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A Southern (Italy that is) police officer moves to Milan where he finds expectations a bit different but he willingly adapts.... to everything but the corruption that he discovers in the city. After recruiting a team of young and ambitious recruits, he proceeds to apply a traditional idea of justice to the cosmopolitan residents of Milan while simultaneously adopting some of the more delightful aspects of the big city.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Inspector Nardone

S01E01 Mortal Penicillin 00/00/0000 Nardone arrives in Milan and learns that the police department is filled with corruption; a lawyer's death appears to be connected to the world of black-market pharmaceuticals. [from LocateTV]
S01E02 The All-Over Gang 00/00/0000 Nardone recruits a team of loyal associates and goes after a criminal gang that intimidates the community. [from LocateTV]
S01E03 Betrayals 00/00/0000 Nardone probes the case of a wealthy woman found murdered in a luxury car; Detective Spitz seeks the person responsible for the death of his family. [from LocateTV]
S01E04 The Forger 00/00/0000 A telephone employee who helped the police department is killed; the team learns an elderly murder victim led a secret life; Detective Spitz continues his quest. [from LocateTV]
S01E05 Slaughter of the Innocents 00/00/0000 Inspector Nardone and his squad investigate the murder of a mother and her four children; the rest of the squad continue their night time surveillance of theft in Milan. [from LocateTV]
S01E06 The Square Circle 00/00/0000 Inspector Nardone questions a confession for the murder of a young mother; the squad construct a plan to take down Bosso. {from LocateTV]
S01E07 The Return 00/00/0000 The infamous gang lord Bosso returns to Milan and creates havoc which brings the squad back together again for the first time in ten years. [from LocateTV]
S01E08 Dark Passion 00/00/0000 Inspector Nardone and his squad bring all they have to bear on the search for gang lord Bosso; Rizzo reunites with his girlfriend. [from LocateTV]
S01E09 The Hunt 00/00/0000 Inspector Nardone suspects ganglord Bosso in a heist where a security guard is almost killed. Detective Muraro is still in a coma as the squad searches for the criminals who shot him. {from LocateTV]
S01E10 Champion in Disgrace 00/00/0000 Muraro rouses himself from bedrest to help with the investigation of a local boxing phenom found dead in his apartment. [from LocateTV]
S01E11 Cat and Mouse 00/00/0000
S01E12 The Big Hit 00/00/0000

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