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More than a decade after the original Iron Chef series ended, Japan has brought the series back. Everything is new: new Chairman, new Kitchen Stadium, and new Iron Chefs.


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S01E01 2 Hour Revival Special 26/10/2012 The first battle features new Iron Chef French Yuusuke Suga vs. Ken'ichi Miyanaga. The theme ingredient is Sake (Salmon), the same as the very first Ryouri no Tetsujin episode 19 years ago this month. The second battle features new Iron Chef Chinese Yuuji Wakiya. You may remember that Wakiya was named an Iron Chef during the Millenium Cup special, but he never did battle in Kitchen Stadium as an Iron Chef until now. The challenger is also familiar with Kitchen Stadium. He is the son of the original Iron Chef Chinese Chen Ken'ichi. In Japanese with no subtitles.
S01E02 Iron Chef Japanese vs. Ito Katsuyasu 02/11/2012 Today’s battle features a challenger from Iwate prefecture vs. the new Iron Chef Japanese. The theme ingredient is Akaza Ebi (Japanese Lobster). It’s good to see Michiba in Kitchen Stadium in the commentator and taster’s panels today. Iron Chef Yomigaeru S1E2 – Akaza Ebi – Iron Chef Japanese vs. Katsuyasu Ito – 11/2/12 This episode is in Japanese with no subtitles.
S01E03 Iron Chef French vs. Okamura Mitsuaki 09/11/2012 The challenger is an Italian chef who didn’t start cooking seriously until the age of 28. He prefers traditional Italian food, the kind that ordinary Italians grew up eating. The theme is 5 types of Kinoko (mushroom). In Japanese with no subtitles
S01E04 2 Hour Special: French vs. Hayato and Chinese vs. Toshiyuki 23/11/2012 Battle #1 – The first battle features a challenger nominated by Akimoto and Kenjo. The challenger works every day in a “mini Kitchen Stadium” as his family’s restaurant has no set menu and the dishes are decided by his father after talking with the customers. The restaurant, Banraien, is located 20 minutes from Oimachi Station in Tokyo. He will be taking on the man who appears to be the strongest of the new Iron Chefs, Iron Chef French Yosuke Suga. The theme is Tofu, an ingredient that you would think presents a huge advantage to the challenger. Battle #2 – The second battle features a challenger nominated by Iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai. The nominee works for Iron Chef Sakai at his La Rochelle restaurant. The challenger has worked for Sakai for many years, and obviously has great respect for him. He will take on an Iron Chef that faced his master as a challenger 18 years ago (223 – Sea Urchin – 6/17/1994). We also see an old familiar face with the return of frequent judge Asako Kishi. Battle #1 – Tofu – Iron Chef French Yosuke Suga vs. Hayato Nakano – 11/23/2012 Battle #2 – Madara (Cod) – Iron Chef French Yuji Wakiya vs. Toshiyuki Kudo – 11/23/2012
S01E05 Iron Chef Chinese Wakiya vs. Honda Seiichi 30/11/2012 To most Japanese, Spanish cooking = Paella. The challenger wants to show the possibilities of Modern Spanish cuisine. Iron Chef Wakiya Yuji tries to remain perfect in Kitchen Stadium. It’s Modern Spanish vs. Modern Chinese. The theme ingredient is Jagaimo (Potatoes). In Japanese with no subtitles.
S01E06 Iron Chef Japanese Kurogi vs. Kawasaki Yusuke 07/12/2012 The nominee this week is presented by Hisao Taki, the Chairman of the Japanese restaurant guide Gurunavi. The challenger, Yusuke Kawasaki, won the Gurunavi Chef Best of Menu 2012. He will be taking on Iron Chef Japanese Jun Kurogi, who lost his debut battle. He turns to Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kenichi for advice and is told to stay true to his own cooking, man-up and act like the Iron Chef he is! The theme is Jidori. While the simplest description may be “chicken,” it appears to be more than that. In Japanese with no subtitles
S01E07 Dream Match! 2012 31/12/2012 Iron Chef Suga vs. Iron Chef Ian Kittichai (Iron Chef Thailand) Iron Chef Kurogi vs. Iron Chef Michiba (Ryouri no Tetsujin) Iron Chef Wakiya vs. Iron Chef Morimoto (Ryouni no Tetsujin, Iron Chef America)
S01E08 Iron Chef Japanese vs. Nose Kazuhide 18/01/2013 The nominee runs a restaurant that doesn't even allow its patrons to sit down. That doesn't stop diners from getting in line hours before the doors open every day.
S01E09 Iron Chef Chinese Wakiya vs. Noriyuki Hamada 25/01/2013 The nominee is the representative for Japan at the world famous Bocuse d'Or competition. Theme Ingredient: Beef
S01E10 Iron Chef Chinese Wakiya vs. Hiromi Yamada 15/02/2013 The challenger is a genius of Italian cooking. He has done battle in Kitchen Stadium before (Episode 217). The intro goes into detail about Hiromi's car accident. Theme Ingredient: Cabbage
S01E11 Iron Chef French Suga Vs. Hideki Irie 22/02/2013 Ramen Shop challenge in Kitchen Stadium today. The challenger makes over 500 kinds of ramen. One litre of his dashi base costs 15000 yen. (approx. 160.31 US $) He is Hideki Irie, and he runs- Genei.wagan Theme Ingredient: Hotate (Scallop)
S01E12 Iron Chef French Suga Vs. Toshihiko Yoroizuka 01/03/2013 The nominee is one of the top pastry chefs in Japan. He heads Toshi Yoroizuka, a unique dessert bar in Tokyo. He is Toshihiko Yoroizuka. He will take on Iron Chef Suga in an all dessert battle. Theme Ingredient: Strawberries (Ichigo)
S01E13 Iron Chef Japanese Kurogi vs Kinoshita 22/03/2013 Takemasa Kinoshita is the chef at a French restaurant in Tokyo. Apparently, the nominee was a bit of a \"Yankii\" when he was a teenager. By age 20, he was training at a 3-star restaurant in France. Theme Ingredient: Takenoko (Bamboo Shoots)

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