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The Incredible Crash Dummies are here and they are just starting to get into mischief. Meet Crash, Splice, Crunch and Gyro as they crash into walls and do other amazing stunts. The Dummies always say, We Crash Because We Care. Watch these Dummies on the Fox Box as they star in their Mini-Show in between commercials. When you see these Dummies you will not be able to stop laughing. The Incredible Crash Dummies are making this world a safer place, one crash at a time. Enjoy the action of Incredible Crash Dummies. When it comes to generating excitement from kids nationwide, the Incredible Crash Dummies are no dummies. What started out as a widely seen public service announcement for safe driving in the early 1990's called, "You Can Learn A Lot From A Dummy". The Incredible Crash Dummies became a $130 million worldwide brand. This evergreen property has reinvented itself with second generation characters and fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek short animated stories, or interstitials, that a


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S01E01 Meet the Incredible Crash Dummies 07/02/2004 You have to meet these Dummies! They're Crash, Splice, Crunch and Gyro! Watch these Dummies tell about themselves and why they do these stupid stunts anyway.
S01E02 The Crash Bike 14/02/2004 Crunch is on a dirtbike and Crash is asking him if he's ready to crash into the wall by saying ""Check"".
S01E03 When Your Head Gets Stuck 21/02/2004 Splice's head gets stuck under a car and Crash just stands there and panics ignorantly.
S01E04 The Crash Cube 28/02/2004 Crash is stuck inside a car so he decides to have some action if he's going to be stuck in there so he smashes into a block.
S01E05 The Human Dummy-Ball 06/03/2004 Gyro pretends that his cannon is broken so he gets all the other Dummies to get inside of the cannon and than he shoots them out as a prank.
S01E06 The Whoopie Airbag 13/03/2004 Gyro uses a whoopie cushion as an airbag to prank the other Dummies.
S01E07 The Crushed Car 20/03/2004 The Dummies' car accidentally gets through a machine and gets crushed to smithereens.
S01E08 Don't Be a Dummy, Buckle-Up 27/03/2004 Splice, Crunch and Gyro are in a car and a child is pushing them into a toy wall.
S01E09 The Ejection Seat 04/04/2004 Gyro invents ""The Ejection Seat"" all you need to do is press a simple button. Crash goes into the car speeds up to seven-hundred miles per hour and tries to press the button but it is broken and Crash hits a big wall and his body parts are all over the place.
S01E10 A Dummy's Body 11/04/2004 Splice explains everything about how an Incredible Crash Dummy is built throughout the body.
S01E11 Incredible Crash Dummies Performance Check 01/05/2004 Crash, Splice, Crunch and Gyro explain to you, ""what to do"" and ""what not to do"" in a car.
S01E12 The Big Hit 08/05/2004 Crash is driving his car and all of a sudden he crashes quickly into a brick wall.
S01E13 The Crash Doggone and Feline 15/05/2004 Crash and Splice have lost their cars until they find out that Fido the Dog and Whiskers the Cat have stolen them.
S01E14 Oil On A Test Track 22/05/2004 Crash tries pulling a prank on Splice as he is driving on the test-track, testing things.
S01E15 Doors Don't Open for All Dummies 29/05/2004 Splice leaves his car keys inside his veichle. Fido is left inside the car and Splice gives Fido specific instructions.
S01E16 Know Your Incredible Crash Dummies: Crash's Edition 06/06/2004 Crash, the Incredible Crash Dummy is introduced to all the viewers who are watching the show.
S01E17 Know Your Incredible Crash Dummies: Splice's Edition 12/06/2004 Splice, the Incredible Crash Dummy is introduced to all the viewers who are watching the show.
S01E18 Know Your Incredible Crash Dummies: Crunch's Edition 19/06/2004 Crunch, the Incredible Crash Dummy is introduced to all the viewers who are watching the show.
S01E19 Know Your Incredible Crash Dummies: Gyro's Edition 26/06/2004 Gyro, the Incredible Crash Dummy is introduced to all the viewers who are watching the show.
S01E20 The Riding Lawnmower 03/07/2004 Gyro thinks he is realing riding a car but Splice than tells him that he is riding a lawnmower.
S01E21 Wind Tunnels Are Not Made to Go Through 10/07/2004 Crunch goes into his car and starts riding through wind tunnels and his body gets chopped into several pieces.
S01E22 Driving and Putting On Make-Up 17/07/2004 Crunch is showing all of the viewers to not put on make-up while driving a car because you may lose control of the viechle and crash into various things.
S01E23 Safety First 24/07/2004 The Incredible Crash Dummies are found fixing and crashing into cars and they tell you how important safety really is.
S01E24 Baby Seat Test 30/07/2004 Crash is driving a car and Crunch jumps in back as a baby in a baby seat. Crash drives hard into a wall and the baby (Crunch) is unharmed.
S01E25 Watch Out for Low Clearence! 07/04/2005 Crash talks to Splice and tells him that he is the true leader of the Incredible Crash Dummies.