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"Why is it that when people think of Los Angeles, they picture a place populated with vapid, neurotic, self-absorbed, flaky, narcissistic airheads? Because it's like, you know . . . true! Welcome to L.A., home to this eclectic clique of transplants and natives, all but one of whom think the City of Angels is sheer heaven. This is a revealing look at the City of Dreamers through the eyes of a diehard New Yorker. All of Tinsel town's pretenses-its Hollywood aura, its valley girls and its strange allure-are filtered through the mind of someone from a culture as foreign to the City of Glitter as a subway is to the Pacific Coast Highway. "Big Apple journalist and determined L.A.-phobe Arthur is visiting the west coast to write a book about the City of Angels. He's never been to L.A. before, but Arthur already knows what he hates. He plans to stay for only two months until the book is done. But will he be able to so easily pack up and leave, or will the magic of La La Land seduce hi


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S01E01 Welcome to L.A. 24/03/1999 L.A.-hating Arthur is a New York journalist who wouldn't be caught dead in Tinsel town if he wasn't writing a book about it and in need of some firsthand research. Of course, his phobia regarding Los Angeles is always in some degree of conflict with his fascination with the city where nothing is what it seems and dreams can come true. In the premiere episode, the series pilot, Arthur moves in with Robbie and proceeds to feed his feelings of antipathy for Los Angeles and channel them into his forthcoming book. He gets his first journal entry when neighbor Jennifer Grey gives him a pastrami sandwich -- with mayo. Meanwhile, Robbie becomes a local folk hero when his broken car horn prevents him from doing what all Angelenos do -- honking obnoxiously at another driver for some perceived offense. (ABC)
S01E02 The Getaway 31/03/1999 Arthur, Shrug, Robbie, Lauren, Jennifer and all of L.A. are glued to the set watching a televised car chase, particularly when Shrug realizes that the driver is his old friend Hilo Beckworthy, on the lam for the heinous crime of lighting up a cigarette at Spago's. Jennifer, however, worries that the premiere of her career-reviving American Express TV commercial will be preempted. (When we finally see the commercial, her line is ""Don't change your face without it."")
S01E03 Memories of Me 07/04/1999 Shrug is haunted by the memory of a high-school love lost when he inadvertently insulted her, and goes to a local doctor who specializes in removing painful memories; Arthur tries to make a good impression on a blind date; Jennifer insults a Harvard snob and finds herself blacklisted by the ""Harvard mafia""; and Robbie's relationship with supermodel Danna rests on superficial ground, as she is only attracted to him when the market pushes his stock portfolio up.
S01E04 The Client 14/04/1999 Arthur feverishly tries to avoid a gift massage with Lauren so their relationship won't turn ""professional""; and Shrug opens a detective agency specializing in solving life's little mysteries.
S01E05 Two Days in the Valley 21/04/1999 Arthur is angry when Simile restaurant refuses to serve his burger medium rare, and must may a trip to the dreaded Valley to confront the mother who is suing the restaurant for giving her son food poisoning. Meanwhile, facing creative interference from the producers of his cable TV show, Robbie hires Jennifer to give acting lessons to the rabbinical star of ""Pay Per Jew"".
S01E06 Author! Author! 28/04/1999 The premise of Arthur's Tinsel town-bashing book-in-progress comes into question when his visiting New York publisher is charmed by the city's glamorous women; but reaction sets in when Mr. Lynch discovers the insincerity behind LA's instant hospitality. Meanwhile, Robbie discovers that his supermodel former girlfriend Danna is dating waiter Ernie at his favorite restaurant, Simile.
S01E07 The Conversation 05/05/1999 Arthur covets Robbie's casual sex life, explaining that women take him too seriously; Jennifer and Lauren hang out in a bar trying to confront the critic who gave Jennifer a bad review; and prison buff Shrug visits his friend Hilo (the unseen protagonist of the high-speed chase in ""The Getaway"") in jail, and begs to be locked up overnight.
