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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Invizimals

S01E01 L'alliance - partie 1 06/12/2013 Hiro's recent recruitment into the Alliance isn't quite the dream he hoped it would be! And things will go from bad to worse when he have to face the XTractors, an army of dangerous robots who are invading the invizimal world. Luckily, he will count with the unexpected aid of the powerful invizimal known as Tigershark.
S01E02 L'alliance - partie 2 06/12/2013 The Z1's decide to work together on their own to show Keni what a good team they could be. But everything goes wrong and the team barely makes it out alive of the inviziworld. Back on earth, Keni puts the Z1 unit on hold. But, once in his room, Hiro's discovers that Tigershark has come back with him!
S01E03 L'alliance - partie 3 06/12/2013 Tigershark explains to the Z1's that the Invizimals are on a crucial battle against the X-Tractors. He has chosen Hiro to help them, and he will start his "chosen one duties" real soon. The X-Tractors have taken over an ancient and sacred Invizimals site called the 'Cradle of Power' and they must retrieve it at any cost!
S01E04 Le conte des deux dimensions - partie 1 06/12/2013 Keni has tracked a powerful energy signature in the desert area of the inviziworld. The Z1 investigates it, and they discover a subterranean ancient Egyptian-looking temple! And, to top it all, it's guarded by a not very well mentally-balanced invizimal called Überjackal.
S01E05 Le conte des deux dimensions - partie 2 06/12/2013 We left the Z1's in the central chamber of the Temple of Light, facing imminent defeat at the hands of Überjackal. Suddenly, an X-Tractor squad breaks in. Überjackal refuses any kind of help from the kids, and he kicks them out instead. Back at home, Lima comes up with a plan to find Tigershark. Perhaps he could shed some light on what's wrong with Überjackal?
S01E06 Le conte des deux dimensions - partie 3 06/12/2013 ÜberJackal and Tigershark are fighting with one another while the X-Tractors surround the temple. Überjackal is injured in the process, and he escapes deeper into the temple with the staff of Anubis. Could it be that this powerful ancient artifact had something to do with his erratic behavior?
S01E07 Meilleur jeu 29/11/2014 Otomo is accidentally transported to the Alliance HQ's, and Hiro, aided by Keni, Jazmin, Sam, and Lima, tries to convince him that is all part of a new virtual game, to keep the secrecy of the Alliance safe. Otomo believes him... So much that he's ready to go to the invizimal world and to fearlessly face the Xtractors before anyone could stop him.
S01E08 Mission glaces 29/11/2014 Hiro gets a date with a cute girl. But he also exchanges his appearance with an Invizimal during a mission! So Sam goes to the date disguised as a holographic image of Hiro, all the while the "invizimal" Hiro tries to coach him on how to impress girls.
S01E09 Mendoza 29/11/2014 The Z1 Team travel to Mexico looking for suspected Invizimal activity. There are some strange stories about "El Gran Mendoza", an unbeaten wrestler with extraordinary strength and powers. Maybe he's being aided by a Lucha Libre-loving invizimal?
S01E10 La journée sur terre de Tigershark 29/11/2014 Hiro's plans to throw Sam a surprise birthday party with Lima and Tigershark, but they get stuck and, for some reason, the Invizimal cannot operate his stealth system. How will they do to keep a 3 meters-high creature unnoticed in the real world?
S01E11 Terracotta Warriors 29/11/2014 Hundreds of statues of the Terracotta Warriors have disappeared from a museum in London. The unit Z1 tracks them, and finds out that all has been a work of the invizimal Xiaong Mao, who plans to bring the warriors back to life and to use them against the XTractors.
S01E12 Jestered 29/11/2014 After contacting a strange Invizimal, Lima starts to act differently... As if her maturity were melting away, acting like silly and vacuous teenage girl. The new ' mischievous' Lima is the worst adventure teammate ever - obsessed with shenanigans, practical jokes... and the dumb comedian Silly Billy
S01E13 Welcome Mr. Black 29/11/2014 Sam's last prototypes are not working well and he feels a bit down. Then he receives an invitation from a mysterious philanthropist called Mr.Black to do an internship in his pioneering recycling company "B-Industries". Sam starts considering leaving the Alliance... totally unaware that Mr.Black is the man who's behind the X-Tractors.