-year-old mother polar bear and her tiny cub. Aurora has travelled 3,000 miles trying to find food for herself and her cub, but after such an epic journey, will the cub still be alive?
S01E02 The Whales' Tale 00/00/0000 Steve Leonard follows grey whales as they make the longest migration on the planet - a staggering 12,000 miles. Although they travel slowly, the whales never stop and Steve finds it increasingly difficult to keep up. Harassed by killer whales, dodging fishing nets and great white sharks, can the mothers and calves survive this epic journey?
S01E03 Osprey Odyssey 00/00/0000 The sun is shining as Steve Leonard sets off to travel with three young ospreys, Bunga, Tasha and Jaws, on their first ever 3,000 mile migration from North to South America, via Cuba. Within days, man and birds are battling with a hurricane, one bird is dead and the others scattered. After that, things start to get really difficult... will the remaining birds survive, and can Steve keep up?
S01E04 Running with Wild Dogs 00/00/0000 Steve Leonard follows three wild dogs facing the biggest challenge of their lives, as they leave the safety of the pack, into the unknown.
S01E05 Wild Goose Chase 00/00/0000 Nothing on earth regularly flies as high as bar-headed geese - they are a natural phenomenon. By any normal criteria their annual migration, right over the top of the Himalayas, should kill them all. As Steve Leonard tries to follow two of them, "Hillary" and "Tenzing", on their journey from mysterious Tibet to the jungles of Nepal, it very nearly kills him too. The geese prove far better at coping with high altitudes and lack of oxygen than Steve does.
S01E06 On the Trail of the Caribou 00/00/0000 Documentary series about some of the more amazing journeys taken by certain species. Steve Leonard struggles with the extreme winter in the Yukon as he attempts to migrate across Canada with a heavily-pregnant caribou. Hounded by wolves, chased by bears and enduring appalling weather, can she make it to safety to deliver her calf?

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