S02E01 Twins 21/09/1999 Lauren dates a television star who is a Siamese twin; Jennifer alters her birth date in a government computer and almost loses her identity -- especially when her father (whom Jennifer is avoiding on a trip to New York) hires Shrug to expose the woman who is ""impersonating"" Jennifer.
S02E02 Enchanted April 28/09/1999 A significantly surreal episode in which the other characters are interrogated by a documentarist about Robbie's breakup with his latest girlfriend, but in typical L.A. fashion wind up talk mainly about themselves.
S02E03 The Long Goodbye 05/10/1999 Robbie's idea for a film about black men in space, ""Do the Right Stuff,"" is stolen by a Hollywood movie producer; and Arthur has ambivalent feelings about leaving L.A. to go back home to New York.
S02E04 Coast to Coast 12/10/1999 Arthur's scathing book on life in L.A. is released and is a critical disaster everywhere except L.A., where everyone loves it.
S02E05 Arthur 2: On the Rocks 19/10/1999 Shrug can't remember a romantic encounter; Arthur is offered a tempting job on an L.A. paper; and Jennifer and Carrie Fisher desperately avoid calls from David Bowie.
S02E06 Lost in America 26/10/1999 Jennifer and Lauren fight over their manicurist's vibrating chair; Arthur falls for his date's psychiatrist; and Robbie and Shrug search for the perfect out-of-town girl.
S02E07 The Sweet Smell of Success 02/11/1999 Lauren has a spiritual awakening after God's image appears on a billboard, looking like the famous ex of Robbie's date, Val Kilmer. Meanwhile, Shrug helps his ex-con buddy Hilo open a smell bar.
S02E08 Hollywood Shuffle 08/12/1999 Jen becomes godmother to twins apparently named after Robbie, who had a one-night fling with the mother; a sexual-harassment lawyer sexually harasses Arthur; and Shrug searches out some stress to relieve his back pain.
S02E09 The Life of Brian 15/12/1999 Jennifer's phone number catches the eye of a war-happy Serbian leader; Arthur's old college friend Brian steals anecdotes from Arthur's life to elevate his own status; Shrug and Lauren end up on the same PMS cycle.
S02E10 Summer of '42 22/12/1999 Arthur freezes up when he enters into a May-December fling; Jen fakes her feelings for capital punishment to impress a hunk who's pro the death penalty; and Robbie sets Lauren up with a socially bankrupt stockbroker.
S02E11 The Apartment 29/12/1999 Jennifer agrees to televise her appendix surgery live on Robbie's new Pay-Per-Cut cable show; Shrug hires himself a nanny; and Arthur's failed college career rears its ugly head when his cousin blackmails him into giving up his New York apartment -- or the cousin will spill the beans about Arthur never having graduated from college.
S02E12 Heat 05/01/2000 Sparks fly when Jennifer dates a detective who moonlights as a volunteer fireman, and Robbie breaks the news to Shrug about buying a house. Meanwhile, Arthur frets about the ambiguity of his relationship with Lauren.
S02E13 Trading Places 00/00/0000 Arthur lands the starring role in a sitcom.
S02E14 Walking Tall 00/00/0000 Robbie's new girlfriend faces discrimination because she's a ""walkie"".
S02E15 The Quick and the Dead 00/00/0000 Jennifer's press agent is killed by a massage from Lauren, and the gang attend his funeral.
S02E16 Raw Deal 00/00/0000 Shrug has trouble timing sex with his girlfriend.
S02E17 Lust for Life 00/00/0000 Shrug and Robbie buy a Van Gogh painting as an investment. Meanwhile, Maureen McCormick and Estelle Getty help Jennifer take on Evan the Terrible, and Lauren finds out the real truth about her friend.
S02E18 Hoop Dreams 00/00/0000 The gang reflects on what they were doing when basketball star Latrel Sprewell choked his coach. Lauren's massage client was about to jump out a window, Shrug met a black man, Robbie and Jennifer were in bed together when Shrug phoned Robbie to tell him the news, and Arthur was interviewing the model Veronica Webb.