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Welcome to the Investigating History guide at TV Tome. Using the latest techniques of forensic science, investigators re-explore some of the legendary figures and events of history in order to determine how much of what has come down to us is a true account. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Investigating History

S01E01 The Holy Grail 19/04/2004
S01E02 Billy the Kid 26/04/2004
S01E03 Captain Kidd 03/05/2004
S01E04 Dead Sea Scrolls 10/05/2004
S01E05 Napoleon's Mass Grave 17/05/2004
S01E06 Wyatt Earp at the O.K. Corral 24/05/2004
S01E07 D-Day: The Secret Massacre 01/06/2004 The Nazis massacre U.S. troops and French civilians in retaliation for the battle at Graignes.
S01E08 The Curse of King Tut 14/06/2004
S01E09 Lincoln: Man or Myth? 21/06/2004 Abraham Lincoln is arguably America’s most beloved president. Yet nearly 150 years after his death, we’re still trying to piece together a true portrait of his life and character.. From the earliest archival materials to the most cutting-edge theories and discoveries, LINCOLN: MAN OR MYTH investigates the legends that have proliferated around the figure of Abraham Lincoln, exposing both fallacies and extraordinary truths through incisive scholarship, period accounts and artifacts, and modern technology. Noted scholars and historians grapple with such questions as: Was Lincoln truly the “Great Emancipator” who dedicated himself to freeing slaves? Did the writings that swayed the nation really come from his pen? Do we even know what he looked like?. Finally disentangling the truth from legend, INVESTIGATING HISTORY takes a probing look into the life of a man who transformed, enlightened, and captivated America..
S01E10 Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid 05/07/2004
S01E11 Dalton Gang Raid 18/10/2004
S01E12 Taking Out Al Capone 25/10/2004
S01E13 The Lost Battle of the Civil War 15/11/2004 This covers the Union victory at Mine Creek on October 25, 1864, which is a relatively unknown battle from the Civil War.
S01E14 The JFK Assassination 22/11/2004 Frame 313 examines several theories that have been offered about who was responsible for the JFK Assassination including the single bullet theory, the CIA/Mafia theory, the Soviet Union/KGB theory, the Mafia hit theory, and the CIA/Anti-Castro theory.
S01E15 Buried Secrets of the Revolutionary War 26/11/2004
S01E16 Was Napoleon Murdered? 20/12/2004
S01E17 Who Killed Crazy Horse? 25/01/2005
S01E18 Mountain Massacre 08/02/2005
S01E19 The Medici Assassination 26/02/2005
S01E20 The Lost Atlantis 07/03/2005
S01E99 Delete me 00/00/0000

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